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I allowed my b*****r to enjoy me

My b*****r is three years older than me, so you can imagine how I felt when I first saw him in his glory.

He has a magnificent physique, in my eyes, but if the truth be known, he was the first naked male I had laid eyes on, and yes all the giggling and innuendo we girls talked excitedly about men, just fell to the wayside as I looked at my b*****r, teasing me, pretending to be a strip tease dancer, his penis swinging around wildly as he swayed his hips and thrust them provocatively in my direction.

I laughed at his crude antics, but it had an effect on me that day. I was at that age when boys, and men were becoming interesting to me, in a sexual way, and sitting here on the edge of my bed seeing my b*****rs penis in its full glory, excited me, and I wet my panties, not with pee, but with sex juice.

My b*****r was a bit of an exhibitionist, he was in love with his own shadow, using weights and all that gym stuff to develop muscle.

I laugh now thinking back, the only muscle girls are interested in is the one between his legs. We used to call it their ‘Light Muscle’, as a dirty thought or a tit flash could make it rise.

I lay back on the edge of me bed, somewhat in a provocative pose, my flannel skirt mid thigh, but my legs crossed, squeezing my thighs as it felt good and matched my feeling.
How can a teenage girl have such feeling for her b*****r, you my ask, but you see, we dissect our b*****rs into two parts, the upper part, and the more desirable bottom part.

By now he was hard and I was just staring at it. ‘Have you seen one this big before’, he asked me, I just shook my head to indicate I had not, not surprising considering my age.
‘Well this is what goes inside you when you fuck’, he explained, taking hold of his cock and thrusting in and out between his fingers, which I assumed were meant to be a woman’s vagina, I had learnt that much from biology classes.

‘Want to see it cum’, he asked me hoarsely, his tone and voice now changed, he was horny and his teenage s****r had his full attention.

I had heard a lot from my excited friends about men jacking off, so I wanted to have this private show from my b*****r, so I nodded in the affirmative this time, and as I did so his face darkened, ‘Take your clothes off’, he ordered, and in his command, I could hear the urgency of his need, a call that would echo down the ages whenever I was with men and about to have sex.

I got up from the bed and started to undress, and as each part of me became more fleshy and less clothes he looked as if he would explode, and that really excited me, seeing the effect I was having on a man as I got naked.

It did not take long for me to au natural, like my b*****r, even though my chest was flat I did have protruding nipples, a flat tummy, and a smooth curvature with tight lips, the classic little girl pussy, which was thrust in front of my b*****rs hard cock.

‘Do you want to me to lie down or just stand here’, I asked with my hands on my hips and my feet pretty well apart.

Like him I enjoyed being naked in front of him, now that I was, I too began to exhibit my sexuality.

‘Do you have a Jonny’, I asked him brazenly, I meant a condom but forgot the name and used the word I had heard my friend describe her father’s usage of them.

He shook his head to indicate he had not, and my heart had sank, I was up for it and in my disappointment I challenged him as to what we were going to do now.

I dont think he really cared as he was now wanking it with a little gusto, and why not he had me as a live image, ‘I want to cum on your ass’, he mouthed out excitedly, and I could his hand move more erratically, he certainly was close.

‘But I want to see you cum’, I feebly protested, ‘Lie down’ he countered, and I did so, not face down for him to mount me and obscure my vision, but more of a compromise so I could see him shoot.

I lay on my side and raised my leg high, opening my crotch in a crude manner, my thin vaginal line, my little girls pussy look had now parted, my labia swollen, like my b*****r’s cock my vagina ready for penetration had opened up to accommodate it.

We both were at the point of no return, and as he straddled my warn thigh, the sensitive inner thigh flesh could ascertain his testicles as they brushed along its length up to the point he entered me, and only stopped when our pubic hair became enmeshed.

I panicked, the fear of becoming pregnant terrified me, but I was in a quandary, It was inside me and I did not want it to go, at least not until I had my orgasm.

‘Be careful’, I pleaded, how many girls have shrieked that sentiment into the ear of a man fucking her, we want the cock, not the cum, and with that I put my effort into cumming as quickly as I could, the only noises now emanating from me were my moans and noise of my b*****r’s cock slipping in and out of my tight pussy,

My b*****r’s cock had a large head and with each outward movement he trawled a good secretion of my ‘Sex Juice’, which coated my little pink anus hole, and as I squeezed involuntary on his moving cock I was working my tight anus, the opening and closing of it acting like a piston rod, sucking up my sex juice into my anus.

Of course my diligent b*****r had been eyeing this little pink oasis of alternate pleasure, he had my frontal virginity, so why not claim the back passage as his right as my b*****r, so as I started the long climb to the apex of my orgasm, he thrust himself inside my ass.

I was caught be surprise, he went in without as much as a feeling of resistance, so well oiled I was, but it added a new dimension to my body as I squirmed in orgasmic bliss, his cock in my ass gave me a fuller feeling, and as my powerful female sphincter muscle gripped him, he emptied his balls deep inside me.

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