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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 1: Hermione Grange

Harry awoke abruptly. He was covered in sweat and was all wet. This was the
second night in a row had these dreams and he knew he had to start acting on
them or he’d go insane. These new dreams were wonderful and even stronger then
his nightmares had every been but they also left him in frustrated mood. He
carefully put his hand down his pants; it was a mess and his cock was still
throbbing slightly.

He smiled as he remembered the dream it had been nice and he could only imagine
what it would be like in reality but he didn’t want to do that or he’d just grow
hard again. With a sigh he stood up, Ron gave aloud snore as he did so. That was
another reason besides insanity he would have to get rid of these dreams, he
didn’t want Ron to find out about them and he was quite sure that he made sounds
in his dreams.

He pulled out a fresh pair of boxers from his trunks and left Ron’s room heading
towards the bath room to clean up. He didn’t want Mrs. Weasley to find out that
he came in his underwear so like last night he washed them by hand and had a

Harry’s nightmares had been unbearable and Sirius death plagued him every waken
moment. He figured as he stood in the shower that if these dreams could hold the
nightmares off then having sex should calm his hurting feelings in real life.

Breakfast at the Weasleys was a noisy affair as usual but nothing could get
Harry out of his thoughts or at least until Hermione asked him what he was
thinking of.

He looked up at her, she was a young woman and perhaps she had once been
thinking about the same tings Harry had. He made up his mind in a split second,
he would go for her.

Harry smiled at her, “Nothing Hermio He He lowered his voice, “It’s just… well…”

He realise he had no idea what to tell her but he soon figured out that the
first step he would have to take was to make her realise that he was a man.

Hermione glanced around over the table, “I can’t think… let’s take a walk.”

Harry smiled at her again, he realised that what ever he wanted to tell her
would be so much easier if they were alone. A few moments later they were
walking alone outside, the sun was shining brightly. It was a very warm summer
day and not a cloud in sight.

“Hermione…” Harry said but trailed off as she looked at him.

Hermione smiled and looked down on his feet, “Yes, Harry?”

“I think… well, not in all ways perhaps… but in some ways I don’t think I am a
boy anymore.” Harry said awkwardly, it was lucky he knew Hermione so well or he
wouldn’t have been able to say that.

Hermione looked up at him again, “Yes, we are growing up. It’s odd isn’t it? All
new feelings I mean.”

“Mmm,” Harry agreed, “And you are beautiful too.”

Harry blushed as he realised what he had said, Hermione blushed too.

“Thanks, you are really, well, attractive too,” said Hermione, blushing even
deeper colour of red. Harry suddenly noticed she was twiddling her fingers
nervously. It had to be a good sign he thought hopefully. After a quick decision
he took her hand in his, Hermione looked up at him questioningly.

“I think some of my new feelings are about you,” Harry said hoping she wouldn’t
be terrified by his announcement.

Hermione took a deep breath and opened her mouth to answer him but changed her
mind and cast a very quick glance at his lips.

Harry hoped he knew what that glance meant because he bend his head down towards
hers crossing every line of friendship and kissed her.

Harry noticed Hermione had closed her eyes and Harry took the moment to watch
down her cleavage. It wasn’t huge even though Hermione was well equipped, she
just didn’t wear her breasts that way. He could mostly see her stomach, some
parts of her bra but also parts of her soft looking breasts. His penis
straightened up at once ready for action even though it was much to early for
anything like that, he knew if Hermione found out that he mostly liked her for
being just a girl and having a vagina then she wouldn’t let him even get close
to her.

Harry continued kissing her and Hermione kissed back, soon the kisses were so
intense that Harry closed his eyes as well.

The summer holyday between their fifth and sixth year went by quickly at the
burrow especially in Hermione’s company. The day before the trip to Hogwarts
Harry made his move. It was a nice day and Harry and Hermione had gone on one of
their usual walks into the forest a little bit away from the Burrow.

They had at one occasion a couple of days ago taken off their shirts while they
were kissing so Harry figured he had a very good chance to take the next step. He had even taken a
protective potion that he had bought in a d**gstore in Diagon Alley when they
bought their books.

Harry had spotted a clearing in the forest on their previous strolls and led her
there while talking happily about their OWL results and upcoming NEWTs. Harry
found it a bit boring but pretended to be very happy with the subject just to
keep her in the right mood.

“And I was so pleased with my charms results as well,” Hermione said as they
entered the clearing.

“Yes and Flitwick is a very good teacher,” Harry remarked and placed a little
kiss below her ear the way she liked. Hermione forgot all about school and made
him kiss her on the mouth instead.

Hermione was not a very good tongue kisser. Harry suspected she had tried to
learn it from a book but as she always seemed pleased with their kisses Harry
let it slip. She had a very nice taste though and she was good at kissing as
long as there was no tongue involved. As always when he was kissing her or just
held her he became hard, it was a bit annoying especially since he most often
wore jeans and it sometimes directly hurt.

He kissed her deeply on her mouth and let his arm wander over her body. Her
curves and softness excited him beyond what any kiss could. He licked her even
teeth while starting to unbutton her blouse. Hermione let him and made it clear
that she liked it by letting her hands wander more f***efully over his back.

Soon, after many kisses, her blouse was unbuttoned and Harry took it off her,
reviling her wonderful breasts in their bra and her stomach. Hermione had perfect
skin, warm, smooth soft and firm it also had a wonderful brownish tan. He
stepped close into her again and pressed her body against his, but it wasn’t so
good he still had his shirt on and Hermione started pulling it off him.

She pulled him close to her and pressed her chest against in him as if daring
him to take her bra off. Harry grinned and while kissing her managed to unmake
the fastenings. Hermione’s breasts were wonderful especially the nipples, they
were standing strait out hard but still soft.

Hermione looked expectantly at him and he cupped her breasts in his hands as if
trying to determine how much they weighed. He felt her nipples with his thumbs
and Hermione gasped. She liked that, Harry realised and leaned in to kiss her
left nipple.

“That’s good,” Hermione said breathing hard. Harry deepened the kiss and started
to suck her nipple. He let his hands move down to her buttocks and fondled with
them while working intently on her nipple.

“Hermione do you trust me?” Harry asked tenderly, moving his hands over to the
fastenings of her jeans.

Hermione didn’t reply and Harry knew he was pushing her slightly but didn’t
really care it was not like he was going to hurt Hermione or anything. To make
her make up her mind he started kissing her soft breasts again.

“We don’t have any protection,” Hermione said probably hoping to find an excuse
out of it.

“I am safe I have taken a potion,” Harry said and made her sit down in the
clearing. The clearing was covered in high billowing grass and it would make a
good bed substitute. Harry continued working on Hermione with kisses everywhere
finally she lay down on her back.

“I really like you Hermione,” Harry said reassuringly and started unbuttoning
her trousers. Hermione didn’t reply, she had not expected this and was torn
between lust and self-respect.

Harry tore of her shoes and pulled her pants down, she wore white lace knickers.
The lace was in front so he could see some of her pubic hair through them but as
much as he wanted to stare at her he didn’t think she would like it. He went
back to kissing her again making sure she was horny enough to just want him.
After a minute or so of passionate kissing Harry pulled his pants off as well.
His erection was clearly visible through his boxers and Hermione looked at him.

“I want you so badly Hermione,” He said and removed his boxers as well. Harry
was pleased by the way Hermione looked at his penis it turned him on more then
he had expected.

“I am a bit nervous,” Hermione whimpered, Harry lay down next to her and
silenced her with a kiss, pressing his cock against her smooth thigh.

“Me too Hermione, but you turn me on too much you are so incredibly beautiful
and smart and nice and caring and so sexy,” Harry whispered while trailing
kisses over her chest down to her underwear.

“Something that feels this wonderful can’t be wrong, Hermione,” Harry said and
started to pull her knickers off slowly. Her brown pubic hair swayed wonderfully
as the underwear slipped off her.

He threw her underwear over to her jeans. Hermione kept her legs closed; Harry
pretended not to notice and lay down next to her and kissed her on her mouth.
Hermione kissed him back.

“Tell my where it feels good,” Harry told Hermione and put his hand as far down between her
closed legs he could get. Hermione gasped and a shiver ran through her spine.

With some f***e he slowly pushed his hand down between his closed legs and felt her. It was
wet; if he understood that right about girls then it meant that Hermione was

Hermione looked at him uncertainly and cast a quick glance down on his hard cock.
Harry knew Hermione well enough to know that her glance didn’t mean she wanted

“Relax Hermione,” Harry soothed and started to move his hand over her most
sensitive parts.

Hermione trembled violently as he moved one of his fingers over what he supposed
must be her sensitive spot. Harry knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse him if he could
make her tremble like that.

Hermione groaned involuntarily as Harry rubbed her again.

“That is so good,” Hermione gasped. This was what Harry needed to hear, he
removed his hand from her. His fingers were covered in her juices and he
couldn’t help tasting them. It wasn’t like any other think he had ever tasted,
he loved it.

Harry placed his hands on Hermione’s knees and pulled them apart. Hermione
fought him a bit but gave in as he didn’t let go of her.

Harry couldn’t help it he stared at her, she was so incredibly beautiful.

“Harry I am…” She trailed off as Harry kissed her between her legs. Harry
knew she was about to ask him to stop but he wouldn’t let her do that instead he
started working on her with his mouth. Being a virgin and having no experience
at all when it came to pleasing girls Harry hoped he made it right by licking
and kissing her clitoris.

Judging by Hermione’s rapid heartbeat that he could feel with his mouth he was
doing very well. Harry moved him self up on her and kissed her on the mouth. He
was pleased to see that Hermione was reduced to an a****l. All her inhibitions were forgotten.

“You taste of me,” She stated licking her lips when he broke the kiss.

While exploring Hermione with his tongue he’d figured out where to enter her.
With his right hand he guided his member to her entrance but didn’t enter.

“May I love you Hermione?” Harry asked, hoping he had excited her beyond any
point of return.

Hermione nodded.

Harry slipped inside her warm smooth vagina. Hermione gave a shiver and
involuntarily moved her hips to meet him.

“Goodness,” Hermione hissed when he was completely inside her.

Harry gasped; he could feel himself on the verge of climax and didn’t move any
further. He didn’t want to come before she did. Harry closed his eyes hard
focusing on Quidditch while slowly moving out of her again. It just had to be
heaven, Harry realised when his penis was almost completely out side her and he
plunged back in.

Hermione gasped and moved her hips to meet him again. When the initial tension
of being inside a woman left, Harry felt a little braver and set a steady tempo.
Harry smiled at how natural it was for both of them. Hermione wrapped her legs
around his back and met his every thrust with her hips.

“How do you like to fucked?” Harry asked viciously and set a higher tempo.

“I love being fucked in my pussy!” Hermione gasped back, “Your cock is so good!”

“I am going to come inside you,” Harry panted.

“I am ready!” Hermione shrieked, “Fuck me harder!”

“Hermione,” Harry gasped as he felt her lose all control of her body and started
trembling badly.

Hermione screamed a feminine yell of delight.

Harry had given her an orgasm that knowledge together with her shivering body
made him thrust deep inside her one last time and come more violently then he
ever had before. Harry cried out and slumped down on her.

Neither of them moved. Harry felt his erection slowly vanish still inside her.
Hermione squeezed him and made his penis slip out of her.

Harry got of her and rolled over to his back as he did so he saw to his horror
that Hermione was crying silently. She looked so completely vulnerable, naked,
her legs apart and her lips swollen, she didn’t even seem to be able to cover
herself up.

“What’s wrong Hermione?” Harry asked softly.

“I don’t think I love you,” Hermione said silent tears rolling down her cheeks,
“I just felt sorry for you, I wanted to make you happy but I never wanted sex,
it was a mistake.”

Harry didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t really hurt. He didn’t love her that
way after all but he loved her as a friend and perhaps he had ruined that now.

“I am sorry Harry,” Hermione said, “But I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

Harry handed her, her knickers without looking at her, “Can we still be friends
after this?”

“I am not sure, not at once, perhaps when we get back to Hogwarts and things
turn back to normal,” said Hermione as she slipped her knickers back on.

“I am sorry,” Harry said, he realised now how stupid he had been. Hen’t n’t been
thinking properly or rather he had been thinking with his dick and now he might
have ruined their friendship.

“I am sorry too Harry,” Said Hermione and started putting her bra back on.

Harry sat naked in the grass feeling stupid as Hermione got dressed. Hermione
left the clearing but before she got long she stopped and turned around to face

“Don’t go around thinking I am leaving you because you were bad, I am leaving
you because I don’t love you and I feel cheap for having sex with you anyway.”

Harry sat naked in the clearing for several more hours thinking. It had been
wrong from the start he should never have used Hermione for sex; you don’t use
friends for that. However it had worked, sex had taken his mind off Sirius and
every other horrible thing

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