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Halloween Three, 17/10/2016: Hangman’s Wood:

Halloween Three, 17/10/2016: Hangman’s Wood:

Abergale woke late from a deep sl**p and slowly made her way into the bathroom rubbing the sl**p from her eyes as she went. Turning on the water in the shower she adjusted the temperature until it was nice and warm and stepped in under the torrent letting the warm water cascaded over head and down her back. As she lathered some soap between her hands she let the water flow over her face and over her breasts and stomach. As she started to move her hands over her body moving the lather started cover her. The foam followed the curves of her body over her tits and stomach down her legs and finally down the drain. Slowly she began to feel a little bit more human again as the dirt and grime was washed away leaving her feeling vitalised and refreshed. She stood under the warm water and stretched her arms and arched her back enjoying the feeling as the liquid splashing over her.

Again Abergale took the soap and lathered it between her hands and turning so that the soap wouldn’t be washed away immediately began run her hands over her breasts. The soap bubbles lubricated her hands as they gently and expertly manipulated them until both nipples were gently pinched and squeezed between her index finger and thumb. Running her hands all over the curves of her hips she let her hands caress her ass and back over her hips to bring the lubricating bubbles back to her pussy letting her index finger slip between her pussy lips and running from bottom to top ending by circling her clit with her index finger. The sensation sent a small tingle around her pussy.

Taking up a loofah in one hand and the soap the other Abergale vigorously rubbed the soap along the length of the loofah until it couldn’t contain any more of the warm, soapy white lather as she squeezed it hard it spilled its load over her hands, between her fingers and down her forearms. Gently she placed one hand against the cool tiled walls of the shower and spreading her legs a little she started to generously spread the soap around her body. Lathering up her tits and her lower stomach she enjoyed the warm slippery sensation of the soapy sponge against her skin. Finally she let it move over her pussy gently letting the sponge cover her upper thighs in the warm soapy water.

Holding the sponge under the warm jet of the shower she let it become engorged with water then holding it over her head she squeezed it hard letting the water flow down her arms, over her head and covering her body in the warming flood of water. Immediately after she let the exhausted loofah fall to her feet moving her hands over her neck and shoulders enjoying the slippery sensation of her lathered hands moving over her skin. Shortly after Abergale moved her hands down to her breast, cupping them gently in each hand, she squeezing them to a point, ending with her gently twisting her nipples, pulling her skin taught. Letting the tension build for a few seconds she released them, her flesh bouncing back only for her to repeat the process teasing her body, allowing it to react under her expert touch.

Abergale continued to coax her body into life moving her hands over her hips and lower stomach. Opening her legs a little wider she moved her fingers down over her pussy lips a wave of pleasure casing her to involuntarily bite her lower lip. Immediately after the muscles in her pussy contracted spreading a satisfying wave of tension down her legs releasing in the most delicious way she could imagine. Slipping her middle finger between her pussy lips Abergale slowly ran her finger tip from its bottom to its top opening herself a little ending by rubbing her index finger in a circle around her clit.

Steadying herself with one hand against the cooling tiles of the shower the warm water continued to fall against her back. Each drop of water that hit her adding to a growing blissful sensation steadily building in her. Agergale instinctively started to rub her soapy fingertips around her clit moving closer to it each time until she ran her fingers over it. Her ass clinched tightly pushing her hips forward and her pussy into her fingers. She could feel her natural juices of her pussy starting to secrete. Slipping a finger insider herself she drew out some of the wetness and spread it over her clit lubricating it further. She could feel her fingers slip over her clit sending stronger and stronger sensations of pleasure darting all over her body. As the seconds went by the intensity only built until it seemed to her with every expert movement of her fingers her body was brought closer to orgasm.

Abergale rested her head against the tiles of the shower her heart beating so strongly that she could clearly feel it hammering against her chest. Her index finger passed directly over the top of her clit causing an intense warmth to flow into her stomach as a most delectable tension began to build in every muscle of her body. She started to concentrate almost exclusively on her clit her hips starting to writhe in response. Abergale knew her body well and she knew she was rapidly reaching the point of no return. Her breath started to become jerky as her abs tenses and relaxed of their own volition causing her to start to moan loudly and erratically. She hadn’t had a standing orgasm in a while and she had forgotten how intense they could be. Her legs started to judder and shake, almost give way from under her as a blissful feeling exploded out from her pussy. Goosebumps spread all over her flesh in the final moments before it hit her.

Abergales whole body began to shudder as an intense orgasm began to rip through her body, waves of pleasure bouncing from her head to her toes and back again. She cried out as another wave of joy emanated from her pussy spreading all over her. In another second her whole body tensed as one then released just as suddenly. Her legs shook and then tenses suddenly pushing her into the shower wall, her hips jerking involuntarily as she continued to rub teasing her clit. Abergale moaned loudly as her stomach tensed hard as the final wave of orgasm hit her leaving in its wake a sensation of pure bliss. A sensation of warmth and relaxation spread outwards from her centre till it reached ever part of her. She could feel a thick secretion oozing out of her as the final moments of orgasm as the waves of pleasure faded in her. She took a deep breath smiling and stretching her legs and arms arching her back finally letting the breath out. Looking down at her pussy she noticed an almost unnaturally thick slimy goop had oozed its way out of her and was hanging down between her legs slowly dangling down towards the floor. It grew long and longer till it dropped to the floor in a large slimy blob on the shower. Quickly the running water of the shower washed it down the drain

Abergale washed then herself again and after rinsing herself down she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower and taking a warm towel from a nearby heater she began to dry herself off with it. Dr****g the towel over her shoulders she walked out of the bathroom taking a smaller towel with her to finish off drying her hair as she went down to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. Walking through the living room she looked at her sofa and the stain that had now dried into it and made a mental note to get some fabric cleaner to try and get the mark out of the material. Absentmindedly she picked up the book which lay forgotten on the floor by the sofa from the previous night and brought it with her into the kitchen.
Taking off the towel she threw it on the kitchen worktop and walked naked over to the kettle and twitched it on and putting on some toast. Using the folded up towel as a cushion for her elbow Abergale leant up against the kitchen worktop as she leafed through the books pages munching on some hot buttered toast and sipping a coffee.
Her fingertips moved slowly down the page of the book as she quietly read to herself.
“Another mention of Hangman’s Wood.” She muttered to herself through a mouthful of toast, “That’s at least the third mention of that place.” She thought to herself for a few moments the more she read about it the more she was convinced that it was actually Hanging Wood, it made total sense after all. From the limited description in the book it sounded a lot like Hanging Wood, the name was so alike too like a distorted shadow of the original that had been twisted over the years in an elaborate game of Telephone.

She remembered as a k** hearing ghost stories when camping about how there was once a brothel come casino in the deepest parts of Hanging Wood. It was long gone now of course and no one knew where it had been exactly but in the story one of the patrons had lost his f****y fortune in one night and returning the next night in a d***ken rage had burned the placed to the ground killing everyone inside. Getting trapped in the fire himself the devil appeared in front of him and dragged him down to hell to burn forever only to return once ever full moon to haunt the woods for lost souls to bring them down to hell for company. Abergale smiled to herself remembering how scared she had been when she first heard that story Closing the book and taking it and the coffee with her upstairs she got dressed and left her house for Hanging Wood.

Pulling up into the parking space in Hanging Wood Abergale got out and walked around to the trunk. It had been a lovely morning but the wind was picking up now. Looking into the woods she could see that strong gusts of wind were blowing the branches of the trees about. Opening the trunk of her car Abergale reached in for her backpack examining its contents. Taking out the upholstery cleaner that the guy I the shop hand recommended to her and threw it into the trunk, no point in carrying extra weight, she thought. Swinging the backpack over one arm she slammed the trunk shut with the other.
“Abergale is that you?” Came a nearby voice.
Looking around the almost abandoned car park Abergale couldn’t believe her bad luck. Rosa Warden was marching towards her wearing that fucking superior fake smile that she always had on.
“Dam it anyway,” Abergale muttered to herself, “of all the bad fucking luck.” Abergale hadn’t seen Rosa since high school and even back then she was fucking poisonous. If there was a vicious rumour to be spread she was at the centre of it. Abergale only found out after that being expelled that she had been a one woman rumour factory about what she got up to with pretty much ever guy in the school.
“Rosa.” Abergale said curtly putting on her best fake smile as she approached her resisting the temptation to tell her to go fuck herself right away. “I haven’t seen you in years.”
“I know.” Rosa shouted extravagantly back, “where have you been hiding?” she added laughing.
“Oh I’m always here Rosa, nothing exciting here.” Abergale looked a little closer at Rosa who had done her best to conceal a black eye.
“I heard you moved to LA after graduation.” She said trying to ignore it.
“Oh guilty as charged,” Rosa laughed, “I came back here to show the new hubby the homestead.”
Abergale looked towards Rosa’s car at a tall man was slamming the trunk hard and then the car door as he got in.
“That him there?” Abergale asked nodding towards the car.
“Yea that’s him, the Hunk. He’s not in a very good mood though.”
“No.” Rosa said, “We were going to have a picnic but the weather is all over the place.”
“Yea it’s a bit breezy alright,” And then unable to control her curiosity any longer asked, What happened to your eye?”
“What?” Rosa’s hand shot up to her face trying to hide her eye, “Oh that. It’s nothing one of the branched hit me in the face, stupid really it’s my fault really.” Adding, “Are you going into woods today?” she continued without seeming to draw a breath.
Abergale nodding her head.
“Well be careful, it’s not just the weather you have to be careful of.”
Abergale looked a little confused,
“How do you mean?” she asked.
“Well have you heard the rumours about the pets?”
Abergale nodded and smiled, “Yea I’ve heard something like they are going missing or something.”
“Yes that’s right.” Rosa exclaimed, “But there’s more. I heard that they were found in the woods, tortured.” Rosa put a lot of emphasise the word tortured her eyes widening as she said it. “The poor little things.”
Abergale shook her head, “No I don’t think so.”
“Oh yes, I heard from Mrs Parker in the store that it’s true.”
“Well there can be no greater authority than Mrs Parker I guess.” Abergale said smiling.
Rosa drew herself up a little looking at Abergale almost insulted that she didn’t take one of her rumours as fact.
“No I heard it’s true.” She insisted
Abergale shrugged indifferently and the friendly façade was getting tiring to her,
“Well you know what people are like Rosa they make up all types of bullshit stories and pass them off as the truth.”
Before Rosa could respond the horn sounded from her car. The Hunk was obviously getting bored and wanted to get home as soon as he could. Rosa looked towards the car.
“Well I have to get back to the hubby,” she laughed trying to regain as much of her composure as she could and turning to walk away she stopped turning back towards Abergale.
“Oh by the way I’m putting on a little bit of a bash for Halloween for the old gang I’ll send you an invite.”
“Oh no really …”
“No, no,” Rosa insisted, “It’s not an official thing you don’t have to worry that you were expelled.” She said with a smirk gaining the upper hand,
“All the old gang will be there. The football too, you knew most of them didn’t you Abbey.” She ended with an evil smile.
Again the horn sounded from her car.
“I think you need to go, quickly Rosa.” Abergale said as calmly as she could. “Or another branch might punch you if you don’t.”
Rosa stared at Abergale trying to think of something to say then after a moment she plastered that irritating fake smile back on her face and turning to walk towards her car she shouted back.
“I’ll send you that invite.” Her voice almost drowned out by the gusting wind
Abergale shook her head, she a fucking psycho she though as she headed towards the woods.

After a few hundred meters she looked around and crouching down opened her backpack and took out the book and started to read it as she walked. She had marked several passages which mentioned features in the landscape that might help in finding the old abandoned house. As she walked she read and re-read the passages looking off into the distance for anything that looked familiar. However after an hour and a half of hiking in the woods she had to admit she was lost and that actually one tree or ridge looked very much like any other tree or ride. She swung off her back pack and hunkering down she thrust the book into it in frustration. It was only then that Abergals realised that she had walked into a patch of wet boggy ground. So much so that her shoes had sunk a good two inches into the waterlogged ground and the clinging black clay had stuck to and stained the shins of her pants and shoes. Looking how it stuck to her it reminded her of the filthy black silt that had clung to her in her fever dream. She brushed some off from her pants leg only for it to become stuck to her fingers. Abergale felt it’s lubrication between her fingers and wondered for a second what it would be like to rub that filth it into her pussy. She smiled and shook the clay off her hand wiping the remainder off on her pants and walked on in the direction of the bog. The sticky nature of the ground meant that there was a huge amount of leaves all over the ground which made it very difficult to judge where the ground actually was, causing her to almost fall several times. Finally as she passed an old fallen tree her foot caught on a root hidden beneath a covering of leaves and she fell sliding down the wet earth till she came to a halt beside a make shift shrine.

Standing up Abergale tried to get as much of the dried leaves and mud off her that now totally covered her clothes,
“Fuck sake.” She said looked at her self, looking at her clothes, “Well at least nothing is broken, just the odd bruise.”
Then turning to the Altar she started to examine it. It was placed in front of a tree a small a****l had been nailed to the tree directly above the flat wood surface. It was hard to tell what it had been but it was probably one of the missing pets she had heard about. She then turned her attention to the various items placed on it each of which represented one of the elements. To the left was a large bowl of salt some of which had been used to inscribe a pentagram on the flat wooden surface. In the centre of the pentagram was an earthenware bowl which had been filled with bl**d some time ago. At each the five points of the star were various symbols written in bl**d which Abergale recognised from a ritual to summon a demon. She bit her lower lip and shook her head as she read the symbols, whoever had done this was on the right track but didn’t know how the ritual should be completed or even how these symbols should be written. The order in which the strokes were done was just as important as the general shape of the symbol. Almost without thinking she pushed her index finger into the coagulated bl**d contained in the bowl and redrew the symbols then placed some earth on the earth symbol a piece of metal on the metal symbol and so on. The fifth element was life and the ritual broke the natural peace by bringing death in hence the sacrifice.

Standing back she glanced over the alter and nodding her head in approval, walked off into the woods in search of the house. After another hour of walking she abandoned the idea of trying to find it through the book and just started to walk. As Abergale walked into the wood the wind began to grow in strength causing the nearby branches to seemingly whip out and lash at her as she passed it seemed almost as if the wood itself was trying to driving her in a particular direction. Abergale looked upwards towards the dark coloured storm clouds that were rapidly spreading out over the blue sky causing a rapid drop in temperature causing a chill to run through her. A few minutes later Abergale felt the first large drops of rain as they began to fall heavily all around her. At this stage she was deep in the woods and quite lost so her only real option was to continue to walk in hope of finding some shelter. After a half hour Abergale was soaked to the skin and that together with a blowing gale had left her shaking with the cold. Thinking she could take shelter in a lee of a ridge which she had noticed in the distance she walked on towards. Reaching the crest of the ridge she paused dumbstruck at what she saw. She had wanted to believe but the long walk and weather had left her exhausted and drained of faith. But just as she was about to give up she came face to face with a large, abandoned house just as described in the book.

She couldn’t believe her luck as she walked towards the house bracing herself against the biting chill of the wind which seemed to blow right through her soaked clothes. Each gust of wind pushed her in the direction of the house. Abergale turned the handle of the door and pushed against it. It didn’t budge. She turned the door handle again, luckily it wasn’t locked but it was jammed tight, the result of years of neglect. She put her shoulder to the door trying to f***e it open. After a two failed attempts her frustration got the better of her and she rammed the door with all of her strength. As the door suddenly gave way Abergale lost her balance falling through the doorway and landing heavily in a heap just inside the old house.

Picking herself off the floor Abergale angrily kicked the door shut behind her. Most of the windows on the ground floor of the house had blown open and banged loudly as gusts of wind swept through the house. Abergale went to each of the windows shutting them against the wind and rain that continued to beat against the houses exterior. Although there was still some major drafts coming through the windows and doors Abergale started to feel warmer almost immediately.

Abergale looked at her watch and then out into the storm shaking her head it was getting late and there was no way she was leaving the house to go back into that weather. Abergale turned back into the house which was darkening by the second as the sun set. She looked around the bare room and walking over to the wall she flicked the light switch several times, she was disappointed but not surprised when nothing happened. Where would you event get power out here anyway, she thought, there must be a generator somewhere, probably no fuel in it though

She looked around the bare room and taking off her backpack and threw it on the floor. Feeling relief from the weight she stretched her wet clothes clinging to her as she did. She walked slowly into the hall listened quietly for a few seconds. The only sounds were the creaking and groaning of the old house and the storm outside. Abergale glanced up the stairs and listened intently,
“Hello?” Abergale called up the stairs, waiting a few seconds for answer that she was relieved didn’t come. She strained to hear anything that would betray anyone in the house. She was just convinced that the house was empty when, something, her heart rate shot up as she was sure she had heard something,
“Hello.” she repeated her quivering voice detraining the sudden nervousness that swept over her. Again she listened intently for a few seconds … nothing.
Abergale breathed a sigh of relief,
“You’re hearing things Abergale.” She said to herself. Finally satisfied that there was no one in the house she began to take off her soaking clothes, hanging them off the banisters of the stairs to let them drip dry.

A sudden exhaustion spread over her and seemed to transform her arms and legs to lead. The combination of not eating for most of the day along with the long hike to get to the house and the stress of being exposed to the wind and rain all caught up with her. She sat naked on the bottom risers of the stairs leaning up against the wall. Lazily she glanced around the hall which seemed to be growing darker and colder as every moment passed. After several minutes of listening to the creaking and groaning of the old house against the storm she reached out checked her hoodie, it was still soaking. Abergale leant back against the wall and watched as her clothes blew in the cold draft that seemed to be coming from every window and door in the house. Bored waiting for her clothes to become dry enough to be worth putting back on again Abergale f***ed herself off the stairs and tip toed over to her backpack. Rummaging through it she finally found her car keys and the small LED torch which was on the key chain. Switching it on Abergale flashed it around the room. Fuck it, she though using it to light her way back to the stairs, it’s better than nothing I guess. Flopping back down on the stairs she wedging herself lengthwise between the wall and the banisters folding her arms over her naked breasts trying to retain what little heat remained in her body. Bored she pointed the small light at her hoodie, placing her foot on it to check it; it wasn’t even close to being dry. Looking up the stairs at the foreboding blackness of the upper floor she flicked on the light on shining it up the stairs the light did almost nothing. She turned it off and closing her eyes and tried to get some sl**p.

As the night wore on the temperature in the house continued to fall after an hour she could no longer feel her toes at all and the rest of her felt like she was being stabbed by needles made of ice. Finally she came to the conclusion that she had to find a warmer spot in the house as the hall seemed to focus all the drafts in the house in one spot. From where she stood Abergale glanced briefly through the open doorways opposite her which led into the rooms pitch black interior. A feeling that a presence was in that blackness looking out from the room caused her to catch her breath. A chill ran from the ground into her body spreading upwards over her body untill it washed over her face. She cleared her throat trying to regain her self control.
“Don’t be so fucking stupid Abergale,” she said to herself, “there’s nothing there.”
Then turned slowly and started to make her way slowly up the stairs. As she went up the stairs she could feel Goosebumps rise all over her back in a cold shiver. With ever step the feeling that something was about to drag her down into the blackness below caused her heart to pound in her chest until she started taking the stairs two steps at a time. Reaching the top of the stairs she dare the floorboards on the landing creaked and groaned under her weight she dashed to the door in front of her the wet door handle slipping in her unsteady grip. Abergale f***ed the door open rushing into the room and slamming it behind her pushing her back again the close door every muscle in her body tense and expecting to have to fight off an attacker or run for her life at any second. The sharp sound of the door slamming shook through drawing her attention to the crack that she had felt before after the ritual in her bedroom all those weeks ago. She had all but forgotten that feeling, like something had snapped in her, a weak point which was now under attack from something clawing at the crack trying to pry out a piece of her and get into her to control her. The seconds passed as she listening intently for any sound that would betray a nearby presence, but nothing was there. The rain continued to pelt heavily against the outside of the window and the gusts of wind caused the old house to moan and creak loudly but there were no sound of anything other than the storm and nothing downstairs.

As the minutes passed Abergale tried to relax as best she could and after checking several times finally assured herself that the door was secure. Looking around the old room she found to her astonishment that someone had been there before. There was a fireplace in the room, an old mattress lay on the floor and from where she stood she could see several used condoms lying next to it. She smiled to herself, trying to forget the clawing sensation inside her head; she wasn’t the first to find this house. The room was obviously being used by some k**s to party. Looking by the fireplace she found an old oil lamp, matches and some fire wood. She quickly put the wood in the fire place dousing it with the oil from the lamp setting it alight with the matches.

As the fire grew its shimmering amber light made a huge difference to the room turning it into something that almost had a friendly glow to it to spite the gusting wind which blew around the house. Abergale pushed and pulled the dirty mattress closer to the fire, after moving it she noticed that something emerged from under it. Looking closer she saw there was several short pieces of rope about two or three feet long. Picking one of them up she absent-mindedly wrapped it around her wrists trying to imagine how many horny little whores had been restrained by it. Moving closer to the fire she knelt down and held her hands out to it warming them. Opening and closing her fingers she noticed they had become sticky, covered in an unidentified goo from moving the mattress. Turning around she looked closer at it, everywhere she looked it seemed to be covered in various stains and barely dried bodily serrations. Gently whipping the end of the rope off the soft skin of her inner thigh Abergale could only imagine how many wild bitches had been tied up and tamed in this room. Smiling she thought of all the sick and twisted shit that had happened there Abergale stood up her back to the fire warming her ass and legs the dancing flames causing the shadow of her naked body to dance and shimmer on the bedroom walls. Glancing at the window the rain and wind both seemed to be subsiding as an eerie silence began to settle over the room like a pressure pushing from the outside in.

Closing her eyes she could feel something behind her forehead trying to claw its way out of her. The weather outside had become almost totally calm now as if the whole forest had fallen into silence almost as if it was waiting for what would happened next. Something made her open her legs spreading them a little wider the heat from the fire spreading between her ass cheeks. Inexplicably this seemed to defuse the tension she had felt growing in her since she had slammed the door shut in the room..

After her panicked run up the stairs moments before Abergale could feel the effects of the sudden dump of Adeline into her bl**dstream. Her heart beat faster as every muscle in her body became taught and primed for intense physical activity that would not come now. ‘To make matter worse the clawing thing in her brain began to spring to life again like a rat in a cage trying to gnaw its way out Trying to calm it down as much as she could after a few seconds realising that if she just let her body move the way it wanted to, in an purely a****l way this would satisfy the craving. She began to run her fingertips gently over breasts focusing on her nipples, circling them, teasing them until they were hard and erect. Slowly her body began to come to life under her graceful touch as the relaxing heat of the fire grew and spread over her back. She began to let her mind run wild imagining what was downstairs in the dark. Almost imminently however she realised there was nothing in the dark, nothing to fear anyway. As soon as she realised this a sharp tingle of pleasure shot all over her coming to rest finally in her nipples and pussy. A thought was now forming in her mind; pushing her on whatever it was wasn’t outside in the dark but in the room now with her. At this realisation a mixture of exhilaration and fear filled her and she immediately knew that it had to be placated. Placated by the one thing it wanted to see more than anything else, to see her fall into the grip of pure a****listic desire.

Her hand tentatively reached down to her pussy as the formless entity began to take a more solid shape in her mind like a pressure building in her threatening to break over her at any moment and wash her away. This pressure wasn’t coming from behind the door or the now silent darkness outside instead she felt it emerging from the fire behind her. Any coldness she had felt earlier was long gone as her excitements grew in sympathy with the fire that raged behind her. Abergale Jumped as the firewood suddenly cracked and sparked angrily into life the sharp snapping sound breaking the silence in the room. The feeling that at any second a burning ember could land on her sensitive skin caused her stomach to tense and relax involuntarily. Keeping her eyes firmly shut she could hear the burning wood shift and settle as it burned, almost as if something was beginning to emerge from the fiery pit. Abergale opened her legs wider her imagination running wild at what blackened and charred creature could be crawling its way out from the fire to drag her into the hot coals. Her hand ran the length of her pussy teasing her lips from end to end. The fingertip of her right hand pushed just inside her opening her cunt as it began to relax and moisten with her growing excitement. At the same time her left hand started to concentrate on her clit, circling it at first she quickly placed her index and middle finger on either side of it beginning to move then gently either side, squeezing it gently as she did so.

The sensation caused an almost inaudible moan to escape from her lips as she adjusted herself to give her fingers another angle into her wet cunt. This new angle only served to tease her with the promise of a deeper pleasure that lay within her but just out of reach. In frustration Abergale unthinkingly contorted her body into a strange inhuman shape in an effort to get at it. Once more she adjusted herself slightly pushing her fingers into herself up to her knuckles her fingertip finally finding their target. Gently but purposefully she began caressing her G spot feeling a wave of pleasure starting to build deep in her threatening to overflow and gushed uncontrollably over her. Instinctively she knew that was exactly what the creature wanted her to do. Biting her lower lip in concentration she eased back keeping herself on the edge of bliss, from experience she knew she could do this for hours if she wanted.

As the moments passed and her pleasure built Abergale began to feel light-headed, her heart thumping hard in her chest, a second later her legs beginning to shake and buckle under her. Moving her left hand to her breasts she began to work her clit with the thumb of her right hand, two fingers of that hand still buried deep in her gaping cunt, the slightest movement of her fingers mercilessly drawing every morsel the pleasure from herself that she could bare. Her left hand now free she began to roughly squeeze her tits, moving to her bullet hard nipples pulling and twisting her them between her thumb and forefinger. Lifting one breast up to her mouth she took the nipple into her mouth and began to suck hungrily on it. Sucking it into her mouth she began to flick her soft, warm tongue rapidly over it.

As wave after wave of intense joy swept over Abergale it became almost impossible for her to keep her body under any type of control. Finally as she let her breast slip from between her lips she began to make a guttural noise more a****l than human. Sinking to her knees she fell face down onto the filthy mattress her jaws clenched tight as a wave of tensions spread over her. Seconds later her body was overtaken by pure primitive lust, jerking violently as an orgasm hit her hard grinding her face hard into the grime. After a momentary pause another wave ripped through her sending intense blissful sensations over her. Her abdomen tensed hard, almost painfully as she felt a warm sticky mess ooze its way out from between her pussy’s lips and fingers then finally starting to drip slowly down her inner thigh.

Abergale had held her breath for as long as she could finally having to take a deep gasp of air drawing the stench of the filthy mattress into her lungs. The dual sensations of pleasure and disgust mixed in her as she could almost taste the pungent foul smell. Falling sideways Abergake turned on her back the damp mattress feeling cold against her skin as her body jerked uncontrollably. Opening her eyes she saw the room illuminated by the flickering firelight which made the walls seem to move and shimmer as if they had lost all solidity. Abergale suddenly felt as if she was falling backwards into an abyss as the final intense orgasm exploded through her body. She began to writhe uncontrollably in intense bestial pleasure her legs kicking out totally losing control of her body in the final moments crying out as a mixture of squirt and piss spurt out over the mattress. Abergale laid back the human filth that welled in a puddle around her a smile spread over her face. Rolling off the mattress she lay naked on the bare floorboards of the room her body giving way to intense relaxation as she fell into a deep sl**p.

The next morning Abergale awoke face down and naked on the bare wooden floor boards of the bedroom illuminated by the sunlight of a clear autumn day streaming through the dirty window. Getting up slowly she went over to the fire whose embers were just able to warm her hands as she hunkered before it. Stepping over the mattress she noticed the pungent stains from the night before slowly drying in the sunlight and made her way to the door. Opened it she made her way down the stairs collecting her now dry clothes which hung on the banisters. Slipping on her jeans, t-shirt and shoes she walked over to her backpack which lay discarded on the floor. Hunkering down beside it she opened the bag and rummaged through its contents she found the old library book, taking it out she lazily flipped through its pages
“You’ve served your purpose I guess.” She said tossing it to the floor and standing up, swinging the backpack on her as she walked to the door and went outside. Pausing momentarily to feel the sun on her face and breath in the cool fresh autumn breeze that blew through her hair she made her best guess at the direction of civilisation and walked until she found a path. The path then snaked its way through the woods eventually depositing her at the car park where her car and a quick twenty minute drive to her house was waiting for her.

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