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Help from s****r in Law Ch 6

“What are we going to do?” Paul asks, rising up on one elbow to look down at his s****r’s beautiful face. “We have added adultery to our sin of i****t.”

“Is it still adultery if Tim knows what we’re doing here today?” Sharon asks her b*****r.

“What are you talking about?” Paul demands.

“He overheard us yesterday when he came back for the sunscreen,” she says and then proceeds to tell Paul about the rest of her conversation with Tim, including his research into i****t penance and his suggestion that she and Paul have unfinished business.

“Unfinished business,” Paul muses. “That’s a weird way of referring to it, but I guess he was right.” They lay silently in each others arms for a few minutes with Paul’s spent cock still nestled inside Sharon’s soggy pussy.

“What about Rhonda?” Paul asks. “That’s still adultery even if it isn’t for you and Tim.”

“I know,” Sharon’s answer is barely above a whisper. “Tim thinks that if we stop our penance and get this out of our system, it will improve your love life with Rhonda and every body wins.”

“Are we getting this out of our system?” Paul asks with a half smile.

“I don’t think so,” Sharon sighs. “I think we’ve just permanently imbedded it in our system, at least in mine.”

“Mine, too.” Paul says, kissing her again to prove his point. Unbelievably his cock stirs again within her sweltering pussy and he starts a gentle rocking motion.

“Let’s rest a minute,” Sharon laughs, breaking the kiss and squeezing his ass cheeks to stop his movement.

“What are you going to tell Tim?” Paul asks his mind racing for a way to discuss this with Rhonda.

“The truth,” Sharon answers. “I love him, Paul. I hope he knows what he started and is as open minded as he thinks he is.”

“I’m going to have to tell Rhonda, too. I just don’t know how.” Paul says and they again lapse into a comfortable silence, enjoying the closeness of their bodies and their synchronized heartbeats. Little does Paul realize that as they speak, Tim is preparing Rhonda for that very conversation.

As soon as they had driven off, Rhonda unsnapped her shorts and pulled down the tiny zipper.

“Feel how wet I am already,” Rhonda purred, grabbing Tim’s hand as he glanced at his s****r-in-law’s open shorts.

“You are incorrigible,” Tim smiles sliding his hand beneath her panties and immediately feeling the heat emanating from her moist pussy. Slipping one finger between the folds of her labia, he curls the tip of it into her wet opening.

“I’d say you’re ready!” Tim laughs as he maneuvers his finger to her clit hood and draws little circles gently around it.

“Oh yeah!” Rhonda moans, spreading her legs and slipping down a little in the seat, resting her head on Tim’s shoulder. As Tim continues to manipulate her clit, Rhonda pushes up to create more pressure on her sensitive love button.

“Oh yes! Just like that… don’t stop,” Rhonda is almost purring as Tim tries to keep his eye on the road while fingering Rhonda’s clit to match her increasing urgency. The day before when he was making his plans, he had spotted a little out of the way motel along the beach and had gotten a room overlooking the ocean. That’s where they were headed now, if he didn’t pass it by in his distracted state.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!” Rhonda grabs Tim’s hand to still it’s motion and clamps her thighs closed, trapping his finger in her spasming pussy. She jerks a couple of times, flooding her pussy with love juice before turning her head towards Tim.

“How much farther?” she asks through half-closed eyelids.

“Not far,” he smiles, “You may want to do up your shorts. A minute later Tim pulls into the motel, parking right in front of their room.

“We don’t have to check in?” Rhonda asks.

“All taken care of, just like you’re going to be in a few minutes,” he smiles. True to his word, over the next few hours they take care of each other in a variety of ways. Tim eats Rhonda to several powerful orgasms, she returns the gesture with her tantalizing mouth on his hard cock and then they fuck to exhaustion. If it’s not the rocket-launching orgasms that their spouses are experiencing, it’s extremely satisfying and they end up in a tangle of sheets and naked limbs.

“I think there’s something weird going on between Paul and Sharon,” Rhonda broaches the subject that’s been on her mind since they got to the beach house. Tim hadn’t made up his mind about whether it was his place to enlighten her.

“What do you mean?” Tim asks, wondering how much she knows. Rhonda explains about Paul’s initial anger from hearing them make love in the next bedroom, seeing him get aroused when he rubbed sunscreen on his s****r and how it seemed like he was timing his lovemaking with her to his s****r’s moans from the next room. “I think it has something to do with their sexual hang-ups.”

“You’re right,” Tim answers. He and Rhonda have become too close for him to lie to her. “But there is more to it than you realize.” He confides in her about the overheard conversation, his follow-up discussion with Sharon and what he believes is happening at the beach house right now.

“Oh God, Tim! Paul and Sharon?” Rhonda is speechless. She thought Paul’s reaction was just the natural attraction of a beautiful woman, not the result a prior i****tuous relationship. Tim gives her time to digest what he’s told her before he continues the discussion.

“Yeah, just like you and I,” he says matter-of-factly, “except they happen to be b*****r and s****r.”

“That doesn’t bother you?” Rhonda asks, still tying to get her mind around what she’s hearing. Without waiting for an answer, she continues, “So all this sexual repression started from this one time in college?”

“Pretty much. I don’t think their parents’ teachings helped any, but it was Paul, the theology student who came up with the penance.”

“Wow.” Rhonda sighs, her head resting against Tim’s shoulder, their naked bodies still wrapped around each other. “Since you seem to be orchestrating this, what happens next?”

“We know about them, but they don’t know about us,” Tim answers.

“Okaaaay,” Rhonda stretches it out almost into a question. “What does that mean?”

“If today happened the way I think it did, Paul has lost a lot of his inhibitions. I think we should tell them tonight. Not together, of course, but individually with our own spouses. My instincts tell me that we should shower them with loving affection and let them know that they aren’t the only ones with a secret. Then tomorrow the four of us can discuss what all of this means going forward.”

“You’re k**ding, right?” Rhonda asks incredulously.

“I’ve never been more serious,” Tim says, more confidently than he feels. “Think about it, Paul won’t want to give up Sharon anymore than I want to give up seeing you. I think we can come to some open arrangement where everybody gets what they want.”

“Damn… you really think that’s how this is going to play out?” Rhonda asks, even as she’s contemplating how wonderful it would be if he was right. She could keep her lover and her husband without any of the associated guilt. Of course that means she accepts her husband’s i****tuous relationship with his s****r. It’s a lot to think about.

“We can only hope,” Tim says. “Come on, let’s take a shower and get some lunch. The shower takes much longer than expected, in a nice way. They have a late lunch and head back towards the beach house.

“I’m nervous,” Rhonda says.

“I’d be surprised if you weren’t,” Tim laughs. “Just follow my lead. We don’t know if anything happened.”

Arriving at the beach house they find Paul and Sharon sunbathing on a blanket near the water. Rhonda and Tim join them. ‘

“How was your day?” Tim asks Sharon as he gives her a kiss. He can’t help but notice how radiant her face looks as she answers.

“Wonderful!” she winks, “How was yours?”

“The same,” he answers cryptically. Sharon scrunches her brow as she tries to decipher what he means. Did he have a wonderful day or was his day the same as hers. Not in a million years.

Rhonda sits next to Paul who is lying face down and looking away from the group. She rubs some sunscreen onto his back but he doesn’t acknowledge Sharon or Tim. Paul is still reeling from his marathon love making with his s****r and is embarrassed to face either his wife or Tim. He especially doesn’t want to face Tim because Tim already knows what’s going on.

They somehow make it through the afternoon and have a semi-comfortable dinner at a local crab shack. Arriving back at the beach house, by some unspoken agreement they split into their separate bedrooms even though it’s still early in the evening.

“So how did it go today?” Tim asks Sharon, taking her into his arms and kissing her passionately.

“You already know, don’t you?” Sharon asks meekly. “It was just like I remembered it, Tim. But you’re not surprised, are you?”

“No. It just means that you and your b*****r have a unique love that can’t be replicated by anyone else. That doesn’t diminish the love that you and I have or the love that Paul and Rhonda share. How did Paul react?”

“Oh God,” Sharon almost laughs but catches herself. “When he woke up and I was… you know.” Tim nods. “He must have thought I was some kind of Jezebel coming to damn him to hell for all eternity. But you were right, there was so much unfinished business and neither of us could control ourselves.”

“I’m glad,” Tim smiles as he watches his wife’s face light up while she talks.

“Really?” Sharon asks, still surprised at her husband’s reaction.

“Glad for you,” he says.

“What did you and Rhonda do today?” Sharon asks, changing the subject to avoid more discussion about what her and Paul did.

“The same as you and Paul,” Tim answers, watching Sharon’s face for a reaction.

“What? You mean? No, you and Rhonda?” Sharon’s face is a contortion of conflicting emotions.

“It started a few weeks ago,” Tim says quietly. “With you and your b*****r doing your penance, Rhonda and I sort of commiserated over the lack of passion in our marriages. One thing led to another and…” Tim lets his voice trail off as he waits for his wife’s reaction.

“Why didn’t you tell me last night?” Sharon asks.

“I almost did,” Tim replies. “But I didn’t want it to influence what you did about you and Paul.

“You and Rhonda?” she says again. “Do you think Paul knows or suspects?”

“Rhonda is supposed to be telling him now,” Tim answers. “Then tomorrow I hope the four of us can discuss what this all means.

“You honestly think we can just all share, don’t you?” Sharon asks, thinking the same thing Rhonda did about how wonderful it would be if it were true. A sudden flush of color taints her cheeks as she considers the implications.

“I honestly don’t know,” Tim answers.

“But you told Rhonda about Paul and I?”

“She actually suspected something was weird between you two, but didn’t have a clue about the actual events. I filled her in on the college stuff.”

“How did she take it?” Sharon asks sheepishly. “Of course, you two having an affair probably helped with her acceptance level.”

“A little, but she still has some hang-ups on the whole i****t thing,” Tim says.

“Yeah, well join the club. I still think it’s weird and Paul is even more freaked out than I am.”

“But not enough to give it up, right?” Tim asks. “You both want more of each other.”

“Yes.” Sharon sighs.

“I only have one more question for tonight,” Tim says.


“Did you save anything for me?” he laughs while he strips out of his clothes.

“Is that all you think about?” Sharon smiles as she starts unzipping her skirt.

In the next room, the conversation isn’t going quite as smoothly.

“You actually slept with Tim?” Paul almost shrieks and Rhonda stares at the absurdity of the accusation in his eyes.

“You slept with your s****r,” she points out defensively. That takes the fight out of Paul and he rolls over away from her.

“Wait! I’m sorry, please don’t turn away, Paul,” Rhonda says grabbing his arm and pulling him back towards her. “We can talk this out.” They were already both naked and under the covers before Rhonda initiated this conversation.

“Talk it out? What do you mean?” Paul asks incredulously. “i****t, adultery… let’s just talk about our feelings?”

“Exactly!” Rhonda leans up on her elbow, ignoring his sarcasm. “You can’t help how you feel about Sharon,” she says, wondering if she actually believes it. Paul stares hesitantly into his wife’s eyes. Can she actually accept how he feels about his s****r?

“What about you and Tim?” he finally asks.

“Tim and I only turned to each other because… well… frankly because of the lack of passion in our lives. Like the passion you showed me last night,” Rhonda smiles. Paul winces as he remembers that passion being kindled by listening to his s****r’s moans in the next room. Then his mind wanders to everything he and Sharon did today and his cock stirs involuntarily.

“I love you,” Rhonda says, reading his face. “It doesn’t matter how we get the passion going, just that we do.” While she’s speaking they hear subtle lovemaking noises from the next room and Rhonda moves her hand down to encircle her husband’s semi-erect cock.

“This isn’t right,” Paul protests as his wife strokes his rapidly hardening shaft and the volume of sounds from the next room increase.

“Close your eyes,” Rhonda instructs him. “Don’t worry about right and wrong just now.” With his s****r’s moans filling his head, and his wife’s hot pussy sliding down over his cock, Paul accepts the inevitable. Whatever is going to happen tomorrow is beyond their concern tonight and he thrusts up into his wife’s pussy as his s****r’s voice provide the soundtrack to his lust.

The next morning, Tim finds the conversation isn’t going exactly where he wants it when Paul interrupts it with one of his typically caustic remarks.

“Is this the part where we all get naked in the hot tub together?” Paul asks sarcastically. The two couples are sitting at the breakfast table attempting to discuss their situation. Rhonda, Tim and Sharon seemed to have warmed to the idea of sharing spouses but are having trouble convincing Paul.

“Paul…” Rhonda starts to answer but Tim cuts her off.

“No, Paul’s right. This is a lot to absorb.” Both women look at Tim expectantly. “We’re here for three more days,” he leans forward to make his point. “I suggest we table this discussion until Saturday. It’ll give us time to think about everything.” Tim notes the disappointment on the women’s faces, like they were ready for Paul’s naked hot tub idea.

“What’s going to change between now and Saturday?” Sharon asks.

“Well, we have three more nights. I suggest we alternate sl**ping partners each night. We slept with our spouses last night, so tonight Rhonda would be with me and Sharon would be with Paul.” Tim looks right at Paul to judge his reaction. “By Saturday I think we’ll be ready to discuss what happens when we go home.” Sharon and Rhonda turn their heads to look expectantly at Paul.

Paul felt the familiar stirrings in his groin as soon as his b*****r-in-law mentioned Sharon sl**ping with him. Visions of their lovemaking fill his head as he stares into his s****r’s pleading eyes. A slight smile forms on his lips as he slowly nods his head.

“We are all depraved, you know,” Paul says as the group emits a collective sigh.

Tim can hardly believe it. A week ago he was secretly having an affair with his s****r-in-law and now it’s all out in the open, his wife is fucking her b*****r and they all just agreed to swap spouses for the next three days.

Sharon is even more excited than her husband, wondering how to make the day go by faster so she and Paul can be together. But Rhonda doesn’t even want to wait for nightfall. Over lunch she raises the issue of daytime sex.

“So when does the trade off actually start?” she asks while they are sitting on the deck eating sandwiches.

“What do you mean?” Tim asks.

“Well if tonight is Tim and I, is that just the night or is it like a 24 hour period? You know, could we disappear for a while this afternoon, for example?” she asks, her head cocked to the side and her eyebrows raised.

“My God, Rhonda!” Paul almost chokes on his sandwich but Sharon is anxiously awaiting Tim’s answer. She never even thought of that.

“I’m just asking?” she smiles.

“Well, I guess it starts when we get up in the morning,” Tim says assuming the leadership role that the group has u*********sly assigned him. “We’ll alternate every 24 hours beginning whenever we get up in the morning.”

“I feel like a nap after lunch. How about you?” Rhonda asks as she stands up and takes Tim’s hand. Sharon watches to see how her b*****r will react to his wife’s blatant sexual overture but he just quietly finishes his lunch while Rhonda and Tim climb the stairs. As anxious as he is to be with his s****r again, he is not going to run upstairs in the middle of the day, especially with Tim and Rhonda in the next room.

While their spouses are doing who knows what in the bedroom, Sharon and Paul just cuddle on the couch downstairs. With their arms around each other and occasional bouts of passionate kissing, they acknowledge that what happened in college has never left them. Sharon tells Paul how he continued to fill her dreams and Paul admits that he has frequently relived their one night together. By the time Rhonda and Tim emerge from the bedroom a couple of hours later, Sharon and Paul, although still fully dressed, are a tangle of arms and legs on the couch and their mouths are locked together.

“Hey, get a room!” Tim jokes as they come down the stairs. “Rhonda and I are going to the beach, you guys interested?” Paul looks questioningly at Sharon as they catch their breath. She shakes her head.

“No, you two go ahead,” Sharon says, never taking her eyes from her b*****r. As soon as they leave, Sharon starts pulling at her b*****r’s clothes.

“Should we go upstairs?” Paul asks as he pulls his shirt over his head.

“They’ll be gone a while,” Sharon pants while discarding her shirt and unfastening her bra. Paul stares at her luscious breasts as she stands up to remove her shorts. Her bronzed skin from three days in the sun highlights the creamy white skin her bikini covered. Pulling her panties and shorts down together, she momentarily stands naked in front of her b*****r. His eyes follow her tan lines directly to her neatly trimmed blonde bush as his thick erection points towards the ceiling.

Sharon considers sucking that beautiful cock into her mouth but her pussy is too anxious. She steps forward and straddles him, sliding her well-lubricated pussy down onto his steel rod.

“Oh God! I love you, Sharon!” Paul says and then her lips silence him and her tongue darts into his warm mouth. With her knees pushed into the couch cushions and her hands gripping the back of the couch for leverage she starts rocking her hips and bouncing on her b*****r’s cock. Paul sucks her left nipple into his mouth as his hands encircle her waist, lifting her up and slamming her back down on his hard cock.

“Oh yeah!” Sharon screams as her b*****r’s cock sends shivers of pleasure through her sensitive pussy walls. Through the window she watches Tim and Rhonda walking down the beach holding hands and she almost laughs at the absurdity of it all. A month ago she was a frigid wife with no sex life at all and now she’s fucking her b*****r in the living room in broad daylight with their spouses’ taking a post-coital walk.

“Oh, Sharon!” Paul screams as his fingers tighten on her waist and he frantically bounces her onto his ready-to-explode cock. Sharon’s breath is coming in gasps as her orgasm approaches its peak.

“Ohhhhhhaaahhhhhhhh!” Sharon moans when Paul’s cock erupts inside her juicy pussy. Her release follows almost instantly and they shiver in ecstatic harmony as their lips meet in a blissfully passionate kiss.

Over the next three days both couples act like sex-crazed teenagers, prone to sucking and fucking all night, changing partners each day, groping each other on the beach and taking long midday naps. Paul’s enthusiasm builds and he starts fucking his wife with nearly the same intensity as he fucks his s****r. Both women are eagerly sucking the mens’ cocks but only Tim is eating their pussies. Neither woman has broached the subject with him. His first night with Rhonda, Tim eats her to two explosive orgasms, and then at her suggestion, fucks her in the ass. By Saturday morning whatever inhibitions any of them brought to the beach house are gone.

Rhonda wakes up before Tim and quietly slides out of bed. Seeing her clothing strewn across on the floor, she smiles at Tim’s naked body and her pussy tingles as she recalls his eagerness the night before. Not wanting to wear yesterday’s clothes, she decides to slip into her bedroom for clean ones. Stepping naked into the hallway she moves silently toward her and Paul’s bedroom when movement in the living room catches her eye.

Glancing down over the railing, she sees Paul sit down on the couch with a cup of coffee. Rhonda assumes that Sharon must still be sl**ping and trying to get her clothes might disturb her. She shrugs her shoulders and heads downstairs.

“Is there more coffee?” Rhonda asks as she comes down the stairs.

“Rhonda!” Paul whispers, “why are you naked?”

“I forgot to bring a change of clothes last night and I don’t want to disturb Sharon,” she smiles, bending over to kiss her husband good morning. “What are you doing?” Paul is wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe that is open to the waist.

“I couldn’t sl**p and I’ve been thinking about… you know… everything that’s happened.”

“Yeah, it’s been crazy,” Rhonda says, kneeling on the floor in front of him. “Did you come to any conclusions?” she asks as she runs her hands up the inside of his thighs. Paul’s cock has reacted to his wife’s nakedness and her tantalizing touch. Rhonda undoes the tie on his bathrobe and peels the sides back.

“Rhonda!” Paul hisses, “Tim or Sharon could get up any minute.

“I know, but you’re already up,” she smiles, her hand encircling his rapidly hardening cock. “Just one little taste?” she asks, looking him in the eyes as her tongue moves slowly up the length of his shaft.

“Mmmmmm,” Paul moans as he watches his wife lick all around his hard cock, then suck his cockhead into her mouth. Before he can protest any further, Rhonda is bobbing her head up and down in his lap.

Sharon wakes up alone and makes the same decision Rhonda did about last night’s clothing. Unsurprisingly she also mirror’s Rhonda’s idea to sneak into her bedroom for clean clothes. When she’s halfway between the bedrooms she hears Paul moan and peeks over the balcony into the living room below. The couch faces away from the balcony so Paul can’t see her and Rhonda isn’t looking up. Sharon stifles a gasp when she sees her naked s****r-in-law sucking Paul’s thick cock.

Sharon backs up a step, embarrassed by what she’s seen. She takes two steps towards her bedroom before she reconsiders and turns back to the railing. Leaning, forward she positions herself so just her eyes are over the railing. Sharon has never seen another couple having sex, except in videos and those are as real as televised wrestling and just as over-acted. She knows how wrong her voyeurism is, but she is totally mesmerized and can’t look away and besides her pussy is heating up like crazy. Bent almost at the waist, she leans one hand on the railing as her other hand moves towards her pussy like it’s on autopilot.

The sight Tim sees when he opens the bedroom door is his wife’s ass rocking back and forth as she rubs her pussy while looking over the railing. Just like Paul, Tim has on a white terrycloth robe. It must be a guy thing. He walks to the railing and glances over in time to see Rhonda mounting her husband’s fully erect cock.

“Peeping Tom,” Tim whispers as he runs his hand down his wife’s back and caresses her smooth ass cheeks. Sharon is startled but doesn’t stop rubbing her pussy. She just looks at her husband and raises her eyebrows.

“Want some help?” Tim asks, pulling the tie on his bathrobe and positioning himself behind his wife’s ass.

“Mmmmmm,” she nods. Tim aligns his hard cock with Sharon’s juicy pussy just as she pulls her fingers away. At first he gently glides it in and sighs at the hot gelatin feel of her aroused pussy but in no time he’s hammering into her with enough f***e to make her moan a little too loudly.

“What the fuck?” Rhonda stops moving and looks up into her s****r-in-law’s face. “Are you spying on us?” she asks before she notices that Sharon is rapidly rocking against the railing. “Is Tim with you?” she smiles.

“Guilty,” Tim responds, leaning on his wife’s back and looking down over her shoulder.

“Get your asses down here!” Rhonda says.

“We’re not decent,” Sharon laughs, the blush rising up her neck and enveloping her cheeks.

“Exactly!” Rhonda says, “If you’re watching us, then we’re watching you.” Sharon doesn’t have an appropriate reply so she just nods. Tim pulls out of her dripping pussy and Sharon leads him downstairs with her hand wrapped around his pussy-soaked cock.

“God have mercy,” Paul says when he sees his s****r and her husband walking down the stairs. Rhonda starts rocking again on his cock as Paul stares at his s****r’s naked body.

“Rather erotic, isn’t it?” Rhonda whispers to her husband as his eyes take in Sharon’s taut nipples and glistening pussy lips. Sharon pushes Tim down on the other end of the couch and mounts him in much the same way that Rhonda is straddling Paul. The two couples start moving in unison as if their fucking were some kind of synchronized dance routine. They stare unashamedly at each other’s undulating bodies as the orgy-like atmosphere takes their arousal to new heights.

Never in his wildest dreams did Tim imagine they all would end up like this. He couldn’t have envisioned a scenario where they would even be naked in the same room together. But as Sharon rides his stiff cock, and he watches Paul suck on Rhonda’s bouncing tits, he starts fantasizing about having Rhonda and Sharon in bed together.

When moans and gasps signify the telltale signs of impending orgasms, Rhonda reaches her left hand out towards Sharon. After a momentary hesitation, Sharon grasps Rhonda’s hand just before their collective orgasms send them into fits of frenzy. As Paul and Tim shoot their cum into their respective wife’s pussies, the two women finish out their pleasure rides with their palms clasped together in an unspoken display of unselfish solidarity and sharing.

They stay like that for several minutes, holding hands and gasping for breath until Ronda gives Sharon’s hand a quick squeeze and releases it. Rolling off of Paul’s cock, she collapses on the couch next to him, on the opposite side of Sharon and Tim. Sharon mirrors her movement, sitting on the couch between her husband and her b*****r.

“I feel like Adam who has suddenly discovered his nakedness.” Paul says, embarrassed by the blatant exposure of their sweat-soaked bodies. He is particularly uncomfortable displaying his own spent cock to the group.

“Except Adam only had one woman,” Rhonda teases as she leans up to kiss his cheek.

“That’s right,” Sharon says, leaning over to kiss his other cheek. “And you have two.” Paul’s face turns bright red and his cock stirs noticeably from the naked contact with his wife on one side and his s****r on the other.

“Mmmm. You like this, don’t you?” Sharon says, her hand automatically moving to his growing erection. When her fingers encircle Paul’s damp cock, Rhonda smiles and slips her tongue to his mouth. Sharon finds this all very erotic and desperately wants to suck her b*****r’s hard cock while Rhonda kisses him. She glances at her husband to make sure he’s okay with this and notices his cock responding to the visual stimulus.

“Are you feeling left out?” she asks, reaching her other hand towards Tim’s crotch. Ohmygod! Sharon’s brain shouts, this is my dream! With her husband’s cock in one hand and her b*****r’s in the other, Sharon’s dream morphs into reality and she lovingly strokes them both. Obviously her husband is finding this whole sharing thing very arousing and she accepts his implied consent and releases his cock to shift her body sideways on the couch. Getting up on all fours, she lowers her face to her b*****r’s hard cock, leaving her ass waving in the air towards her husband. He caresses her smooth ass cheeks and contemplates eating her cum-filled pussy.

Paul is helplessly aroused and wonders to what level of debauchery they’ll all fall, when he feels his s****r’s mouth close around his cockhead. Oh God! Kissing his wife while his s****r is… Oh God! They are all doomed, he thinks as his hips respond and he thrusts his cock farther into his s****r’s mouth.

Hearing her husbands gasp, Rhonda breaks the kiss and is dumbstruck by her s****r-in-laws boldness. She looks to Tim for reassurance and sees him playing with his wife’s ass.

“Fuck her,” she mouths to Tim when he looks up. “Fuck her ass,” she mouths. Tim raises his eyebrows then pulls his legs up to kneel on the couch behind his wife. Aligning his cock with her soggy pussy, he grasps her hips as he glides it in.

“Mmmpppphhhh!” Sharon moans around Paul’s cock as she bobs her head up and down. With her husband pumping into her pussy, she attacks her b*****r’s cock with renewed vigor, dancing circles around it with her tongue. Paul moans and pulls Rhonda’s lips back to his, frantically shoving his tongue into her mouth. Rhonda wants more than a kiss and feels like this may be her best opportunity to get him to eat her, while he’s out of control with passion.

“I need your tongue elsewhere,” she purrs as she pulls her head back and stands up on the couch. Slipping her left leg over her husband’s torso, between Sharon and the back of the couch, she positions her wet pussy in front of his face and presses against his lips.

“Your tongue, Paul. I need your tongue,” she whispers. The aroma is overwhelming and Paul responds like a junkie getting a fix, pushing his tongue into his wife’s saturated pussy as he continues to thrust his cock into his s****r’s talented mouth.

Sharon is breathing through her nose, but it isn’t enough. She gasps for air around her b*****r’s thick cock but that doesn’t do it either. Her husband has already ignited several mini orgasms in her enflamed pussy and she needs more air. Continuing to corkscrew her hand up and down her b*****r’s shaft, she pulls her head up and bumps her face against Rhonda’s ass cheek. What the???

At first she’s perplexed as to why Rhonda’s ass would be there instead of her b*****r’s face, but it quickly dawns on her what they’re doing. Ohmygod. Glancing over her shoulder at Tim, the interconnectivity of the four of them becomes apparent. Holy shit! She’d seen this on videos and thought it was totally fake. She had been certain that real people never did anything like this. Guess that was wrong.

Another quick orgasm explodes in her pussy and she lowers her mouth back to her b*****r’s cock. Feeling his wife is sufficiently aroused; Tim licks his finger and starts toying with her puckered asshole. His fingers return to his mouth several times until he has enough saliva around Sharon’s ass to lubricate his finger’s entry. Pushing the tip of his middle finger into her crinkled opening, he twists and turns, corkscrewing it back and forth while he continues to fuck her pussy.

Sharon gasps when her husband starts playing with her asshole but it sends pleasure signals through her pussy and she u*********sly relaxes while she spreads her legs a little farther apart. Sucking on her b*****r’s cock, she has a momentary flash of two cocks vying for time in her ass and pussy and she rocks back against Tim’s finger when he starts pushing it in. Is this what it would feel like to be fucked by two men, she wonders.

To say that his wife’s reaction surprises him would be an understatement but Tim is not one to question his good fortune. While she’s in the mood, he pulls out from both holes and quickly aligns his cock with her saliva-coated asshole. Pressing his juicily lubricated cockhead into the opening, he tightens his grip on her hips and shoves his cock deep into her ass.

AgggggghhhhHHH!” Sharon cries just as her b*****r’s cum explodes into her mouth. Her ass takes a backseat as she frantically starts swallowing her b*****r’s cum, sucking out every drop as he jerkily shoots several more loads before settling back down on the couch. Sharon lets his spent cock plop from her mouth and braces herself against her husband’s onslaught.

By this time her ass has loosened up sufficiently to be an almost pleasurable experience but Sharon misses the stimulation in her pussy. She again envisions two cocks alternating their pounding into both openings and imagines her b*****r in her pussy with her husband in her ass. She sighs, but without the other cock, she reaches between her legs to provide her own stimulation.

Once he’s cum, Paul’s brain seems to reengage and focuses on the deployment of his tongue. What is he doing? He starts to pull his head back, but Rhonda has other ideas.

“Don’t stop, honey!” Rhonda pleads, smashing his face more tightly against her fiery pussy and holding it with her hands. “I’m almost there.” Ronda is rocking her pussy against her husband’s face trying to get his tongue to make more contact with her clit. Paul pushes his tongue deeply into his wife’s pussy, thinking that’s what she wants.

Rhonda rides his tongue but it’s not enough. She shoves her hand down between them scratching his upper lip with her long nails as she rubs her clit towards a powerful orgasm. As she bucks her hips, her ass cheeks smack Sharon in the face and Sharon playfully bites Rhonda’s ass, sending her over the top.

Quite shocked that her playful bite sent Rhonda into convulsions, Sharon returns to her own pleasure and fingers herself to a very satisfying release just as Tim starts shooting cum into her ass.

When all four of them have disentangled their limbs and are catching their breath, Tim starts to laugh.

“Well, I guess we don’t really need to have our discussion about what happens when we get home, do we?” he asks, looking at the naked bodies sprawled across the couch. Both women laugh with him but all Paul can manage is a self-conscious smile.

“We still need some kind of arrangement or schedule,” Rhonda says. “I travel quite often and I don’t want to miss out.”

“When you’re out of town, do I get Paul and Tim all to myself?” Sharon teases, but her heart is pounding in her chest as she imagines the scene playing out.

“You liked having both of them, huh?” Rhonda asks. “I could get used to the four of us together, too,” she smiles thinking about the pleasurable bite on her ass.

“I wouldn’t mind being the recipient of the kind attention the two of you were giving Paul,” Tim smiles, looking at Paul for acknowledgement of the pleasure. He just smiles sheepishly at the thought.

“I’m all for a schedule, but I know you like a little spontaneity too, Rhonda,” Tim says, stretching as he gets up from the couch.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” Sharon smiles as she stands up to join her husband. “But right now, we need a shower.” Taking his hand, she leads Tim up the stairs as Paul watches the dimpling of her ass cheeks with each step she ascends.

“We have a couple of hours before we have to check out,” Rhonda says playfully to her husband.

“Shall we join them in the shower?” he asks, surprising his wife.

“Why not just all get naked in the hot tub?” she teases but then jumps up from the couch and reaches her hand out to him before he can respond. Paul takes his wife’s hand and they run upstairs to surprise Tim and Sharon. Rhonda’s breasts bounce provocatively as they hurry up the steps and Paul wraps her in a tight embrace her at the top of the steps, squeezing her firm breasts against his chest.

“It’s been quite a week,” he says.

“That’s an understatement,” she smiles, kissing him before they walk toward Tim and Sharon’s bedroom.

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