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Have A Seat (parts 1 and 2)

This is from Part 1.. you can skip past the bold font if you already read it..

I was hard at work one day when I heard my name announced over the company intercom. Great, another trip to the office, what the hell for now? Detaching myself from my duties, and pissed because I’m sure I won’t get them accomplished in a timely manner now but whatever I guess, I head towards the office. I go in and have a seat, and boss #5 or whatever she is, too many bosses for one job I’d have to say.. Anyway she tells me I’m being called in for my job performance. Just what I need, being told by a girl 10 years younger than me who probably sucked corporate dick to even get where she is, telling me how well of a job I do, or thinks I don’t, when she has no clue how to even do the job herself. She was kinda hot I have to admit, how easy for a good looking woman to ease her way up the corporate ladder when the plain Jane girls out there bust their ass and get nowhere. Dark black hair pulled back in a ponytail, not too much makeup but enough to enhance things, her stretchy knit pants revealing her great little ass we might see if she ever went out and picked up something off the floor… And of course her amazingly large breasts for a short skinny girl like her. I had often imagined what it’d be like to get a chance to bury my face in between them, maybe shoot a load all over them. My thoughts would always bring me back to how I’m not attracted to women who are bosses of me, it’s just a world I’d never imagine. Little did I know this day was going to get interesting.

She talked to me blah blah about strengths and weaknesses I had, at these times I find my A.D.D. kicking in, wandering thoughts and eyes looking for something to be interesting, to read on the wall, even wandering over to look at her boobs without her noticing.. Eventually I yawned, which prompted her to retort, “Am I boring you here?” I said no, I was just tired from working long hours and not sl**ping enough. She got up and said she knows what I mean, and asked if my girlfriend had been keeping me up or something.. Kind of an offbeat and personal question throwing me off guard but hey I’m open minded and all so I just told her I had ended a relationship a couple weeks ago, haven’t really done much with dating. So she walks over to the door and leans on it, and tells me “well I’m just going to cut to the chase.. I think you are a good worker, and I’m prepared to offer you a break with this company”.. So interested in this I perked up a bit, and asked what I might be doing next then, that’s when she clicked the lock on the doorknob behind her and tells me, “I’ll tell you, but first you have to do something for me.”.. She draws the shades and then comes over to me, and leans down to kiss me. MMMMMph! I was surprised, what the hell is she doing? But her lips were so moist, her breath freshened by whatever peppermint candy she had just chewed up and dissolved recently. So I kissed her back, my arms finding their way around her waist, hands gripping her back, feeling her hourglass shape. ” What I want you to do is simple.. I want you to eat this pussy, and you get one chance to do it right. Then we’ll see where it takes you”. Okay.. I think.. I can do that, hell I love eating pussy. It’s one thing I know I’m great at, so this will be no challenge. She drops down her pants, and little pink boy-shorts underneath, revealing a young 26 year old pussy, with a small strip of hair running down like a path to cavern. She spins herself around and pushes her ass into my face.. “Eat it.. EAT my ASS!” she demands, I kiss one cheek, then the other.. feeling the heat emanate from her bung, luckily she doesn’t smell, oh how these corporate people don’t ever have to do much to sweat, and a preppy girl like this probably washes her ass after every trip to the bathroom. What a great ass too, I grip it, tapping it here and there, smacking it once in a while, as my tongue traces her asshole. Quite the turn on for me too, I can feel my erection growing, throbbing inside my jeans. In the meanwhile my tongue dancing in and out of her balloon knot, saliva dripping down her crack. my hand almost gliding itself naturally up her smooth shaven leg up to her crotch, I know what she wants, a little clitoral stimulation with her rimjob. my fingers rubbing around and around and around.. my thumb back to her crack, teasing her to insert it as my tongue and thumb take turns with it.. I can feel her getting wet, her moans a little louder, breathing heavier.. she’s going to want my cock soon I bet.. I push her off of me, stand up and flip her around, lifting her to sit on the desk and I pull up a chair.. face to face with her now juicy pussy, ready to work some magic. I call my art of oral technique the blender, because I have thrown every mouth muscle movement , vibration, tongue dance, tooth tease, even rubbing my whole face, nose, eyebrows, for stimulation. When I am done I have heard women say they are s**tterbrained and numb.. orgasms raging on and off for several minutes, a job well done. This time is no different. I love to eat pussy so much, I don’t even care if this gets me a raise, or easier job.. hell I could just get paid to munch her every week, month, or day. A few more licks here and there.. suck the clitoris that’s now pronounced.. spread the lips open with fingers, lick them, moan a deep bass sound while kissing them, rubbing my mustache hairs all along the curves, juices and saliva dripping down my goatee, eyebrows, cheeks.. and YEA!! her orgasms hit, her body tensing up.. as she pushes my face away for a second.. A common reaction I get from the blender.. I stand up from the chair, wiping off all the juices from my goatee, my cocky attitude gleaming.. I say ” well, guess I’ll expect that raise or whatever you’re doing eventually.. Glad to be of service don’t be a stranger now” hehe and go to walk out the door. She pipes up “where the fuck do you think you are going? we are just getting started”…

(part 2) song playing in the background radio: Incubus “The Warmth”

I turn around and she jumps off the desk and rushes over to me.. cum and saliva dripping down her legs. We embrace in a deep kiss, my hands grabbing her ass , cold from the desk but soon to be warm by my hands. She pulls back and begins to kiss my cheek and traces her tongue down to my neck, and whispers in my ear, “God I love to taste my own pussy from your mouth”.. which gives me an even harder erection.. her hands rub my chest to my nipples, and gently pinch and pull at them while she sucks on my neck.. fuck if I endure this much longer I’m gonna ride her like a mad man. she drops down to her knees and unzips my zipper, pulling my hard cock from my the fly of my boxers, and just goes at it sucking me off. her warm mouth feels great, sliding itself up and down my shaft, her tongue dancing on my mushroom head and under it.. she works her hands up to undo my belt, and then my jeans, drops my boxers too to the floor and goes back to devouring my saliva dripped swollen member. She swallows it completely to the base, and holds it for a couple seconds, lets a little gag and then slowly slides her mouth off but gripping it so tight with her lips jesus this feels fantastic. Never in my life would I think to be getting head from the boss at work in an office.. Hell most of my bosses have been male so that would have been weird 🙂 , she moans even as she sucks, as if she’s working up towards another orgasm while doing this to me, and then pulls off to lick my ball sack, uhhhh, her tongue slowly spreading it’s warm wet texture across the sensitive nerves jumping with delight making my balls stiffen up a little. she takes one ball into her mouth, sucks it and pops it out, then takes the other and does the same.. I’m about ready to fall over this feels so good.. rather I move a little over and prop one leg up on the desk so she can access my sack better.. She gets the hint. “Daddy loves him some ball lovin does he?”, she says, and goes back to the lick and suck game. Her hand grabs my cock and slowly strokes me and then she takes her other hand and begins to tickle my asshole. I let out a moan as all three things happen at once, wow.. what a sensation. She slides in her finger into my ass at first it kinda stings and feels weird but with the added ball pleasure and masturbation who really cares.. it actually begins to feel really fucking amazing. She goes back to sucking my cock again and continues fingering my ass.. much more of this and I’m going to cum everywhere. In the next moan I tell her how amazing this feels and how I’m probably going to cum soon, and she looks up and says “You aren’t allowed to cum yet.. wait one second”.. She gets up and walks over to a drawer under the desk, unlocks it with a set of keys on top of the desk, and then pulls out something I never thought I’d have happen to me.. a strap on. So here I am standing .. oop! take my foot off the desk, Standing.. with saliva dripping down my cock and balls, my asshole tingling from her exploratory finger, watching her as she slips on the strap on, and unbuttons her shirt, down far enough to expose her massive breast cleavage.. what a sight. “Now it’s your turn to get on your knees” she says, and I hesitate.. thinking “what have I got myself into now? I guess it’s as good as time as any to dive into strange sex, but I have never been fucked by a strap on before. And I certainly have never taken one into my mouth.. ” so I walk over to her slowly, figuring a good kiss maybe and she’ll forget about me sucking her mid sized rubbery fake dick.. Upon going for it she says “Whoa that’s done with, I said on your knees BITCH!” and pushes down on my shoulders forcing me to my knees. “Now you’re gonna show me you deserve that raise” and she smacks one cheek then the other with her cock and then pushes it into my mouth. This feels so weird, this cold cyberskin dildo, and the further she tries pushing it in the more I feel like I’m going to gag, guess this is what women feel when doing it to me.. She begins thrusting it into me harder and harder, almost like she was born with a dick the way she is using it.. “You’re not impressing me down there, now fucking suck it!” so I figure what the hell.. and I sure hope that door is locked.. so I use my hands to grab her ass and pull her into me, and begin trying my best to deep throat as she did, eventually this thing heats up a bit and starts to be a little less fake, not that I ever wanted to really suck a cock for real, but attached to a sexy ass wild woman like this.. “That’s it” she says, “get me nice and hard, next we’re gonna see how tight your ass is” A few gags here and there, tons of saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth, I’m actually getting into this, my hands slide from her ass and work their way up to her breasts.. “Oh you want to play with those? I suppose you’ve earned it” and she removes her shirt, then unbuttons her bra, and out pop these gorgeous melons, have to be Double D’s for sure, and I squeeze them while looking up at her, sucking on her wannabe phallus.. Her nipples are soft, but I make them hard by tugging them, lightly pinching them in between my fingers, drawing little circles, doesn’t take long. She moans and closes her eyes, head tilted back while I do this and she keeps thrusting herself into my mouth. Finally she looks back down at me and says “Are you ready to be fucked my little man?”, in her cute little voice, such a turn on.. “mmm huh” I say, mouth full of cybercock. She pulls herself out of me, “What was that? I said are you READY TO BE FUCKED? I wanna hear you say it!” she slaps me with her dildo, “Yes! fuck me please! make me your bitch!” I playfully say back to her, and she steps back so I can get up. She throws everything off her desk in two fatal sweeps and tells me to get up there and lay down.. I lay back, feet in the air, and she reaches in her drawer and pulls out some lube and masturbates her cock with it, then comes over to me and inserts just a little bit.. fuck it’s big.. “I’ve never done this before” I say, hoping for a little tenderness cuz it actually kind of stings a bit. “You’ll be fine , it only hurts for a few minutes” she says and pushes more of it into me. She tells me “Just relax those muscles, tensing up makes it hurt more” So I do my best to breathe out a little and relax, sure enough I feel it push in the rest of the way, almost like it hard to clear a tight ring first to get in. “there, see now it wasn’t so bad.. ” and she runs her hand down my chest to my groin, begins to masturbate me. “Now the fun begins”. She begins to pull out a little and push back in, her thrusts gradually getting harder each time, and for sure it kind of stings a bit but I’m quickly getting used to it. She’s holding on to my legs like they’re antennas, kind of funny but I look up at her looking down at me as her breasts bobble, and her body is thrusting away into mine. She’s actually getting so turned on by this, you’re think there were nerve endings in that strap on. She tells me to grab my own legs and lets go, caressing and rubbing her tits together as she pounds into me and moans.. she is breathing so heavy, I keep wondering if she’s going to have an orgasm. Never in my life would I think I would be laying on a desk, a fake cock buried deep in my ass, and a beautiful woman being turned on fucking me with it.. As the cock slides itself in and out of me I notice that I’m actually liking this more and more, and I don’t want her to stop. “fuck me harder” I say, and with a little smirk she re-positions her feet as to be able to thrust even harder into me.. Hell now I think I’m going to have an orgasm.. my cock had gone limp for a bit but I can feel the bl**d pumping into it, swelling it fully erect. She continues fucking me for a few more minutes then pulls out and immediately puts her mouth on my cock and begins deep throating me.. holy fuck! I moan with this sudden change of pleasure, and she plays with my balls at the same time.. fuck! This feels so good uhhhhh.. She stands up.. “get on the floor” she says, and at this point I’m her slave I’m not hesitating or asking why.. She takes off the strap on and tosses it into the desk drawer. Then after I get myself down on the cold floor, she mounts me, sliding my saliva coated cock into her still juicy warm hole. She thrusts herself at first, then I add the resistant friction as we fuck each other harder and harder and harder.. her tits bouncing, her hands on my chest, playing with my nipples, my hands on her thighs.. the sound of slapping skin with each bounce, her pussy grinding itself into me.. I hear her moan, and moan again, her body tenses up and stops moving, fingernails digging into my flesh, I can feel her pussy walls throbbing, it feels so good on my cock, the pulses almost like they’re trying to squeeze me into submission.. I’m close to orgasm too, I want to thrust but I can’t, her body is so tensed up and holding me down I really can’t move.. “Oh my fucking GOD!” she says, and hyperventilates, her pussy throbbing more and more, I feel what seems like a floodgate opening up all over my cock and balls. Whew she’s a squirter too.. she begins to play with her clit as she loosens up a bit and allows me a chance to start shoving myself up into her. Harder and Harder I thrust as she sprays herself all over me, almost like she’s peeing all over me, how much can a woman come? Finally I feel it, a little tingle in my balls, and my asshole, my cock overwhelmed by a sensation of pleasure, the feeling of fucking her, her moans , her squirting, her tits, “IU’m gonna cum” I yell, and she gets off of me and begins to masturbate me, taking me into her mouth, fuck she’s gonna swallow me.. uhhhhhhhh!!! I can feel my balls stiffen up as I uhhhhh!! cum in her mouth .. “FUCK!!! don’t stop” I say she continues to suck me and stroke me and swallow me all at the same.. tiiiiiiimmmmme!!! shit.. my wave is over, body is spent.. she is exhausted too but is enjoying sucking my cock some more and it feels so good. She gets up and towels herself off with some paper towels across the room, tells me to get dressed this meeting is over. I quickly try to get dressed and wait until she’s completely clothes as well, before I walk towards the door. I decide to come back though, get one more kiss.. who knows this might be the last time I get to do anything with her.. maybe cop a feel lol.. After kissing her she tells me that the company was going to lay me off, due to financial problems, but she’s found a new reason to keep me around. And here I had joked about taking it in the ass for years working here.. looks like I’m literally going to take it in the ass now, to keep my job. But at least I’ll be doing it with a smile on my face.

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