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I watched my divorced mother with my b*****r

My mother was the bad parent, she was the one who meted-out the punishment if we had misbehaved, but particularly on my older b*****r, as he represented her animosity of our father, who ran off with her best friend.

It was during this punishment that something happened between them. He was at an age where sex was becoming an important defining thing in his life, and mother’s domination was having an effect on him, and she knew it.

One day she did not know I was in the house when she came home and immediately began berating him, building up until she became physical, and began to beat him about his body, with her bare hands, and curing about his father, of which he was the craven image.

I watched through the crack in the door as she pushed him against the wall, ‘You know what to do’, she cried out, and I watched as my b*****r undid his belt, opened his button and let his pants drop.

Mother reached out and tore his underpants down below his buttocks. Her eyes flamed, as she looked down at him, as I did, noting the welts and bruising from previous beatings.

‘You know what your going to get’, she hissed, as her hand was between his shoulder blades as she pushed him against the wall, her eyes on his buttocks as he clenched and unclenched them.

Mothers hand slipped between his thighs and she took hold of his testes and twisted, I could see her hand moving in an in and out movement, she was obviously screwing with his genitals, ‘Do you love me’, she hissed, ‘tell me’, she continued as my poor b*****r squirmed against the wall.

Then she withdrew her hand and slapped him hard across his buttocks, ‘You fucking dirty little fucker’, she hissed as she brought her hand to bear on his cheeks, now turning a flaming red.

The air was filled with her filthy mouthings as she attacked his lower body, and as I watched, somewhat breathlessly, I sensed there was a sexual bonding between them, as with her free hand, she undid the leather belt around her waist and drew it free from the belt tabs around her waist.

The crack it made sounded painful and the welts rising from the contact area, could only impart a sense of extreme pain, but when my b*****r twisted and squirmed I saw he was getting an erection, as did mother, and she redoubled her inflicting pain.

‘You like that’, she asked him, her voice suddenly softer, her hand tracing the rising raw flesh from the leather belt, and moving around the front and taking hold of his erection, where she started to wank him while she cajoled and insulted him.

I could see she was getting off on this and felt the urge to intervene, but I froze, as her skirt suddenly dropped to the floor, and mother stood naked from the waist down, shamelessly pushing her lower body against his bruised buttocks, and gyrating her hips as she pushed, I knew what it was she was doing.

She dropped the belt and clung to him, while she humped his bum, her mouth kissing his back, and as my eyes followed her contorting body I could see a puddle getting larger where they stood, mother was squirting onto my b*****rs buttocks and her ejaculations were running down the backs and insides of his legs.

When she had expelled her frustrations she broke from him and stepped back, he turned and as he did so, mother saw the erection she had created.

She dropped to her knees and fed him into her mouth, and I watched her action on him with a fascination and a skill I had never thought she had.

Later that evening they both acted as nothing had happened as if butter would never melt in their mouths, and their sexual liaison for them was as normal as sex between strangers, though they simply refused to acknowledge they were doing it.

What do you guys think, have you ever had your mother, I would love to know?

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:22 pm

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