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Hot Young Thing – Part Six

As I picked out a tiny yellow sun dress to wear, I heard all kinds of hammering and drilling noises coming from the basement. I bopped halfway down the stairs to see what Uncle Clyde was up to. He was working on some sort of contraption that looked like a rocket launcher, or something. He looked up at me and smiled, enjoying his view up my revealing dress.

I asked him what he was making, as I walked over and leaned up against his workbench. He told me it was a work in progress, and he’d demonstrate it for me once he was finished. My attention was diverted by a big glass box that sat on the floor in the corner of the workshop. I walked over to take a closer look, bending down in front of Uncle Clyde. I could feel his eyes on my shiny bare ass, but I was more fascinated by what I saw. The box was filled with sand, and probably thousands of large black ants all racing around in different directions, being busy.

I asked my uncle if it was an ant farm, and he chuckled and told me it was more like an ant city. He explained that the ants were very intelligent, and he was training them. When he saw my eyebrows raise up, he said that he could put food out anywhere in the basement, release the ants, and they would find the food, eat it, then file back into the ant city all by themselves. As my eyes stayed glued to the big box of ants, I asked Uncle Clyde to show me how they did it. He told me they only came out to eat after sunset, and he would show me after supper.

His hand caressed my naked ass cheeks, as he stood behind me. Then, with a playful slap, he sent me upstairs, so he could finish his project. I obeyed, because I was late getting to my chores after sl**ping the morning away. My mind was occupied all afternoon with curious thoughts about Uncle Clyde’s latest doings. I couldn’t wait for him to show me his new project, and those trained ants continued to fascinate me.

Before long, I was done the housework, and I started supper after I tended to all the barn critters. Romeo the pony had greeted me warmly in the barn, and I stopped for a few minutes to let him massage my pussy and ass with his soft warm tongue. It didn’t take long for me to produce enough girl juice to drown him, and I came three times all over Romeo’s snout.

While we ate dinner together, Uncle Clyde announced that he was ready to show me his now completed project in the basement. I eagerly finished my meal, and hurriedly cleared the table and started on the dishes. My uncle appeared behind me at the sink, and playfully lifted up my sundress and began touching and squeezing my ass cheeks, and running his fingers up and down my already wet pussy. He slid two fingers into my slippery vagina, and began finger-fucking me with total abandon. I came quickly, as I held onto the edge of the sink, and I could feel hot juices oozing down his hand, and running down my inner thighs. My knees kept buckling as I reached orgasm again and again, and finally I slumped down on the floor in a sweat-soaked heap.

Uncle Clyde put his two fingers in my mouth, and I sucked them weakly, and licked them clean. After he helped me back to my feet, he headed down to the basement, telling me to join him after I was done cleaning up. I assumed he meant the dishes as well as my sticky legs and pussy. I took a quick shower, and put on a sheer black lingerie top, but nothing else. Clean and refreshed, I bounded down the steps to find my uncle fussing with some kind of harness with two rubber plugs attached to it. At first, I hardly noticed his new rocket launcher standing on the floor vertically, in front of a wood frame shaped like an X, with six steel rings bolted to it.

My uncle directed me over to his large work table, and bent me over. He pushed my black top up over my back, and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands. He spread them wide, and licked my ass hole, causing me to squirm around and giggle a little. He took some petroleum jelly on his finger, and rubbed it around my rim, then lubed up my ass hole with his probing finger. I lifted each leg, and stepped into the black leather harness that he was adjusting when I first got down there. He pulled it up towards my waist, and paused long enough to fit the rubber plugs into my quivering pussy and eager ass hole. Then he pulled the harness up snugly around my waist. He stooped down and inspected between my legs, satisfied to see that my pussy lips and ass rim were bulging out around the plugs. Then, he helped me up onto the work table.

He had me lie on my back, with my arms up over my head and shackled to the corners of the table. Uncle Clyde then folded back my legs, and ran a lather strap around each ankle and around my thighs. He buckled each leg snugly in place. He seemed pleased with my exposed girl parts, and he lightly ran his finger around each tender area that was being pushed out by the plugs deep inside each hole. He walked around to my head, and pulled my lacy lingerie up over my firm titties, exposing them. Then he did something curious. He fitted my face with a blindfold, and all of a sudden I felt completely vulnerable. When I murmured a soft protest, he explained that he wanted me to focus on the feel of this next adventure, rather than the sight.

I settled down some, and listened as I heard him place something at the other end of the table. It landed with a thud, and I heard my uncle exhale deeply. I jumped a little when I felt a flat stick running over my breasts, applying a thin layer of some gooey stuff all over them. The stick made its way in a straight line, down my belly to my warm pussy, spreading more of the sticky stuff along its path. My lower body quivered as I felt the stick work around each plug, and soon the gooey substance smothered my girl parts, as well as my exposed ass cheeks. After that, I could feel no more motion on my body, but I could hear the stick slapping the table with some more of the sticky goo.

I giggled as I could feel some kind of granular stuff being sprinkled over my body, like someone was covering me with sand at the beach. After the sprinkling stopped, I heard what sounded like a tiny door creaking open. Then there was silence for several minutes. I really didn’t know what to make of it, and Uncle Clyde wasn’t talking. It wasn’t until later that I found out that he had covered my most tender body parts with a thin layer of honey, then sprinkled sugar generously on top of the honey.

It started slowly, with a faint tickling sensation all over my ass cheeks. I wiggled a little, and Uncle Clyde told me to keep still. I became aware of a slight tingling feeling surrounding the plugs in my pussy and ass hole, and I tried not to move a muscle, as the sensation got more and more intense. Some gentle stinging followed the tickling, as I could feel it all moving up my belly, and smothering my sensitive tits. My nipples grew hard and pointed, as they reacted to wave after wave of tickling and stinging. It almost felt like tiny bugs got together and decided to give me an erotic massage…bugs…ANTS! I finally realized what was happening, and I figured out why my uncle had put the blindfold on me!

Sensing my panic, Uncle Clyde told me to stay calm, and I would be fine. He explained that the trained ants wouldn’t hurt me. They were only interested in the sugar. Sugar? So, that was it. He told me that the honey was only there to hold the sugar in place for the ants.

He suggested I just relax, and allow my body to enjoy these new sensations. After my pulse rate dropped back to normal, I figured I might as well let the scene play out. I was amazed how excited my body was getting, as thousands of big, black ants made their way up and down my body, biting and stinging my exposed bulges around the plugs, in plain view of my uncle’s dancing eyes. My tits felt warm and red, and they started throbbing and pulsating from all the attention they were getting from the ants. I was getting itchy all over, but it only made me hotter, and soon my pussy juices overwhelmed the plug, and seeped out the sides of my pussy lips. This seemed to excite the ants even more, and I could feel an intense frenzy of activity between my legs. The ants apparently found my sweet juice very appetizing, and I couldn’t hold my orgasm back, as they worked my steaming clit for all it was worth.

There was no more holding still for me. Uncle Clyde stood up from his perch down by my feet, and watched in satisfaction as my body writhed and twisted and jerked on the table, cumming so intensely over and over, as the ants scurried chaotically all over my exploding body. I was overcome with euphoria, and I lay motionless after I could cum no more. Still blindfolded, I mentally watched as the ants began lining up and filing back to their ant city. It took awhile to herd them all back in, as there were so many of them. I heard Uncle Clyde close their door and tote the glass box back to the corner. He cleaned the remaining honey and sugar off my body with some dish soap and a warm, wet cloth. He dried me with a towel, unstrapped me, and finally took off the blindfold.

I stretched my legs out straight, and lowered my arms down on the table. I lay still, wondering if I had died and gone to heaven. Uncle Clyde poured cool, soothing oil all over my body, and began to rub it over my swollen red tits and down my belly. He ran his oily fingers around my puffy pussy lips and ass rim. He two-fingered my ass hole, and worked more oil into my rectum. I was at complete peace, and Uncle Clyde left my side and went about fiddling with his new invention.

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