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Chapter 1

Trees flitted through Shawn’s window, their droning a soothe for his mind as the train cut though their wake. New York City was a few hours in his past, and all his knotted up tension and the grind of the kitchen still echoed in his muscle memory. He couldn’t shake away the anticipating mental rote of planning his station’s ‘mise en place’ list. Today’s list, even though he was sitting here, on the first day of a much-needed vacation. Cooking was like that, it took time to detox from the grind of constant expectation. Trees at 70 mph he noted, seemed to help.

He had a full week off to visit with his mother, who had lived in Delaware ever since his father had passed going on six years earlier. She was a successful novelist, and the relocation to a slower pace to write and recover seemed to well suit her. Shawn kinda hated it. He had been born in ‘The City’ over thirty years ago, and it was as firmly a part of him as any other. The aggression, the competition, the hustle, the magic was his life bl**d. Trees, save the fast moving blur of them, just didn’t “do it” for him usually.

He leaned uncomfortably in his seat and arched his back. He had sat in a group seating area to try to maximize his leg room, but the maximum of nothing was still nothing. He was tall, 6’5″ exactly, and had a good deal of physical presence. But none of it usually availed him in uncomfortable places. He guessed if he had a rich girlfriend they could have purchased a first class car but he’d never experienced his late father’s luck at finding someone worth it or even rich. He had spent his 20’s having trysts and flings, and he had spent his early 30’s recycling the same habits. Unsurprisingly, nothing had stuck. To his admitted detriment, he tended to think of women in kitchen terms. He took them like a hot pan, hung on till he dropped them or got badly burnt.

The physical proof of these burns were more flagrant than the emotional. His arms were terrible and currently brazen in his white tank-top. It appeared as if a sizzling snow-board had woven down his forearms. Repeatedly. Each burn was around 1-2 inches long, the searing thickness of the edge of a sizzle-plate, or a half sheet, or a sauté, roundeau or just anything grabbed under pressure and scorch-kissed against the forearm in axial urgent movement. Most of these burns were old. Dark blurry red and brown marks. But the fresh ones, glazed, and shiny, made all of them appear collectively gruesome.

Shawn looked up to glimpse a pair of saucy eyes also following the surveyed sears of his flesh. He hadn’t noticed her sit down, lost in his thoughts. But here she was, sitting directly adjacent from him in the opposite group seat….

Light brown skin, of some almost Indian decent, like maybe Pakistani. She was impossible to miss if you weren’t lost in culinary tree dreams. Light brown delicate complexion, deep brown eyes & a dark brown bob of hair framing her eyes, jaw and lips. She was doll-sized, but her presence wasn’t plastic. It was quite definitely on some display though. She wore a dark designer dappled cotton t-shirt with some artful rips showing both skin and the fabric of her bra. Her breasts were hardly substantial enough to warrant one. But her small frame didn’t demand more. She wore a stylised mid length skirt, with small bare feet in a pair of snug black glossed non-kitchen clogs. The eyes, the bob, the rips, the look…wow.

She reciprocated his slow survey, returning his look without insecurity, or the coyness so often associated with catching someone’s eye. This wasn’t a catch, it was a hunt. She crossed her legs and leaned back slowly studying him. They both smiled.

He broke from his reverie of her appearance as two pairs of seriously large people sought to sit in their shared group seating area. They both shared a sigh of mutual annoyance and sought the aisle. Getting trapped in the group seats, with a big group kinda killed the advantage of sitting there in the first place. They rose, simultaneously, literally slamming into each-other and her falling back down. Yeah, she was tiny. And he wasn’t.

“Oh! Sorry!” He exclaimed.

“Sarah,” she said weakly, as she regained her feet. He heard her, but failed to keep her gaze as she adjusted her thankfully high hiked skirt. Oh. Oh. Wow.

“Oh Sorry, Sarah.” she continued with greater emphasis, catching his roving eyes with another smile. They both stepped back letting the other big passengers through.

“When I get thrown down by a big guy, I like him to use my name.” She kept smiling. Shawn reached over after the migration of passengers and put his hand on her shoulder. His finger tips almost grazing the middle of her miniature frame.

He smiled :”Completely noted, I promise I will.” They were closer than he had intended, but she smelled amazing. He continued: “Feel like taking a walk?” He took a breath and added, “Sarah.” He just said her name, but it felt good. And yeah she liked his burns, and he liked her clogs. She was a new hot hot hot pan.

He kept his hand on her back but slid it down boldly feeling the channel of her spine and amazingly compact form under his paced fingers. He held his other hand outstretched, hopeful she would take it. She slipped both her tiny hands into his one, as if she was about to curtsey. And he pivoted quickly, dropping his duffel on his seat and ensuring the manatee couples adjacent to them that they would return.

The train shook quickly after about 15 steps and they fell back against the metal bathroom door that was rattling slid-ajar. He stumbled and she fell quite gracefully flush back into him. She was warm, and close, and tilted her head back against his chest to catch his eye.

The metal of the door finally stopped shaking and he slid the door open just as she spun around him and inside. He slammed it closed again, hitting the lock as she placed both hands around his neck. He gently pushed her away from him against the sink pantomiming another throw-down. Following with a playful “Oh! Sorry, Sarah.”

She replaced her hands, this time more f***efully and quipped, “And I don’t know your name.”

“Nope.” he replied and dipped low to scoop under that skirt with both arms, grabbing her ass f***efully, picking her up. She melted into him and they kissed. Slowly. Surprisingly slowly. As frantically as the physical had begun to notch, their lips were on smolder.

She writhed with compacted movement against his hands. Her ass was literally hot to the touch, & filled his grip. And he gripped. They broke after a luxurious minute and he let her sink down his body to the floor. He ripped off his tank top and bunched it on the sink’s counter to give her a warmer place to get wet. She ran her fingers up his chest, grabbing his body pulling him forward. Her ass firmly spread, on its precipice, her skirt naturally rehiked itself up her legs. It gave him the time, the invitation to touch. Her. Everywhere.

His hands gave sampled rough squeezes all over. Learning her grips, teaching her his. Her neck, with a thumbed tracing of her clavicle through the ripped shirt, her shoulders and her arched back with its edged line of hard-working muscle. The suck of her jaw, he held it and he kissed it. Touched, nuzzled, kissed, he met her body with his. In rapid succession she shared his grips by pushing against him and grabbing back. No form of accident found him on his knees with his eyes nearly closed tasting her contours. Feeling the goosebumps of her inner thighs graze his lips. She helped to guide him down and took the initiative to slide the crotch of her soggy black panties to the left, giving him full access to her eagerness. He took wet hard sucks and lingering licks on her inner thigh. Biting her loins and flicking his wet tongue hard against the taut muscle.

She leaned forward kissing the top of his smooth crew cut; then scratching little manicured claws down his back. He let the corners of his mouth release his salivation at the tasty edge of her labia. She was kissing and sucking on his neck and back. Biting and scratching like an overpowered a****l.

She was special. Her honey pot was tinged with a dark purple color and a ready glisten. With purple wrinkled outer lips and an inner pink blossom. He kissed it. It wasn’t his style to go right for it, he liked to ramp up. Tease. But he didn’t, he couldn’t resist. He kissed and made out with her lavender color. She whimper’d. And full drum slapped her tiny hands on the canvas of his back. Fuck yeah.

He used his tongue quickly, to playfully get the sweet out of her pulp. She started to gyrate her hips against his face, f***efully sliding that wet pussy up and down his nose and chin. He took his right hand and curled 2 fingers into her hungry hole and started jiggling the tiny hood of her clit with his tongue. He began long licking between his fingers, alternating between glazing the outside and then the inside of each sculpted lip. She slapped both hands on his face, guided him to where she wanted it and told him, “Lick there, lick there!” And he licked. Right. There.

Her pearl grew in its presence immediately and peek’d out under the friction’d buds of his taste. He met her eyes and took it tingling awake between his lips. Suckling it and flicking his tongue against it raw. She moaned loudly wriggling out of her bra and squeezing her kebob worthy pointy hard brown nipples. He suckled on the perked clit, flicking it deliciously whilst still resuming every chance he got to lick her: There.

He kept digging his deep curled fingers up inside her toward her stomach. He beckoned with his two fingers, fast curling them into her. She oozed honey into his palm. Oh, it tasted so good. She dragged his head up and kissed him. He started finger banging her hard and they kissed again without smolder. Pure hungry face sucks. He u*********sly started to buck his hips, the kisses were so fuck-oriented. He grabbed the crotch of her bunched panties, and ripped them off and they hit the floor of the train bathroom with a sopping impact. Her skirt not far behind. He got back down on his knees and she popped off the sink in front of him. They looked at each-other eye to eye, him on his knees, her almost naked save a ripped t-shirt on the balls of her feet. Her tiny form only inches taller than his long one.

He lifted her up and she squeak’d in surprise as he planted his hands on her back, her ass in the crooks of his arms. She wrapped her legs around his head for balance. She gripped the train ceiling’s luggage loops for even more support and squeezed her thighs tight around his face, covering his ears. He couldn’t care less; he kissed the wet jelly of total pussy immersion. Deep kisses, sucking the edges of her hole just so he could take a breath and then back to tongue slapping her folds. Pussy juice ran down the middle of his chest muscles and her wetness quiver’d. He ate. And ate. And swallowed. And in about 10 minutes, she rode his chin to a rolling barrage of pelvic hiccups. Her body shook, she moaned. He could feel it most of all in his ears that got inadvertently flogged by her clapping thighs.

Finally the pressure around his head released and he relented his kissing and let her sensitivity recalibrate, sucking instead on her thigh run-off. Lapping up that flavor. He took the time to unbutton his fly and let his thick cock flop heavy out of his pants. He stayed knelt on one knee but let her slide her wetness down his stomach. Her brown tootsie roll nipples penetrated that dappled shirt with its overpriced rips so well it actually looked more sexual than sexy. Nip fucking her own t-shirt to the hilt. Her ass was so grip-worthy. Just made to be squeezed.

She laughed: “Ooooh my god, that was awesome!!” He started to suck on her longest nipple. The right one. She laughed again, right up against his ear. “You’re NOT full yet?”

He smiled, he liked her laugh it reminded him of his mom. Full of life and sexy. He was thinking about his mom while sucking on this girl’s nipples. Oh my… If only people on a cook’s paycheck could afford therapy….

He laughed at the ridiculous thought and replied: “Full? No! You?” She purred, like literally. And gave him another laughter-induced dose of his mom. He was rock hard, thinking about his mom again. He rose up on two feet, with bent knees and swung his cock hard against her spread ass before she even began to say something. The smack of his heavy cock on held ass was so powerful, and flush of skin on skin friction lit up her eyes.

He was on fire. He wanted to fuck her, pound her, suck her tits and hear her laugh. He stood up fully and effortlessly flipped her body in his arms. She gave him a final excited mirthy laugh & wriggled out of her ripped shirt.. and hung. Her naked form inverted. He could feel her long curry nips flick down his abs. Her hot breath on his cock as she spoke: “Oh My God.”

He was used to this reaction. He didn’t have a tremendously long dick, not any more than average. But it was criminally thick. Like a veined 20 ounce bottle thickness. She took her hands and gripped his hilt and shaft hand over hand. Wrapping both little fists around his shaft she started. Sucking. Fiercely. And his tongue speared her pussy hole back.

She slurped his cum hole working to wrap her mouth firmly over it. He resumed the cinema of her much much much more puffy purple lips. Seeing her juices start to pool out now into her asshole and drip down her back was a nice affirmation.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmm!”. “Mmmmmmmmmm!”

They both started to moan as she stretched her lips over the meaty edges of his cock head and sunk her lips on his veined girth. He dropped his pants and boxers around his knees. Her little sharp nails felt great hard gripped and clamped on his shaft. She was milking him. Making his shorn heavy balls start to swing playfully against her forehead. She worked her mouth with hunger.

She sucked and sucked and while she did it her pussy continued to drip earthy cum flavor into his heavy licks. He dug his tongue as deeply as he could inside her and just ramped her taste into his mouth. She was devouring him with rapid bobs. She started to go TOO wild. And he palmed her skull hard and guided her hunger down his meaty stick. She dropped her topmost hand and let him.

She took his cues, and slowed down. And then teased him. Tight gripping fist and hungry wet mouth working fast and then slow, fast and then slow. She relaxed her grip when she sped up and vise-gripped him when she went slow. And he could feel the cum in his balls stir and then recede and then stir uncontrollably and then recede. She was guiding him to an ungodly load, storing it ready and then milking deeper. Rubbing his taint with wet slobber fingers teasing his cum storage. And she was doing it upside down! Oh…my….

His knees got weak. It was unbearable how good it felt and how perfectly on the cusp he was without exploding. What a cock suck. Every minute he felt closer and then more amazed by her control. He stopped licking, and fell back against the wall and just moaned her honey down his chin. The cock coughs built. She rubbed his taint harder in between sucks. She released her grip fully and just opened her mouth so wide it and let him pump her with his hips.


He palmed the back of her head and pushed her deeper. He let her recover and did it again, filling her lips out as much as deep. She stopped sucking and saliva poured out his mouth and she gasped, “HOLD ME.”

He scooped her ass with his entire right arm, burns and all against his patient guided licks and the new visiting fingers of her emerging hand up to rub her pussy while he resumed his moaning licks. His other hand gripped her bob and guided her deep hard sucks up and down his trunk thick shaft.

Her fingers rubbed the fuck out of her pussy dragging her labia back and forth aggressively against his face and tongue. Rough rubbing her hood so hard her pink looked like a whirlpool. He kissed and sucked on her angry fingers. His cock trembled to cough ropes of cum into her. And as he tasted another of her cums, he was ready for his own. It was his turn and he was so overdue for a release. She was gonna receive everything she had earned. He grabbed the base of his cock and started to finish himself, as she raised her stuffed vocal chords in excited-exhausted anticipation.

Just then, the AmTrak announcement blared into the P.A system:


………. Already? ………..

He literally dropped her with the panic. She swung down, spitting out his cock, falling twisted, face batter’d against his bent knees.

“OOMPH, what the fuck,” she shrilled.

He grabbed his tank off the sink, and slipped into to it. His balls were shrieking at him, but he slap-fought his cock back into control. He pulled up his jeans fastening them. But the button fly? He couldn’t waste the time on more than a frantic button.

“This is your stop?” Sarah asked in his frenzy. Salvia was webbed over her lips, her eyes wide, incredulous.

He didn’t respond. There was no time, and what was he supposed to say? He quick splashed some water on his face; it was glazed like a fucking donut. He grabbed some moist wipes someone had left on the sink and rubbed his chest and chin and mouth. And, then he went to open the door.

“Stop I’m naked!”

And she was, sitting on the metal tread floor of the bathroom, they had literally ripped the clothes off this chick. She looked up at him in total disbelief. Her legs wide open, her pink hole showing its dark overly tongued hollow and still outlined by those insanely purple lips. What the fuck. Her hole was open. It was open. Pink and dark. He looked at her in misery as the train started to break.

“Miss your stop!” she said frankly. “Just miss it. I will suck you, I will fuck you. You KNOW how I suck, now let me show you more.” He stared at that open fucking hole like he was hypnotized. She saw his gaze and freak rubbed it to emphasis its readiness. She reached up and repopped open his fly.

Talking as she worked his leaking pole out back into the open… “I will give you every part of me. My ass! My face! My pussy! Just miss the stop and pound me with this tasty b**st.”

She grabbed him. Hard. With f***e. Regripped him and slowly returned it to milking. With his cock fully back out Shawn just looked down and let her do it. She jerked him hard and rubbed his open cock hole against her hard titless dark nipples. The train started to break even more heavily and the momentum sent another dribble of escapee cum water out of his cock. Wetting her nipples. Seeing this…she went into overdrive.

Pumping her fist over the neck of his cockhead she put head in her mouth and looked up at him. Her tight fist pounding up and down against her mouth while she rubbed her pussy so hard in concert with her other hand that her glazed baby tits rippled. She sucked another sticky pool of leakage off his tip and kept her pussy busy giving him the same pleasure-pained needy mirror’d expression that his whole being personified. She stood and sucked him by the cock back to the sink and sat back on it naked. Drool lancing down her stomach, shoulder blades against the mirror, she opened her legs wide on the precipice of the sink.

“TAKE IT,” she commanded.

The train stopped. They could hear the passenger doors clatter open. He had to leave, he had to, but he couldn’t. But he had to.


Ah fuck! He needed to cum, he needed it. He went to reach for a condom but his tip was firmly guided against her hole. Her legs spread, back arched, nipples pursed and wrinkled in their erect cum pluck. She looked up at him, skull against the mirror and… was about to say something more but he relented.
He sunk in, the elasticism of her first fold gripping the underside of his weighted cockhead with frictioned suction.


Finally experiencing his raw thickness, she closed her eyes. He took a firm hand hold on her nakedness, grabbing her harshly.”Shhh…”

“Thick….” she purr’d, slowly reaching up to cup his neck.

“Shhhhh-Shawn, that’s my name. Now you know it.”

He grabbed her ass and took her straight to his hilt, landing down the last 5 inches of his shaft in a hard thrust. She took it. All the friction, all the f***e. She took it and whined. He threw back into her desperately again, again, again, rekindling the need. The raw smack of condomless train sex.

She was sooo wet, but he was soooo thick that the friction was still so intense and every motion-laced second, every inch, every smack of his hilt against her…rippled her flesh. Her nipples jiggled.

“Oooooh… Shawn fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she repeated every hard pump into his ear. She leaned forward and bit his neck so hard that he flipped her over on the sink. She gripped the thin counter and arched her ass up on the balls of her feet and he wrestled into her hard again.

The mirror. She was tiny, her face open, mouth, eyes, her entire face open under his pounding. She was making sooo much noise…. She made noise just in trying to breathe against the ball slap on her clit. He moaned and just gave in to it, the raw fuck that he needed so fucking bad. His cock slid in and out of her pussy always dragged back by those plunger gripping purple lips. His shaft kept fully escaping but her grip on his cock head was too intense to pop out and she pulled him back in. He was pumping. He was pounding. But she was TAKING. Actively taking him, as aggressively and as hungrily as it was possible. He couldn’t stop his body’s need for release as it arose again!


“FUCK!” he swore. He just needed to fucking cum.

But he needed time, just like a minute but he…


He hung from the luggage racks still sweaty from her momentary grips before and just hung and she took over. Ramming back against his erect meat. Pussy swallowing him and rolling her hips against his trembling thighs. “Oh FUCK ME SHAWN!”


——FINAL WARNING—— all passengers with tickets to…

She laughed. Laughter that cut right through everything and made him think about the one woman he couldn’t let down. He didn’t wait to hear her protest and popped wet and hard of her hole. With one hand wiggling the locked door open while he THREW his cock repeatedly back down into his jeans. None of the repeats made it.

Seconds later the collective “GASP” from the line waiting for the bathroom made him grimace as he cupped his open fly with its splayed buttons and raged cock head in his curled palm.

Further louder gasps revealed they had looked inside by the time he got back to his seat. His balls were screaming at him, his soggy cock was honestly making it impossible to walk. He grabbed his duffel-bag from the pod of seated whales and poised it in between himself and the last passengers jostling in line waiting for the doors to hopefully not close. His cock was out. Out of his underwear and pants, and only the pressure of him quite literally fucking his duffel kept it from being obvious.

The train doors opened and he walked stiffly, all puns intended, off the train.

He immediately saw his mother waving. There was no real station or depot, just a parking lot. And she was leaning on the trunk of her car. He was caught in a moment of pure ***WTF***. He was literally about to cum a raging bucket mere seconds ago & now he was waddling toward his mother with his hard cock slow Pakistani-sliming a canvas duffel And his mother????? She looked like a matron goddess.

She was around 5’6″ and radiated both strength and warmth with shoulder length smoky blonde hair, a button nose and baby blue eyes. She wore a summer shirt dress with more than a few buttons undone due to the heat. And some quirky summer hat. Even in her 50’s, she was a presence that gravitated notice. Her body was more full than chubby, just not thin. She had full breasts, but not perky, more like form fitting. They sloped down off her chest, without really offering any cleavage. But something about them, and her in general made him grip his duffel-bag and drive it f***efully against his pulsing thickness. More f***efully than before. Don’t let her laugh.

“Shawn!” she called. She reached up to give him a hug, made awkward by his grip on the duffel hanging around his neck and between them. She let one hand slide against the sweat run edged muscle of his lower back, and tickled the other hand down the long length of his shoulder, bicep, skipping the interior forearm and wrist.

This was a forgotten commonality -his mother was a toucher. She would always do it to him as a c***d, to help him sl**p, and he had completely and utterly forgotten. The touch was like a grazing wave of stimulation and he shivered u*********sly. “Unnnnnhghn” he moaned u*********sly, he fucking couldn’t help it, he was on the verge. Totally over stimulated and she was coaxing his fucking skin.

She laughed, misunderstanding his gauntness ,and quipped something intelligible to that effect.. She laughed. And he thought immediately about Sarah in the bathroom. Ironic, always thought about the woman not there.

“So good to see you. You need to get out of the heat?” She gave him another hug and laughing again went to kiss him.

He ducked it, “Yeah. yeah.. Let’s get outta the heat Ma, great to see you too. Really!”

“Shawn, don’t you want to put that in the trunk?” referring to the duffel he had now fucked deeper than Sarah.

He shook his head and waited for her to cross behind the car to throw it in the back seat and get one middle button of his pants buttoned. His cock was in dire pain and still baton hard. He rested his palm on his lap and could feel the penile pulse of his erection mindlessly drumming the denim of his underfly.

His mother was all smiles as she got back into the car. He rolled down the window, nervous that the train was still inexplicably stranded at the station.

“Your s****r is off for the weekend but she is working tonight and tomorrow…Are you ill? You look frantic.” She laughed. “Honey, you look constipated.” She paused…. “Are you? Because I have some stuff…”

She started searching around in her purse and Shawn saw the conductor walking a completely dishevelled, barely clothed Sarah off the train, a hand firmly on her shoulder Shawn caught his eyes, not hers. And panic’d.

“MA! PLEASE! Let’s move, I promise, I will tell you on the way. We gotta move.”

She was taken aback but started the car and barked a few choice words at him for, ൗ yards!’ Unnecessary gruffness.” They pulled out and as they made a wide turn Sarah caught Shawn’s eyes.


Sarah had extricated herself from the Conductor and was storming forward, make-up runny, and looking marvelously hot for being totally psycho scary.

Yeah. He wasn’t limp. It wasn’t fun anymore, it was painful. He was over-stimulated.

His mother sped up to the intersection and took an aggressive right.

She purred, fully amused. “I see you still love making friends. You are definitely going to tell me on the way. I can’t wait!”

He grimaced and interrupted her.

“Ma, is there a private area, a hiking trail, a rest stop, some place not around people? If you want this story, I might need to take care of some things first.”

She looked at him inquisitively and chuckled: “Well, I got good and bad news…” It was his turn to return the look. “Good news is Yes; bad news is that I got caught there last Thursday giving Mr. Parsons a vigorous lap massage.” Her laugh was now a full blown guffaw, and not really as endearing.

This was his mother’s humor, it was how she thought. And how she had grossed her two grown k**s out since they were of age to get the humor. It was also how she caused Shawn’s now unmassaged lap to go cardiac.

The button was fully teetering now in response to an inadvertent pelvic cough.

“That sounds great, just great,” he deadpanned and she laughed again.


The ride to the overlook was about 20 minutes. 20 minutes was exactly the time he needed to answer a laughter based cross-examination from his mother of everything that happened on the train. Every laugh made him shiver.

“So you just left her there? On the ground naked? After all that?” Shawn didn’t really like his mother’s tone. He replied, “All what? It’s a moving train, we didn’t sign a pre-nup. I had to get out so I didn’t miss the stop.”. She grimaced, “Oh honey that is just awful, I am so sorry.” She burst out laughing. Tried to regain composure, failed and laughed again. “That is ridiculous, but ridiculously funny. Run off into there and finish up.” He looked at her incredulously, fully intending to do so but not wanting to talk to her about it.

“Shawn, we are adults, do you really think I don’t know why you are running to a bathroom?” She got out of the car, stretched, turned and leaned against her driver’s side door peeking in the open window. She bent her elbows peering in at him: “Go quickly and come back. I don’t want to be here long, the ranger makes me nervous.”

He didn’t really feel like arguing, but looking down past her face he saw the swaying flesh of her breasts as she turned and leaned toward him. He got paused by the raw angled exhibition of her breasts. Not artificial and made up in a teeny-bopper push-up bra, like he was so used to. But bra absent under the fit of the shirtdress they hung, both curving forward and freely swinging. She was unaware.

“But really, honey, I don’t see why you wouldn’t just…pardon my french, but fuck her and call me to pick you up on the next stop. It’s like a 25 min further drive, we right now are almost there. From what you obviously haven’t told me, but I can see in your expression, well it seems like it was awesome. Seems pretty stupid to me to waste awesome sex because of your dear old mother.”

He had lost his train of thought when he caught a full glimpse of two thick-tipped pink rope-ends of nipple swing. The physical reaction was immediate, he lost his focus and his cock-head mushroomed straight up and erect, splaying his loose-buttoned situation.


It was a shared exclamation. He had been almost to a soft rubbery mere minutes ago and now it felt worse than ever. He was more than hard, he was rigid engorged and caught like he had a tight cock ring on.

Her rocking was made worse into jerked bounces as she wide-eye and sputter’d : “Put that THING away. What? Are you nuts?”

He responded back before he could bite his tongue: “Stop swinging those big nipple tits, what the fuck do you think is causing this, DEAR OLD MOM?”

He couldn’t take the accusatory tone out of his voice. He wasn’t just hard, he was Hard 3.0 and he couldn’t just put it away, it was straight up, thick, heavy, drooling and showing no signs of sway or pulse. He gripped it hard and by doing so inadvertently dribbled another line of precum. Fuck. He started to lightly jerk his grip upward, fuck decency, his mother’s bullshit, he was fucked either way and he had to release.

“I’m 54 years old, Shawn. Are you seriously saying that these saggy things…” she gripped under them angrily and brought them forward showing traditional cleavage and straining the top edge of her areolas to peek out her dress, “Are causing THAT!?!”

Any social grace he ever had, was MIA.

“Do you see those fat fucking nipples? YES! Does this seem fake to you? I can see your tits swinging and look at this b**st! What the fuck do you expect? Either leave, or take them out and let me cum.”

They weren’t really angry – just freaked out. He could see it in her eyes; he felt it in his own. Fine, yes, yes he had always found his mother attractive. Of course he had, he was fucked. It was definitely a turn on, as evident with Sarah. But it was a secret turn-on, nothing he wanted known or shared between them. All of this, everything, this was a series of extenuating circumstances since the train that had led him to this. He had to just take care of this and die of embarrassment later.

She was equally embarrassed. “Jesus Christ.” She took off her summer wide-brimmed hat and sighed. Eyes drifting up and down his slow squeezing pumps. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Get in the car, lean forward and tell me that.” He was desperate, but horny and never lacking confidence. What kinda pan was his mother?

She did get in the car but didn’t do anything else. She was freaked out. She turned and looked back at him about to say something that he was sure wasn’t good.

He interrupted her: “This is totally stupid shit, Ma, stupid and maybe we will laugh about it in the future but it happened, right and I’m not some 18-year-old and you aren’t some YouPorn MILF.” She looked away blushing.

He cursed his unintended meaning. “I don’t mean that as some dig on you, this just isn’t normal territory and not because of who we are.”

She interrupted him, “I know Shawn.”

He continued, “No, I don’t think you do. It’s not some romantic thing. I’m not in love with my mother. Jerking off to you every second I can.” She was super uncomfortable. He couldn’t blame her. It was super uncomfortable, but for him it physically hurt, he was starting to get scared about all those Viagra side-effects read in commercials about ‘erections lasting longer than normal.’ He was starting to almost lose sensation for how hard he was. He needed release. Now.

“My point, Mom, is this isn’t some normal erection, and I’m not some guy who wants to have some hardcore i****t with his mother. The fact is I am in fucking pain and I need to cum and you have those ridiculous swinging breasts and I need them… keep swinging. Just help me get this flushed and we never talk about this again. Just lean over and swing them for me for a bit.”

He expected her to say something, or flip out. Or maybe he didn’t. He didn’t really expect himself to say any of that, that straight up but she popped a few more buttons down her dress leaned forward and let two sloped round tits fall out. Unnaturally shelved by her still closed buttons. Nipples as large and thick as pink puffy g****s. She put her hands on the divider and swung them forward nearly over his cock. He immediately started to run his hands up and down his shaft quickly. He was holding his breath.

“Like this?”

Her eyes and her voice were very worried and unsure. But his hands quickly started moving under her and she watched them. They were mere inches from one another, but neither looked the other in the eyes. Him watching her tits. Her watching the jerk of his cock.

“Yes.” He said it with a weak whisper. But it was almost too intense not to. She leaned more and more forward and eventually flinched away. “Ugh Shawn I can smell the sex.” He had totally become immune in the immersion of it and forgotten. “Um…” He started. “Sorry. We didn’t have sex long like minutes, but I ate her for like 30 min and she sucked me for a bit too.”

“She got her mouth around that?” she laughed. Her tits jiggled. They were in unregulated waters now, he pushed his luck. “Oh yeah, Ma she did great, epic sucking…it’s not impossible, if you want to try?”

She laughed. Outrageously. “Does that line work on ANYONE?” Her tits were still out, he kept jerking but the conversation had taken a wrong turn.

“Well…” he said sheepishly… “Kinda, yeah. I don’t have any problems.”

“Oh Shawn, don’t get me wrong, I doubt you do. But I’m not sucking my son’s cock. Yer in yer 30’s and I’m freaking on my way to 60, this isn’t some penthouse form letter. That….” gesturing towards his cock. “… is awesome, and great for you. But you need to cum and we need to get out of here. Soooon.”

On her long drawl of the word “soooon”, a large drooly line of spit landed directly on his almost blue cock head and felt incredible. “OH GOD”…He spoke feverishly without filter, just caught up in her hot slick spill of saliva.

“MORE! Gimme more spit”. This was sick but so hot he need to shut himself up. He turned his head toward her swinging tits and went for one. Scooping the puffy pendulum nipple into his mouth and clamping down HARD. He went full suck on her teat.

“Unnnnnnghhhhh,” she moaned but didn’t pull away. She leaned INTO IT! And quickly began dropping droplets of saliva all over his jerking fists. Just a little bit, just the slightest bit turned his hard jerk into a ultra stimulated overdrive. And he suckled his Mom’s, his Mommy’s tittie as hungrily as he could.

She didn’t blow him, she didn’t jerk him but she put her head back and let out a satisfying moan occasionally spitting a bit of saliva to his jerking fingers. It took minutes. Be it his ultra ramp up, his Mom’s saliva, his suckling her fat teat. Her moans finally let him feel what he needed to happen. He paused in his suckle and asked for a towel to cum into. And he licked her pursed thick erect nipple while he felt it and her move around getting something. He felt a damp cloth dropped on his cock and looked down in surprise to see her own white cotton panties. He grabbed them, squeezed them, and wrapped them around the head of his cock.

“I’m gonna cum, Mom, pleaseee finish it.” He said it and stopped jerking and let her take over. Reaching with her other hand to cup his balls out into the open air, she massaged them lovingly as she wrapped her quite wet panties hard around his cock and in less than three gripping and not hesitant squeezes brought him to an intense and borderline immediate orgasm. He came full f***e.

It was disgusting. Like not sexy. Totally gross. The raw amount of cum that Sarah had mined an hour ago. It spilled out of him in a torrent and his cock kept coughing even after 6-7 full ropes. He didn’t moan, he didn’t yell he just kept sucking his Mom’s tit. She lightly massaged his balls the whole time. Coaxing every drop. Moving her panties to slide and soak up the mess.

And in an instant, like immediately he stopped thinking about hot passionate sex and started thinking peeling asparagus and parsnip puree and whether they had gotten done yet. And he stopped his suckle as his mother turned and in less than 1 minute of rebuttoning pants and dress, she started the car. They said nothing.

His dick went to ever wilting rubber sl**p in seconds and he chucked the panties into a rest stop trash can as they pulled out. Still no sign of any scary rangers. His pants were re-buttoned, correctly. Every stress in his world for the last 2 hours was just non-existent; cept for the pancetta lardon rendering he hoped was being done. He laughed. And laughed. And she didn’t. He just barely noticed as he fell utterly to sl**p.


Molly drove back to the train station at a feverish pace, Shawn was passed out in a near c*** in her passenger side seat. And her emotions had gone back and forth from horrifically shameful to dreadfully lusty. The now absence of her underwear didn’t help her soak up her excitement nor dull her shame. She missed her husband, and hadn’t felt any sexual highpoint in all her attempts with sex as high as the last few minutes since he died. But it was her son. And she felt almost frantic to get him back on a train heading back to the city. She didn’t have a distinct plan, just a pull up, buy a ticket and plant him and his stuff to wait for the train. It was messy, but she needed her space from the muddled emotional dread and yet bodily satiation that coursed through her.

He was out like a Man. Completely oblivious, totally unaware of her feelings, pains or designs. She felt guilty, but it was a necessary guilt. She parked the car at the station, and slipped out quietly toward the ticket window. There was no real line save a small fatigued woman arguing with the ticket-issuing agent. She looked familiar. Sarah! She realized suddenly. The girl who Shawn had dropped. She was stranded, and desperate and… and… wearingly angry. Molly was strangely angry about it too.

“Excuse me?” She tapped the woman on the arm. She was wearing a darling little shirt. But it was oh so quite ripped. She felt quite protective, dreading Shawn was again responsible. “Excuse me, dear?”

“Yes?” Sarah responded meekly. She was tired, the poor woman.

“Are you stuck here?” Molly asked.

“Yes. Twenty. Four. Hours.” Each word was a breath.

“Well, dear, I feel partially responsible–”

Sarah interrupted, “Oh no, I was boy stupid–”

Molly interrupted back. “Shawn stupid, yes I know. He told me. I’m his mother.”

Sarah blanched. Molly continued, it all had just formed in her head as she said it, like a new novel: “But as his mother, I don’t agree with his stupidity. And would like to offer you our guest room while you arrange other plans. Shawn is passed out in the car, he has no idea. And you might have some unfinished business with him, huh?”.

She couldn’t stay alone at a house with her son right now. It was too much 500lb gorilla in the room, too much hot i****t because she had been weak. She needed a buffer. Either more time away or another woman with intent to bridge the road back to normalcy. She smiled. Warmly.

“So whatcha say?”

Sarah stood there shocked, then smiled impishly in evidence of swiftly turning gears in her head. “Thank you so much! Yes. I really need place. And Yes! I would love to have some time with your son to express a few things he could do better in the future.”

They walked back to the car together.

And shared something. More than just one thing, Molly thought sheepishly. This time however, it was a laugh.

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