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i night spent with my mum

When I was 10 my mum and dad divorced, and me and my mum moved in to a new house,my mum had a good job in an office so she could support us we was both happy with our new life away from my dad.

A few years past and I had come in to my body I was in to sports so I was in shape muscular I got a lot of attention from the girls at school I would date girls but nothing seemed to last a couple of months at the most when I would get in to a relationship I wouldn’t take long till we started having sex I was lucky because I have a big dick 10in but I never really let on to girls until they found out themselves I was a bit shy when it came to sex even after all the time I had sex I still got nervous.

Whenever one of my relationships would end I was upset because I did want to have a serious girlfriend a few of my mates where in serious relationships and I would get jealous, so after I would go home after another brake up my mum would know straight away she would let me be on my own for an hour then come check up on me she was very caring and always seem to know what to say to cheer me up again.

My mum (Leanne) had me when she was sixteen so she looks amazing all my mates would tell me they wanted to fuck her and they always wanted to come round to my house just to see her, she is 32 and her body was still perfect she is 5ft 6 dark brown hair that just fell below her shoulders, she had the most beautiful blue eye’s when the light hit them right they shone like diamonds ,she had an all year round tan from using the sunbeds, she was slim but she had curves, she had 32D breast I couldn’t help but look at them when she would wear a tight top or a low cut dress, she had such a perfect ass toned from all the working out she did at the gym.

The day started as normal I got up to the sound of my mum shouting

“Dan wake up you need to get ready for college”

I got up and went to the bathroom connected to my bedroom then I went down to get some breakfast, I went in to the kitchen and sat down at the table my mum was stood at the counter, she was wearing a short nightgown witch only just covered her arse, when she turned and faced me I nearly fell off my chair I really don’t know how her beautiful tits where still in her nightgown it was only just covering them, my mum placed my plate down in front of me and asked

“sweetie are you ok”

“ermm yeah why” I answered breaking me out of my trance

“you just don’t look well” she said to me with concern in her vocie

“no im fine really mum” I answered looking down to my plate

I finished my food then went up to my room to get ready for my last day at college, I got in my room closed the door jumped on my bed the picture of seeing my mum tits almost falling out of her nightwear made me crazy, I pulled down my shorts and grabbed my hard cock rubbing it up and down slowly and picking up speed the thought of that arse and those perfect tits I was wanking over my mum I couldn’t believe it but I couldn’t help it, I was rubbing quite fast now and I could feel I was about to cum then the first shot of cum came flying out and landed on my chest with another three shots landing on my abdomen.

I got up and went straight to my bathroom and cleaned myself up I had a wash and brushed my teeth then got dressed, I went back down to the living room to grab my phone and some money, as I was walking to the front door I heard my mum shout to me

“excuse me young man come back here”

I wondered what I had done trying to think of everything I have done

“yeah mum what’s up” I said a little worried about what she wanted me for

“was you about to go out without giving your mum a kiss goodbye” she said trying not to smile and be serious

“oh mum thought I was going to shout at me then” I said laughing

I went up to her and kissed her on the cheek then went towards to door and walked out the door, it was a really nice day so I decided to walk, it took me about 10 minuets to reach the college, I went through the gates and was met by my mates an we went in to the college.

I was only in college about two hours and they said we could all go home early, I was walking down the hall towards the exit when my mate Jay appeard

“ Alryt mate u want come have a kick about” Jay said bouncing a football in front of me

“Yeah ok if you wanna get beat again” I said laughing

“so its like that is it mate come on then the other lads are waiting for us” Jay answered me

We went around to the field behind the college I texted my mum just to tell her I was going be late cause I was having a kick about she replied quick

“ok sweetheart see you when you get home x”

we played football for a couple of hours, I was getting hungry so I told them I was off home, I started walking home it was still really hot so I called at the local shop to pick up a bottle of water for the walk home. I got home and shouted

“mum im back”

but there was no reply I went in to the living room to put my bag down, then I went up stairs to my room as I walked past my mums room the door was slightly open and I could her slight noises I pushed her door open a little bit more to see what was making that noise, I couldn’t believe what I saw my mum was on her bed completely naked with her legs open she was rubbing her pussy with her right hand and with her left hand she was squeezing her left tit, I could see her pussy so clearly so smooth not a single hair on it, my eyes travelled up her body over her toned stomach till I got to her perfect breast they where still firm for her age . My cock went straight hard before I knew it my hand had found the front of my pants I started to rub my cock, then I put my hand down the front of my pants and pulled out my hard 10in cock and started to stroke it up and down at the sight I was seeing, her moans started to get louder and I could see she was starting to shake meaning she was almost ready to climax I stared stroking my cock faster trying to link our pleasure together just has I was about to cum a quickly shoved my cock back in to my pants as I came I watched my mum tense up and cum, she was breathing heavily and just collapsed on her bed.

I quickly went to the top of the stirs and pretended I had only just come in and shouted

“hey mum I’m back now where are you”

I could hear her rushing to her door and close it

“ok sweetie I will be out in a minuet” I heard her say from her room

as I walked to me room I was smiling knowing I had just watched her playing with herself and she had no idea, I went in to my room and left the door open to let some fresh air in I went in the bath room and put the shower on and got undressed and got in the shower, I started washing myself then I heard my mums voice in my room

“Sweetie where are you”

“in here mum having a shower”

I heard her walk to the bathroom door and walk in, because I had grown up with only my mum I was comfortable around her I could walk around the house in just my boxers and not think anything of it and I could even talk to her about sex.

“did you have fun with your friends darling” my mum said while folding up my clothes

“yeah it was good as always my team won” I answered feeling good about it

“thats good sweetie, when your done come down and I will get you some dinner”

“thanks mum wont be a sec”

as I turned to look at my mum through the glass shower door I could see my mum looking down towards my cock through the fogged up glass then she left the room. I got out of the shower and dried myself and put on some shorts I didn’t put a t-shirt on it was to hot then went down stairs, I went and sat at the table in the kitchen where my mum was she walked round to where I was sitting and handed me a beer I looked up at her confused she had never give me a beer before, I had drank but without her knowing,

“what’s this for mum” I said with confusion in my voice

“i was thinking today your not my little boy any more its time I started treating you like the young man you are “

“ok if your sure its all right with you “ I said still unsure what was going on

I opened my beer and took a drink of it, my mum turned around and went up stairs I grabbed my beer and went and sat in the garden, I finished my beer and lay down on the grass I had to close my eyes because of the sun in my eyes, a few minuets later something cold touched my chest making me shoot up when I realised what it was it was only my mum with another can of beer for me, my eyes where still a bit funny from the sun but when they went back to normal I could see what my mum was wearing.

As my eyes adjusted again I was sent in to a trance again by the beauty of my own mum she was wearing a small black and gold bikini the top of her bikini was only just covering her tits and the bottom covered arse tightly to the point it was going in to the crack in the arse,

“you ok sweetie don’t think I have ever seen you move so fast in your life” she said laughing

“i didn’t no what it was shit me up”

“here have your drink it will help you relax” my mum said handing me my drink

I took it from her and and had a drink from the can

“darling can I ask you a big favour please”

“yeah sure what is it”

“could you put this sun block on my back please”

she held out the bottle of sun tan location, I took it from her and she lay on her front, I put some of the location on my hands and rubbed it on her shoulders and down to the middle of her back then back up to her shoulders

“sweetie your going to have to go lower or I will be half burned”

so I put some more location on my hand and went right down her back till my hands brushed her bikini bottoms

“don’t forget my legs darling”

after I had covered her back I turned around a little and started from her ankle moving up her calf then her thigh as I got to the top of her thigh I accidentally brushed against her pussy I didn’t know what to do she didn’t say anything so I moved on to her other leg starting from her ankle again and all the way up I thought I would try again so as I got to the top of her leg a brushed a bit harder against her pussy and once again she didn’t say anything.

I had finished putting the sun tan location on her I went in the house and got us both another drink, I passed my mum her drink she sat up

“aww thanks darling you must of read my mind “

we spent about two hours in the yard enjoying the sun and drinking it was getting late and cold so we decided to go in and watch a film I took all my cans and put them in the bin while my mum went up to her room to get changed, I picked the film I was in the mood for a horror so I picked one and put it in ready and sat on the couch, I heard my mum walking in to the living room so I pressed play the started and I turned to tell her the what film I had picked, she was wearing her tight
short-shorts and a tight tank she walked in front of me and sat down next to me

“could you go get some more drink hunnie before the film starts” she said to me placing her hand on my leg

“yeah sure mum what do you want”

“ermm I think I will have something stronger vodka and coke please darling”

I got up and went to get the drinks, as I was pouring the drinks my mum shouted in to me

“hurry Mr the films about to start”

I quickly finished making the vodka and coke and grabbed myself a can and went in to the living room and sat back down on my couch next to mum and past her the drink, we sat there watching the film and drinking, we was about thirty minuets in to the films when a sex scene came on my cock started to twitch watching the two lover’s having sex, my cock was starting to go hard pushing against my shorts I had to try and loosen my shorts without my mum seeing, I glanced over to my mum her eyes lock on to the screen watching the two characters fucking, I raised my hips a little and fixed my shorts to give me more slack at the front.

I could see out of the corner of my eye my mum keep moving slightly

“you ok mum”

“ermm yeah I’m fine sweetheart” she said turning to face me

I continued watching the film, then I felt my mum put her hand on my thigh and say

“i no the film isn’t over sweetie but all this alcohol has gone right to your mums head and I think it’s bed time for me”

“ok mum I will just finish the film then I’m going bed”

mum got up kissed me on the cheek and went up stairs, my mind played back everything that happened today from seeing my mum masturbating seeing her in the short night gown then that bikini, my cock started to harden she is my mum and I’m getting a hard on thinking of her part of me knew it was wrong to but there was another part of me that wanted to see more, the film ended and I turned everything off and headed up to my room.

As I went past mum’s room the door was open slightly again and I could hear the same noises as before when she finger fucking herself, My cock got even harder at the thought of being able to watch her playing with her beautiful smooth pussy again, I could hear her starting to moan a little louder so I pushed on the door causing to to open slowly just enough for me to get a really good view of the show, I looked down o the tent in my shorts and pulled out my cock and started stroking it up and down once again, her moans got louder as she picked up speed she was saying something I couldn’t make it out then she said it again louder

“oooo yeah Dan baby play with that pussy play with your mum’s pussy”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard my mum was playing with herself and thinking of me that made my cock get even harder, I started to stroke my cock faster

“yes yes sweetie faster harder, don’t stop make mummy cum that feels so fucking good”

I was stroking my cock so fast now I could feel my balls tighten but before I could do anything shot after shot of my spunk flew in to my mum room, I didn’t no what to do I quickly put cock back in my shorts and quickly went in my room, I went to the bathroom to clean my cock of the left over bits of cum then got in bed my mind still racing from the thought of my own mum fucking herself to the thought of her son, I started to wonder if she would want to fuck me but how do I bring it up and would I have to make the first move I fell asl**p with them question still playing over in my head.

I was woken up by the sound of my bedroom door opening, as I tried to focus my still tired eyes I heard my mum’s voice say

“Dan sweetie are you still awake”

“yeah mum I’m up what’s up” I answered her still half asl**p

I could see her walk in to my room and just about make out she was wearing a dressing gown, then she walked over to my bed and sat on the edge, she placed her hand on my leg just above my knee, my cock twitched

“I can’t sl**p and wanted to see if you wanted another drink bit something a bit stronger”

as she finished talking she started rubbing my leg.

“yeah I could go for a strong drink what do you have in mind”

“i have a bottle a whiskey down there I keep for special occasions”

“What’s so special about tonight tho” I said slightly confused

“well I was thinking your not my little boy any more your growing up so fast I no it hasn’t been easy not having a dad around I just hope I have done a good job with you”

I sat up and got hold of her hand.

“mum you have been the best I couldn’t ask for any better you always make time for me when I need you and fuck dad you where all I needed”

I could see tears in here eyes but she was smiling, I hugged her tight and kissed her on the cheek, she stood up and walked back toward the door

“i will just go get us our drinks darling”

I got up out bed and went to splash some water on my face to wake me up I stood at my sink looking at my refection in the mirror trying to figure out if I was dreaming or not, then I heard my mum come back in my room, as I walked out of the bathroom I was stopped in my tracks at the sight of my mum she was standing there in a white t-shirt that hugged the was small and only went down to just below her belly button, as my eyes went down her body she only had on black and red panties.

“here’s your drink sweetheart now take your time with that or you will be on your arse in no time” she said handing me the drink

I took the drink from her and took a sip, I sat back down on my bed and my mu walked over and sat right next to me.

“it only seems like yesterday when I was teaching you to walk and changing your nappy’s”

“mum that’s kind of embarrassing” I said feeling my face turn red

“you think that’s embarrassing ha that’s nothing sweetie” she said taking a drink

“ok what’s morn embarrassing then that mum”

“how about being able to hear you fucking your girlfriends, hearing them moan and telling you faster and harder and I have even heard them say you have a big cock”

I was bright red I could tell I couldn’t say a word.

“embarrassing enough for you baby” she said giggling

“ yes deferentially. Im sorry I didn’t think you could hear us”

“if I’m going to be honest darling it was kind of a turn on hearing you fucking them girls so well made me proud”

“really” I said turning my head to face her

“yep first time it shocked me I wont lie you was only 15 but boys will be boys, then after that each time I heard them girls it turned me on and got me so wet”

“wow I really don’t no what to say to that”

I turn back to face the wall and took a bigger sip of my drink, I wasn’t use to drinks this strong and I could feel my body get lighter an my mind open up and I felt I could ask her more question

“mum can I ask you something but you don’t need to answer it if you don’t want”

“yeah sure sweetie I will answer any question you throw at me”

“did you ever…. ermm masturbate when you heard me and a girl”

she looked at me then back at her drink and downed the rest of the whiskey in her glass and put the glass on the floor, she turned around and put her legs up on the bed so only her feet where hanging over the edge now.

“i know its wrong but I just couldn’t help it yes I did hearing you fuck someone like that made me so horny one time I even came up stairs and went in to my room so I could hear better, I tried fighting the urge to but my pussy would get so wet and it wanted to be fucked”

“when you would do that was you thinking of me doing it to you”

“doing what darling”

I knew she was playing dumb so I would say it, I don’t no if it was the whiskey or the fact I was so horny hearing my own mum talking like this to me

“i was thinking of my fucking you”

I saw a smile come on her face she was happy I had said it

“ohh ok ha truthfully yeah there were even time I got jealous it wasn’t me”

“how come you was jealous mum”

“hearing how well you would fuck them girls I wanted to feel what is was like to be fucked like that now I have had sex quite a lot but nothing like that you really know what your doing for someone your age”

“i didn’t know I was doing anything special I just did what I saw when I was watching porn”

my stomach dropped I couldn’t believe I had just told my mum I watched porn it just slipped out and once again I felt my face turn red

“you need to let me know what porn sites your using if you learnt from that” she said laughing

I looked at her trying to figure out what was going on, then all of a sudden I got my scenes back and I realised I had a tent in my pants how long had I had it for I quickly tried to cover my self

“darling its ok you have had it for a while I thought you knew” she said looking down at the tent in my pants

I slowly took my hands away from the front of my pants

“sweetie I need to pee can I use your bathroom save me going down the hall”

“yeah sure ha you don’t need to ask”

she got up and walked across the room the the toilet I noticed she hadn’t closed the door, I leaned over to try and catch a view of her and I could, I could see she was looking at the floor then she stood up and I got a eye full of that beautiful pussy, I had to fight the urge to rub me cock, I thought it would burst out of my pants at any minuet.

She came out of the bathroom and came back and sat down next to me she placed her hand back on my thigh but this time a little higher.

“Mum I’m glad I can talk to you like this”

“same darling its nice I have wanted to talk to you like this for awhile but I didn’t know how you would take it”

I put my hand on hers and smiled at her, she looked at my hand then lifted her head up to meet mine then our eyes locked I could see the passion in her eyes and it made me want her so much more then it happened she made the first move our lips locked in a passionate kiss our tongues exploring each others mouths, I could feel her hand start to slowly rub my thigh getting high each time my hand working its way up her body till it reached its goal her beautiful mounds I could feel her nipple where already hard I was squeezing her left tit, her hand get closer and closer to my cock. Her hand finally reached my cock her hand rubbing it over my shorts, her other hand sliding up to met the other, she made her way up to my waist band and started to pull down my shorts I rose up a bit so she could pull them down all the way, my hard cock sprung out off my pants. Her eyes like scorers

“Wow no wonder all them girls would moan so much, have you ever measured it”

“yeah once 10in”

“very nice, I can’t call you little boy any more sweetheart”

she grabbed the tip of my hard cock and let her hand slid up and down my shaft slowly making me go crazy, my mind raced at the thought of my own mum rubbing my cock, my hand still on her right tit firmly my hand palming her hard nipple it felt amazing, a forbidden fruit I had only held in my dreams, she let out a low moan, she released her hand from my cock she slid up my body lifting her head to meet mine and kissing me hard.

She stood up and dropped to her knee’s in between my leg’s I could feel the warmth of her breath on my cock making it even harder she looked up at my staring deep in to my eyes and kissing my tip her lips so soft then kissing it again but leaving her lips planted on my tip longer then letting the tip of my cock slid in to her mouth her hand sliding up my leg then grabbing my shaft around the base, she put my head back in to her hot mouth again sucking it softly her tongue dancing around my tip.

It felt incredible her tongue as smooth as silk, slowly she slid my cock into her mouth a bit more before taking 5inches into her mouth then slowly let it slip out of her mouth, after she took my cock from her mouth she look back in to my eyes and said

“Do you like this my big boy”

“fuck yeah mum it feels amazing”

“Do you want to fuck your mummy mouth”

I grabbed the back of her head taking a hand full of her hair pulling it back slightly, I leaned down and kissed her my tongue deep in her mouth tasting her and my cock

“suck my hard cock mum suck it till I cum down your throat”

“such a dirty boy talking to your own mother like that and pulling my hair….i Fucking love it”

I released me grip on her hair letting it fall back down perfectly in place again, she grabbed my cock with f***e pulling the skin back exposing my tip, she pushed my cock up against my stomach bringing her head down and licking up from my base to my tip then back down making sure she didn’t miss a single part of my rock hard cock.

Her tongue back up licking the head of my cock driving me crazy all I wanted to do was throw her on to my bed spread her legs and drive my cock deep in to her beautiful smooth pussy, then she took my cock deep into her mouth almost taking it all in one go she started bobbing up and down every now and then stopping trying to take every inch of my cock, every so often I could hear her gag she continued to bob up and down, my moans and breathing increased the pleasure was amazing she looked up in to my eyes and knew I was getting close to blowing my load.

She carried on sliding her lips up and down my shaft getting to the top and teasing the under side of my tip with her tongue

“I’m gonna cum”

She didn’t miss a beat she just took more of my cock in to her mouth as the first jet hit the roof of her mouth I continued pumping shot after shot of cum in to her mouth has she slid her lips up and down my shaft, after a life time my cock stopped pumping she let my cock slide out of her mouth.

Looking up at me with my full load in her mouth with a big swallow and a soft moan she let my cum slide down her throat, She slid up my body putting her beautiful breasts in my face my hands coming up to meet them I grabbed hold of the bottom her t-shirt pulling it up over her head then letting my hands slide back to her breast and squeezing them slightly then taking her right tit and placing my lips around her nipple and sucking it hard then softly biting down on her now hard nipple.

“that’s right baby suck on mummy’s tit”

I let her tit fall from my lips then placing my hand on her hips gently pushing her back, I stood up my mum needing to slightly look up at me, I placed my hand gently on her neck and brought her close to me her tits pressing right up against my chest kissing her with passion I lowered my hands down her back reaching her panties pushing them down I could only get them down just enough to be able to see her mound, still locked in the kiss our tongues still dancing around each others mouths I spun us around and gently pushed her down so see was sitting on the edge of the bed.

I dropped to my knee’s and right away grabber her panties almost ripping them off she leaned back on to the bed spreading her legs revealing her pussy the sight of it sent my cock rock solid again, I slid my fingers in between the lips of her pussy she was so wet her juices making her pussy glisten in the dim light of the room.

My fingers sliding in between her pussy lips, then finding her little love button causing her to let out a slight moan making me rub a little faster causing her body to twitch, I looked up at my beautiful mum biting her bottom lip the lust on her face turning me on so much more, I ran my fingers down her pussy finding her hole and sliding my index in fucking her hole fast her juices making it easy for my finger to fuck her.

I went up her body kissing her on the way up till I got to her mouth kissing her once again as I fucked her pussy, I let me index finger slid out the sliding two fingers into pussy, she kept moaning as we french kissed I broke the kiss and letting my fingers slip out of her soaking wet pussy I needed to taste her.

I slid down her body, as I got between her legs, kissing her mound and around her pussy lips she moaned softly I kissed the top of her slit then extended my tongue licking down her pussy till it went In to her hole I tongued up and down her hole and around her beautiful snatch.

Her taste was amazing I could eat it all day, her body started to gyrate she began to moan a lot more pushing the back of my head deeper in to her cunt I moved my head up to her clit flicking my tongue over it a few time before sucking on it the flicking my tongue over again

“ooohhh fucck baby keep doing that don’t stoppp fuckk”

I did as my mum told me I didn’t stop, her pussy covered with my saliva making it slippery I worked my two fingers in to her pussy slowly finger fucking as I continued to tease her clit.

She was panting heavily now bringing her hands up to her perfect tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples as she continued to moan and pant, I knew she was close to cumming. She was so beautiful my cock solid again.

I knew she was ready to cum my fingers deep inside her pussy feeling for her G-spot to finish her off. Then her pussy began to clamp down on my fingers, her body going stiff and tensed up I continued to quickly flick my tongue over her clit. Then all at once she relaxed and let out a scream of pure passion as her pussy began to clench and unclench while she had a powerful orgasm. She came what felt like a lifetime moaning over and over while I tongued her clit and pressing her G-spot.

She finally began to clam down relaxing as I slowed my tongue against her clit and slowly slid my finger out of her soaking pussy. My tongue slipping down to her opening needing to taste more of her. She was gushing I covered my face as a lapped up all I could of her sweet flavour.

She grabbed a hand full of my hair pulling it back bringing my eyes up to her, I crawled up her body she pulled me hard to her forcing her tongue in to my mouth tasting her own pussy. With more strength then I thought she had she rolled me over sitting on top of me

“now I want you to fuck me and FUCK me hard”

she slipped down in between my legs grabbing my hard cock and leaning down and putting my head in to her mouth coating it in her saliva getting it slippery.

She climbed back on top of me lifting her pelvis up enough for me to grab my cock and guide it into her hole, I positioned it in front of her hole as I did she slammed her self down hard taking all of my 10inches all at once, she began to bounce on my cock I grabbed her tits enjoying the ride

“your cock feels so fucking good baby” she said

“you like being fucked hard don’t you” I said back to her

“ohh fuck yes I do. I love fucking a big cock”

she fell on to my chest stopping bouncing and started trusting her hips forwards and backwards still taking all of my dick.

“Ahhhh fuck baby i’m gonna cum again”

in one quick move I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her back over getting back on top of her pounding away her pussy hard, she brought her hard down to her clit furiously rubbing it.

“ahhhhh fuck baby”

she began to cum for the second time her pussy clenching around my cock trying to drain me of all my cum, I held on as I continued to pound her pussy through her orgasm.

Her breathing got slower, and I slowed my humping as I slid in and out of her dripping cunt.

“oh fuck I haven’t cum that hard in so long baby” she panted

I leaned down kissing her neck then nibbling on her earlobe she let out a light moan

“get on the floor and kneel down so I can fuck them tits” I ordered her

“oohhh I like when you talk like that Mr” she replied winking at me

she a bayed my order and got on her knee’s pushing her tits tight around my cock as a pumped, she stuck out her tongue licking my head every time it came close to her.

I was getting close to cumming and she knew it she let go of her tits

“I know what we can do next baby. I will be right back” she said

she got up kissing me as she did then left the room. I watched her leave the room waiting to catch up to her and fuck her again.

She came back in to the room with her hands behind her back

“Get up now Mr”

I did as she said and stood up and she walked over to me handing me a bottle of lube. She walked past me and crawled on to the bed. Raising her arse up in to the air

“i want up to lube up that cock then my arse” she said looking back at me

I knew right away what she wanted. I walked over to the edge of the bed behind her putting my left hand on her beautiful ass then spanking her.

“ahhhhhhh yess I have been sooo naughty, I need to be punished” she said

I spanked her again leaving a red hand print on her right arse cheek. She let out a loud moan.

I opened the top of the bottle squirting it on to my hand and rubbing it all over my 10inches. Then putting some on my fingers and rubbing it on her entrance and slowly inserting my index finger in to her arse hole it was so tight but I had put enough lube on my cock and her arse.

I slid my finger out of her ass and grabbed my cock to guide it in.

“baby I like it rough but please take it slow at first”

I pointed my head towards her pretty little arse hole, I slowly pushed my cock in to her about an inch

“ohh fuck just stop for a minuet baby” she said

I did rubbing her cheek where I had been spanking her

“ok baby put more in me”

she lowered her head sticking her arse out more begging me to fuck her tight arse. I started to push more of my hard cock in to her causing her to gasp, I had about 4inches in her I pulled out slightly then pushed back in a little harder making her scream.

“ahhh fuckk baby yes thats feeling so fucking good do that again”

I pulled my cock almost all the way out then drove my cock in to her arse she ached her back screaming again, I started trusting in and out of her arse each time it got easier to fit my cock in to tight hole till I managed to get 8inches into her

“oh yes oh yes oh yes keep going fuck my tight hole ahhhhhh” she said

she began to meet my trusts by rock her arse back and forward

“baby fuck me hard now I don’t care if it hurts I neeeed it” she said panting

as I began to fuck her arse hard her hand came up to her pussy rubbing her pussy as hard as I was fucking her hole. I ball beagn to tighten

“im gonna cum mum, im gonna cum in to this tight fucking arse” I said

“no your not darling your cumming in my mouth I want to see what my son taste like” she replied

I began pumping harder, I pulled out of her tight hole she turned around straight away. I grabbed the back of her head with my left and rubbed my cock fast with my right hand then the shot blasted her face followed by another five covering her face in my cum, she brought her hand up to her face scuping up all my cum with her hand then sucking it off her hand

“ohh sweetheart you taste so good I need it more”

“mum I have never had anything as good as that I want to fuck you all the time”

“well you can baby I will be your slave whenever you want it my pussy will be ready for that cock, if you want me to walk around naked I will” she said as she was cleaning my cum off her hand.

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