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Heading to L.A. (Clay, Cole and I continue)

Clay and I rode together in his car, while Clay dropped Nate off at home, proudly displaying phone numbers for Marko, Matt, Jessie, and Mike. Clay showed me he got Brian’s number and a few others. Cole didn’t share with the young guys that he too got Marko and Matt’s numbers. Clay and Cole sat in the pool house for a while and talked while Nate and I cleaned up, made some dinner, and chatted about new swim and under gear styles coming out.

Cole motioned for us to come over and all was well. Cole did admit, what everyone already knew, was that he was bisexual, and did really get turned on by messing around with men. As he said that I was walking by, and he grabbed me around my waist, and buried his face in my boxer mesh white Dietz swim suit. My suit was pulled to the ground and he was shucking his Priape suit too. He was a horned up top on a mission. Nate dove for Clay’s Greg Homme Black enhancer sheer brief. They started rolling around wrestling and pulling off what little clothing they had on. Nate over powered Clay and pinned him down with his pecs against Clay’s Back, and his cock in Clay’s ass crack! Clay lifted his hips and gave his tight hole to his play mate. Nate’s big ginger cock entered Clay in a steady motion as Cole, flipped my legs over his shoulders. I want that ass, he gritted between clenched teeth, and I want you to love my cock in you again.
Nate stopped fucking Clay for a minute and they turned to Cole as said “Again!?” You have fucked before? “Hell yeah!” said Cole. “All during high school, just like you two.” And, he pulled his thick throbbing cock out of me and drizzled lube down my cock to my anus, and he f***ed it all in, in one hard move, balls deep! I forgot that Cole was as big as he was, and hard as he was, and how he was a rough fuck!

Clay’s head was near mine, and I reached over and started kissing him as his father fucked me, and his friend fucked him. We were stroking, and I suddenly felt him start to jerk. Clay started with big spurts of cum that shot over he and I and hit his father’s pecs and abs. He shot over and over and we were both covered as Nate started cumming too. Cole was turned on that he picked my legs up to get as deep as he could, as I stroked. Cole shot deep in my ass, and I sprayed on my chest and pecs too! We were all covered in cum, and laid there recovering.

Nate told Clay that he had never cum so much or so hard, and Clay said he had edged for the whole weekend. At 18, he had a bunch of cum to let loose. Cole came and kissed me, and licked the cum from my chest with his softening cock still in me. He grabbed a butt plug, and as he pulled out, he popped it in my hole. He wanted his cum in me! Nate got dressed and Frenched kissed me as he left. And Cole told both Clay and I to hit the hay—wait, to go to sl**p. We all had long days the next day. I put on Clay’s Sheer Gregg Home Brief, and he stayed nude. We spooned on the sectional and went to sl**p.

I woke up later that night to piss, and Clay was on his back on the couch, his bronze nude body showed his beautiful smooth skin, and rippling muscles. He was asl**p and had just had a huge sex weekend. Why was I reaching for him? His breathing was slow and even, so he was asl**p. I graced my fingers over his cock, and slowly rubbed it. I rubbed on his balls, and leaned over and licked the shaft, as it grew to its full 8”+ length. I took his head into my mouth and looked up to see his beautiful eyes watching me. His hands went behind his head, and he flexed his sexy 6 pack as I worked his cock. He pushed me back softly and kissed me as his hands found my hole and the butt plug his father had left… He worked it out as he kissed me deeply and replaced it with his bare cock. He was slow and deliberate and was telling me how sexy I am, how he wanted to fuck me since he saw me, and he loves being inside me using his Dad’s cum as lube! He turned himself on, and me too, so much that I started cumming, and I felt him start shooting in me too. When he was done he wrapped his arms around me with his cock in my hole, and fell back asl**p.

The next morning, Clay’s phone alarm went off, reminding him to head to the pool for practice at 5 a.m. He said his good byes, and asked if he can visit when he is in LA trying out for the swim team in a few weeks. I said of course, and Cole looked at me like a father would, and I said ‘hey, I will not take him to the bathhouse or adult video arcade.” To which Clay replied, ‘What is a video arcade?”

We all got into cars heading to work, school , and back home having one of the sexiest f****y reunions ever. When I got home and was unpacking I recognized some of my things, but I found Clay’s Arena suit, N2N Pride Competitor and Andrew Christian Active Bikini. My suits could not be found. Just then I got a text from Clay with a picture of him wearing one suit and the others on his head and arms. He said he would return them in person in a few weeks.

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