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I am My son’s bitch

I had been to Bombay for a month. My son rakesh was having some business there and I had not seen that city so I accompanied him. He had prospered like hell in his business. He had booked a siute in Taj. We reached the hotel at 7 in the evening. He went to take a shower. He came and we had some snack after I had taken wash. He had an invitation for a party, “why don’t you join me, mommy?” he asked me. I was more than happy. I dressed in a black silk saree and went with him. Lot of rich crowd was there. Women had dressed very seductively in party and some of them were running after my son. He was 28 , fair ,tall and handsome. One of the women even kissed him on his cheeks while leaving. We came back to hotel when it was half passed midnight. “You looked stunning in this saree, mommy.” He said while changing. He was bare-chested. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was looking so manly. “Come on rakesh..your mommy is 51 now..So many young women were chasing you there…” In fact, I was dying to hear a word of praise from my son and I didn’t had to wait long. “I swear mom, you outshadowed those girls there…you have such a ravishing figure.” My son was talking about my physical form. I was embarassed. “Really? What is so special about me?” I asked him like a college-girl. He stared at me from head to toe and smiled. I got very curious and wanted to pry out what was in my son’s mind. “Please tell..Rakesh…” I begged.
By the time I had started getting turned-on at the sight of my son’s hairy chest. At the same time I was feeling guilty as he was my son on whom I was having crush, at this age. “Mom, you look damn sexy with your saree low on your belly.” He spited out. I was all flattered. My son had liked my saree style and had called me ‘sexy’. Instead of getting furious I took it as a compliment. “You… like mommy blowing her navel!.” I looked at him mischievously. He smiled back gazing at the bulge in my blouse. I looked down in shame. Next day he took me out for shoping. He made me choose a few see-thru’ sarees. When we were back he said, “I want to see you in this dark blue saree when I come back”. I just nodded shyly. He left for his work and I was alone in that lavish suite in Taj. So many thoughts stormed my mind. I was 49 and he was 28. He was my own son. He was looking interested in me! and me? In one mind I was trying to shut these thoughts off my mind and in other, I was liking him, his company…..his body! My son had touched the woman in me. He had talked what a woman dies to hear to. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. here I was at 49. A bit fat, ripe and a fresh handsome man, my son was sold out on me. I felt proud looking at my image in the mirror.
I said to myself, “Rajani…you still have that charm….have that appeal….have that body…. what you had twenty years back. you have wooed your own son with your feminity…you can have your son anytime….” It was 8.30 and he was to come back in half an hour. I had to get ready….. I did a light make-up and took out the saree my son wanted me to put on. I wrapped it a bit tight over my fleshy curves. It was so much transperant that my white satini belly was showing clearly. I tucked in the pleattes of saree around two inches below my navel! Just then the bell rang. I ran to open the door. “Wow mommy….what a surprise!” He put down his bag and sat in the couch. He was gazing me like mad, “How do I look? Ok?” I was getting impatient for his answer. He lit a cigarrette and looked at me, this time seriously. Now his eyes were focussed on my navel. “A bomb-shell !” He said. I blushed dark pink in my cheeks. He came to me and grabbed my corpulent body in his arms, “You are damn sexy, Rajani. I want you…please…mommy…” He was pressing me hard. I was confused but didn’t oppose either, “Is this right Rakesh? I am your mother…I am scared to do this with you….”
He was rubbing his lips over my neck, my cheeks….He had even called me by my name and that had aroused me too. “Don’t worry mom…I want you and you want me too… Don’t you?” He slipped his hand inside my saree-pallu and caressed my lower belly, “Ye..s…..yes…ye…s, Rakesh. I want you too…you have made me young and fresh again…I can’t live without you now, Rakesh…” I had given up to my son. He was handling me the way he liked. I was feeling heavenly in my son’s arms. He turned me around. Now I was facing him. His manly lips so close to mine that his hot breadth was getting sprayed over my cheeks. “Kiss me mom….you want to, baby….” He let loose my hair. I was fully aroused and I flung my arms around my son’s neck, “Yes Rakesh….Yes…..I want to kiss you, darling!” I glued my lips to his. He smooched me real hard making slurping sounds. I darted my hungry tongue in my son’s mouth instigating him to suck on it. He sucked my tongue, bite my lips and cheeks. I dropped my pallu and stood before him…he gazed at my navel with lust.. “Rajani….my darling…my navel-queen….” He started licking my belly. I giggled shamelessly. He had cupped my bottom with both hands and had his mouth working on my bare belly… “Oh Rakesh…..ooooh…..kiss my navel…..pleeeeeease…” I wanted his mouth badly there. He cought me hard and flicked his hot tongue deep inside my navel…That triggered my libido like never before. He made my navel all wet with his saliva…I felt so horny then..
After he had turned my belly red and blue his eyes roved on the bulge in my low-cut blouse. My deep fleshy cleavage was showing. He cupped my bosom from over my blouse. Our eyes met. “Talk dirty to me, Rajani…” He squeezed me there brutally. I choked. He ignored my pleas and had my my bust crushing in his powerful hands. “Oooh Rakesh…..please…” He started unhooking my blouse. The sheer sight of my son stripping me made me so hot that I smooched him real hard again and again. Now my boobies sprang in my black bressier. A dark prominent mole shinned near my cleavage. “Liked it?” I asked my son taking my hands back to unstrap my bra. My bust potruded out erotically in that pose. He burried his face in my cleavage. I threw the bressier over bed and pressed his head on my bare bosom. ” I wanna watch you topless, Rajani.” He sat on bed. My dark red tits had hardened in those three inch pink circles before my son. I lifted my 42C size melons in both hands …. “What a bust, mom!” I wanted him to unleash his lust for my bosom so I swayed my boobies before my son to seduce him…. finally he flicked his hot tongue over my tits… “OOhhh baby….ooh. Rakesh…suck your mommy….” I was shoving my entire bust in my son’s mouth like a bitch on heat…My enormous wealth was getting m*****ed in my son’s hands and I was offering it to him willingly.
He sucked on my tits for long twenty minutes. He unlaced my saree slip. Now I was only on black panties before my 28 year old son. My ripe white flesh was oozing sex from every inch. He undid his pant and I could see the gigantic bulge in his underwear. “You take a walk around this room. I want to jerk watching you first, darling.” He pulled out his tool and I was all agog. He had atleast nine inch thick penis.His tip was shining red. I walked around as he jerked looking at my full round bottom wriggling in my skimp panties. His love-pole had set my mouth watering. I took the lipstick and started rubbing it on my lips seductively gazing at my son’s cock. “Suck my cock in your hot juicy mouth, Rajani…..” I was just waiting for this moment. I rubbed his hot penis on my cheeks, my eyes. Then I traced the length of his pole with my tongue. His cock smelt so erotic that I went for it and tried to took him fully inside my mouth. He was very big for my mouth. He prssed my head hard on his cock I chocked but finally took him deep down in my throat. he was watching his mother dance her mouth on his pole. “You look so hot sucking me, mommy.” His words fueled my hunger and I started chewing him inside my hot slippery mouth….I was looking at him all the time with his cock in my mouth…that gave me a different pleasure! When he was fully hard and erect he pulled me onto him. Now I was spread up on my son. He asked me to talk dirty again, “Rakesh, make me your doll tonight.
I am very tight and hot down there, beta, your mommy is very hot in bed. I dream of your hands running in my bush down there..This Rajani is starving of your cock..please give it to me..I’ll take deep inside…please Rakesh..” “You want me to fuck you, my sexy Rajani?” He was squeezing my mature bottom lovingly. I felt his hands very sweet on my ass. “Yes Rakesh..fuck your mommy tonight, please. Tear off my little pink pussy with your giant pole. I am so horny for you, my darling son. Come on please, feel me Rakesh. I’ll scream so sexy when you fuck me.” I had shed all my inhibitions and had become my son’s bitch. I licked his hairy chest leaving my lipstick traces evrywhere. “I’ll fuck you real hard, mommy.” He said. I was more than horny to hear him say that. “Yes my sweetheart, fuck me hard. I’ll hold your hot cock inside my pussy all night long. Now take off my panties and give your mommy a fuck of lifetime…” He got up and made me sl**p under him. I saw my son take off my panties. Now I was full nude layed on bed before him. He touched my pussy with the tip of his penis.
That hot touch on my soft delicate skin made me writhe in sheer ecstacy. He pushed hard. I chocked, “OOOOOOOH RAKESH……IT’S TOO BIG….UUUUI MAAA…OOOH.” I literally felt as if my pussy was getting teared apart. With one more powerful thrust my son was completely inside me. He started banging me real hard. My pussy muscles contracting and decontracting to feel that i****t pleasure….to take my son as deep as possible. It was like two volcanos clashing..He had turned his 49 year old mommy into a real hot bitch. My son was having a matured sexy woman in bed but he gave me such a banging that I felt younger than him. With tongues entangled and bellys crushing my son was fucking me. The noise of our fucking filled the room, making us both more horny. Then he increased the pace and I started screaming, “Oh Yes…Ooooh..ya….Fuck Your Rajani…Make Her Your Bitch….I am Damn sexy Rakesh…” And he empties his jism in wads inside his mommy’s womb. I felt totally exhausted. My pussy itching overflown with my son’s cum…. “You were so sexy, mom.” he lied by my side. I went into his embrace. My lipstick had gone all astray over my cheeks, my tits were swollen, my face was swaiting and I went to sl**p all naked in his arms.

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