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How It All Started…..

The purpose of this story is more to let you readers know the situation. My stories will be based on my f****y and the fun that we have grown to having and I will try my best to retell all the sexual fun that we have experenced. It all started when I was 16 years old and legal. My f****y had always been nudist as far as I could remember however we often wore underwear so we werent constantly nude like some nudists do. It was a happy medium for the situation. A few days after my birthday my mother and father called all of us into the living room to talk to us about something serioous that got us all wondering what we had done however none of us expected what was about to happen.

We were all gathered and sitting together and my father began talking to us about being sexually active and wanted to know if we were sexually active. He went round us one by one, my s****r admitted that she had sex a few times with a boyfriend, my older b*****r admited to once and I admitted to my one time. He seemed really happy that we were all sexually active and asked us if we had all been safe to which we all answered yes. My mother then added that she wanted us all to be active before asking the next question.

My father then went on to explain that we were fairly cut off from the rest of the public being out of town and for large times just on our own. He explained that he understood that teenagers and young men and women all have urges and needs and explained that my mother and father had both been discussing the possibility of privately allowing us all to have sex with one another aslong as it never got out into the public. We all looked at each other and wondered if it was a wind up however my Father said that he knew it would be a shock and would allow us some time to think about it however my s****r was first to say that she would be cool with it aslong as it never got out. My b*****r then said he would be willing to aswell so I followed suit and agreed.

My parents both looked pleased at us and began running down the rules for it all to happen. They were things such as never forcing one another to do things they dont want to do, always being careful when having sex, if one asked to stop we should and if any of us got into a relationship that person was then out of bounds so that we didnt risk anyone finding out. We all agreed to the terms and we all started to look at one another a little differently than we had before. He dismissed us and we all went our seperate ways however we all knew the real fun was due to begin…

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