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I hate Menards!! But not today!

I had an interesting day today! I hate going to Menards with a passion! That usually is followed by a big mess in my house I need to clean up! But I was dragged there this morning to start a new project for shelves. So my husband asked me to go with him because we haven’t done much together away from home.

I decided to wear a shorter skirt and blouse for the trip. I like wearing that sort of thing to ‘guy’ places because I like the feeling of eyes on me. We got there and the list began. My husband was totally into talking with this employee about wood and things, so I told him I would be around and see him later. I walked away from him and to the other side of the store and went to the power tools aisle. I always get a kick out of hearing guys bragging in that area about the size and durability of their tools.

The only guy in the aisle was this k** arranging and stocking. So I walked around a little and browsed. I could feel him glancing at me and finally, he came over and asked if I needed help. I looked directly at him and he had a drop dead GORGEOUS smile. Tanned and wearing the Menards shirt turned me on a little. His hair was cut short and spiked up a little. I know a little more about power tools than the average chick, so I feigned stupid and let him start to ‘woman’ down his description of certain things. We talked about tools for a few and I finally said I would go get my husband, but I already new he needed to go down the aisle anyway and asked if he would still be there.

He said he would be and I walked away. When I found my hubby, he was in that direction anyway. We went back into the aisle and the guy asked if he could help us. My husband said no and went back to looking. So did I! The k** looked 18 or 19 and was looking good bending over picking up boxes. He glanced at me every so often and I just stared when I could to get eye contact. Finally I turned to the side and was talking to mine, glancing behind him to the k** every so often. He was kneeling on the floor and stood, stretching his back as I stared. When he glanced over then, I smiled and raised the hem of my skirt a little, feeling how far the material raised by the rubbing on my skin. I know it was an inch or so above the lowest part of my cheek, giving him a view of my butt and thong strap. His eyes bulged and I smiled real big.

We finally chose a drill and saw blades and walked towards the main aisle. When we passed the k**, he bent over to pick up a box and I gave his butt a little tap. When I rounded the corner, He was squatting, staring at me with a big grin. My husband said he needed to find a few more things and find someone to get the wood. So I walked around some more alone. But found myself going straight back to the k**. We talked a little, about how hard he worked, his age (19), school, that he should take a break (lol a hint) which he said he was due one then. So I smiled at him and asked where the restrooms were. I needed a break myself. So we walked that way.

On the walk, I asked him about a girlfriend, yes. Happy with her, yes. Actually engaged as of this past Valentines Day. We got to the bathrooms and I looked around and saw no one around and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, patting his butt again. I looked in the womens room and closed the door and looked up at him and quietly asked him if he would care to join me in private. So I stood back as he went in the mens room. A few seconds later, the door opened an inch or so and I slipped in.

I went into a stall and sat on the seat as he came in behind me, closed and locked the door. I pulled my feet up and turned my knees to the side to not be seen and he stepped up to me. I pulled him down to me by the shirt collar and kissed him. He was shy at first but warmed up quick. I reached down as his tongue came between my lips and ran my hand along the front of his jeans to his bulge. Teen bulges are so sexy to me. I pulled his shirt out of his jeans and kissed his neck. He stood up again and I raised his shirt and kissed his stomach as I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped him.

I pushed his jeans about halfway down his thighs and tingled when I saw how muscular his legs are. He works out quite a bit, I’d bet. I was teasing him around his shorts elastic and started tugging the down. Finally I couldn’t waste any more time and reached in and pulled him out. Not the biggest I have had but impressive. It was not quite hard yet, but a good 8 inches and thick. Veined and a good sized mushroom head. My husband’s is only about 6 inches and the head and shaft are about the same size. This k**’s head was about a quarter of an inch bigger around than the shaft, which was pretty thick.

I pulled him to me and took the head in my mouth. It was a tight fit. I was worried about scr****g teeth on him for a second, until he put his hands on either side of my head and pulled me towards him. I thought I was going to choke! I had about 4 inches in my mouth and I thought my cheeks were going to pop!! I slowly pulled away from him and he slowly pulled me back to him. I am 32 years old and here I am, my husband filling his list, I am in the mens room giving a 19 year old k** a blow job!!! I was loving every second of it! This was the closest I had ever been to my husband while having anything with someone else. It was a rush!

The only intention I had was a quick blow, and then go find mine and try to get him going towards the house. But naughty got the better of me and I took his hands in mine and my lips from his cock and looked up at him and smiled. I stood, took off my thong, turned around and kneeled on the seat facing the wall. I felt his fingers touch my hips and slide forward, his hard cock was coming between my legs where I could see it. It looked huge from that direction. One hand left my hip and his head pressed into me, rubbing my clit. I reached down and spread open for him to have full contact. His shaft rubbed against me making me wet. I so much wanted this young guy inside me.

Finally, I felt the ridge where the head met the shaft slide over my clit and I could feel my juices building. I was, to say the least, eager!! Left hand on the wall, right cheek on the wall, right hand spreading my lips, holding my breath and waiting to feel him pushing into me! Life can’t be much better than that! Finally, I felt him clear me and the tip slide up to my hole. He leaned in a little and the pressure on me was big! That mushroom tip was bigger than I had thought and he had a little trouble going in, and it was then that I thought about asking him if he could use a rubber. But at that thought, he stretched me a little and slid right in. I WAS worried about a spot on a leather truck seat going home, but not now.

He felt GREAT! His head was enough to fill out and hit every spot inside me and his shaft was doing wonders on my ring of nerves! I was in ecstasy from that moment till the end! He got the head in and stopped. Pushed in a little and stopped. Pushed in a little more and stopped. Pulled out a little till I felt that heavenly mushroom ridge. Then pushed back in. Back and forth, in and out, little by little giving me more and more till he was coated with my juices and I didn’t need to hold open for him. I was as covered as he was. He put both of his hands on my hips again and was carefully pulling me back towards him, going deeper each time. It has been a long time since my nerves were woke up this much in a quick time! I think it was the size and the thought of this teen inside me that made me feel every inch of him.

I reached between my legs and hadn’t gone far when my fingers felt his sack. I followed them up to his shaft and he was burying himself completely inside me! GOD he felt great! It wasn’t but a minute or 2 that this happened and he wasn’t done. But I was already nearing my orgasm, which IS odd! Usually, it takes a while and the guy has to work pretty good at it to get my first one to happen! Not now! I was getting close when I heard the door open and someone walked in!

The next stall door opened, shut and locked. My panic level peaked, but I felt a reassuring hand on my back and a slow push back in. I just bit my lip and slowly breathed out. I suddenly got the rush of having sex in a public place, in a forbidden place, with a near stranger, with another stranger only a foot or 2 away! I felt him reach the limit and start to slowly pull out. He was starting to swell inside me, filling me more and I was tightening around him.

I turned my head so I was now pressed to the wall with both hands and my left check and jaw. I looked down and saw a very familiar pair of shoes and socks, realizing I was now having this young guy inside me with my very happy hubby sitting in the next stall! This was awkward to say the least! I put my hand back but he was pushing in again! I held my breath and bit my lip! He felt so good in me and I was reaching full orgasm and full panic at the same moment!

I took a slow deep breath and held it as I pushed back towards my young lover and I was in heaven! Have you ever had an orgasm, but was in a position where you could not utter a single sound? I was there at around 10 a.m. this very morning! I clawed the wall, held my breath, squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lip and never uttered a sound! Not even a squeak! I turned my head and he was looking at me, aware that something happened because I must have nearly pinched him off! I smiled and he nodded and pushed in again! I reached back and pulled him down to me by his collar and kissed him deep.

The toilet next to ours flushed and my husband walked over to the sinks. As I was being impaled again, I looked past my stud’s arm, through the door gap, and saw my husbands face in the mirror. He was totally unaware that I was right there with him, with another guy inside me. His little wife was being mounted within feet of him and he just walked out of the restroom.

As the door shut, I breathed out finally! What I thought was going to be a breath was actually a half moan, half bellow as I felt that rod pushing back in! I checked my watch and we had only been in the bathroom for 11 minutes of this k**’s 30 minute break!

I felt him pull back as I let out another moan. It felt too good to be quiet for a few minutes or until someone came in. But as the ridge came to the nerves again, I felt a little pressure and he was pulling farther than before. I reached back just as the head came out with a plop sound. I felt me and I was stretched. My hole felt big enough to put a car in! I could easily fit 4 fingers in to the knuckles! That can be some fun!

But I felt something splatter on my butt. Before I could react, that mushroom was pressing into my rear! But I was in no mood to argue! I was never a big fan of anal, but after the last 5 minutes or so, I figured what the hell, and let him push in. I guess I was relaxed and lubed enough because he had little problem going in, and as my favorite ridge entered, I came again! I still had my four fingers in me and him pushing into a place where only 1 other has been in my whole life and I came with 2 quick gasps and a long exhale!

I pulled him down to me and kissed him again as I pushed back, taking him in deep myself. I wanted to feel him as deep as I could! It hurt a little, I will admit! But it felt so good! He stood up again and grabbed my hips with his hands and pulled out, stopping at that ridge only for a second and pushed in again. In and out, ridge and root! I loved this k** at that moment!

At that moment, I felt him swell a little and reached back and his sack shriveled and heaved in my fingertips. I was caught off-guard as he came, filling me with his cum! I felt the pressure of his spasms, felt the heat of the liquid, felt him bury his length inside me, felt his lower abdomen pressing against my cheeks and felt a sudden intense swelling in me as his cum seemed to fill me up! I have never had so many feelings at once! I felt every sensation at one time! I pulled his hand to my mouth as my back arched and held it there to muffle me! I needed help because I knew I was having a big one. Using my hand to hold his tightly over my mouth, I know I screamed an orgasm scream! But thank god it was stifled!

He pulled out of me and I turned around and sat as he stood straight. I took my handkerchief out of my purse and used it to clean him up and gave his cock one last long, deep suck and a kiss on the tip as a very well deserved ‘thank you’! He deserved it! I pulled off some paper and reached down to clean me up and felt very little wetness there. I knew he was deep but I was holding it in, even though I was stretched open about an inch or more. I was now REALLY worried about sitting in the seat and getting home to a big puddle in the plush leather! So I stuffed in the handkerchief and slid my thing back on for the ride home. I can deal with the getting rid of later.

I dressed and before we exited the restroom, he glanced out. He had 1 minute left to punch back in. No one was near and I gave him a kiss and a crotch pat as I left. Back out in front, they were just finishing loading the wood on the trailer when I walked outside. I walked up and hugged my husband, giving him a small kiss on the lips, getting horny again thinking that 3 minutes ago, I was letting someone else cum inside me. I don’t think I am going to argue about going shopping anywhere again with him.

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