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Her Panty Obsession

I have been obsessed with panties for as long as I can remember. The
different styles, textures, designs, etc. But one day, my fashion
obsession for underwear became sexual.

It all started when I was 18. I had been curious about what other women’s
panties smelled like.

One day when I was doing laundry, I noticed a stunning pair of panties
that belonged to my mother.

They were satin pink with a nylon lining. They had gold and diamond
speckles all over the outside of them, which seemed to make them glisten
under the light.

Curious, I picked the panties up and examined them closely.

I could not help by notice the musky scent of them as I held them in my
hands. It was an incredible smell; it was my mother’s pussy that I

I held the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. Her intoxicating aroma
filled my nostrils and I felt lightheaded with dizziness.

“Wow,” I thought to myself.

I was getting really turned on by this time and slide my hand down my
stomach and inside of my own panties.

They were soaking wet with my juice. I swiped my fingers against the
inside of the soft fabric, causing my fingers to glisten with my own

I then moved my fingers to my nose and compared the way I smelled to the
way my mother smelled.

I moved my hand back down inside my panties and gently began rubbing my
swollen clit. I held my mothers panties to my nose and continued inhaling
deeply, enjoying the way she smelled.

The smell of her pussy was a natural aphrodisiac for me and seemed to
drive me wild with sexuality.

My fingers were now slowly working in and out of my hot, wet fuck hole.

I noticed another pair of mom’s panties sitting on top of the dryer. I
picked them up and pressed them to my pussy.

Rubbing up and down, the soft material sc****d my clit and caused me to

I began fingering myself through the nylon material and in a matter of
moments I came, still inhaling my mother’s sweet aroma.

I quickly tossed both pairs of mom’s panties into the washing machine, set
it to ‘rinse’ and went about my business.

I could hardly wait until the next laundry day. I knew I could easily
sneak into mom’s room and ‘borrow’ a pair of her panties, but I was not
quite that bold yet.

“Hi hunny,” my mom said to me smiling sweetly.

“Hi mom,” I said to her nervously, knowing if she ever found out what I
was doing she would most definitely have me committed to a mental

“I was just about to go do the laundry,” she said to me.

“Oh,” I said as if I were surprised, “why don’t you let me get that, mom?”

“Oh, okay, sure hunny, thank you.”

It was just mom and I living alone, so the only laundry that had to be
done was hers and mine.

I carried the laundry basket down stairs, which contained my clothing as
well as hers.

When I got down to the laundry room, I dumped everything out on the table
next to the washer.

Rummaging through the pile, I managed to find a pair of her panties.

I paused and listened for my mom to make sure she was not heading down,
but she was upstairs.

Excitedly, I the smooth material in my hands and pressed it hard into my

I was rewarded again with mom’s sweet, musky scent. I jammed my left hand
down inside my panties and began frigging myself fast and hard.

I was in the throes of passion, pleasuring myself. Getting off to the
wonderful odor of my own mothers pussy and a rather loud moan escaped my

My tongue slipped out of my mouth unintentionally and made contact with
the soft cotton material.

Suddenly I realized I was now tasting my mother’s pussy!

Fueling my fire, I could feel an orgasm building deep inside of me.

I began licking her underwear now, tasting her fragrant female secretions.
Although now plentiful, there was enough of her on there to get me off.

I felt like I was drinking the nectar of the Gods.

Suddenly orgasm racked through my petite body, I trembled in ecstacy.

I began slowing my pace and removed my fingers from my cunt. I used her
panties as a rag and cleaned up all the cum that was now beginning to run
down my legs.

When I wiped my pussy lips, they were still super-sensitive and the
material felt harsh against my supple vagina.

I thought about how naughty and kinky I was and shuddered in pleasure as I
grinned evilly to myself.

Over the next few months, my affinity for sniffing panties had completely
consumed me.

I was obsessed.

One night, I was having a ‘sl**p over’ at a female friend’s house.

After the lights went out and she drifted off to sl**p, I snuck over to
her bedside and grabbed the prize my eyes had been on all evening, her
cotton red panties.

I picked them up and snapped the elastic on them. I felt like a giddy
schoolgirl! In the dim light, I noticed the red panties had white hearts
on them with a black trim outline.

I snuck back over to my bed and climbed in.

I unfastened my bra and tossed it aside. I slide my panties down my legs
and held my beloved friend’s panties close to my nose.

I discovered that her smell was definitely unique and much different from
my mother’s. Although sweeter, it was much less prominent then my

Thinking about how sneaky I was taking my unsuspecting friend’s panties
like that made me even hotter.

The thrill of her waking up and catching me with my nose buried in her
underwear added to my excitement.

I became more intimate now and began self-induced foreplay. The light bulb
in my mind came on suddenly as I explored my new kinky idea.

Holding her panties in my right hand, I began rubbing them over my
breasts. I pushed them tightly to my skin and started rubbing around my
areolas and nipples through the thin material.

Thinking how twisted and perverted I was, my left hand wandered down to my
now soaking pussy.

I rubbed my lips up and down swiftly with the palm of my left hand, while
I flicked my nipples hard through the damp panties with the index finger
on my right hand.

Satisfied that I had had enough foreplay, I brought the panties to my nose
and inhaled her sweet smelling pussy.

Getting more creative, I turned the panties inside out and began licking
the crotch of them, tasting the sweet, bountiful flavor of my friend’s
juicy pussy.

My concentration was broken momentarily as I heard her murmur in her sl**p
in the bed next to mine.

I jumped slightly thinking she had awoken, but alas, she was still asl**p,
her beautiful face so clueless as to what her trusting friend was doing
with her intimate ware.

I turned my attention back to what I was doing and continued lapping at
the soft fabric.

The sweetness of her pussy finally got to me as I licked faster and
faster, synchronizing my tongue-lashings with the pounding I was giving my

I was suddenly consumed with wave after wave of pleasure, my orgasm
washing through me like the tiny pebbles on a sandy beach oceanfront.

Just as I was coming down from my spectacular masturbation session, Mindy
(my friend) awoke suddenly and sluggishly got up from her bed.

I quickly stashed the panties underneath me and laid still, pretending to
be asl**p. Heading for the bathroom, she disappeared inside. I quickly
rose from my bed and dashed over to hers. Leaning over it, I dropped the
panties back into their original place and returned quickly to my bed.

I could hear her taking a piss and with a smile on my face I faded off to

Over the next few years, I continued my unusual fetish of licking,
smelling and sucking other women’s panties, though I was never caught, the
thrill of being caught still remained.

Although my self-pleasure was increased considerably by the intriguing
interest of my panty fetish, I never built up the courage to try having
sex with another woman.

I am 28 years old now and still enjoy sneaking around with women’s
panties, getting off with them unbeknownst to their owner.

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