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hidden forbidden fantasies for my sexy s****r in L

today am gonna relate to u all the hidden fantasies i have for my sexy s****r in law.
to start with, am a normal mauritian guy loving sex to the max, am married and love my wife a lot but that doesnt mean that i dont have fantasies. well my s****r in law is basically the wife of my b*****r in law(my wife’s b*****r’s wife). her name is dilshaad. she is fair in complexion. slim type with small tits, nice rosy lips, long legs and must be measuring 1m 70 in length. she is 26years of age, been 4years that she is married to my b*****r in law and she even has a small daughter aged one years old.. it all started since the day i got to know that my b*****r in law would get married. i facebooked the name of my would be s****r in law and i could not believe how hot she was. could not figure out how my b*****r in law got such a beautiful lady as her wife. i immediately sent her a friend request and she accepted. since that day we started chatting whenever we of me i was getting hard ons looking at her pics and whenever we chatted i would masturbate at the same time looking at her pretty face.of course our chats had nothing of sexual but just chatting with her was kinda exciting. after her marriage she was leading a happy life and from time to time whenever i went to my mother in law’s place we would talk and soon enough i came to know that my b*****r in law was not at all aware that i chatted with her wife.i asked to myself why this is so…perhaps she didnt want her husband to know and this intrigued me into getting close to her further.

there came a time when i went at my mother in law’s place and saw that dilshaad had lovebites all over her neck and this pushed me into believing that she loved sex a lot and had a happy wedding life with b*o in law. then one day i came to know through my wife that her b*****r was having problems in his married life..some pretty simple issues. one day i mustered courage and texted dilshaad on her mob asking about the problems and she told me that her husband is not like before and did not give her enough time because of work. she also told me that this matter should remain between us, which i did.

some months and days passed, we used to have some casual chats until one day i decided to go further and wanted to get even closer to her. my fantasies started to get hold of times i would masturbate looking at her pics, at times while talking to her on the phone and the next thing i wanted to do was to make her taste my cum at any day she came at my place with her hubby, and baby. b*o in law went at some f****y’s place leaving dilshaad and the baby at my place as the baby was sl**ping. needless to say that my wife was not at home. my mind started working and i asked dilshaad if she wanted to have yogurt. she replied yes and as she was putting the baby to sl**p i opened the yogurt cup and masturbated dropped all my cum in it and mixed it well. that day was so fucking hot. i would sit in the living room with her watching her eat that yogurt mixed with my cum and she didnt have any hint about me cumming in it. i kept asking her if its good, and everytime she answered yes would send a shiver down my hard cock.. knowing that finally she is eating my cum.

then and now i would never miss a chance to make her taste my cum and would get me even harder..i would jerk my cock hard thinking that i did the best thing i could to come close to day when i went to my mother in law’s place for a bbq. she was not here and i seized that opportunity to go in her room and looked up in her dirty clothes hoping to find her underwear and bra. after some minutes i came across her was a blue bra kinda sexy type and transparent too..soon enough i found one of her used panties was black in colour.i took both put them in my pockets and rushed to the adrenaline was so fucking high as i took the toilet i dropped my pants, took the dirty bra and smelled it..and wowwwwww it smelled so good..i could smell her corporal scent in it.i took out my tongue and started licking at the place where her nipples would be and it was so hottttt…then i opened up her panties and to my surprise there was a white patch in it..i smelled it and it was her pussy juice..i didnt hesitate one second and put it in my mouth and started to lick that juice..the smell was just awesome and needless to mention that her pussy juice tasted delicious..that day i masturbated 2 times smelling her bra and tasting her pussy juice in her panties…i even cummed in her panties and smeared the cum all over so that she would not know that i cummed in it.

it was like a dream come true. one of the best experience i could ever had. some days later she texted me and i used the pretext that my facebook was sending her porn messages and pics when actually it was me sending her those pics and messages.she replied and told me that its ok and that she knows that i wont do such a thing.. frequently i send her pics of my hard cock and each time she sees it she tells me that once again my facebook is sending her porn photos.she pretend that she doesnt watch them and that she deletes it, until one day i searched through her hidden folders on her laptop and saw that all my cock pics were saved on her laptop.that got me hard knowing that she saw my cock, saved the pics perhaps so that she can masturbate to them.i must say that this is getting so fucking exciting hoping that one day i can fuck her brains out for real and cum in her nice mouth.

keep in touch lovely people for the rest of the story.
love suhaan

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