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Home From School

I am finally home after a long fall semester at Grad school. Its getting close now and I can finally see the finish line. One more spring semester and that’s it. It would be time to find a job after that unfortunately.

I took a few years off before going to college to travel around Europe . After that I worked for a while saving up money for school. I’m close to 30 now and will have my MBA in just a few months.

There was a rough patch for a few years after mom, I call her Carol because she was never really a mom, took everything we had and left us penniless. Dad was destroyed. She cleaned the bank account and left us with nothing but her debt.

That was over 15 yrs ago and we’ve finally recovered. I worked full time to pay for school because pops couldn’t afford to send me. This was fine because I have always wanted to make my own way through life. I know the value of hard work. Now it was going to pay off.

About 10 yrs ago dad met a woman, Diane, who ended up being his soul-mate. She had a daughter from another marriage kind of like our situation. Her husband was an ass as well and left them right after her daughter was born. I guess their similar situations allowed them to lower their guards enough to start a new life together.

Diane is great and Dad is as happy as he has ever been. Her daughter, my step-s****r Helen, is 18 and in her senior year at St. Catherine’s. She’s a good k** and studies hard. As the big b*****r I try to tell her that all of her sacrifices now will pay off later when she’s having bad days. She always smiles and tells me that she is happy I am in her life.

Dad is still at work and my step-mother is at her afternoon yoga class. I have the house to myself. I am watching ESPN when the back door opens and Helen comes through in sort of a daze. I have not seen her in the few months since I was home last on break and she doesn’t even really notice me. She just goes into the kitchen. I followed her into the kitchen worried that something was wrong.

She’s just standing there drinking a glass of water and I ask her, “Are you okay?”

She finally notices me standing in the doorway and says, “Rob, when did you get here?”

I laugh and say, “Just about an hour ago. Helen, are you okay?”

She just comes over to me and gives me a big hug and says, “It’s great to see you.”

I always see her younger than her 18 years because she has to wear the traditional Catholic School uniform of the white blouse, plaid jumper and the white knee socks, which I have to confess, it sort of turns me on a little. I think for all guys it does to a certain degree. Why the hell they still make them wear that knowing men fantasize about it is just weird.

She looks at me and asks, “Have you ever been in a relationship with an older woman?”

The question catches me a little off guard and I say, “What do you mean by older?”

“You know, more than 8 years older,” she says.

I say, “No not really, I dated a girl 5 years older than me but that doesn’t really count. Why do you ask?”

She says with a far off look on her face, “Oh it’s nothing really. Just something that happened at school. No big deal.”

She dumps out the rest of the water and heads up to her room. She looks back and asks, “Are you eating dinner here tonight?”

“Sure am,” I say.

“Cool,” she says with a smile. “I am just going to lie down for a while.”

“Cool,” I say as she giggles at me, calling me a dork.

I wonder what the hell she was talking about. Dating older people? The only thing that runs through my mind is she can’t be talking about a teacher at her school. No way, she has better sense than that. I stand there in the kitchen a few more minutes and then decide I need to find out what she was talking about.

I head upstairs to her room. The door is not closed but it’s not completely open either. I pause before entering so as not to just barge in on her. That’s when I heard a low humming sound coming from her bed room. Right then I knew exactly what it was. “Holy shit,” I thought. She’s masturbating!

I should have turned around right there but I didn’t. I peered through the door and saw her lying on her bed with her blouse unbuttoned. She was using a small, slender vibrator moving it in tiny circles over her clit through her white cotton panties.

I completely lost my breath. Her eyes were shut and I could see her squeezing her nipple with one hand and working her clit with her little toy with the other. I could see her toes flexing in her white knee socks as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

I have a huge foot/sock fetish and often find myself sneaking a peek at my s****r’s socked feet as she roams through the house. I sometimes used her socks to help me jack off thinking about feet, not specifically hers, as I shoot my hot load into the toe of her soft sock.

Right now, standing in the doorway my cock was at full mast in my sweat shorts as I gazed at her sock clad feet.

The thought of watching her play with her cute little clit while she softly pet my cock with her lovely knee socks was all the urging I needed. I reached into my shorts and took out my rock hard shaft. I slowly stroked it while watching my step s****r bring herself to climax. As I was about to explode I accidentally bumped her door and it squeaked. She immediately stopped and pulled the covers over her saying, “Hello? Rob, is that you?” she called out.

I didn’t say a thing. I quickly moved down the hall to the bathroom and entered as quietly as I could. I sat on the sink with my still inflated cock and I could hear her door open as Helen came walking down the hall towards the bathroom.

She knocked and said, “Rob, you in there?”

As composed as I could I said, “Yeah, be out in a sec.”

After waiting a few minutes for Mt. Vesuvius to subside I pretended to flush the toilet and wash my hands. As I walked down the hallway I saw that the laundry hamper door was wide open. As I looked inside I saw Helen’s knee socks that she was just wearing neatly placed on the folding table all by themselves. My heart just about exploded out of my chest. “What the hell was going on?” I thought. She’s my s****r. Well technically she’s my step-s****r and not truly flesh and bl**d. “So this was not that bad right?” I thought to myself.

I think she wants me to find these. Has she noticed me looking at her feet? Did she know that I sometime used her socks to pleasure myself? More importantly, did she know that I was outside her door watching? I looked down the hallway and her door was shut so I took her offering and went into my own room and closed the door.

I came harder than I have ever cum in my life. I came twice actually. I had a load for each sock. “Dinner was going to be interesting tonight,” I thought. I hid the used socks in my hamper because I do my own wash and trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. I crashed on my bed and soon drifted off to sl**p.

I woke up to my dad coming into my room to say hi. He gave me a big hug and we went downstairs to catch up. I saw my s****r sitting on the couch watching TV wearing her New York Yankees t-shirt, navy blue fleece gym shorts and navy blue cable knit knee socks. They were just like the white pair I just soiled a few hours ago. She just shot me a glance and said, “Hey Rob, have a nice nap?” I felt myself flush with embarrassment as I looked away and back to my dad.

He said, “Are you feeling okay. You look a little flushed.”

I said, “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired from the drive home is all. I’m starving though. What’s for dinner?”

My dad shrugged off his original concern and said with wide eyes, “We’re having T-Bones!” Knowing my dad’s love of charred beef, more importantly his love of grilling said beef meant we were going to eat well tonight.

My step-mom got home a few minutes later and gave me the usual hug, so nice to have you home and all of those well wishes as they started setting the table for dinner. My step mom loves to entertain so every time I am home dinner is an event. Table cloth, china, real silverware and the whole 9 yards accompanies the meal. I was wearing my sweat shorts and Boston College t-shirt which made me fee a little under dressed. Well my s****r was uber-casual as well so it didn’t bother me that much.

The whole time setting the table for dinner, my s****r never even looked like she wanted to say anything about what happened earlier. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence she left her socks there. If it was then was she wondering what happened to them? Man I must be losing my mind.

We all sat down for dinner in our usual spots, Dad and Diane facing each other and me and Helen the same. The conversation was like the hundreds we’ve had in the past. How was college, which colleges Helen was interested in attending and so forth. However, I felt a soft swish over my ankles. I looked up quickly to see Helen looking at me with a small grin. What I felt were her sock covered toes on my shin petting it up and down softly. My pulse shot through the roof and I actually began to sweat.

Diane looked at me and said, “Rob are you feeling okay? You look pale.”

My dad said, “Yeah, he looked a little under the weather earlier too. You feeling okay son?”

I just shook them off saying, “I was just tired and that I needed to relax for a while.”

I could feel Helen’s other foot slide over taking my whole leg between her soft sock covered arches and tenderly caressing my lower leg. My cock sprang to life and thank god for the table cloth because I think it might have peeked over the table. As we casually conversed her foot traveled up my leg and found the bulge in my shorts from my engorged cock. She gently played with the base of my balls initially and then moved her toe pad over my cock head and gently squeezed it with her toes. My body was actually shaking with excitement feeling her working my cock through my shorts, hoping to god that we didn’t get caught by our folks. What could I say to this?

Knowing dinner was winding down Helen moved her foot off of my now tender pole so I could deflate before having to get up from the table. The only problem was that I noticed Helen had milked a good bit of pre-cum out which now was visible though the gray fleece material. I managed to get up from the table after coffee hiding my little issue as I said my good nights and headed for my room.

My s****r was the last and she gave me a gentle peck on the cheek saying goodnight and that it was fun having me back home. She then said, “See you for breakfast.” and winked at me. I went upstairs locking my door behind me and headed directly to her socks in the hamper to relieve myself yet again. My cock ached with excitement. My dreams were filled with images of my s****r and I hardly slept a wink.

That morning I woke up in a daze with what seemed like just a few minutes of sl**p. I noticed it was late morning around 10am. It was Friday so I knew dad was at work and Diane was probably here but going to play in her weekly golf game with the girls.

I wandered into my bath room and there was a note on my vanity from my s****r and it read, “Did you enjoy my version of footsie last night? Go into my sock drawer and pull out your favorite pairs of socks. I want you to show them to me when I get home from school. DO NOT cum at all today. I want to see ALL of it later.” She signed it, “Kisses, Helen.”

Needless to say I already had a pup tent in my shorts. How did this 18 year old girl know how to push my buttons? I knew 35 year old women who where not this polished. k**s; why didn’t they make them like this when I was in school?

I did as she instructed and went up to her room to finds some socks that I’d love to see her in. Hopefully get a nice foot job too but I was going into this with an open mind. I found a pair of white ones, dark red and a light soft pink color that immediately made me hard when I saw them. These will look fucking great against her tan legs. “God I’m a perv, what are you doing?” I thought. I rationalized to myself that we were both adults and that we technically were only related by marriage and that it was fine. I then tried to put the situation out of my mind.

The afternoon d**g on like a tax audit but finally the 3pm rolled around. “School is over,” I anxiously thought to myself.

I saw Helen pull into the drive and walk up to the door. To my disappointment she was not wearing her regular school ensemble but rather a St. Catherine Girls Prep track suit and running shoes. Crap, I forgot that she runs track. Oh well lets not jump to conclusions right now. See what she says.

As she came through the door she looked at me and smiled. “There you are,” she says walking over to give me a warm hug. “I was thinking of you all day. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable last night at dinner?” she says.

I cleared my throat and said, “Um no not really. You just surprised me is all.”

She giggled and said, “I take it you found my little gift I left on the laundry table yesterday afternoon?”

To be continued…..

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