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Helen’s naughty tennis lesson.. A little fan

A warm sunny morning in the south of England.
Dan was sipping his tea while reading the Saturday papers when Helen walked in and did a little twirl, asking,
“Do you like my new tennis dress”
“Looks very good on you, a bit short for tennis though I would have thought”
“What do you mean, short”

“Well when you bend over to pick up your ball anyone standing behind you will have a lovely view of your arse”
”Oh Dan sometimes you can be such a prude, all the tennis ladies wear dresses like this”
”Would this new dress have anything to do with that new coach at the club you were telling me about, late twenties, how did you put, ah yes ripped bod, and bedroom eyes”
”No not at all, it’s just my other dresses were getting a bit shabby after been in the wash so often”

Helen gave another little twirl with a wicket grin on her face.
“I’m sure I don’t what you mean about the new coach, what kind of woman do you take me for”
”I take you for the horny woman I married and I know dam well how you like to tease”
“Oh my darling Dan I’m getting a bit past all that, I’m just another older lady doing a bit of tennis to to and keep fit and a bit in shape for my loving hubby, anyway look” she said pulling up her dress to reveal full knickers,”I’m wearing Granny knickers, very modest don’t you think”

“You’ll be telling me next that you’re going to give all your sex toys to the next bring and buy because you’ve totally lost your sex drive and feel old”
”I would go that far, not all of them anyway, I’ll keep that little buzzing bullet that you like to use on your cock head from time to time”
Dan blushed and looked at the floor as if there was something very interesting down there.
”Oh yes I’ve spied on you sometimes when you think I’m busy in the garden and you’re up in the bedroom alone”
”Yeah ok, off you go to your tennis lesson, I wouldn’t want you to keep Mr six pack waiting”

Helen came over and bent over Dan’s shoulder and nuzzled into his neck to kiss him goodbye, her hand shot down between his legs and she grabbed his cock, it was semi hard.
“Oh me thinks you like the idea of the tennis coach ogling your wife’s arse, the little bullet is in the bedside locker I put new batteries in it last-night so it should give you a good buzz when I’m gone and your playing with yourself thinking about me teasing the tennis coach, which I’m not going to do only in your dirty mind”

Helen kissed Dan on the cheek and sauntered out of the kitchen, stopping at the door to lift her dress and wriggle her arse encased in Granny knickers. Dan’s cock gave a little twitch as he watched her go.
Dan sat there thinking to himself, ”Helen you’re a right little slut, and I love it”.

Helen slipped into the car and started up, before she pulled off she checked her bag,there folded were three more pairs of knickers that your Granny would never dream of wearing. Oh god she thought to herself, I’m really am a slut, fuck it makes me feel so horny. She parted her legs and gave her pussy a little rub setting it to tingling, her nipples growing hard. As she drove she was thinking about what she was about to do. Yes the young man was on her mind, seeing his glistening upper body as he pulled off his t shirt after lessons, the line of dark hair down his chest disappearing into his shorts, Helen’s heart had raced every time she saw it.

He was always so attentive, helping her with her swing, showing her how to hold her arm in serving, and when he came up behind her and held her as he guided her arm movement for return swing her legs would go weak, his body so close to hers.
On days when she was really turned on she couldn’t wait to get home strip naked and lay on the bed playing with her pussy thinking about him till wave after wave of wonderful orgasm washed over her, her body jerking, her heart pounding breath rasping in troth as she came imagining them naked in bed having wild a****l sex.

Helen decided to to put him to the test, she had flirted with him at every lesson and he returned the flirts every time. He had dropped little hints about her body that made her feel really good about herself.
Helen knew she had a good body and tried not to let herself go. Oh she wasn’t the youngest anymore, but she still turned more than her fair share of heads. Dan didn’t seem to mind in fact quite the opposite, he was proud to be married to a woman that other men wanted.

Helen pulled into the club carpark and headed to the dressing rooms although she was dressed and ready for her lesson as she had told Dan when she left the house she needed to make a little change to her attire. She popped into one of the changing rooms and laid out her three pairs of knickers, all very flimsy and revealing. Her heart was racing as she looked them over trying to decide which ones to pull on. She wriggled out of her Granny knickers and flung them in the bag and pick up each pair of the others holding them up to see which suited best to reveal her charms. The crotch-less one were Dan’s favs he liked to finger her in them, or put her on all fours and mount her from behind. The sheer see thru ones were very see thru. The thongs left nothing to the imagination, but Helen wondered if they might chafe a bit while she played, no point in getting the young man all worked up and then not be able to do anything because her pussy was red raw from the thongs torturing her clit as she bounded around the court.

Helen laid all three out her the bench once more, looking them over. Then she bend over scooped all three in her and flung them in her bag with her Granny knickers, thinking to herself, what the fuck if you’re going to be a slut might as well do it right, commando was the way to go. Helen pulled her skirt down grabbed her racket and headed out to court number four, checking her watch she saw she had ten minutes till her lesson.
She used the time to watch him finishing up his lesson with Jane Wilson one of the prissy members that no one really liked but all kept in with because the bitch was on every comity that mattered, if you wanted to get invites to any of the club outings or parties you had to be in with Jane.

Helen stood watching thinking to herself wouldn’t be so bad if the cow could even play tennis, but Jane had money and knew all the right people. She brought in more sponsorship money than any other member so she was tolerated.

As Jane walked off, Mike ran over and said his hellos asking, ”Ok Helen are you ready for me to put you thru your paces”.
”Oh yes” Helen answered wondering if he meant on or off the court, this thought made her pussy tingle and her nipples squirm.
As always Mike asked what she wanted to work on today.

”Well if it’s ok with you I’d like to do some stuff on my serve returns, but you have to promise not to go to hard on me, I don’t want to do my back in bending down to whole time to pick up balls that are whizzing pass me at a hundred miles an hour”

Helen knew for sure she have to bend over alot, and even if she was in top form she was going to miss on purpose.
Her pussy was so moist she hoped he couldn’t smell her sex while he stood beside her.
”Ok Helen we’ll start off nice and slow to let you warm up and then we’ll see”
”Oh you see alright Mike, way more then you expected”, she thought to her self.
They walked over to court four, Helen on packed her racket and her towel and began with her warm up swings, loosening her arms and shoulders. Mike watched her saying, “Try and get that arm really like in a serve”.
Helen gulped, only now realising that her dress would be pulled up as she swung revealing her pussy,”Oh sugar how could I’ve been so stupid not to think of that”, she thought to herself.

She looked around hers was the last lesson before lunch so there’s was nobody about and it was a bank holiday weekend so lots of people were away. Looking around more she saw they had the courts to themselves, yeah a few people off in the distance, but they wouldn’t anything unless they were perving with binoculars.
Helen stretched high and swung slowly a few times preserving her modesty.
”Ok Helen you’ll have to swing a bit harder that that if you want to get the ball over the net”
Helen pulled in a big breath readying for some high hard swings, thinking to herself,”We’ll see who’s going to get hard in a minute”.
Helen swung hard and high a few times she could feel the clod on her exposed pussy every time she swung.
Mike was watching her arm movement till he wasn’t watching her arm movement anymore.
He had caught a glimpse of her dress riding up and her exposed knickerless pussy.

Helen saw the lust in his eyes and was really turned on.
“Shall I do some more swings Mike”
”Yeah,, no ,, yeah oh please do”
”Maybe you might like to sit on the bench and you can watch my whole body movement to see where I’m going wrong”.

Mike walked over and sat on the bench under the hedge and Helen followed and stood about ten feet away and practised some more swings, really put her back into them her dress riding high with every swing revealing her pussy to Mike.
Mike just sat still watching. Helen looked for signs of a reaction and noticed a bulge in his shorts. She swung a few more time and then stopped panting and out of breath, but happy knowing that she had flashed Mike so much his manhood was now rock hard.
She came over and sat down beside him and asked,”Would you like to do some serving shots with me now”.
Mike nodded and stood.
Helen’s pussy was hot wet and swollen as she ran to the other side of the net and Mike prepared to do his first serve.
He hit a rocket over the net that Lendal wouldn’t have returned. Helen arm never moved as it sped past her and pounded the catch net behind the court.
Helen gave him a raised eyebrow look as if to say, what the hell was that.

”Sorry Helen I got a little carried away there”
Helen beckoned him over to the net with her finger, he came like a puppy.
”You naughty boy, you only want to see me bending over to pick up missed balls the whole lesson”
Mike began to stutter something, Helen pressed a finger to his lips,”Now you’ll get to see all you want, but I’ve paid for my lessons and my lessons I’m going to have. If you’re a good boy then later when the lesson is over”, she left it hanging in the air.

Walking away she flicked her dress up from behind to let him see her sexy arse. Mike served some more balls, and didn’t try to break the speed record with them. Helen returned a some, some she missed taking her time bending down so Mike had a good view of her pussy and arse. She was so horny exposing herself to this young man, her pussy was on fire and soaked. She kept an eye on Mike’s shorts and the whole lesson his manhood was rock hard. ”The poor lad it must be hell giving a lesson with that thing trying to break out the whole time” she thought to herself.

With about ten minutes to go Helen asked if he could help with her swing, Mike was over the net in a flash.
Helen moved into place and Mike moved behind her, she stretched out her arm, Mike moved closer and griped her arm. She could feel his hard cock pressing on her arse, and she gave a little wriggle while pushing back against him. Mike let out a little groan.
She went thru her swing movement Mike’s body pressed close as he guided her arm, his cock rubbing her arse, she could feel him push against her now and then trying to rub his throbbing manhood even more on her.

Helen was thinking, ”The poor lamb his balls must be ready to explode any minute now. I really am a cock tease making him suffer like that. Well as they say,, What’s worth having is worth waiting for,,,”.

Helen reached a hand behind and grabbed Mike’s throbbing cock, he let out a groan and then began to moan as she teased his cock rubbing and fondling it thru his shorts.
Helen was sure if she teased him to much he would cum in his shorts, and she didn’t want the first time he came for her to be like that.
Then she thought maybe it wont be the first time, maybe his been wanking over me for ages, that thought nearly made her cum herself.

She let his cock go and he let out a low moan of regret. Turning around she said, “Lesson’s over for today, now do you want to go and clean up, or would like to practise other things with me”
”Other things please”, he stuttered.
Helen knew she had her puppy tamed and eating out of her hand…

”Ok. I know a lovely spot down by the river, there’s a clearing with a trial to it that’s quite hard to find. I go there sometimes and sunbathe nude, never really see anyone around and if there is so what. I’ll get my things and meet at the bus stop in ten minutes. If anyone sees us you can say I offered you a lift into the village or something like that”.
Mike just nodded and ran off.
Helen was wondering to herself will he ever be able to talk again without stuttering and mumbling.

Helen got her stuff from the changing room, pulling on a light summer dress she had in her bag, also slipped on her thongs, she had a wonderful sexy thought of Mike laying on the grass pushing up dress and pulling them to one side to lick her over sexed pussy.

Helen waited a while more than ten minutes just let Mike know she wasn’t a desperate wife looking for a bit on the side. After fifteen minutes she drove out of the club and turned towards the bus stop. As she got close she saw Mike looking all around, she supposed he was wondering if she had second thoughts and drove off in some other direction.
She pulled over and he jumped in beside her. They drove off toward the river and Helen parked in her usual spot.
Mike asked, “What if somebody sees your car here that knows you”.
“Like I said I’m always down here when the weather is good rambling around the river, alone or with Dan”

”Yes Dan my husband”
”OH yeah right your husband Dan”
”So are you coming with me or are you going to sit there thinking about Dan”
”No,, yeah I’m coming with you”.
They got out and Helen grabbed him by the hand and headed off to her secret place pulling him along behind her.
She found the hidden path and they were soon by the river.
”Oh Helen it’s lovely here so peaceful and quite”
”The water’s deep enough, we could go skinny dipping as the yanks say”
”Maybe later”.
”You mean to wash the smell of sex off us”
Mike blushed” Yeah something like that”.

”Now Mike lets see what we can do about that little problem you have in your shorts. You’ve seen my pussy so now it’s my turn to see what you have”
Mike blushed again’
”Mike anyone would think you’d never been with a woman before”
”I have, but not a real woman like you”
”You’re going to tell me you have a blow up doll or something like that”
More blushing.
” No no,, I mean girls younger women, but not a real woman like you”
”Mike I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here, so out with it plain and simple”
Helen was wickedly enjoying making him squirm.

”Ok, it’s like this I like older women I never have the nerve to tell them how much I like them, I don’t know how to talk to them. I’m afraid I’ll make a fool of myself”.
Helen pulled him close.
”Us older women as you call us like to hear the same things as younger women or any women for that matter”
” I don’t mean old, shit what do I mean”.
”Here lets see if I can help you”
Helen lifted up her dress and pulled it over her head, next she undid her bra and let it fall to the ground then she slipped off her thong and stood naked before Mike.
”Now talk to me tell me what you want”
”I want you”
”Ok take me I’m here”
Mike moved close, then his hands were all over her. He fondled her breasts pulled her closer one round behind squeezing her arse cheeks as their lips locked tongues battling to get into each others mouths. His cock was rock hard and Helen gripped it tight in her hand, his hands on breasts nipples pinched and pulled. Helen’s breath rasping as she felt the want in this horny young man.
She pulled at his clothes and he stepped back and began to strip for her. His torso she’d seen many times at lessons. Helen was waiting to see the real prize, that fine hard young manhood. He pushed down his shorts his cock fighting to get out of his designer boxers. His hands moved to the boxers, Helen grabbed them to stop him. Dropping to her knees she pushed his hands up and he understood. Helen moved her head close to his hard cock and kissed it thru the the straining material hes leaking pre cum had formed a round wet stain which she licked as he moaned and groaned to her caresses. Then she hooked tow fingers into the boxer hem and pulled them down. His cock strained and sprang out hard and proud. Helen pushed the boxers down and he stepped out of them.
She came back up with his fine young cock inches from her face.
Looking up at him she said.

“I’m only doing this to help you get over your shyness with older ladies”.
Then she sucked his cock into her mouth trying to take as much of it as she could deep into her mouth.
Mike whimpered as she pleasured his manhood. She cupped his balls with one hand while she worked his cock with her mouth and the
Mike’s shyness seem to fade as he grabbed her hair pulling her onto his cock. Helen wanted to show him it wasn’t only young sluts that could suck a cock, the older ones could too and for all things better.
Mike soon exploded into Helen’s mouth shooting rope after rope of hot thick creamy cum down her neck. Helen held her own and swallowed every drop, thinking to herself mark another up to us older ladies.

Looking up at Mike he had that stupid look on his face of a man that has just given a real orgasm. He was standing on wobbly legs panting with his tongue almost hanging out. He dropped down on the grass beside Helen and just lay there gazing up into the clouds.
Helen watched quite amused at the effect she had on this young man, but she also had an itch that needed scratching.
When Mike recovered and sat up still with a dopey look on his face Helen said,, “Now my young friend I’m going to teach you how an older woman likes to have her pussy licked”.

Laying back on the grass spreading her legs she pulled him by the hair to her pussy. She let her scent work it’s magic, his mouth opened and his tongue shot out licking her swollen clit. Helen instructed him on how she liked to be licked till he got it right and gave her a most wonderful orgasm. She lay panting out of breath on the grass, thinking to herself,,”You’ve got a lot to learn young man and I’m going to so much enjoy teaching you every trick in the book”……….

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