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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 2: Pansy Parkinson

Hermione didn’t sit in the same compartment as Harry and Ron did on the Hogwarts
express, she and Ginny had found a compartment for themselves. Ron thought he
and Hermione had argued and kept telling Harry to go apologize.

Harry finally got tired of Ron and reminded him that Prefects needed to patrol
the train. Ron grudgingly left the compartment leaving Harry alone. Harry’s
thoughts immediately turned back to Sirius and the prophesy. Hermione had been
able to keep these thought away for a couple of days but now they returned and
on top of it Hermione wasn’t his friend anymore.

“Well, well, well… not as joyful as usual, Potter?” It was Pansy Parkinson, and
to Harry’s surprise she was alone. She wasn’t wearing her Hogwarts robes yet,
she was wearing a short black dress with a huge cleavage.

Harry knew what he needed, he needed to be with another girl and Pansy happened
to be a girl. Pansy unlike Hermione wouldn’t be hurt if he used her and if she
was hurt it wouldn’t matter much.

“That is quite a nice dress,” Harry said softly.

Pansy stared at him but soon regain her smirk, “Like to try it on would you,
Miss Potter?”

Harry ignored her comment and stood up because his trousers were starting to
pinch him.

Pansy’s smirk faded and she appeared to be thinking but then her smirk returned
again giving a very stupid impression, “Sorry Potter, this is my dress you get
your own!”

She obviously thought Harry stood up because he really wanted to try her dress.

“So where is Draco?” Harry asked softly, he was not too turned off by her
stupidity not to want her for her body.

“I don’t need Draco to protect my dresses from fags,” Pansy said twiddling her
wand in her pocked obviously thinking Harry might try to steal her dress.

“You think I really am gay?” Harry asked staring down her cleavage.

“Why wouldn’t you be?” Pansy asked oblivious to where he was staring, Harry
supposed she was too used to people gawping at her breasts to notice.

“Because you turn me on,” Harry said trying an open approach. Pansy had a rumour
to be with many boys and Harry hoped she was casual enough about sex not to need
a relationship.

Before Pansy had time to reply Harry took a step forwards her and kissed her on
her mouth. Harry had never suspected Pansy’s lips were soft but then again he
had never considered kissing her before. It made her seem so much more human and
female, it was exhilarating even though she didn’t kiss back.

Harry broke the kiss after a few seconds hoping he made the right decision not
to tongue kiss her. Pansy stared at him. Harry suspected she had stared at him
during the kiss, he wouldn’t know since he had closed his eyes.

“That’s good enough evidence?” Harry asked hoping he had excited her in someway.

“No,” said Pansy, and before Harry could do anything she grabbed his crotch
firmly feeling his erection.

Harry flared a brief smile before leaning down and kissing her again, this time
he pushed his tongue into his mouth. She gripped his balls painfully hard and
Harry broke the kiss.

Pansy smiled innocently at him, “Got protection Potter?”

“Squeeze harder and any protection won’t be necessary,” Harry replied irritably.

“Do you?” Pansy asked squeezing a bit harder.

“Yes,” Harry gasped, “I’m safe for about a month.”

With a swift motion Harry wriggled out of her grip and f***ed her arms to her
sides. Harry could be just as ruff as Pansy could and before she could protest
he pushed her down on the couch, kissing her f***efully.

“Why saint Gryffindor finally discovered his cock,” Pansy teased. Harry felt a
rush of excitement, he would get her.

“So slut Slytherin finally got bored of Malfoy?” Harry retorted while starting
to rip her dress off.

“Your luck his sorrow,” Pansy replied.

With some wriggling he pushed her dress down from her chest and uncovered her
breasts. Her nipples were smaller then Hermione’s and slightly darker. They were
just as hard Harry discovered when he started kissing them. He was not as gently
as he had been with Hermione and practically bit her.

She gasped in pleasure. Harry loved the look on her face her blue eyes were wide
in delight, delight he gave her. Suddenly her eyes darted across the compartment
and her face broke into a wide smile.

“What’s up Weasel?” She asked, triumphantly pushing Harry’s head down on her
nipple so that he couldn’t look up, “Cat got your tongue?”

“Get lost Ron,” Harry said more rudely then he had intended, not able to look up
at his best friend thanks to Pansy’s firm grip on his head.

There was a bang as the compartment door slammed shut.

Pansy giggled, “I’d let him watch you know,” she said as she finally managed to
get his pants open.

“Bet you would,” Harry said and stood up to remove his clothes more properly.

Pansy didn’t wait for him to undress her either and pushed her dress and
underwear down off her together with her shoes. Unlike Hermione Pansy didn’t
mind parting her legs. Harry saw her shapes clearer then he had ever seen
Hermione’s because Pansy had shave most of her hair off. Harry felt himself much
closer to climax then he wanted and took a deep breath trying to relax himself.

“Hurry up will you?” Pansy asked as Harry still hadn’t been able to get his
shirt off. She put her right hand between her legs and started rubbing herself
while watching him removing his last clothes.

It was a beautiful sight and Harry gave up on unbuttoning his shirt and tore it
off hoping Reparo would work on buttons.

The couch wasn’t wide but it was wide enough for Harry to place him self on top
of her and for Pansy to wrap his legs around him. Pansy didn’t wait for him to
enter her. She grabbed his cock firmly with her wet hand she had used to rub
herself with, and pulled him do her entrance. By a push of her legs in his back
he slipped inside her.

“Tell me, were you a virgin?” Pansy asked with a wide smile when he was
completely inside her.

“Yes,” Harry lied; he was not going to tell her anything about Hermione.

Pansy was delighted, “Why I am honoured Potter.”

Harry smiled at her whiled slowly moving out of her only to get pushed back in
by her legs. As soon as Harry felt comfortable making love to Pansy Parkinson he
started moving more quickly in and out of her making her pushes with her legs

Pansy didn’t settle with just his cock however. Once she had made sure he was
fucking him hard enough she started rubbing her pleasure spot as well. Harry
liked that and felt himself approach his climax another notch.

“Ahh,” Pansy gasped, “Fucking hell!”

Pansy gritted her teeth and her blue eyes went wide. She stopped rubbing herself
and she held her breath, she didn’t move a muscle not even her hips. Harry
continued thrusting hard and then he could feel a muscle twitch deep inside her.
She shut her eyes and close together and the all her muscles in her pussy clench
around his hard penis.

She cried out through her gritted teeth and dug her nails deep into his back. It
hurt and Harry was sure she had drawn bl**d, it made him lose some of his
excitement but he didn’t stop fucking her.

Half a minute late, Harry was still fucking her but she didn’t respond at all to
his thrusts anymore and was quite unattractive. Suddenly she opened her eyes
again and a mischievous glint was there. Before Harry could do anything she
removed her legs from his back and gave him a hard push in his side. Harry lost
his balance and fell to the floor painfully. He was still inside Pansy but now
she was on top of him.

Pansy giggled at his pained expression. If she wasn’t a girl he was currently
making love to he would have been furious. Harry didn’t really know what to do
she was on top of him now and he couldn’t move much.

Pansy smiled and kissed him deeply, Harry kissed her back. In the middle of the
kiss Pansy moved her hips abruptly making his penis slide out and in of her
vagina. Harry groaned into her mouth. It was a completely new thing being fucked;
Harry had no longer any control of the tempo. All he could do was to meet
Pansy’s thrust as she rode him. He grabbed her buttocks firmly to remain in some
control but Pansy ignored him. Harry had lasted much longer with Pansy then he
did with Hermione but it wasn’t that odd, Hermione was attractive and while
Pansy wasn’t unattractive he hated her personality.

Pansy watched him with a smirk as she did her utmost with her hips to make him
come. It was a game; she wanted to see how long he could take her.

Harry smirked back at her, he didn’t feel too close to his orgasm yet, the pain
in his back dampened most of his lust.

Pansy begun panting heavily and Harry realised she might reach another orgasm
before he came. If she did he would win their unspoken game. Even though Harry
could feel his control slipping, he started meeting her thrusts more f***efully
hoping to please her more then she pleased him.

Pansy increased the tempo and also the depth. There was loud smacking noises
every time their hips met and Harry knew he reached further inside her then ever
before. Both he and Pansy was breathing heavily and they locked their gazes.
Harry gritted his teeth and with all willpower he could muster held him away
from climax. Pansy was biting her lower lip hard and Harry could tell she was
doing her utmost to make him come.

She was going to win Harry realised as his entire crotch gave a hard throb but
then Pansy gasped and gave a shiver.

If Harry could just hold his semen in for another ten seconds he would win but
it was impossible, he exploded. Harry and Pansy had kept the noise down during
the act but now it was too much. Harry yelled out not caring if everyone in the
entire school found out that he had been fucking Pansy Parkinson. Pansy opened
her mouth wide and gave an ear splitting scream. Their screams of delight joined
each other. When Pansy didn’t have any air in her lungs to scream out her orgasm
she slumped down on him. Harry could feel his penis move inside her as she fell
on him and he gave a final tremble before the last of his orgasm left him.

Pansy lay panting on top of him exhausted from riding him so violently. Had it
been any other girl Harry would have hugged her. Now he just wanted to get rid
of her.

“Congratulations Potter,” Pansy finally whispered, “You’ve been with a girl.”

“Congratulations Parkinson somebody else then Malfoy would touch you,” Harry
replied leaning back on old rudeness he exchanged with the Slytherins so often.

Pansy laughed and got off him, “For your information Potter I’ve known others
who are more then pleased to touch me anyway I want since I was twelve.”

“Crabbe and Goyle does not count,” Harry replied also getting up.

“Fucking is clearly everything you are good for,” said Pansy as she quickly put
her dress back on.

“Merlin’s beard,” Harry replied pretending to be horrified, “you didn’t count
Crabbe and Goyle did you?”

“Lee Jordon ever told you who took his virginity?” Pansy asked smirking

Harry’s yaw dropped.

“Don’t worry baby, he wasn’t as good as you,” Pansy teased putting her shoes
back on.

“So now you think you have taken my virginity as well?” Harry asked, he wouldn’t
let Pansy leave feeling too good about herself, “You really think that was my
first time?”

Pansy’s face contorted in anger and she left the compartment. Harry smiled to
himself, he felt good in everyway possible as he started to get dressed in his
Hogwarts robes.

“Err… Harry?” Ron asked uncertainly as he slipped the compartment door open.

“Come in Ron,” Harry said happily, “Sorry I snapped at you before it just wasn’t
a good time you know.”

Ron entered the compartment, “So you are going to tell Hermione about this?”

“Well no, I don’t think so,” Harry said but then he remembered he had been
screaming out loud and that probably most of the school know about it. Harry
suddenly felt very bad about Hermione. He knew that even if she didn’t like him
she would still probably be hurt that he had been with another girl so soon.

“I should kill you for hurting Hermione,” Ron said seriously, “you know she is
like a s****r to me.”

“Did you hear us?” Harry asked nervously, perhaps there was a chance that people
just heard the screams but didn’t connect it with them.

“I shouldn’t have helped you, you don’t deserve it,” Ron said sitting down on
the couch, “But I put a silencing charm up for you… you owe me.”

Harry heart gave an extra beat in pure relief, “Yes anything, thanks, Ron.”

“I want you to make up with Hermione,” Ron said seriously.

“Oh…” Harry said deciding to come clean with Ron as he owed him at least that,
“Hermione doesn’t love me… we had sex and then she broke up with me, there is
nothing I can do, Ron, I asked her if we could still be friends…”

Harry had ever since Dudley hit him one year ago thought Dudley was good at
hitting but Dudley was nothing compared to a furious Ron. Harry’s vision went
black for a second as he flew across the compartment and landed in a heap on the
floor. His head hurt so badly that he couldn’t see clear. Everything was blurred
and seemed to be double. Harry blinked his eyes furiously hoping to clear his

“Damn it… sorry Harry but you deserved that.”

“Probably,” Harry agreed. For once he enjoyed pain since he deserved it so

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