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Hard Day At Work. By Sumisa Pura

You are having a very stressful day at work. No one is doing anything correctly and you’ve had enough. Your phone buzzes and it is my noon check-in text. I say I am at work and exactly what I’m wearing today. “Black scrubs, black and pink bustier with stockings underneath- no panties” Instantly you become upset and say “I did not give you permission to not wear panties. You will be punished for this pet!” I, on the other hand am giddy, because that’s exactly what I wanted. “You will drive straight to my apartment after work and wait for me there. The key is in the usual hiding place. Go in, clean yourself up and make sure to use the bathroom. Then you are to remove all your clothes, except for your lil get up, put on your black stilletos and kneel at the door in position until I arrive. Understood?” I respond “Yes Sir…”

The rest of the day all you want to do is go home and punish me. You were angry before, but now you are crazed. You know that I did it on purpose, so you try to think of a punishment I will not like. Then the perfect idea comes to mind…

I’m at my desk soaking wet, can’t even concentrate. All I want to do is go and kneel for my Master. I pat myself on the back for being so naughty. We weren’t suppose to see each other until the weekend, but I couldn’t wait to see you. So the only way to get to be with my Master was to be a bad girl!

I finally arrive to your house and run in desperate to strip and kneel for you. In my frantic state I don’t realize you are already home, on the couch in the dark, sipping a whiskey you had poured for yourself. I turn on the lights to the kitchen, but still don’t notice you right there. Dropping all my belongings I run into the bathroom that is next to the kitchen. When I come out I go straight to your room and pick out my shoes. I’m like a lil school girl thinking I got exactly what I wanted. I stroll out of the room and go straight to the door and kneel. Still not feeling your presence. You are just patiently watching me, humored by how I act when you are not around. Preparing myself for my Master, I kneel in front of the door. Straightening my back, pushing my knees apart, placing my hands palms up with fingers together two inches above the knee. Simply opening myself up and relaxing with a sigh. You allow ten minutes to pass just mesmerized by my tranquility. How peaceful I am just waiting.

You put your glass down on the side table and I jump up ready to run…”Omg you scared me Sir! You were there the whole time?” Im confused and can’t believe I didn’t feel you. I always do! Realizing my selfishness made me blind to anything else and I instantly feel my guilt creep in. You walk towards me and I’m still as a statue staring into your eyes. “You have been a bad girl lil one! I believe you knew exactly what you were doing today!” I don’t dare look away and just stay there looking deep into your eyes, because I know it will only make you more upset if I look away. Tracing a finger along my shoulder you walk around me in a circle inspecting the lil outfit that started all of this. You bring that finger down my back, through my ass and feel the wetness that is ready to drip off my pussy lips. You are absolutely turned on and can’t help, but give in and deliver the punishment I desire. When you have stopped in front of me, staring almost through my eyes, you slide your hand up the back of my neck, grab a fist full of my hair and pull HARD! I gasp then moan when you capture my lips and bite the bottom one with enough f***e to make my eyes go wide. Then in seconds you have me bent over in front of you, my ass on display, ready for you. “This is what you were looking for?” smack “COUNT! Or did you forget already?” I moan “one…no Sir I haven’t forgetten” smack “two”…

“Twenty!” I scream. “Stand up straight lil one.” I am weak in the knees and you hold me up kissing me gently all over my face, whispering what a brave lil girl I am. You pick me up holding me like your baby, my arms and legs wrapped around you…”Since you took your punishment like a good lil girl…Now comes your reward love”.

Slowly you take me down the hall, holding me tight with my face buried on your neck. You feel the tears that have escaped my eyes and it makes you stop instantly. “Look at me Kitten.” I look up with eyes full of tears. “Hush now…your punishment is all over.” I shake my head no, pouting. I have gone into full-on babygirl mode and it confuses you. I put my head back on your shoulder and you turn around changing your mind about going into the bedroom. Instead, you take me to the playroom, placing me down on the bench that’s at the foot of the bed. “Wrists.” I hold out my right hand and gently you place my wrist in the leather cuff then do the same for my left. When you are in the playroom your whole aura changes. You become ravenous inside, but come off as if you were at peace. Maybe you are…

I watch you closely. See, Im feeling extremely guilty. I was selfish for doing what I did. I was only thinking of my needs when I wore the bustier with no panties. Not feeling your presence in the room while I was kneeling, made me feel horrible. Now you’ve brought me to the playroom and I don’t want to be rewarded. I want to only give you pleasure, but now you have my wrists bound. When you are finally done you stand in front of me. I look up at you sad…”Baby what is going on in that pretty lil head of yours, huh?” I start to cry again and you instantly put your hands on my face. “Shhhhhh tell Daddy what’s wrong.” “I didn’t feel you Daddy! You were there and I didn’t feel you!” I continue to sob and you walk across the room to grab the tissues. “Enough pet, hush I don’t want you crying anymore!” You wipe my face and nose clean. “Daddy I was selfish, so selfish, Im so sorry!” I have stopped crying, because I don’t want to make you more upset than I already have.

You kiss me gently on the lips then trace lil kisses along my face and neck. All this while Im still in cuffs. You can see I have relaxed and am now fully aroused. Im biting my lip and staring straight at your pants. You stand up tall now right in front of me and I’m eye level with your belt buckle, but you know that’s not what Im looking at. “Tell Daddy what you want love.” I lick my lips and bite my lower one as I look up at you. “Daddy…um can I give you pleasure as you give me my reward?” You know exactly what I want, but you need me to say it. “Be more specific pet.” You want to chuckle but hold it in. “Well Daddy…could I suck your cock and have your cum be my reward? Please Daddy?” You capture my lips and kiss me passionately. Hands in my hair then on my face. I moan in your mouth loud feeling utter desperation now. Dying to suck you, have you pull my head back and feed me your cock. You stand tall and you take a step back. I throw myself forward as far as the cuffs will let me go, but I cant reach you. This time you do chuckle, because you find it adorable how bad I want to please you, but you know deep inside it pleases me just as much.

You begin to unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants nice and slow knowing its driving me crazy. My mouth is watering, I begin to bounce where I sit. “Please Daddy don’t do this to me, please I want to taste you now!” You keep moving slow, unzipping your pants and let them fall to the floor. Then sliding your boxers down even slower. You stand tall again holding your hard, beautiful cock in your hand, inches away from my face. I open my mouth instantly ready for you, but you tease me. Start to stroke your cock and I moan and start to beg again “Please Daddy! Please I want you in my mouth DADDY!” You don’t want me to start to cry again so you come closer and let me lick the tip. Im ravenous…desperate. With your other hand you begin to stroke my hair. “Relax baby, when you relax Daddy will give you exactly what you want.” I go for another lick and you pull an inch away. I take a deep breath and let it out, looking up at you. You’re watching me closely amazed by how well I listen to your commands, even full of lust. “Good girl, now open wide for Daddy…”

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