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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01

Sophie was more then a little annoyed, at her age, to be f***ed by her
parents to spend the entire summer vacation away at a summer camp like a
little k**. Her friends would all be enjoying their summer vacations at
beach houses, sunbaking and partying, or at the very least working back
home and earning some real money. Even though she was eighteen, from the
second her parents had heard about Camp Rosewood, it wasn’t up for

It was a specially tailored camp for eighteen year olds, that only catered
for young women. It had s****r camps that accepted girls as young as
f******n, but Rosewood was separated entirely from these, and it would
only be girls Sophie’s age that she would be interacting with. It was a
highly prestigious summer camp, with long waiting lists, and Sophie half
suspected that her parent’s insistence that she attend was more rooted in
their pride of being able to get her a place rather then any benefits or
fun that Sophie herself would have.

Her mother in particular was adamant that it would be a great experience.
It had high-tech facilities and a focussed approach towards nurturing the
young women through the last years of their teens. Sophie didn’t put up
much of an argument, as despite her objections it was probably true that
she would have a good time. Still, as the eighteen year old stepped off
the bus that had slowly rolled them up into the heart of the mountain
where Camp Rosewood was situated, she could barely hide her annoyance. The
camp, despite it’s promises of a more mature and ‘young adult’ focused
nature, looked just like every other camp she had endured when she was

She didn’t know any of the girls on the bus, she very much doubted that
she would see a single familiar face among the 200 strong camp attendees.
Her parents didn’t send her to the closest summer camps, always paying
extra money for more expensive and exclusive camps. All it meant for
Sophie however, was nobody to talk to on the first few days, and three
hour bus trips there and back.

The camp site was large, with small cabins s**ttered all over it’s area.
There was a large mess hall for eating and other activities, and lots of
smaller buildings that housed all kinds of activities and equipment. It
even had a gym and a full computer room with internet access. Sophie
plodded off the bus and stood with her fellow campers in what appeared to
be the central meeting place. A row of buildings, including the mess hall
and what Sophie assumed were the camp co-ordinator’s cabins stood in front
of them.

‘Look alive campers!’ came the shrill, overly enthusiastic of the young
female co-ordinator. She was only in her early twenties herself, but she
was tall and athletic, with tan brown skin and smoky black hair. Sophie
groaned to herself.

‘Okay, it’ll be another hour or so until the last of the buses pull in
here, but there’s no point in sitting around doing nothing just waiting
for them.

around waiting for them. If you look to the noticeboard directly in front
of the mess hall, behind me, you’ll see all your names and cabin
allocations tacked up there. Don’t push, there’s plenty of time to find
your cabin and get settled in, and you’ll all be on free time until the
others get here. After everybody is unpacked, your assigned councillors
will show you around the campsite, and then we’re going to have a bonfire
to welcome you all to camp!’ Sophie groaned, louder this time, and a few
people standing close to her giggled. The tall councillor turned on her
heels to leave, then jolted back around to face the girls. ‘Silly me’ she
said, feigning embarrassment. ‘I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m
Jo-Beth, and I’m head councillor here at Rosewood. Any problems you have,
feel free to talk to me about, although I must remind you that your first
point of contact should be one of the other councillors, who’ll all be
assigned to a different set of cabins.

Sophie looked around for someone to make eye contact with, but already the
girls were paired off, or standing in smallish groups. They all started
moving towards the mess hall, and Sophie did as well. She may as well get
unpacked as soon as possible, she thought. A petite girl with bronzed skin
trudged along next to Sophie, her curly blonde hair reflecting the sun’s
early afternoon rays. Sophie half thought about engaging some of the girls
in conversation, but she was tired from the trip, and too apathetic to
make an effort. The blonde-haired girl was struggling with her pack, and
Sophie’s dawdling walk meant that they reached the notice board at the
same time.

Sophie scanned the list of names and cabins. Six girls to a cabin, and the
placements had long ago been decided upon and weren’t up for negotiation.
A few weeks earlier Rosewood had sent Sophie out a form asking if there
was anyone she wanted to be roomed up with, but Sophie didn’t know anyone
else who was attending. Doubtless the girls who already had friends here,
either from their home towns, or from meetings on previous Rosewood camps
would have paired up, and doubtless this would only make breaking into
their friendship groups harder.

Sophie found her name, Sophie Best, and checked the other names of the
girls in her cabin, although they were meaningless to her. Lily Samuels,
Betty Gardner, Wendy Connors, Louise Rickford and Taylor McCullen. Sophie
became aware of the fact that the curly haired blonde girl was also
studying the same list. They turned to each other, and awkwardly smiled.

‘Hi’ the blonde girl said. ‘I’m Louise’

‘Hi’ said Sophie, more warmly then she expected. ‘I’m Sophie Best. I think
we’re in the same cabin’

Louise smiled at her, and Sophie noticed how pretty she was. Her curly
hair flowed down around her shoulders, her tiny nose reached a sloped
point at the end, and was dotted with freckles. Her green eyes sparkled,
but she still gave off a sense of being overwhelmed.

‘yep. May as well make our way there now’ said Louise.

Louise grabbed her bags up to her shoulder and started trekking away
through the campsite. Sophie followed her, admiring her tight, tiny little
body. Sophie wasn’t interested in girls, but she had always found their
bodies a lot more attractive then the boys that she knew. Louise had
small, pert little nubs of breasts, encased in a tight blue t-shirt, but
from behind her true asset was revealed. Tucked into tight khaki hiking
shorts, a wonderfully round bottom peeked out at Sophie. She caught
herself staring and immediately stopped, ashamed. Sophie had broken up
with her boyfriend about a month earlier, and despite never realising it
before, was coming to realise that she had grown to miss their frequent
bouts of sex and foreplay.

Sophie, in contrast to Louise, had a much larger, fuller body. She was
still a very attractive young woman, but her breasts were larger, and her
thighs and bottom thicker and more solid. She personally hated her
physique, would have traded it for a skinny waist and small boobs any day,
but the boys who constantly fought for her attention told her that large
breasts were an asset whose true value perhaps straight girls never truly
realise. She had thick brown hair, and she couldn’t help but feel a pang
of jealousy as she looked at Louise’s beautiful curled locks.

They got to the cabin, and the immediate thing Sophie noticed was that it
seemed older then all the other ones they had passed. They had walked
quite a way to get there, and it was situated quite a long way away from
the other cabins, which in contrast practically shared walls with each
other. Sophie didn’t mind. Privacy could be a good thing. Still, she
wondered why they were put here, when from the allocation guide on the
notice board it looked like there were still spare cabins much closer to
the main campsite.

Louise opened the door and walked in. Everything she did was nervous,
timid. She had told Sophie on the fifteen minute trek through camp to
their cabin that her parents had made her come to meet some new friends.
She was awfully shy, she explained, but she was pretty sure that away from
home in a new environment would let her come out of her shell. Her tiny
little lips pouted up at the corners, and despite her cheerful disposition
(was it more f***ed then Louise was pretending?) she seemed ready to break
into tears at the slightest disturbance.

Inside the cabin there were three bunk beds, and an open doorway which
lead to a small ensuite with a toilet, sink and shower. Sophie rolled her
eyes at the bunk beds, apparently some of the juvenile aspects of camps
are impossible to escape or outgrow. There was only one other girl in
there, and she was already unpacking her bags onto one of the lower beds,
and hanging clothes away in the dressers.

‘Hi’ said the girl, whose pale skin was a sharp juxtaposition with the
fiery red hair that swept down from her head. She was taller then Sophie,
but her frame was even more gentle, more tiny then Louise’s. She wore
jeans and a long sleeved white shirt.

‘Hi there’ replied the two girls, and introductions were made. The
red-haired girl was Lily, and she had taken the liberty of choosing
herself a bed, she hoped they didn’t mind.

Lily seemed even more reserved then Louise. She had noticed that she had
practically jumped when they had entered the room, and that she seemed
relieved to see them standing there. She spoke very little, and when she
did it was very softly.

Sophie and Louise got to work unpacking their stuff. Sophie chose a lower
bed next to Lily’s, and Louise chucked her stuff on the bunk above
Sophie’s. They had only been unpacking and talking for about fifteen
minutes, mostly about their collective nervousness and shyness (Lily
seemed the most shy of all, a fact made surprising to both Louise and
Sophie when she told them that she had been coming to the s****r camps
since she was f******n, and knew most of the staff and a lot of the
campers at Rosewood), when the door flung open.

Three girls walked in. They dropped their bags on the floor right near the
door and began looking the three others over. One of them, a black-haired
posh looking girl with a sneer on her face, spoke first. ‘I’m Betty. Nice
to meet you all’. She wore what appeared to be expensive designer jeans,
brilliantly white skate shoes, and a tight woollen jumper.

The words seemed nice enough, but she delivered them with just a hint of
sarcasm. It was hard to tell exactly what her intentions were. Sophie
looked to Louise, who seemed much more nervous at this sudden intrusion,
and then to Lily, who had her head bowed and her hands clasped in front of

‘Uh… hi’ began Sophie. ‘I’m Sophie Best, and this is Louise and…’

‘This is Wendy’ interrupted Betty, motioning to the girl standing on her
left hand side, with short brown hair and a smaller, rounder body. Her
lower half was that of a skinny girl, but her breasts were naturally huge.
She wore tiny shorts, and a ‘Ramones’ t-shirt, deliberately cut tight to
show off her tits.

‘And this is Taylor’.

Taylor was a stunner. California beach girls would have cut off their legs
to look like her. Sun-bleached blonde hair, straight as an arrow, with
tall slender legs leading up to a tight little butt and fairly sized
melons of boobs. Her brown skin was gorgeous, and she wore practically no
makeup, save for lip gloss. Taylor wore a short denim skirt and a pale
green singlet top.

‘And this is Lily’ began Sophie, annoyed at having been so abruptly cut

‘We know who Lily is’ laughed Taylor, and Wendy and Betty laughed. Sophie
noticed that Lily had still not lifted her head up since the three girls
entered the room.

‘You’re on my bed’ said Wendy to Louise. ‘I want the top bunk. I always
have the top bunk. Me and Betty and Taylor have been at these camps for
years, that means we get priority’.

Sophie couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Surely she was joking. This
kind of mentality might have existed at earlier camps, but we were
eighteen now, reason and logic would take precedence over schoolyard
bullying. What was even more unbelievable however, was Louise’s reaction.

She grabbed her bag from on top of the bed and pulled it to the ground.
She started packing away the clothes she had laid on the bed back into it.

‘Sorry’ she muttered. ‘I should have asked’

The three girls laughed at her. They had a mean streak these three. They
were very comfortable with each other, even more comfortable with egging
each other on. Sophie was certain that with the two extremely withdrawn
and shy girls on my side, they could walk all over us. ‘Hell’ Sophie
though ‘I’m not much better myself’.

The girls began unpacking, and it transpired pretty much in total silence.
Sophie was puzzled as to why, despite saying that they knew her, none of
the three had said anything to Lily. In fact, save for when Sophie tried
to introduce her, none of them had even glanced in her direction.

Sophie finished unpacking, but with still some time before lunch, sat
quietly on her bed. Lily had finished before them all, but appeared to be
busying herself with something in her bag. Taylor and Wendy finished and
started talking about somebody that Sophie didn’t know. Louise, despite
having to unpack twice, was finished quickly. Sophie noticed that the
tears she sensed in the pretty little girl’s eyes before were now
practically welling up, ready to be let loose.

‘Right’ said Betty, as she finished unpacking. It was obvious she was the
alpha leader of this group. ‘Now that that’s done, we can get down to

She turned and looked straight at Sophie.

‘You’ve never been to Rosewood before, have you?’ she asked

‘No, I haven’t’ said Sophie. She had aimed for a casual indifference, and
was shocked by the timidness that was present in her own voice.

‘And either have you’ said Betty, pointing at Louise. Louise shook her
head, no.

‘Good. Then that means you need to be initiated. All Rosewood virgins need
to be hazed in, so we can all properly bond’ She explained this like she
was reading off a script. Her voice was much gentler now, like a young
teacher explaining something to a primary school student.

‘What do you mean… hazing?’ stammered Louise. Sophie was disappointed by
the lack of strength in her own voice, but Louise’s was one of somebody
already defeated.

‘I mean you need to be spanked’ said Betty, point blank. Taylor and Wendy
muffled their giggles behind their hands.

‘What?’ said Sophie. ‘You have to be k**ding’

‘No, Sophie was it? No I’m not k**ding. It won’t hurt, it’s just a nice
welcome to the camp. Everybody has to do it. It’s like pledging to a

‘What… what do you mean spanked?’ asked Louise.

‘I mean you have to come over my knee and get your little bottom spanked.
It’ll only last a minute, and then we can all be friends’

Louise started shaking her head from side to side. She was terrified, and
she wasn’t shy about showing it. Sophie wondered exactly what these girls
were playing at, but also knew from experience that often groups of girls
judge what they think about others through initiation games like this, and
that it might just be best to play along.

Sophie glanced at Lily, sitting on the end of her bed, but Lily wouldn’t
make eye contact with her. She was staring at Betty and it seemed like she
was blushing. Almost subconsciously, her left hand moved to the front of
her shorts and she was rubbing herself, lightly. Sophie stared at her, and
suddenly Lily stopped. Had she really been doing that?

‘You first’ said Betty, pointing again at Louise. ‘Come and get it over
with, we haven’t got all day’.

But Louise was too scared to walk to Betty. She started shaking her head,
harder then before, and her entire body tensed up.

‘No…’ she managed, in an extremely weak voice. ‘No, please don’t make

‘Oh dear’ said Betty, in her best imitation of a sweet voice yet, ‘I’m not
going to make you. They will’.

With this she clicked her fingers and Wendy and Taylor lurched forwards,
and grabbed Louise by her arms. When they touched her, Louise went bezerk.
She started kicking and gasping for air, pulling away with all her might.
This was clearly a girl who had been victim to bullies before. But Taylor
and Wendy were too strong for the tiny little creature, and the dragged
her over to Betty, now sitting on the bed next to Lily, and f***ed the
struggling girl down over her lap.

Taylor held Louise’s shoulders, forcing her in place across Betty’s lap.
The tiny girl kicked and bucked, but the two larger girls were too strong
for it to make any difference. The sight of this small girl across another
girl’s lap (her same age, no less) was a remarkably powerful and erotic
one. Sophie could feel herself start to get wet.

Louise tried her hardest to squirm free, but all it did was buck her
bottom up, as if presenting herself to Betty. Betty laughed, and Wendy
said ‘This one’s a damn fighter’.

And then a strange thing happened. The tears that were waiting to be
released in poor little Louise’s eyes were released. And they flowed down
her face, shaken by sobs and moans, and fell sharply onto the carpeted
floor. Betty stared at her with wide-eyed incredulity.

‘Hahaha’ laughed Betty. ‘I haven’t even begun to spank this one, and she’s
crying like a little baby’.

The afternoon had definitely taken a turn for the worse, but Sophie
couldn’t move. Part of her was scared to see what these dominant girls
would do to her if she tried to escape, but an even bigger part of her was
incredibly turned on by the whole thing.

When she had been seeing her boyfriend, Matt, she loved giving over her
power to him. Often he would make her beg for sex, forcing her to describe
in lurid sexual terms what she wanted him to do to her. Once their shy
teenage romance had fully blossomed, he was the master of her body,
requesting masturbation sessions, blowjobs, even non-sexual things like
breakfasts or drinks. Of course, she fully loved it, although could never
put her finger on it what it was exactly about it that made her tick.

But this display, this was something entirely different. With Matt, she
had loved to do those things to him, even loved being f***ed, and feigning
humiliation and embarrassment. What she was seeing in front of her was
actual humiliation, actual embarrassment. Louise was panicking about her
spanking, desperate to get away. And Sophie stayed rooted to her seat,
blushing because she felt ashamed at not being able to stand up for
Louise, but even more so because beneath her jeans, her panties were
getting warmer and stickier.

Louise continued to sob over Betty’s lap. Betty had placed her hand on
Louise’s bottom, as if ready to strike at any time. Wendy and Taylor were
besides themselves with laughter at his girl making such a display,
without even having been spanked once yet.

‘Listen’ said Betty sharply. ‘I’m not going to start this spanking until
you stop that crying. Do you hear me?’

‘Please… please don’t spank me’ blubbered Louise, although she was
starting to calm down.

‘Nonsense’ said Betty, in a strict tone. ‘You’re getting a spanking and
that’s all there is to it. We’re stronger then you, you puny little girl,
so you’ll just have to learn to deal with it’

About a minute passed in absolute silence, save for Lousies sobs, which
were dying down. Finally she stopped, choked back her tears, and pushed
her bum up further into Betty’s hand, as if submitting to her fate.

‘Good girl’ said betty, raising her hand. She brought it down right in the
middle of Louise’s seat, but it was a lot softer then I imagined Betty
would spank her. She rose her hand and again brought it down onto the
fleshy cheeks stuffed inside Louise’s tight little shorts. The spanks got
harder, but still, it seemed more like Betty was merely showing off her
power, rather then trying to hurt Louise.

After about a minute of these playful spanks, Betty stopped, and stood the
little girl up in front of her. She clasped her hands around Louise’s
arms, which stopped the curly haired girl from rubbing her backside.

‘Oh…’ said Louise ‘Oh that wasn’t bad at all’. The little thing was even
smiling. Betty smiled back warmly at her.

‘See’ she said. ‘I told you there was nothing to be afraid of. Silly
little thing. It’s just tradition up here. You didn’t think I was really
going to hit you hard, did you?’

Louise blushed a deep shade of red. She had misinterpreted Betty’s
intentions, and in the process made a complete fool of herself, objecting
so vehemently to a spanking which was nothing more then a formality.

‘I feel so stupid’ Louise said. ‘I’m sorry… I really thought you were
going to hit me hard’

‘That’s okay’ said Betty. ‘Generally there’s one girl every year who hates
being spanked. Did your parents used to spank you?’

‘Yes’ said Louise. ‘They still do!’ She was suddenly a lot more
comfortable talking in front of the girls, but I guess the play spanking
would create that kind of bond. Maybe it was a good idea after all.

It was then that Sophie noticed something about the way that Betty was
talking. It was extremely patronizing, and all the while she still had her
hands clasped firmly onto Louise’s arms. The natural progression into this
scene, from the one of the young looking Louise taking her spanking over
the beautiful Betty’s lap meant that Sophie hadn’t noticed it immediately.
It was as if Betty was talking to a c***d.

With this, a cruel, sly smile crept onto Betty’s face.

‘Poor girl’ she said, even more patronizing then before. ‘If only you’d
taken your spanking without a fuss, then we wouldn’t have to do this now’

Taylor stepped behind Louise. She reached in front of her and unbuckled
her shorts, and pulled them down past her thighs, her bubble butt stared
out at me, encased in a tiny pair of white cotton panties, covered in pink
and red hearts.

‘Nice pants’ muttered Wendy, laughing.

It was as if time stood still. Louise had just gotten over the fact that
she wasn’t going to have to take a hard spanking at the hands of Betty,
that she was completely defenceless to Taylor’s f***ed exposure of her.
She seemed to be in shock, one minute she thought she was in the clear,
but now it looked like the true intentions of the girls was coming out.

Taylor pushed Louise back down over Betty’s lap, and immediately Betty
started spanking the poor girl. Except this time they weren’t mucking
around. Betty spanked her pantied butt extremely hard. Whereas before the
spanks were slow and thoughtful, this time they rained down in a volley of
shots all over the pretty girl’s behind. Louise yelped and kicked, but it
was too late.

Holding her hand tight to her back, Betty took aim over and over again at
Louise’s tiny little butt. Her hand slapped down, her open palm slapping
with such ferocity that it shocked Sophie and even began to scare her. The
short, sharp sound of her hand spanking the butt of this tiny girl filled
the room. Louise couldn’t take it anymore, from deep inside her she let go
a flood of tears, but Betty was relentless.

When she had covered her entire behind with the f***e of the spanking (the
redness of her bottom was starting to peek out from her panties) Betty
shifted Louise up slightly, and aimed directly at the point where here
bottom met her thighs. With this, Louise howled, and flung her head up.
The spanks still came hard and fast, and the grin on Betty’s face was wide
and mocking.

The poor girl was getting a blistering. This wasn’t a playful spanking, it
wasn’t even something that Betty was using to laude her power over Louise.
It was designed to hurt. Louise sobbed over her knee, her bottom thrust up
and throbbing, the skin red and sore. Still Betty spanked on, bring her
hand down again and again all over the blonde haired girl’s backside.

Finally she stopped. Louise gasped for air, but she didn’t try to move
from Betty’s lap. Laying there, her tiny frame dangling over the larger
girl’s knees, her head down, her feet kicking slightly, and her khaki
shorts down around her ankles, she looked absolutely ridiculous. She
looked like a naughty c***d who needed to be punished with a hard and
humiliating spanking. Her ass was bright red, and seemed to glow even
through her cotton panties.

‘That’ said Betty. ‘Is a spanking. I had to spank you like a little baby
because that’s what you are. You cried like a little bitch, and so you get
punished like a little bitch. I hope you’ve learnt a lesson, girl’.

Sophie was sopping wet. The sight of this poor girl f***ed into accepting
what was the most embarrassing spectacle that she had ever seen was too
much for her. The power that Betty had over her, simply by forcing her
into this position, was unbelievable. And it wasn’t over yet.

‘I don’t think she’s had enough’ said Taylor, looking at Betty.

‘No!’ shrieked Louise. ‘Please, please it hurts so bad. I’ve never been
spanked like that before. Please don’t spank me anymore’.

Betty sighed. She did look just like a young mother f***ed to spank an
errant c***d. The air in the cabin was electric.

‘There are some things you have to understand’ said Betty. ‘We run this
camp. We’ve been here a lot longer then you, and what we say goes. If we
want to spank you, you present your little butt for a spanking. If we
think you haven’t had enough, then you thank us for being so considerate.
There are a few things we’ve learnt on these camps. It’s one thing to
f***e a pissy little slut to take a spanking, and believe me we always
have to at the start, but it gets tiresome having to fight you all the
time. So from now on, you’re our bitch. I wouldn’t argue with that,
because at the moment you’re lying over my knee with a freshly spanked
bottom, so it sure looks like you’re my bitch. But we need you to show
that you understand this’

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