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I fucked my ex boyfriends dad.

So this story is one i haven’t told too many people, because in all honesty it’s one i like to keep to myself, or to my own “wank bank.” but since you’re all such good boys i thought i’ll share it with you to add yours. i’ll call it “my boyfriend’s dad.” this goes back to when i was with my first real boyfriend around my teen years (wont say the age). my boyfriend at the time had a dad who was one of the biggest flirts i’ve ever met. bigger than i am. yes, hard to believe. but anyway, he was a womanizer in all respects, even down to shamelessly hitting on my own mother. regardless, i liked him as i found him fun and he was quite a dilf. one night my boyfriend and i were heavily fooling around in his bedroom while his dad was out. my top was off, panties were well on their way to being off and i was on top of him. he was grabbing my tits and playing with them when BOOM, because we’d be busy we didn’t hear his dad walk in. (whoever thought of knocking!!) we all froze and his dad continued conversation as i was in two minds of what to do. “do i cover up or do i like the fact that he’s staring at my tits?” his dad carried on talking and i never bothered covering up. boyfriend and i had a laugh over it and i figured that was it. until a few days later when i was in the kitchen getting something from the fridge and i think my boyfriend was in his room on a game or something. i bent over to grab something and he jokingly slapped my ass and said something like “even better view from behind.” i froze for a second and then wiggled it for him. this happened a few times for about a week and it kind of became like a routine in different rooms and scenarios. then one of the days he’d had a few beers and the boyfriend hadn’t come home from work yet. i was playing a video game while waiting for him and he joined in. i was wearing little short shorts and bent over to swap a controller when before i knew he had his hand behind me and a REALLY firm grab of my ass. he pulled by shorts to the side and started rubbing my pussy. i was so shocked by it but also turned on at the same time. he rubbed it a few times and i got wet, so he slipped a finger in. i was so turned on, but then it was like he was teasing me because he stopped mid way. i didn’t know what to do, whether it was a moment of d***kenness or what. then a couple of weeks had passed by and nothing, until he randomly asked if i wanted to stay over for the weekend. the weekend my boyfriend would be staying with his mother. my mom knew none the less, so i didn’t mention it and i was so turned on by it i couldn’t help myself. i came over not knowing (only hoping) what to expect. i came over, let myself in and waited til he came home from his shopping. he came in and said “well i hope you don’t think you’re just going to sit there all weekend.” he walked over to the bed, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and shoved my head on it with f***e. i was wet as fuck and loving the fact that my boyfriend’s fathers cock was in my mouth. he stopped me just short of cumming in my mouth to my confusion, threw me down and started licking me out. i was literally throbbing and ready to cum. he licked pussy the way no guy to this day has (yes, most guys are awful… sorry). i don’t know if it was him or the sheer excitement but, it was incredible. my pussy was literally throbbing and squeezing and begging to cum when he stopped again. my mind was racing “is he giving me a fucking ruined orgasm or what?!!?” but before i had time to think, he was lubing up his cock by rubbing it against my pussy. i was a bit nervous, why i don’t know, but it was a big thrill and a big step to go from teasing and sucking cock, to actually getting FUCKED by my boyfriends dad. he said “this is what you wanted, isn’t it?” and before i could even answer he shoved it straight inside me and i cummed almost instantaneously as he filled me with cum. this went on throughout the weekend, and the sexiest part was when i knew my boyfriend would be home in an hour, i rode his cock one more time and made him fill my pussy. when my boyfriend got home, i welcomed him with open legs and let him cum inside me too. i loved the fact that my pussy was filled by father and son at the same time… if only i could have talked them into a threesome!!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:28 pm

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