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I went to see my Doctor to be fucked.

One year from the one five and I was horny for men. Every day I had to change my panties several times because I was so wet.
It got so bad I began to imagine I could smell my own secretions, and even on a few occasions, managed to have an orgasm because my wet panties had bunched-up in my crotch and stimulated my hard clitoris, as I walked.

On morning I went into the kitchen and my father was sitting in his boxers, which were open at the front, and for the first time I could see his cock.

I stood at the stove and started self lubricating, and within minutes the front of my cotton panties had a dark spreading stain, which I had not seen, but my poor daddy did, he thought I was wetting myself, as if I had an incontinence problem.

I was embarrassed when he mentioned my spreading stain, and agreed to see my doctor about the problem, rather than admit to being hyper sexual.

Our doctor was happy to see me, what middle-aged man would not like to sit in confidence with a constantly horny teen girl.
As we talked I openly told him how I was in a constant state of sexual arousal and how easy t was to set me off.

He diagnosed my problem as to my being hyper hormonal, the talk alone triggered a reaction, ‘Are you feeling horny now Mariel’, he asked me, leaning forward and touching my knee, just below the hem of my skirt?

‘I think so’, I replied bashfully, this adult talk was a little embarrassing.

‘I think I would like to take a look down there’, he said, his voice was thicker, and I got his drift.

‘Take your clothes off Mariel and let me look at you’, that really set me off, I thought I was wetting myself, I was lubricating big time.

‘Would like to go to the bathroom first’, I replied, but he suggested it would be better if he could see first hand how my body was responding to suggestive comments, ‘Besides Mariel, he quietly whispered, ‘we can have you masturbating in my toilet and cooling down before I get to see you’.

‘Fuck’, I thought, ‘I’m going to fucking cum here on his seat’. This was too much, getting naked in front of this old man was tipping me over the the top, never mind the fact he would be sticking his fingers in me, or even his cock, I mean I would be too weak to say no.

I got up and moved across to the examination bed, and started to undress, consciously aware of how wet my panties were.

‘Take them off too Mariel, and hand them to me’, he said as he sat quietly watching my body come into view, my wet panties so obvious, and the strong female smell from my pussy.

I slipped them down and they rolled due to the heavy secretions. I walked across the floor naked, my nipples like pink hard rocks, my secretions flowing freely and running down my inner thighs.

My knees felt weak as he took my panties and opened them up, peering into the crotch, his finger scr****g the gusset and as I watched, my thick secretions built on his finger nail.

He looked at me toe to head and back down again, I shivered. ‘Go lie on the bed Mariel, put your ankles in the stirrups, and masturbate yourself, I want to see you cum, then examine you more closely’.

As I turned and walked back to the examination bed, I caught his reflection in the mirror, he had put his coated finger into his mouth, then brought my wet panties under his nose and began sniffing them.

I reached the bed and sat down, he was still smelling my panties, as I lifted my leg up and onto the bed, my legs wide apart and cunt open and exposed.

‘Hold that Mariel’. I sat with one leg on the ground and the other up and on the bed, my crotch fully exposed to his gaze. ‘Finger your pussy girl’, he said and I watched, transfixed, as he started to take his cock out, he was hard, and he started stroking it, as I watched him now, my wet panties wrapped around his shaft, my own fingers waisted no time in joining this mutual masturbation, and toyed my clitoris, his voice ringing in my ears, for me to stick my fingers all the way in.

‘Let me see your asshole Mariel, I want to see it pucker’. we were both lost in our visual stimulus, my seeing my wet knickers around his meat pole and his foreskin peeling back and teasing me with his purple head threatening to spurt like a volcano exploding, him seeing what a teen girl does to gratify her lusting, so hidden and banned by both culture and law, surely a big lose to men craving good sex.

He got up onto his feet and his pants fell down to his ankles and he began the famous Penguin shuffle towards my hot cunt, I started at his cock as it inched closer and closer, encouraged by my constant, ‘Fuck me’, fuck me’, endearments.

I had by this time raised my second leg off the ground, and had bent both legs back with my raised knees pulling my crotch tightly back, my ass in full view as was my open cunt.

He neared and within a few feet of my wanton pussy he said, ‘I can see all the way inside Mariel, I can see your Uterus, dipping, looking for my hot cum’, he drove me wilder with his base mouthing.

When he was within reach of my wet fingers, I reached out and touched the red head of his swollen organ, coating it with wet pussy juices, dipping inside and bring more out, not that I needed to as I was wet enough to let him go inside of me with ease.

He was atop of me now, his cock between my labia, his cock sliding along the length of my pussy, his bulbous head crushing my clitoris with such a wonderful feeling, even his fully inserted finger in my secret hole felt delicious, then he slipped inside my forbidden treasure, such joy, such fulfilment, he went all the way inside, brushing hard against my Uterus, another feeling to add to the many, my clitoris, vaginal lining, my Uterus, my asshole, and my nipples, tongue and everything else a girl feels when she is fucked beautifully.

He went to the cabinet and gave me a morning after pill, ‘you’re to young to be fertilized just now’, he remarked, I looked at the clock, I had been here for nearly an hour, time had passed, well they say it does when you are enjoying yourself.

‘Mariel’, he said, with a concerned fatherly overtone, ‘I want you to visit me often, I think your hyper sexual activity will start to cool off now you are engaging in full intercourse.

I nodded, and suggested myself weekly, but intermittently when I felt the urge to fuck, I wanted him to do the honers and have me just like he did.

He was right about my secretions, but wrong about my cooling off, as you men who read about my exploits on public transport, cinemas, and dark alleys, dogging and parks, well lets face it, if I fuck someone, someone is having a good fuck.

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