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Having Fun With Dad Under The Covers

My name is Sean and when this story took placed I had just turned s*******n years old. I had short blond hair, blue eyes and was thin. I lived with my mom, dad and b*****r Mike in a house we have lived in for most of my life. My mom works a lot as a nurse so it was usually just my dad, b*****r and I at home during the night. My dad was tall and heavy with a stocky build and was nice most of the time but when he got upset he really got pissed. Usually when our dad went upstairs to bed my b*****r and I would always turn off all of the lights and watch movies until we went to sl**p. Most of the time we would be in the middle of a movie and our dad would yell down for one of us to bring him a washcloth and is was usually Mike that would run it up to him. It seemed like every night our dad was calling down for one of us to bring him a washcloth which Mike didn’t think anything of it but I had found my dads porn stash before and had jerked off before so I had a pretty good idea what he was doing up there but like I said it was usually Mike who brought it to him so I just didn’t think to much about it.

One night Mike and I had just put in a movie when my dad called down but this time for me. I grabbed a washcloth out of the bathroom and slowly made my way up the stairs to the bedroom door which was only opened a crack. I opened it looking in the room which was dark except for the light from the TV and my dad laying on the bed with his covers up to his neck. He smiled at me as I slowly walked the cloth to him when I looked at the TV and saw that he was watching porn on a low volume. I was kind of embarrassed looking at the screen when my dad asked “Do you like this kind of stuff?” I was nervous and just shrugged my shoulders as he smiled and said it was OK because all guys watch this stuff. Eventually the nervousness went away and I thought it was kind of nice to be able to have a father, son conversation which didn’t happen very much. My dad said if I wanted to I could sit and watch some of it with him as he scooted over slightly still under the covers making enough room on the edge of the bed for me to sit.

I sat down and watched a girl get onto her knees and begin sucking a guys dick which made my dick begin to get hard under my shorts.I watched the girl sucking the guy and asked “Dad, I bet that feels good” He grinned and said “Yeah, but your mom really has never liked doing it” I asked why but he quickly responded he didn’t know. “Well maybe she will like it someday and do it” I said as he smiled and replied “I doubt it, she thinks its gross”. “It doesn’t look that gross” I said as I continued watching when suddenly I heard my dad say “Well maybe you should try it then”. I really didn’t know what to say so I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Suddenly my dad reached down lifting up some of the covers near his feet. I was nervous but crawled under the sheets not really able to see much only knowing where I was by feeling his legs when my eyes eventually adjusted to the dark. Suddenly I was staring at my dads dick which was not very long maybe six inches but was very thick and veiny.

I grabbed onto his dick and began stroking it slowly as his legs moved around until I heard him groan softly “Suck it”. I could feel my hand shaking as I closed my eyes opening my mouth and began lowering my head until I felt the large warm tip of his dick slide past my lips and touch my tongue. My dad moaned as I slowly slid my head down and then back up his shaft feeling the warmth of his throbbing dick in my mouth. “Oh fuck” he groaned as I felt him place his large hand on the back of my head over the covers. I kept my eyes closed and continued sucking him but eventually I could feel my own dick throbbing as I will admit it began to turn me on. I took his dick out of my mouth and began licking up and down on his shaft which he seemed to like as he moaned loudly. Suddenly he slid his hand under the sheet and grabbed onto his dick lifting it up and whispered “Lick my balls” I stuck out my tongue and began sliding it up and down them making him groan and then one at a time took them into my mouth and sucked them.

I think that turned him on more than anything because he was rock hard and quickly shoved his dick back into my mouth and began thrusting his hips upwards slamming the tip of his dick into the back of my throat which made me gag a couple times as he moaned. “Do you like it when I fuck your mouth?”. I moaned “Yes” with his cock ramming down my throat over and over. He pulled it out of my mouth and gently slapped it against my cheek a couple times when suddenly he pulled the covers off and tossed them to the floor. He was smiling at me as he got up and positioned me on my stomach facing the TV. I began watching the porn movie again not really paying attention to him when I felt him slide my shorts and underwear to my ankles and begin to slid his dick between my ass cheeks. I heard the cap pop on something and then a squishing noise as he rubbed something all over his dick. I felt the tip of his dick against my asshole and began panting nervously as he reached his hand around my head and placed it over my mouth. Suddenly I felt pressure and then felt his warm dick slide into my ass. My body jumped and I screamed as it felt like I was being split in two as I felt every inch of his thick dick being slid into me.

He moaned loudly as I continued panting and screaming feeling him beginning to slide it in and out slowly until it didn’t hurt as much as he stretched my ass. “Take my cock” he moaned as he began slamming it into me harder and deeper as I grabbed onto a pillow and whimpered loudly. “Say you love my cock” he whispered as I squealed “I love your cock daddy” while he began driving it into me hard until he started panting “I’m gonna cum” I felt his large hands grab my hips as he began driving it into me hard as his groans began getting louder until he thrusted it into me once more and held it deep as I could feel the inside of my ass get warm as he filled it with cum. I felt him pull out and then he slapped it against my ass a couple times and asked “Did you like it?” I was still on my stomach panting and moaning but said “Yes” as I slowly got up from the bed when suddenly I felt the cum begin to run out of my ass and down my leg. I ran to the bathroom and as I cleaned up I was more horny then I had ever been before as I reached back feeling my asshole which I could slide three fingers into. I was sore for a couple days and as much as I thought dad enjoyed it he never did it with me again.

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