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Helping out the s****r-in-law part 1

this isn’t a true store but man do i wish it was. i have been married now for almost ten year and i have watched my wife’s s****r grow from a nerdy middle school girl into a full grown women. one day i was at home alone (having just dropped my daughter off at school) and was about 5 mins into a got wank session on xhamster thing about my s****r-in-law when i hear my front gate open. i had about 10 seconds before who ever it was got to he front door and clear view of what i was doing. i panicied and tried closing the windows that were full of porn but i didnt make it in time. the door swong open and there was my 22yr old s****r-in-law Lisa. I tried to hide my rock hard sock and total forgot about video that was playing on the computer of a BBW going to twon with a didloin her ass. i couldnt look at her. she starts to giggle.

me:fuck off lisa!!!

lisa in between laughts: she told me i would find you here with a fist full of cock.

me:who told you that!

lisa: your wife who else.

me: what the fuck do you want!!

lisa: ill wait outside for a few mins so you get fix yourself. i have to talk to you about something.

me:fine!whatever! just get the fuck out!!!

as she shuts the door i can fell my face is burning red with embaresment. how the fuck could i let her catch me. how the fuck did my wife know what i was doing. i had always been careful to erase the computers history when i was done. shit did my wife and her know i was jerking off thinking of her.i mean i have always had a thing for her once she turned 18. i like bigger women and that is what got me my wife but her s****r isntas big but big in all the right areas. her tits where not as big as her s****rs but much perker and she had an ass unlike my wife. so after about 5 mins i clean myself off and my hard on is finally gone. i go outside to face my music.

lisa: aw your hard on is gone. did i scare it away

her and i have always been a little flirty but when the wife was around as soon as it started she would tell us that we where grossing her out.

me: shut up.what do you want. cant you see that i was a little busy.

lisa: yes i know but i wanted to catch up and for a good reason.

me: why so you could blackmailme to your s****r.

lisa: no dumbass. she is the one that told me that here right now wanking you dick. she knew i was going to find you.

me: oh. so what do you want.

lisa: for starters you have a nice dick. “she starts to giggle and cant stop”

me: c’mon i dont have all morning spit it out.

lisa: ok ok. i had a long talk with my s****r this morning and she is the one that suggested this. you know that i have been dating eric now for about 6 months right.

me: yes what the fuck does this have to do with me
thinking to myself “that dirty fuck has been tapping that”

lisa: he and i have desided to take our relationship to the next level.

me: again.what the fuck does this have to do with me.

lisa: im a vergin! and i dont want my first time to be a horrable experance because i really like eric and i think he might be the one. i dont want him to think that im shitty in bed.


lisa: so i talked to stacy about it and she said the best person to talk to was you. i told her i didnt need someone to talk to i just need someone that i could trust to be careful with me on my first time and not to expect the world from me. she told me that i would find you here stoking your cock and that it was ok for you to help me with my first time.

my jaw must have hit the floor because my mouth got so dry i couldnt talk. i couldnt belive my ears. was she really telling me that my wife told her s****r to come and get fucked by me.

me: bullshit!!! this is more of your blackmail isnt it.

lisa: no i swear on your daugther’s life

me: let me call her.

lisa: you can she is meetings all day. i caught her right before she went in.

me: well then i can talk to her tonight when she gets home.

lisa: there is no time. i have a date with eric tonight and this is our 6 month anaversery. please im telling you the truth. you have got to help me.

me: fine

before the finish saying the word she jumps at me and places her lip on mine. i can tastes her honey flavord lip gloss. i feel her start to push her touge into my mouth and i get the knowing tingle in my shaft. i ush her away.

me: wait a sec. what is it exsactly do you want me to do to help you.

lisa: well i have only made out with eric. i have never seen a penis in real life. so i guess all of it.

me: ok lets ge inside before someone sees us.

we go inside and make our way to the bedroom.

lisa: what do we do now.

before she can finish her sentecne is give her a deep wet kiss. i pull her body tight agains mine. i can feel her heart beating agains my chest. i reach up and softly squize her left brest.she moans softly into our kiss. she pushes me back and asks.

lisa: please be gentle

me: i promiss

i slowly start to lift up her shirt. as it clears her head she crosses her arms to cover her bra clad brest. she was nothing compared to her s****rs E cups but she was sporting her own very full D’s. i gentley grabed her wrist and lowered them from her chest telling her everything will be fine. i turn her around and softly kissher neck as i start to undo her bra…….

please tell me what you think this is the first store like this i have ever wrote and all feedback (negative and possative)is welcome

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 9:39 pm

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