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Hmong s****r in Law Sex

This is a true story about my s****r in law that happened the last week.

It all started on me coming home from work that day at 5 pm on Friday. I live by myself in an apartment at the top unit. As soon as I got home, I went to take a shower. Usually I take a long time in the bathroom. I just do my normal everyday thing. Watching porn about japanese i****t for 2 hours in there. It gets me hella turn on. Making my penis all rock hard. That is when I just stroke my penis to make the girth pop out. My penis dripped a little bit of my sperm a few minutes later. That is when I stopped myself cumming and just think about other things.

I been doing this to myself for a while now. I feel like my sperms had increased a lot. This was a good technique for myself when using it for sex. So I am just gonna save it for a cumshot attack. So after that I got out of the shower. Put my shirt and short on. I went to the kitchen looking for food. No food was left and nothing much in the fridge. So I decided to get on my car and went to the Asian Supermarket in Fresno. Got there and parked my car next to the trees with two empty lot. I got to one of them and went inside the store. Order some food and pay the bills. Just got out and went to eat inside my car.

After 10 minutes, I finished eating and start relaxing for 20 minutes. Then, I started thinking about sex and porn. Can’t get it off my mind, so I decided to watch porn on my phone. I was watching some japanese i****t with the sound at maximum 100 vol. The porn was very excited as it was mainly about a guy who wanted to do sexual things with his stepmom. The stepmom was young, beautiful and had big breast. The guy was like young too like a lil k** who seemed to wear lil elementary school k** clothes. There was this one scene where the guy got back from school to his home. Along with him were these bullies his age and they had different color of shirts. The boys all went to the guy’s room. They then were bullying and making fun of him for being a nerd. Then this bully in red shirt decided to unzip the guy’s zipper and his penis pop out. It was short and the bullies all laughed at his small penis. Right then the stepmom came in to check what the commotions were.

She saw the guy’s penis all small. Then she told all the bullies to get out and go away. When they all went away, she turn her head back and look the guy’s penis again. She was like all blushing and her cheeks turn red. After that she leave. Then boom she was masturbating in her room. Which the guy see her naked body and quickly went in like a crazy person, he started groping her tits, pussy, and ass. He fucked her right then. She moaning hella loud too cause of the volume.Then I was hella rock hard. So I decided to pop out my penis. I start stroking my cock for a few minutes then my s****r in law ( Kia Vue is her name btw ) pop out of nowhere and say wassup to me from the driver’s window. The driver’ window was all the way down. She was parked next to my car and probably saw me.

I was quite surprise by Kia’s voice. In my mind I was thinking like what if Kia just saw my penis. What if she see the porn… Etc.. Etc… Then I was thinking who cares as long as a female poj niam Hmoob see kuv tus qau is a good thing. By thinking like this I got even more rock hard. So I went to talk back and tell her I was watching a movie. We were chatting for a few minutes. Then I start to stroke my penis with the girth out in the open even more. My sperm had drip out a little bit. My penis was moisturize by the qau phev. The women moaning loud sex noises during our chit chatting. So Kia was curious and turn her head toward inside the car. What Kia had seen was quite a shocked to her. She then retreat back and told me that she is going to the store now. As Kia was walking away a few steps. She stood there and talking to herself. I could hear her voice and she was talking about my penis. She had see it and it was all moisturize with the dripping sperm making it wet. She was embarrassed quite too. Kia then went to the store. I left and went home.

I got home and went to watch tv for a few hours. Then went to my bedroom and kept myself thinking of the earlier events. I was really excited about this reward, this prize, finally a poj niam Hmoob tau pom kuv tus qau. Yuav tau tsum muaj nws aim. Since I got a month’s worth of vacation and paycheck. I can do many things I want for a month. So I decided to plan a sex fantasy dream come true for myself. After these thinking I fell asl**p. The next day I woke up at 9 in the morning. I got up and hit the shower. Busy watching porn for 2 hours and then got out. Put my clothes back on and went to AS for food as well. Finished eating and then I went straight to the bank. Take out some money and then went to my parent’s house. Two of my b*****rs are married and they live with my parents. Kia is my older b*o’s wife.

I came to the front door and ringing the bell. Kia came and open the door and she was still embarrassed about yesterday. But I could care less because I had a plan. Anyway I talk to Kia and asked about my parents and I want to give them money to used. So I take out $3000.00 in cash purposely for Kia to see. So I told her that where is mom and dad and she say they are in the backyard. I quickly went to them and gave the money for them as a gift. And then I was about to head home til Kia told me to stop and wait. Kia say that I had a lot money and flattering me about that I am rich and all that. For that moment, I knew my plan had worked and she is hooked. She say she needed some money too and is willing to do something for it. I was okay with it and till her to come to my house later in the afternoon.

I went home and sl**p till noon. Woke up and I know that Kia is coming. So I waited for a few minutes and she came by. Saw her car parked and she went up the stairs to my home. Then she knocked the door a few times. Then I told Kia to wait up and lying to her that my place is messy so I needed to clean the place first before opening. By lying to her, I was preparing my penis to go to war. I got it all erected just by stroking and imagining doing my s****r in law super hard. A few minutes later, I was ready and open the door to let her in. Kia came in and talk to about the money and is willing to do something for it. So I told her that she must keep her promise and then Kia say yes and promised me that. So then I made her kept me promises that she will never told anyone and always obey all my orders.

So then I take out my short and voila my penis pop out. Kia had saw my penis all rock hard and red like bl**d on the dickhead the girth. I told her to come nearby me and must sucks my penis. Kia stood there and was like shocked seeing my penis for the second time. So I decided to grab Kia’s right hand and let her touch and stroke my penis. Then I sit down on the couch, relaxing, and using her right hand to stroke my penis. I can feel like Kia doesn’t want to do this and resisting my hand for grabbing her hand to stroke the dick. So I just grabbed on to her left tit with my right hand by rubbing, squeezing, squirming and massaging. Then I aim my penis for her mouth and used my left hand to grab and hold her head down for a blowjob. I was moaning and told Kia that she is a good suctioner with her mouth. I then lift my butt so as to extend my penis further into her throat and going back and forth while holding her head down without releasing Kia’s mouth to breathe for air. Then I switch my right hand to do the same as holding down her head and left hand to grab her right tit by rubbing, squeezing, squirming, and massaging. Kia was short of breath and then I released her head. Her mouth was dripping wet with a little bit of my cum and her drool.

I then used a napkin to wipe it away. And had kissed her with tongue to tongue for five minutes. Next I told Kia that I had never kiss a girl before and I am still virgin. But soon she will be the one to take my virginity away. Next then I aim my penis for another blowjob for 10 minutes. It was so good too. Kia then was short of breath again and was exhausting. So she talked and begged for me to stop. So I told Kia that the war hasn’t ended. Not till I am satisfy. I stood up and take off my shirt. And I grabbed Kia’s arms to make her stand up and then I take out her blouse and see her bra. Next I grabbed her ass and then touch her pussy and then unzipped her jean and short as well. I began to to kiss her neck and then pushed her down the couch. And take her underwear and bra off. She has nice tits and juicy pussy. I can’t contain myself and aim for her pussy with my tongue. Kia was moaning louder and louder. By doing so, Kia told me that it was so good. I should keep licking til she is wet. I licked and licked and she was wet. Next I aim for her tits. I was licking, grabbing, dropping, and best of all Kia’s tits has milk dripping out. So I drink it all and then I grabbed her ass and make her turn to her back and bending down.

I licked her butthole for awhile and then I gave her a good anal fuck. Her ass was big too and I was slapping it. Then blowjobs all over again til I fucked her pussy. Oh man Kia’s pussy is so tight. So tight I just kept going for an hour and cumshot her vagina. Shooting it all out inside her, but then I begin to fucked her again. Then I pulled my penis out and take her to shower with me. We were doing it in the shower too. Till Kia told me to stop and went straight to my bed and fell asl**p. She took my money and went home.

More story right up next time with my younger s****r in law

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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