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home bilder volunteer and the little helpers

I have become a regular volunteer with a local organization that builds homes for the poor.

I was on a build this past summer and we finished the home and presented it to the f****y. They were a single mom and her 3 c***dren. The oldest was a young man of fifteen soon to be f******n. The youngest was 10. We were cleaning up the bits of remaining debris and doing some final bits of grading as we did. The f****y was given the keys and the boys all headed out to the tree in the yard to play. We found a heavy rope earlier and tied it high in the tree for a swing. I tied a tire to it and the k**s were loving it.

I stopped to watch them and as I did the mom came out and hugged us thanking us for all our work. The group leader asked if I could be the contact person for this home to finalize any small problems they may find in the first few months. I agreed and picked up my tools and loaded them and was closing the trunk when the oldest came to me and thanked me for helping him and his f****y.
I said no problem. He said hope to see you again and he hugged his junk with one hand, lifting it up and out and watching me look down as he did. He smiled at me and I nervously closed up the doors and drove off.

A week went by and I got a call from the crew leader asking if I could go back to patch a few nail pops and re-tape a corner that somebody cheated. I agreed and he said to call the mom and make arrangements for best time. I got the number and called. Mom said she had to take her middle c***d and the youngest one to a university hospital over the weekend but Her eldest would be home. I told her i could be there early as I had other calls to catch up on.
I showed up on Saturday at 8 and knocked. Nobody answered and I was ready to leave, when I thought i should check again. I remembered being a teen and not wanting to get up, so I went around back and looked through a few windows. I saw her son on the bed butt naked and wanking a pretty well defined cock and I just stood there.
I went back to the front door and knocked a bit louder.

Her son showed up dragging a blanket around him and looking like he just woke up but was still breathing hard. I was a bit embarrassed and he grinned and said. Oh, I was just thinking about you coming back today. He grinned at me and I kind of blushed a bit. He laughed and said cmon in. I walked in and he showed me the areas needing patching and then went back to his room. He dropped the blanket on the bed and walked bare assed back to a drawer and opened it grabbing a few items of clothing and he turned to see me staring. I again looked away and then I heard him walking toward me. I looked up and saw his rock hard cock and up close I saw it was a good 6 1/2 -7 inches. I was embarrassed that he was larger and much thicker than me. He grinned as he walked past me to the bathroom and went in to the shower. I heard the water come on and went about my work. I was finished taping and was about to wipe things down as I realized I needed water. I walked past the bathroom on my way to the laundry room and as i walked past he stepped out of the shower. His cock was still rock hard and looked about as thick as a redbull can. I was shocked at the lack of embarrassment and stood staring. He sat on the toilet to wipe his feet. I was drawn to his cock and he saw me stare. he gripped it and shook it and said, cmon, you know you want this, don’t you. I went in and dropped to my knees and slid it in and stretched my throat muscles to swallow it. he grabbed my head and pulled it down and I sucked him to a real mind blowing come as he shot off 6 ropes of heavy come down my throat. I pulled back but he was ready and resisted me to hold me there. I wanted to taste it and was disappointed.
I was released after he finished unloading and he pulled my face up and kissed me. I was lost. I never had a young man before and he was in total control. I realized I needed to get out of there. He laughed as I got up and exited really quick and scared. I glanced down and saw I had come and my pants were wet with a big splooge of goo all over the inside. I left and he came to the window by my car and said hurry back. He winked at me.

I was hoping never to return but the supervisor called one night a few months later and said the furnace was not running and since mario was off on vacation I needed to return. I tried to get out of it, but to no use.
I took my wife with me and I told her about what had happened. She was pissed at me for not telling her earlier. I decided I better tell her so she could protect me from his advances. Little did I know she was even more turned on than I was.

We arrived to find him home alone again and I introduce my wife saying we were on our way out after I got the furnace running. He said it’s understandable knowing that she was dressed so sweetly. he complimented me and told my wife she was very hot. I was embarrassed again and then realized I was being cuckolded. The k** took my wife’s hand and lead her to the bedroom to show her his computer. She went and i quickly descended the stairs and went to work on the furnace. I was finishing up after a good 45 minutes of work and as I gathered my tools and walked up the stairs, I heard a very familiar moan coming from his room and knew it was my wife and it was her familiar moan as she climaxed. I looked in and sure enough they were both naked and he was sliding his big fat cock into her from a doggy position and her tits were there dangling at me as they both stared at me smiling as I entered from the door way. He said cmon dick and give my ass a rim and tug on my balls as i dump another load in your mama. I did as he said and I shot another load like last time as i rimmed his ass and worshiped his gorgeous low hung nuts.

They finished coming and both rolled over allowing me access to clean them both and I jerked off to another great come.
As I finished coming he said you better hurry up and leave before my mom gets back. He then said there was nothing wrong so he screwed with the furnace so I would come bak. he then said you gotta bring your wife back next time again.
We did’nt go out that night. We had the greatest sex that night and we are making arrangements to go back again.

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