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Her thanksgiving Memory

It was Thanksgiving holiday I would never forget. We were all gathered at a relative’s house for the big day, a dozen or so f****y members at once in the large, rambling mansion on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Many of us got there one or two days ahead of time.

I was 18 at the time, there with my mom and dad, and also staying were my mom’s s****rs, Aunt Barbara and Aunt Linda, two very attractive and physically fit older women in their early 60s.

And it turns out, very competitive women. They would talk and laugh about their youthful competitions for boyfriends, the best clothes, good grades, you name it. They even talked about their wrestling matches when they were younger, with each claiming they’d beaten the other more times over the years.

I listened raptly to their increasing lusty talk, their stories emboldened by liquor and long-ago history, it turning to how they’d beaten their boyfriends and later husbands in wrestling matches, always crushing them, so they said, in their solid, powerful legs. I could see why; my aunts were very fit, especially in the legs. I couldn’t help but wonder if their crushing ways were what led to their divorces later in life.

Early Thanksgiving morning, I’d gotten up to go to the bathroom and far down the hallway toward the east wing of the house, I heard raised voices trying to be hushed in the pre-dawn gloom. I padded down that way softly and peered into a large sitting room, and there were my Aunt Barbara and Aunt Linda, toe to toe, glaring at one another. I knew they’d talked the night before about getting up early to run.

“I’m telling you, Barbara, NO WAY you beat these babies, no damn way!” Linda growled, pointing down toward her feet.

Aunt Linda, 66, was a short woman, 5-4 or so, short brown hair streaked with gray and very thick throughout her body, but not fat, just hard, firm muscles from years of working out and taking care of herself. This day she wore a tight t-shirt over her leotard and down below she wore very tight, shiny black leggings that ended at the knee, and below that fluffy white socks and dark sneakers.

The ‘babies’ she was talking about were her amazingly huge, muscular calves; cut and jagged, they mushroomed out of her white socks and exploded into thick, powerful-looking fists of fleshy steel. My eyes popped open as she rotated the big ball of calf meat for her s****r. Barbara laughed.

“C’mon, those calves are nothing compared to my thighs,” Aunt Barbara crowed.

Aunt Barbara, 63, was a thin, wiry woman, with shoulder-length blonde hair. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and high rising red satiny shorts, low red socks and sneaks. An aerobics lover for most of her life, Aunt Barbara’s legs were long, very lean, sinewy and incredibly sexy. I remember being at many f****y functions watching her cross her beautiful legs, the skirt rising up to mid-thigh and many male members of the f****y jockeying for position to catch a stolen, secretive glance. And her calves, while not nearly as thick and hard as her older s****r’s, were very muscular in their own right, lean and hard and very much defined. Barbara now wobbled her unflexed thigh flesh for Linda and then slam-flexed it, the linear muscles etched hard and firm in the sun now streaming through the mansion’s big windows.

“For old time’s sake, whaddya say?” Linda said brightly. “You and me!”

“You’re on, honey, three outta five do it for you?”

“If you can last that long,” Linda laughed. “We need a ref.”

“Little Jimmy will do,” Barbara said, looking back over her shoulder directly at me.

I was stunned. I thought I was hiding sufficiently in the shadows, but apparently was not. Shyly, I stepped into the room in my pajama bottoms, having stripped off the top during the night, my hands involuntarily over my crotch when I suddenly realized I was getting a boner watching my athletic aunties about to do battle. Linda snickered.

“S’matter, Jimmy, something come up this morning?”

“Linda, stop,” Aunt Barbara chastised her, then whispered in a tone she thought I couldn’t hear. “Let’s wrestle, we’ll take care of him later, like we did with the Johnson twins, you remember?”

Aunt Linda’s eyes flashed on that recollection, and she backed up, ready to do battle.

“Honey, we’re doing three out of five falls, submission only,” Aunt Barbara said to me, going into a half squat and preparing for battle, squaring off against Linda who assumed the same stance. “In fact, it’s scissor submission only, head, neck or body scissors. You ready, old lady?”

Aunt Linda laughed. “Bring it on, k** s****r!”

The two women lunged at each other and I watched, transfixed, as Aunt Barbara slammed her shoulder into her s****r’s thick middle, knocking them both back to the couch. Instantly, Aunt Linda’s legs shot up alongside Aunt Barbara’s slender, sexy neck, her thighs against her big titties, those calves locking up solid when they found their target. Aunt Linda was buried in the couch, bent in half, but her lower legs chewed at her little s****r’s neck.

Aunt Linda managed to cross her sneakered feet and the pain was instant and intense. Aunt Barbara howled in pain, her eyes closed, as she leaned back on her haunches, giving her s****r a little breathing room. The older s****r now sat on the couch, holding herself up on her hands as she gripped the sofa cushions and lashed her short, thick legs out, jackknifing them hard and snapping the calf scissors on Aunt Barbara’s punished neck.

“Give it up, girl,” Aunt Linda said, her clenched teeth flashing, dark eyes wide. “I’ll bust your chicken neck in my calves, you know I can do it!!

Aunt Barbara’s hands meekly pulled at her s****rs huge calves, but couldn’t budge them. Tears ran from her closed eyes, her mouth sagging at the corners in pain and resignation.

“OK…I…I give…” she choked, hardly able to speak from the vicious scissors on her thin neck.

“Ref, get down there and hear this!” Aunt Linda ordered me.

I was dumbstruck off to the side, frozen by the image of my beautiful aunts locked in battle, with Aunt Linda’s mammoth calves wringing a submission from my crying Aunt Barbara. I knelt beside them and saw mouth the words “I give,” but nothing was coming out.

“Ah, sometimes I squeeze so hard they can’t talk,” Aunt Linda laughed, easing up a little.

“I guv…giv…up…pleesh,” Aunt Barbara slurred comtically, hands at her side now as she neared u*********sness.

“She gives, Auntie Linda, she gives, she gives!” I cried desperately, trying myself to pry her legs open and feeling velvety steel in my fingers.

Aunt Linda laughed and snapped open her legs, her groggy s****r slumping to the thick carpet, almost out. I leaned down to rub her neck, but Aunt Linda snapped at me.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be impartial,” she said, grabbing my pajama bottom and pulling me away. “Unless you want some of what I just did to auntie?”

“No, please, I’ll leave her alone,” I said, backing away and squatting to the side, trying to hide my thick prick that was standing straight up in my pajama bottoms.

Aunt Linda smiled at me and licked her lips.

“You young ones, I don’t know,” she laughed, sitting on the couch and crossing her big, sexy legs until her little s****r came around.

“OK, one fall to you, you fat-assed cow,” Barbara said, standing and rubbing her

neck. “Now I’ll own you…”

Linda laughed and stood, and the women went at each other again, this time Aunt Barbara snapping on a nice side headlock, taking her neck in her strong right arm and banging it hard on her slim side. She rocked and worked the hold like a pro, until Aunt Linda weakened and hit her knees. Auntie Barbara followed her down and soon was lying across her older s****r’s big chest, the headlock on. Aunt Barbara glared down at her s****r.

“Let’s see, what scissor do I wanna put you in, once I’ve quieted you down a bit,” Aunt Barbara mused, unaware that Aunt Linda was slowly lifting up her big legs behind her. “Head, body, neck? What do I do?”

“How about I take you again in these?” Linda growled.

She shot her legs up and they snapped around her s****r’s surprised head. Aunt Linda dragged her back down to the floor as Aunt Barbara let go of her head, and now the older s****r sat up, glaring down at my pretty blonde aunt, her head caught in a violent figure-four. Aunt Barbara’s long neck, still sore from the calf thrashing a few moments earlier, was trapped in the crook of her big s****r’s top knee, the giant calf crushing one side, the plank-like hardness of that thick thigh mashing the other. She hooked the foot of the offending leg under the knee of her bottom leg and really poured on the pressure.

“You give up,” Aunt Linda hissed down into her s****r’s crying face, “or you go OUT!”

I knelt by Aunt Barbara’s crying face, her eyes wide open and full of terror. She couldn’t speak, only croak, as her s****r’s big leg punished her throat.

“She gives, she gives!” I cried, pulling at Aunt Linda’s thick calf.

“I didn’t hear her say it!” Aunt Linda growled. “Now leave that leg alone unless

you wanna be in it next!”

I let go and watched helplessly as Aunt Linda scissored my other aunt into u*********sness, the pretty blonde’s face going from red to blue to ashen gray. It only took a matter of seconds before she was out cold and Aunt Linda was releasing her, but it seemed like forever. She laughed and stood up, shaking the cramps from her thick calf and looking at me.

“Massage my big calf, Jimmy boy,” she growled, sitting on the couch and crossing that top leg, flashing the creased shin at me. “NOW!”

I meekly slid over to her on my knees and in trembling hands massaged the giant muscular calf, feeling steely flesh in my fingers. Aunt Barbara moaned and woke up, sliding back to lean against the couch, sitting up and rubbing her neck. She looked at me massaging her older s****r’s deadly gam and sighed.

“Christ, Linda, leave the k** alone, at least until we’re done, huh?” she said, struggling to her feet.

“Two scissor submissions to none, honey,” Aunt Linda said, slapping my hands away and standing up. “One more and the sweet prize is mine!”

Both women looked at me and smiled. I gulped. They attacked each other. Aunt Barbara was clearly on the offensive, not having any more falls to lose, and managed to get Aunt Linda on top of her where she snapped her legs up around her thick middle for a grinding bodyscissors. Aunt Barbara’s lean, muscular thighs were flexed hard, the power evident in the deep side creases of her legs. She bulldogged her s****r’s head to her chest and double arm-wrapped it, pulling up her t-shirt before she did and now smothering the moaning face in her abundant titty flesh.

“Suffer, bitch,” Aunt Barbara growled through clenched teeth. “Give it up or I’ll bust your ribs, just like I did when we were k**s!”

I stumbled over to where Aunt Linda’s face disappeared in the fleshy meat of Aunt Barbara’s big boobs and listened for the submission. I watched her long, slender thighs ripple and quiver with the effort of bending her older s****r’s ribs to the breaking point. Aunt Linda hissed and wheezed in the boob meat of her k** s****r and I heard her grunt her submission.

“I GIVE!” she groaned.

“What?” Aunt Barbara teased, clenching her teeth and relocking her long, slender legs, redoubling her scissoring effort. “What’d ya say??”

“I GIVE!” Aunt Linda screamed into her s****r’s abundant breasts.

Aunt Barbara laughed and snapped her legs open, the f***e of which knocked her s****r flat on her back, where she lay gasping for air, tears streaking her face. She rubbed her ribs with one hand, her mouth with the other. Aunt Barbara stood over her, rubbing her own hands down her long legs to pull up her falling socks.

“Two to one, you for now,” Aunty Barbara growled, stepping back to the center of the room where I stood behind a couch, hiding my never-ending erection. “And you, pretty boy…well, later.”

She stroked my middle with her fingernail, and hissed. I was very much an athlete in those days and had a rocky midsection with rippled abs and hard chest, and Aunt Barbara’s eyes drank it all in. She barely heard Aunt Linda come up behind her and grab her around the middle in a bearhug, lifting her up and tossing her to the living room floor.

“You’re mine, you little bitch,” she growled, throwing herself on top of Aunt Barbara.

The two women rolled around the floor for a minute or so before Aunt Barbara shot a sexy leg up between her s****r’s, nailing her a vicious cunt shot. Aunt Linda rolled away in pain, and made it easy for Aunt Barbara to lay back and engulf her moaning older s****r in a classic headscissors from behind, her long, lean thighs set in steely muscle as she locked up her socked calves on Aunt Linda’s heaving chest. Aunt Barbara leaned up on her elbows and let her have it all at once, holding nothing back.

“GIVE IT UP OR I’LL CRACK YOUR DAMN SKULL!” Auntie Barbara howled.

Aunt Linda’s mashed face was a mask of terror and pain as she vainly pounded Aunt Barbara’s scissoring thighs. The younger aunt now reintensified her scissoring effort, dropping her ass to the floor and thrashing up with her hips, ramming her muscular thighs harder into her scissored s****r’s skull. Aunt Linda was crying in agony now and tried to submit, only to have the voice squeezed from her by her k** s****r’s torturing thighs.

“Aunt…Aunt Barbara, I think she gives up!” I cried, kneeling close to the gripping legs of my sexy aunt and watching Aunt Linda’s eyes as they conveyed to me her sense of submission. “Please, you’ll hurt her!”

“Hurt her!” Aunt Barbara growled. “Jimmy, she knocked me OUT in her legs, what makes you think I’ll settle for anything less?”

And she didn’t. Seconds later, Aunt Linda was out cold in the thrashing snap of her little s****r’s relentless scissor grip. By the time Aunt Barbara finally let go, Aunt Linda’s face was the same ashen gray that Aunt Barbara’s was in the scissor that knocked her out. She laughed and stood up, walking to the couch where I’d nervously sat down after backing away from the gruesome scene.

“Soooooooooo, my fine, young nephew, how’ve you been?” Aunt Barbara laughed after dropping herself sidesaddle onto my lap, her arm around my neck, her free hand tracing over my nipples and muscular upper body, licking her lips as she did. “Mmmmmmm, I think little Jimmy’s growing up, from what I can feel!”

She ground her hips down on me, her muscular ass mashing my hard cock, which was now impossible to hide. Aunt Barbara moaned as she rubbed it with her ass, sliding back now to open her thighs a bit and capture the head of my pecker, which was straining at the bonds of my cotton PJ bottoms, in their muscular grip. I couldn’t fight her, she had me totally at her mercy, as her scissoring thighs milked my cock through my pants.

“You fucking WHORE!” I heard Aunt Linda say from across the room. “No one’s won the prize yet, and I know it ain’t gonna be YOU!!”

She flew across the room and headlocked Aunt Barbara off my lap, hiprolling her to the center of the room. For the next 30 minutes, the leggy s****rs did relentless battle as I watched, hard-cocked and open-mouthed, rolling over the expensive rug and banging into furniture, trading scissor holds. Aunt Barbara almost had Aunt Linda’s submission in a blinding reverse facescissors, her s****r’s face lost in the hammy clamp of muscular rump, which became exposed when Aunt Linda ripped off her s****r’s tiny shorts.

Aunt Barbara’s thighs lined the sides of her s****r’s neck and rippled with scissoring fury, her big s****r’s face all but lost inside the grip of her hard ass. But then the tide turned when Aunt Linda got her giant calves into the act again, scissoring her s****r’s head and neck and grinding it blue before Aunt Barbara bit into the supple meat of one calf and freed herself.

And all the while, I sat to the side watching in hypnotic stupor as my leggy aunts had at each other on Thanksgiving morning in my 18th year.

And then it was over. They’d worked each other in a mutual reverse facescissors, rolling themselves into a 69 position. Aunt Linda’s thighs gripped Aunt Barbara’s head, while Aunt Barbara’s long, muscular thighs surrounded her s****r’s. The two women rolled around like that, locked in mutual leggy embrace, powering down with their thighs, relocking calves, snapping hips, all the while unable to make the other give up.

For five long, sweaty minutes, they scissored each other hard, the bizarre scene unfolding before me, two middle-aged s****rs, legs wrapped brutally tight around each other’s heads, thrashing and trashing each other mercilessly to determine a winner.

The end came when they both put on a full squeeze – and knocked each other out. Their legs fell away, and they rolled to their backs, asl**p. I sat on the couch, unable to move, my cock aching from being hard the entire time. When they finally roused from their slumber, they each sat on either side of me.

“Well, I guess there’s no winner,” Aunt Barbara sighed, extending a hand across my body to shake her s****r’s.

“Yeah, I guess,” Linda sighed, rubbing her neck, then eyeballing me. “Well, there is one winner here…better make that three winners by the time we’re through with him!”

And then it happened, in an erotic tumble of events that I’ll never forget. Aunt Linda and Aunt Barbara attacked me slowly, wetly, sensually, licking up the sides of my neck and down to my nipples, sucking and chewing them hard while each used their hands to rub my thighs and cock. Aunt Barbara slipped her hand inside my pajama bottoms to gently stroke my prick while Aunt Linda used her hand to knead my bloated balls. They sat back, looking at my astonished face and smiled.

“That’s quite the package you got there young man,” Aunt Linda hissed. “What a pair of nuts!”

“And this cock, mmmmmmmm,” Aunt Barbara sighed, stroking it from top to bottom. “Let’s have a look.”

She slipped me out of my bottoms and I sat naked between the two of them, my cock fully erect and standing proudly. They gasped.

“Shit, gotta be 8 inches if it’s an inch, s*s, whaddya think?” Aunt Linda said, looking at my cock.

“Let’s measure,” Aunt Barbara giggled, picking up a ruler from a nearby table.

I measure out at a full 8 inches, which I knew already but I was too dumbstruck to offer it up. I could say nothing as the women moaned at the measurement and then fell upon me again.

“First dibs on the first load, by virtue of seniority,” Aunt Linda growled, bending over to engulf my cock in her sucking mouth.

“Ever get blown, boy?” Aunt Barbara said, hissing into my ear before driving her tongue into it.

“NO!” I yelped, overcome by the sensation of being overpowered by two middle-aged sexpots.

“Then this shouldn’t take long,” Aunt Barbara laughed, lapping my neck and then ramming her tongue down my throat.

Aunt Linda moaned around my cock, feeling my balls swell in her hands. I knew it wouldn’t be long, it never was long even when I was jacking off myself, which I did often. But I’d never ever had anyone touch me there before and the sensation was unbelievable.

“I’ll take the first wad, you get the second, and we’ll trade off after that,” Aunt Linda said, popping my cock from her mouth for a second, stroking its wet length with a pumping strong hand. “These young ones come and come and stay hard forever!”

“I know, I know, I fuck my grandson’s friends at home all the time, those stud boys can last and last once you prime their pumps!”

Seconds later, 30 at most, my balls knotted and I delivered a scorching load into my Aunt Linda’s mouth, blasting four, five, six jets of pure teen boy jism down her throat before she let the last couple fill her mouth. I was turning inside out from pleasure, especially so as Aunt Barbara tweaked my nipples and squeezed my balls in her hands as she kissed me deep and wet, nearly choking me with her tongue.

Aunt Linda finally sat up, cum smeared on her face and cheeks, her mouth bulging with me seed. She winked at me and then Aunt Barbara, leaning forward and pasting a huge, wet, nasty kiss on her s****r’s lips, forcing them open where I could see my copious cum load shoot back and forth between their mouths. They made out like lovers for five minutes until thick strands of cum cheese hung between their lips as they pulled away from each other, smiling and swallowing. They wiped their mouths clean on their hands and smiled at me.

“My turn,” Aunt Barbara smiled, bending her head to my lap where my cock was erect again, indeed, never going really soft from the blowjob Aunt Linda had given me.

If Aunt Linda’s mouth was warm velvet, Aunt Barbara’s was nuclear-hot silk, her lips sucking at my cock like a milking machine, her tongue moist and heated, wrapping around my prick as if a candy cane. Incredibly, though I’d just come moments before, I felt another orgasm building in my young balls, especially so when I saw Aunt Linda kneel before her s****r and attach her mouth to Aunt Barbara’s beautiful big bush, parting the thick, sweat-matted hair and tonguing her fat clit until my aunt came with a slap of thigh around her s****r’s face.

It put me over the edge, and I blew a load nearly as large as the first down Aunt Barbara’s moaning throat. She pulled off to take the last shot on her pretty face and true to form, she and her s****r swapped my goopy offerings again, shooting it back and forth between their mouths.

For the next hour and a half, the two sex-crazed s****rs sucked and fucked five more orgasms from me until even my young cock couldn’t stand the strain and finally went soft. They laughed as they tried stroking me to life but could not, instead contenting themselves by eating each other’s pussies one last time, a throbbing 69 on the floor as I sat transfixed by the sight of my two middle-aged aunts tonguing themselves to orgasm and eating every ounce of cum I’d put in their pussies over the last 90 minutes. When they were finally through, they sat beside me on the couch.

“Not one word about this to anyone, young man, do we make ourselves clear?” Aunt Linda said, suddenly flashing her calves up alongside my neck and scissoring it hard.

I nodded, or tried to, my head immobile in Aunt Linda’s beefy calves.

“If you want this to continue at other f****y gatherings, you’ll keep your mouth shut, right?” Aunt Barbara said, slipping her long, lethal legs alongside my belly and back, locking her red-socked calves and squeezing tight.

“Now, since it is now the holiday, what have you got to be thankful for?” Aunt Linda giggled, easing the squeeze just enough to let me speak.

“My…my Aunt Linda…and Aunt Barbara..” I groaned.

“And their legs!” Aunt Barbara said with a jolt of thigh against my middle.

“AND THEIR LEGS!” I screamed.

The pain was sudden and severe, with Aunt Linda’s beefy calves slicing into my neck, stars swimming before my eyes, and Aunt Barbara’s crushing thighs crushing the breath from me. Within seconds, as they laughed, I was out like a light. When I came to, they were gone, taking off on their run to work those legs even harder.

I immediately started wishing for next Thanksgiving…

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