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I will never forget the night I fucked my older st

Get out your cocks boys..pull down those panties ladies and get ready to cum.
Three years ago I had to move out of my apartment and stayed at my step s****r Paulina’s place for a month. I was 3 years old when my dad remarried and I had a s****r. I have know her my whole life and I can honestly say I’ve always wanted to fuck her. My s****r was 46 years old at the time. My s****r has always been a big woman with huge tits and a nice big ass..along with long back hair and a beautiful face it amazed me she was single at the time. Now its fair to say I never really got along with her and I had not seen her in years. It was the first of December and on that first night her apartment I realized she was still a fucking bitch always bitching about this and that. I did not think I would last the month but then I will never forget walking into her bedroom on the second night.
When I got to my s****r’s place she was not home. I went into her bedroom looking for some rolling papers, that’s when I saw, lying on top of her laundry basket a sexy white thong. As I walked towards the basket I will never forget how turned on I was getting at the thought of my older s****r wearing such a sexy pair of underwear. I’ve always loved seeing women wear thongs and g-strings but what really turned me on was smelling them dirty right from the laundry basket and jerking off on them. As I reached down and picked up my s****rs thong I remembered how many dirty panties over the years I’d cum on…knowing what my friends wives and girlfriends dirty snatches smell like as I jerk off and blow my load on them while visiting them.
I looked at the sexy crotch of her thong and saw how dirty is was. I took a real huge wiff…I will never forget how dirty my older s****rs thong smelled, I didn’t think a woman’s cunt could smell so bad but what really surprised me was how fucking rock hard my cock was. I pulled it out and started stroking it. As I beat my cock I though of my s****r wearing this thong all day, She loved wearing tight jeans and short skirts, she had amazing legs that ended at wide hips and a beautiful huge ass. Just the thought of thong of the white thong rubbing up against her snatch all day absorbing all her juices. Just when I though my cock could not get and harder I smelled the part of the thong that rides up her big beautiful ass crack. I will never forget how hard I came the instant I smelled the part of her thong that rides up her ass crack at rubs up against her asshole. As stream after stream of hot think sticky cum blew out of my cock all I could think was how hard smelling my older s****r dirty asshole made me cum. After I finished blowing my load I found her pantie drawer. Gods I could not believe how many sexy thongs and g-strings my bitchy, stuck up, prudish older s****r had. I picked out a clean sexy red g-string from her drawer and then found another dirty thong in her laundry basket a nice pink one and beat off again but this time I blew my load on the crotch of her clean one. I realized that night just how much I wanted to fuck her. For the next 15 days my favourite part of each day was jerking off while smelling my older s****rs dirty panties and blowing my load on her clean ones, It realy turned me on knowing she had no clue she was wearing panties socked in her younger b*****rs cum, those were my favourite to jerk off too when I found a pair that I had all ready cum on. It made my cock SO hard seeing my s****r wearing panties with my cum, she not only loved wearing them but…and I really think she foes it on purpose…she is always showing them with her tight pants and short skirts, everytime she bent down or sat in front of me I could see she was wearing a thong or g-string..God i wanted to fuck her soo bad. I will never forget the day she came home early from work and found me jerking off in her bedroom. to be continued if i get likes

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:27 pm

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