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hiding in the wardrobe

How did I get myself into this position, I was sitting inside my own wardrobe, looking through the smoked glass door at my husband Joe, how was being seduced, by a sixteen year old.
He had been going on about it for ages, how she made advances towards him all the time, any time they were in the same room she always seemed to be dressed provocatively, how she’d linger if they touched, how she’d smile at him and lick her lips in a seductive manner.
I had told him he was dreaming, a sixteen year old wouldn’t show interest in a forty year old man, let alone Joe. However the idea had lead to some amazing sex between us, the fantasy of him making love to her and not me seemed to turn him wild.
Eventually I agreed, if she did try to seduce him, she was game, on the one condition that I could watch. I figured that if he knew I was watching nothing would happen. He didn’t want to be unfaithful, he just wanted his fantasy.
We had planned the day out, we’d let it slip that I was going to be out for the whole day, and that Joe would be finishing work early. I had parked my car at the mall and grabbed a taxi home. I was just settling myself in my vantage point, when I heard Joe coming in from work. About thirty seconds after the door closed I heard the door bell ring. Joe answered it, and I heard them talking downstairs.
A couple of minutes later, the bedroom door opened, she walked straight in with Joe just a couple of steps behind. She was talking to him about the chair in the bedroom, how she thought she could repaint it and maybe get it recovered.
As she was pointing out the problems with the chair, she was leaning over it, her short skirt riding up to show Joe her ass. She was wearing pantyhose, a major turn on of Joe’s. I could se him standing behind her, his eyes focused on her ass as it poked out from her skirt.
How could I let myself get in this position I thought, letting my husband be unfaithful, and with her!. But I sat there frozen, as if bound to my little seat. There was a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, not one of disgust, but an erotic feeling.
She stood up straight, and nearly backed into Joe, I could see his erection poking through his pants. She touched his arm as they talked, then she sat on the bed. Her legs slightly apart, not enough to see up her skirt, but enough that Joe could see most of her inner thighs.
This girl was good, she was really working Joe, like a seduction well beyond her young years. She was laughing at something Joe had said, and she fell back on the bed, her legs flying up in the air, her pump ballet shoes, slipping off her feet. In the split second her legs were pointed skywards, Joe must have had a clear view up her skirt.
Her legs came down to earth, not fast but slow as if she had them under control. Her left foot landed on the floor, but her right foot seemed to land perfectly on Joe’s crotch. She looked embarrassed, although she was probably putting it on, she was a good actress when she wanted to be. Her foot was still resting on his crotch, and I could see his erection growing.
She reached out and grabbed hold of his belt, she pulled him towards the bed. Joe moved forward without any hesitation. He was lying on the bed beside her. She unbuckled his belt and pulled his zip down. her small hand disappeared inside his pants, and she pulled his cock out. She did a full 360 and was sitting facing his crotch, then she lifted her feet and wrapped her nylon encased feet around his cock.
His erection was as big as I had ever seen it. Joe was always turned on by the idea of a foot job, however my first attempt was not too successful. But it looked like she had done this before, the soles of her feet were now massaging his cock. They were sliding up and down, the nylon pantyhose adding to Joe’s obvious pleasure.
She stroked Joe’s cock for several minutes, her feet looking tiny against his hard on. The head of his cock was virtually purple and the veins looked like they were close to bursting.
Eventually she stopped, Joe looked disappointed, she was whispering something to him. She then climbed off the bed, she pulled her top over her head, she had no bra on and her nipples were standing proud of her small breasts. She undid the button on the back of her skirt and let it drop to the floor, then she pulled her pantyhose down, shoving the crotch into Joe’s mouth.
She was only wearing a pair of full back satin looking panties. She lay on her stomach, and looking back at Joe, she spoke to him. Then she pulled the seam of her panties up. It was like she knew everyone of Joe’s turn ons. I watched as he slid his cock in to her panties, she let the seam fall back into place. He began slowly pumping his cock in to her panties, as if he was fucking an invisible pussy.
I began to notice dampness between my legs, I reached under my skirt, my panties felt wet as I touched them. I slipped my hand inside my own pantyhose and Pulling my panties aside, I found my clit, it felt hard and wet, as I touched it I knew I needed to cum. The scene of Joe and her was such a turn on, but I knew I couldn’t make a sound, if I was caught, there would be immense trouble.
Joe’s strokes were speeding up, his ass cheeks seemed to tense. She was looking over her shoulder at him, I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but whatever it was he was increasing his tempo. Joe stopped pumping, his expression changed, his eyes closed. I could see him make the same face he always made when he came. His cum was soaking through her panties, more cum than I had seen him produce in a long time.
Eventually his cock began to soften and fell from her soaking panties. He collapsed on the bed. She pulled the panties off, wiping the cum on his chest. She leaned over him, offering her nipple to his mouth. He was quickly licking and sucking her small breasts, her hand was buried between her legs. She pulled away from Joe’s mouth, then straddling his face, she lowered herself down so her pussy was in his mouth.
From my position I could see his tongue darting in and out of her pussy. His face glistened as her juices poured on to him. As he probed her with his tongue, I could see her grinding down on his face. Joe was always good at pleasuring me with his tongue, and here was this sixteen year old experiencing an expert in the field of cunnlingus.
Joe’s cock was beginning to harden again, she leaned forward and her small mouth closed around his cock. Her head bobbing up and down. With each stroke he was getting harder. She turned around, and straddled his cock, she griped it from behind and fed it into her pussy. Joe’s cock seemed to slide inside her easily, when she had him inside her fully, she began lifting her body up and down. The downward strokes fast and hard, her upward strokes, were slow and steady.
She rode his hard cock in that position for several minutes, until Joe pulled her off him. He turned her so she was on her stomach, then pulled her up to her knees. He had her at an angle so I could see his cock slide in and out of her perfectly. She was bouncing her small young hips backwards to meet his forward strokes. I could tell be the way Joe was speeding up his strokes that he was close to cumming.
She pulled away, his cock falling from her pussy, along with a flow of her juices. She reached between her legs, and I could see her grip his cock and guide it to her little ass. As Joe’s cock touched her ass she bucked slightly, then she let her knees drop slightly, and Joe seemed to be at the angle she wanted.
His cock was obviously sliding into her rosebud ass, something I had never let Joe do. Slowly he started pumping in and out of her, his cock getting deeper and deeper. Joe was close to cumming, when she fell forward, his cock slipping out of her, she was trembling, her orgasm running through her body. She turned so she was on her back, holding her pussy lips apart, she pulled her legs up in the air. Joe guided his cock into her pussy, he was soon pounding her hard, as she bucked with every stroke he made.
Joe pulled his cock out of her, she was shouting out as her orgasm struck again, Joe’s cock began pumping, he gripped it in his hand and as he stroked, streams of his hot cum sprayed on to her chest and breasts, some of his cum landing on her face and her mouth. She licked his semen up, and as he got his breath back, she played with the hot jizz on her stomach and breasts.
Joe looked in my direction, knowing that I must be really turned on, he said something to her, she ran in to the en-suite bathroom, as he started to get dressed. When she got out of the shower, she began to dress, her black satin panties, with the cum stains, her pantyhose, her short black skirt and her red top. As they were leaving the room, she kissed him deeply, their tongues darting from mouth to mouth, just inches from the wardrobe door I was hiding behind.
The bedroom door closed and shortly after the hall door slammed, Joe’s way of letting me know the coast was clear.
I opened the door and the scent of sex still filled my bedroom. I lay on the bed, the sheets stained and damp from where they had just fucked. Pulling my skirt up around my waist, I began to rub my pussy, the nylon pantyhose and my panties were dripping, but the feeling of the layers between my finger and my own sex added to the feeling as I stroked myself. Within minutes I was bucking on the bed, juices pouring from me on to the same bed he had just fucked her, my orgasm lasted and lasted, wave after wave thrashing through my body until it eventually subsided.
I knew I didn’t have much time, I called a cab, and quickly changed my clothes, leaving my sex drenched panties and pantyhose on the floor of my room. As my taxi pulled away from the house I saw Joe’s car drive up the road. I could see the two of them in the front seats. I was in my own car and driving home only a few minutes later.
When I opened the front door, Joe was coming down the stairs, with my pantyhose and panties in a pile of laundry, she came out of the kitchen, still in her short black skirt and her red top, her legs still encased in her pantyhose, a huge grin on her face, “Hi Mom, did you have a hard day at work”

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