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“Honor Student in Heat”

“Honor Student in Heat”
My wife’s niece has been in “Talented and Gifted” classes as long as I can remember and it earned her a full grant into an H.B.C.U. After her first two years of higher education she was coming to stay with my wife and me for a month. Having started college early meant that her young body was not as developed as the other girls when she left. However after being gone for two years, my little Nerd Niece had blossomed well. She had put on another ten pounds and it was all below the waist and she sported a pair of firm B cups.
When I picked Tasha up from the airport, I gave her a high tight hug and for the first time ever she gave me a peck on the cheek, but quickly turned away and grabbed one of her bags. As I reached for the second back, I saw her glorious ass staring me at me inches from my face. Tasha stood up and turned around with a big grin and said “I am ready for you”! I thought quick and said “Ok then, and I am ready for you too, let’s do this”! The right back took about two hours and during that time we caught up on how her classes were coming along. A eased in the question of boys and ask who the lucky guy was. Tasha became a little down and said that the boys there were only interested in White girls or sluts that would give them head on the first date. I looked at her and said “That caught me by surprise” and gave a little chuckle. Tasha replied with “Because of how the guys were like little boys she had not been dating and had to take care of need needs herself”! Once again I acted surprised and said “Well Tasha I am sorry to hear that, and if I could help you I would”! Her head snapped my way and once again she was grinning broad. I realized how my words had came out and tried to clean them up by saying “well I didn’t mean it like that, I was just saying …” Tasha cut me off, and replied with “I know what you meant, but if you wanted to help me out like that, that would be cool to. I would rather you helped me out than those horrible dumb guys”! My cock started to get hard and we sat there in silence for a few minutes. I broke the silence by coming right out and asking Tasha a series of question. Before you knew it she was asking me questions and the conversation flowed like we were at a bar.
Me “Have you ever kissed a guy”?
Tasha replied “Sure, and have touched a couple guys too”
Me “Have you ever let them taste your pussy”
Tasha “Sure I have since they are always begging to I have let a few guys go down on me, but that’s all I let them do”!
Me “So you have never sucked cock”?
Tasha “I only sucked one guys cock. After talking all that shit, he came in my mouth after a few strokes and all but ran out the door. I enjoyed it but didn’t want the reputation of being another cock-sucking slut so I never did it again”
There was a long pause in our conversation, and then …
Tasha asked “Ummm, Unc, how big is your cock? I mean you are over six foot tall so it has to be huge right”?
Me “Well, I guess I have a big cock. No one has ever complained about it being too small”
There is another pause in our conversation
Me “why don’t you see for yourself, you can rub it through my pants, hell you can take it out and suck it if you like’!
Tasha giggles a little and then looks at me with a big grin. She bites her bottom lips as she reached over and starts rubbing my semi hard cock to full erection.
Tasha exclaims “Damn Unc, this is the biggest, thickest, and longest cock that I have ever touched”!
We are halfway home by now and I am enjoying her hand working up and down my rock hard cock, but know that there is no way that I can get my cock sucked without pulling over. Her Aunt will also be expecting us, so I say to her ….
“I want to fuck you Tasha, I want to lick you pussy and I want you to suck my cock. When your Aunt goes to work tomorrow I am going to turn you out”!
Once we got home and I helped Tasha unpack her bags and left her and her Aunt to catch up. The next morning I woke to the sound of water running in the guest shower so I quickly took a shower myself. I heard Tasha head to the guest bedroom so I followed her inside and closed the door behind me. I dropped my bath towel to reveal my raging hard-on and she dropped her towel to reveal her sexy body. Tasha weighed one hundred and twenty pounds and stood five foot four inches, and was the color of a snickers candy bar. Her perky young tits and flat stomach were like a gift from the heavens. I walked right up to her, pulled her close and stuck my tongue in her mouth. After kissing her mouth I dropped down to her B-cup size tits and gave them a good sucking also. I stood up and pushed her back onto the guest bed. She went straight back and the motion made her small but muscular legs fly into the air. I caught both her ankles before they came back down and quickly dropped to my knees. I pushed her legs open to reveal her lightly haired pussy and my tongue slid deep into her love box forcing her to moan like a kitten. I licked up and down her pussy and sucked her small but swollen clit. Tasha melted from the pleasure of my mouth and began grinding her hot pussy into my face. Next I pushed her knees to her shoulder and started licking around her asshole and she screamed out loud as if she had been stabbed. My tongue circled around and around her asshole, each time getting closer and closer as she wiggled and panted. Soon my tongue slid into her puckered asshole and she screamed loud again.
Tasha moaned “Oh my god, oh my god you licking my ass”!
Me “Do you like me licking your ass”?
Tasha moaned again “Yessssss, Oh God Yesssssss, I love it”!
I rimmed her ass for another five minutes and the climbed on top of her, and her legs opened like the door to an Ole West Salon. The head of my raging hard-on slid into her burning tight pussy as I tongue kissed her again. I shoved hard with all two hundred and twenty-five pounds of my weight and her precious little Cherry was no more. Another scream came out along with heavy breathing and in a few strokes Tasha was taking all nine inches of my thick Black cock. Twenty minutes later I was buried balls deep inside her dripping wet pussy when I came violently inside her. I slowly slid my still hard cock out of her sweet box and stood up. I pulled her into a seated position, and pulled the back of her head to my cock. Tasha licked my balls and kissed my cock and finally sucked it perfectly clean.
We panted like dogs and we both just stood there grinning at each other until I pulled her to a standing position. I leaned over and tongue kissed her some more as I grabbed her athletic ass cheeks. I pulled one of her cheeks apart and slid the knuckle of my middle finger into her super-tight asshole. I whispered in her ear …
“Tomorrow, I’m going to fuck your sweet little asshole”!
Tasha replied “You promise to go slow, because you made my pussy hurt at first, but I can’t wait”!
To be continued …..

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