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Hot adventure with Clara

Clara was my good friend for many years and once we decided to make a two day outside trip. We left our car on the end of road and walked fem miles where we found beautiful small lake and spot to build our tent. Then we decided to go for a trip, took few things to backpacks and left. It was nice sunny but also very hot summer day. Somehow we made a mistake so our trip was much much longer. Finally wgot close to our tent. Last hour we walked up the hill and was such hot. She looked at me and said : ” Patrik, hopefully you have extra clothes, you had to sweat out liters. ” I said to her : ” Of course I have. I can see you also need all dry clothes because you sweat like waterfall. ” She said : ” Yes, my whole body is totally wet. I would never think I can sweat so much. ” Although we never did anything sexual in the past I started to feel more and more aroused when imaging her body, all drenched with sweat and my dick got hard in few seconds. I smiled on her : ” Clara, it is healthy to sweat a lot sometimes, also you did something to improve your physical shape and besides that your body now is so attractive for me. ” She saw how hard is my dick and smiled at me. I said : ” Clara, I’m such aroused, I wish so much to pet your body right now. Allow me this please, of course it is everything just between us. ” finally I convinced her and I took off her shirt, all wet and saw her body, all shiny and drops of sweat running down. I knew I must have her right now. I said : ” I know you think you have few kilos over but you are such sexy for me, such natural babe. My pretty Clara. Your body looks like after bath, I’m such aroused. ” She saw how I’m out of control and finally agreed. We took off all our clothes and laid on towels in our tent. It was in shade but still was warm there. We drank some mineral water and dried our faces with a towel. I kissed her and gave her a tight hug. She said : ” I never sweat so much in my life and also never had such sweaty boy. And I start feel you arouse me as well. So nice feel our bodies sliding. She was caressing and smearing sweat on my back with her smooth hand. It felt such nicely. My dick was hard without even touching it. I hugged her either tightly and whispered to her : ” Clara, I’m such aroused, also love to smell your body, the pheromones you sweat out, so personal and natural. I feel I’m such full babe .. ” I started fingering her and she grabbed my hard dick. I said : ” Just very slowly babe I’m such aroused and want first make you happy. ” She got aroused very soon as well, started moaning and whispered to me : ” It feel such nice, I did not have it for a week, continue babe, please. Love to feel you all sweaty, continue, my boy, I need it so much. ” I tried to delay her orgasm to be it really strong but she was moaning louder and louder. ” I’m coming soon Patrick, I cannot last too much longer. She tightly pressed to my body and exploded. I felt how river of her juice flows from her pulsing pussy and hold tightly her shaking body and heard her screaming in pleasure in long strong orgasm. Then she laid down, tired but felt the sweetest relief. Sweat was pouring from her and soaking in towels. Her orgasm aroused me even more. She smiled at me : ” It was such strong, Patrik, I was totally out of control. Thank you my boy. But now you need your pleasure, cannot wait to see you cumming “. I hugged her tightly again. Felt strong way of arousal being such close to her body and again could smell her. It was such intense and personal that I felt I’m very close to orgasm. She started to play with my dick again and I moaned in growing pressure and pleasure. She whispered to me : ” I can feel my boy is very close. Want you cum on my body please. Come dear, cum it allover your sweaty girl.” I was moaning louder and louder : ” Clara, just few more touches and I felt I’m coming. I fast changed position and felt indescribable pleasure and cummed first geyser of my juice on her body, than another and another. The pleasure was such strong i was almost in unconciousness. I’ve never cum so much ever before. Clara’s body was flooded with my juice what mixed with her sweat. She smiled at me : ” I’ve never seen boy cumming so much and I really love it, Patrik. Also I’m happy you felt such strong pleasure, you were very loud boy …” I said ” Clara, you made me cum so much. Your body, sweat pouring from you and smell your body is better than the most expensive parfume. Thank you babe, I almost lost conciousness, my dear Clara. ” For a while we were resting together and enjoying the sweet relief and drank lot of mineral water. Towels and blankets in the tent were totally soaked with our sweat but our sweet adventure was worth it . Then was time to jump into the lake and nicely clean each other. It happened already 15 years ago but I still often think about this intense adventure with my friend Clara. We finally did not keep our promise not to repeat it because it was stronger then us and also our others sweaty adventures were same sweet,

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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