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Harry Potter I got tired of waiting

The door to the Gryffindor common room swung open to reveal a distraught Ginny Weasley stumbling in, her hair a mess and her face dirty and tear-stained. She looked up and then quickly looked down as her blue eyes met with the emerald ones of Harry Potter. He quickly rose to his feet and knelt at her side.
“What’s wrong, Gin? Are you alright?” Harry asked softly, brushing some of her hair back from her face. She looked hesitantly up at him and sniffled a little.
“I… it’s nothing. Just a little… disagreement,” Ginny whispered brokenly,ing ing to keep from crying again. Harry’s eyes narrowed in speculation. He knew she’d recently come out into the open about dating one Draco Malfoy and he had a sneaking suspicion he’d hurt her somehow.
“Oh?” Harry said, his voice soft and coaxing. He wanted her to tell him but he knew she wouldn’t be f***ed into telling. She would have to work up to it in her own way. He sat down on the couch and pulled her up into his lap, resting her head on his shoulder and stroking her fire-red hair soothingly. She whimpered and bunched her hands in his shirt and sobbed her heart out in his arms, not understanding the words he was whispering but recognizing them and allowing them to soothe her. She finally pulled back from him and smiled.
“You wanna talk now, Gin?” Harry asked her. She nodded minutely and he rose to his feet and gave his hand to her. She put her soft hand in his and he led her into his private rooms. As a prefect, he had seperate rooms and this was one of the times he was thankful for it. It gave them some privacy and he felt he’d need it in a little while, for this wasn’t something that should be said in a common room. He guestured for her to seat herself while he went and grabbed two butterbeers, handing her the opened one and then sat down across from her and opened his own. After taking a swig of it he looked pointedly at her and waited for her to speak.
“W… well… Draco and I had been talking about our families. I was in favor of telling his father about us but he was against it. I asked him if he was ashamed to let his father know we were together but he didn’t answer me, merely turned his back to me. I then had to ask if all I was to him was a fuck toy and he turned back to me and had the strangest of smiles on his face. It made me nervous. He said some things to me that hurt me so badly and I left the room in tears. You saw that. I’d really not like to go into what he said, if that’s alright with you.”
Harry sat there, his heart sore for his younger friend. She looked so beautiful but he was seeing a seventh year Slytherin named Alicianne Rockhaven and he could do nothing for her but comfort her as he would a beloved s****r. He cared for her but he didn’t love her. Ginny on the other hand had merely started dating Draco as a diversion for herself, to keep her distracted from her unrequited love. She knew he was happy with Alicianne but she couldn’t help but feel jealous that someone else was with him instead of her.
Ginny rose to her feet gracefully and walked to the bookshelves, staring absently at the books in front of her. She was suprised to feel hands masaging her shoulders. She let herself relax into the embrace, enjoying the feeling of his hands on her. She smiled and decided to take some of the lessons she’d learned from Draco and indirectly from Tom Riddle and put them to good use. She turned towards Harry and pulled him to her, crushing his lips with her own in a f***eful kiss. She pulled back and pulled her wand out of her sleeve and whispered an incantation that left both Harry and herself naked. She pushed him backwards into his bedroom and then f***ed him onto the bed. Another whispered incantation kept him from struggling too much. She was tired of waiting and would by gods have what she’d waited so long for. A quiet part of her mind screamed that this was **** but she ignored it. She slid her body over his and kissed him then sat back slowly and impailed herself on his erection. She smiled as she realized he must have been aroused enough to manage an erection and secretly wondered if this excited him. She slid down until she met the base of his cock and then pulled herself up, slowly, enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing against her quaking insides. She brought her hands up to her breasts and fondled the pert nipples pinching them one after the other then using her thumbs she lightly brushed over them. She gasped as the feeling of lust clouded her mind and f***ed her to gyrate her hips faster and faster, plunging him into her moist core over and over at a hard and punishing rate. She could feel him tense and she squeezed the walls of her core around his cock and felt him stiffen and then she felt the warmth that she knew was his release. As it splashed inside her, she followed him in her own orgasm, screaming his name out. She sat there for a little while, letting her senses come back one by one and then calmly rose and robed herself. She walked out of the room and paused on the other side of the door. Turning she said, “I love you Harry. It’s too bad you didn’t see that before. I’m sorry I had to do that but I couldn’t wait around for you forever. I’ve given up. Goodbye, Harry. Finite Incantatum.” With that she pulled the door shut and walked out of the common room and into her own. She laid down to sl**p and the last thing on her mind was what she’d just done.

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