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Her Master’s voice

Jana, age 26, was excited that her s****r JoyAnna had finally turned 18 and was eager to introduce both her and her other s****r, Jinger – who had just turned 20 – to her Master. She was tired of pretending to be the good little Christian girl since her Master came into her life three months ago. Her s****rs had only heard His voice on the phone, but that was all it took for her them to surrender to His will.

Her Master had bought a property near to her f****y’s and because it was within walking distance she was able to sneak over whenever He called. Her s****rs begged to be taken there as well, but her Master insisted they wait.

Standing in just her bra and panties in front of the mirror, Jana ran her hand over her belly that was only just now beginning to show. Her Master had gifted her with his seed many times, even more often once they discovered she was pregnant. She ran her other hand over her breasts, wondering how big they’d get when they were full of milk.

She smiled at her reflection, remembering the many, many times she’d taken her Master’s seed down her throat. She loved worshipping His cock, feeling it grow in her mouth and then feeling His cum explode into her mouth and down her throat. Some of those days Jana would purposely eat nothing all day so she could savor the taste of His cum. She was fairly certain she was now addicted to the taste of Him.

Her orgasms on those days would be especially intense, His cock throbbing and pulsing in her pussy, her eyes rolling back in her head when she’d feel His cum shoot into her pussy and she’d often pass out as the first wave of a multiple orgasm rippled through her body.

Jana loved the feeling of waking up with His cock still inside her, then wrapping her legs around Him, begging Him not to pull out. Her pussy spasming around his cock, milking every drop of cum into her pussy as she told Him how much she loved Him. How happy she was to know He owned her, mind, body, heart and soul. He would tell her how beautiful she was and sometimes she would pass out again with His words still ringing in her ears.

She loved learning and saying words like cock, pussy and cum now too and loved how He fucked her and she really loved the multiple orgasms she’d have when they fucked. She liked saying fuck too. She loved that she was required to keep her pussy shaved smooth, her pussy, legs and underarms shaved daily. When she finally left home and joined Him, she would undergo laser treatment to keep every inch of her body smooth, with the obvious exception of the hair on her head.

Once Jana had told her Master how much she loved the taste of His cum, He’d gotten one of those looks in his eyes. He told her to start sucking His cock, which she readily began doing, her head bobbing up and down and she sucked and slobbered from tip to base and back again. He put His hand around her neck, squeezing gently and she looked up. “Do not swallow,” He said. She tried to pout, but her mouth was full of His cock, so she just nodded her head.

His load filled her mouth and threatened to spill out as He grabbed a Starbucks Venti cup half-filled with a green tea Frappuccino and held it to her lips. “Fill it,” He said. She opened her mouth and let the cum spill into the cup. “Everytime we meet, I’m going to fill your pussy and mouth just like always,” He said as he began stirring the cum into the drink. “Before you leave, you’ll suck me off one last time and fill the cup with my cum. You can take it home with you, keep it in the refrigerator for a snack later.”

Her eyes widened and she smiled, “I love you so much,” she said. He wiped a drip of cum from her chin and kissed her deeply. “Make sure you share some of your drink with your s****rs like a good girl,” he said. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy getting wet again and she whimpered, “please fuck me again, Master.” She began worshipping his cock again and when He was hard again He fucked her until she was squealing and cumming.

When her Master kissed her goodbye, He whispered an additional instruction into her ear and she nearly orgasmed again. Jana walked back to the house in a kind of daze, taking a few small sips of her special drink. She was forbidden to wear panties when meeting with her Master and could feel his cum leaking down her thighs as she walked. At the home, she walked into the kitchen to find Michelle making dinner. “Hi, mom,” she said, taking another small sip of her drink and smiling to herself. “You look thirsty,” she said holding the drink out for her. “Thanks honey, maybe just a sip,” Michelle said.

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