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iCarly – Twinsome

iCarly – Twinsome

Sam was extremely furious when she figured out what have her s*ster done to her. She thought they were honest with each other, but she was wrong… and that damn nerd? She thought he knew her better than her blonde hair, but she was also wrong… He was just a boy too.

*Freddie’s POV*

Sam went to Los Angeles, but then she came back for me. I was so happy, even if she changed. She was cute, and stuff, but I didn’t mind, because I loved her, then my fake fairy-tale flew away, when I saw two of my Sam. ‘What?’ I thought to myself then I remembered… Melanie. I always thought she was just a story, but then I saw her. Sorry, I saw two of Sam, and I didn’t know which one was the real one.

*Sam’s POV*

Gibby just called me to meet him at Groovy Smoothie. I was confused, he couldn’t be that much of an idiot. He knew that I was in Los Angeles. Then he told me… That freaking whore, stole the only guy I ever loved. I packed my stuff, hopped on my motorcycle and drove back to damn Seattle…

*Melanie’s POV*

I became a bad person right after they expelled me from my boarding school, in South Dakota. I came back to Seattle, and I met with Freddie again. He thought I was Sam, so I kept him in the darkness, until my insane s*ster came back and ruined my lie.

*Freddie’s POV*

We were standing in the corridor at the 8th storey, and no one said a word until I broke the silence.

“Okay girls, could you tell me what’s going on?” I was almost shouting.

“Did you fuck her?” Sam asked me. Then I was sure she was the real Sam.

She was wearing a black leather jacket and black boots. How could I be that stupid? Why I didn’t realized that the girl I was sl*eping with, wasn’t my baby. Wasn’t the true Samantha Puckett?

“Yes I did,” I said quietly. I thought she was gonna kick me in places where a man never should be kicked… ever.

But she didn’t. Instead of me, she jumped on Melanie, and punched her in the face… several times.

“You disgusting whore, you slept with the only guy I ever loved? I will kill you; that tears it.” Sam was shouting while she was punching Melanie.

“Sam stop please. I was so damn lonely, and he thought I was you.” Melanie screamed as Sam pulled her hair.

“I hate you,” Sam said with disappointment in her voice, and slapped Melanie a one last time, before she broke down and started to cry.

“Sam?” I asked her softly, and then she look up.

“I hate you too,” she said and looked down to the floor again.

“I was wrong, I should realize that she wasn’t you, but I thought Melanie was a story. Baby please?” I was so powerless. I cheated on her even if I thought I was with her.

“I’m not angry with you, I’m angry with her,” suddenly Sam said softly, and stood up. She came closer to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I love you.” She said and kissed me fiercely.

“I love you too.” I said after we fell apart.

“What should we do about her?” I asked Sam, when we realized Melanie, on the floor, crying.

“I tell you what,” Sam said with a mischievous grin. She went to Melanie and pulled her up roughly. “We’re gonna teach her a lesson,” Sam said and pulled Melanie towards my apartment. “Is your crazy mother at home?” She asked me as she picked the lock. I was holding my keys and shaking my head.

“Great,” I muttered to myself as she pushed Melanie into the living room.

“Took of your clothes, if you don’t want me to rip them off of you,” Sam ordered Melanie.

Melanie was scared, so she did slowly what she was told to. Soon she was naked. Her perky nipples was hard, and she looked so sexy. Sam went closer to her.

“We’ll show you, what little ex-boyfriend stealing whores deserves,” Sam whispered into her ear. Melanie shivered.

“Sam we shouldn’t…” I started but she cut me off.

“Shut up Benson and get me ropes, duct tape, binder clamps, and some hot sauce,” Sam said with an evil smirk. I went to my room to fetch the stuff she wanted. A little left over from when she was here last.

*Sam’s POV*

That little whore was naked and I knew I was in charge. I twisted her nipples and that made her scream, then I slapped her cunt.

“I hope he ate you out properly last night, because you might not feel your dirty cunt for a while,” I said and slapped her again.

“Please, Sam, you don’t need to do this. I’m so sorry,” Melanie begged, but I really didn’t care about it. Soon Freddie came back with the stuff I asked him to fetch for me.

“Tie her up,” I ordered him, and he did it. I loved the way how they were scared of me. They didn’t wanna see me furious again.

“Perfect. Now spread your legs, slut,” I said and slapped her thighs. She slowly opened her legs, and then her bald pussy was perfectly visible for us.

“Gimme the hot sauce and the clamps,” I said and Freddie obeyed. I put one clamp on Melanie’s each nipple. She screamed by the pain. Then I opened the hot sauce bottle. She was begging me to stop, but I didn’t. Instead of that I put some sauce onto my finger, and gently started to rub her pussy. Especially her sensitive little clit. About 20 seconds, she was screaming by the painful sensations which the hot sauce gave her down there.

“Now, you’re gonna watch me with Freddie, but before that… Shut up Melanie,” I said with an evil smirk, duct taped her mouth, and started to take of my clothes. Freddie was freaked out, but after I got naked and jumped on him, he knew he hadn’t got a choice.

“If you want me back, you should show me how much you’re sorry Benson, because even if I love you, I’m gonna punish you too, if you shouldn’t.” I said and pushed him to the ground roughly. I sat onto his mouth.

“Now lick it like a good little nerd,” I said and suddenly he started to lick my wet pussy.

*Freddie’s POV*

Sam was insane, she tortured her s*ster’s beautiful little pussy. Then she sat on my face. I didn’t say it wasn’t hot, but I was starting to pity sweet little Melanie.

“Benson, who let you stop?” Sam was bringing me back to reality.

“Sorry,” I murmured and started to suck her erected clit. She moaned sexily.

“Gosh… I’m close,” she was screaming. Soon she came into my mouth.

“I’ll forgive you, but first you need to show me, that you love me,” Sam said and stood up from my mouth. She went to her purse, and came back with a new sterile needle.

“Take of the clamps from her tits, and pierce her nipples with this.” Sam said and gave me the needle. I knew she wouldn’t forgive me, if I would refused her orders. So I went to Melanie, took of the hard clamps of off her nipples, and with a definite move, I pierced her left nipple. Sam was smiling.

“Good boy, now her right too,” She said with a gloating smirk. I pulled out the needle, and then I pierced her right nipple too.

“Good boy,” Sam said and stroked my head.

*Melanie’s POV*

I was in huge pain, but I knew I deserved it. Sam was always torturing me when we were little, but it was much more painful than that. My pussy was aching, so as my nipples. Soon Sam came to me and took of the duct tape.

“Did you learnt the lesson Melanie?” she asked me and I quickly nodded with teary eyes.

“Okay, then I think it’s time for some milk for your dirty cunt. While I get you some, you should suck him off,” she said and pushed Freddie towards me. She had by this time undone his belt and his zipper.

“I’ll be right back,” Sam said and went to the kitchen. Meanwhile Freddie got naked and put his rock hard manhood into my mouth.

“Right then. You heard the mistress,” he said and started to fuck my mouth.

I was gagging, and almost drown. I never deep throated him before, and he had a huge cock. Soon Sam came back with a bowl of cold milk and a bucket. She laughed as she realized I was nearly suffocating by Freddie’s dick in my throat. She pushed me away from him and untied me.

“Wash your dirty pussy, while I’ll show you how to give a proper BJ to the guy you’re in love,” Sam said and knelt in front of Freddie. She gently licked his tip. Freddie moaned.

“Now watch Melanie,” Sam winked at me, and I gave her a painful smile. She swallowed all of Freddie’s huge cock without gagging or stuff. She sucked him hungrily and soon he came into her mouth. It was not that I realised that she has done this sort of thing before.

“Frednub how could you believe her that she’s me? Didn’t you remembered this?” Sam said seductively and licked up the cum of off her chin.

*Freddie’s POV*

“I was so stupid. Please forgive me Sam,” I said softly, and pulled her to my mouth. She smiled and kissed me passionately.

“Fine,” she said and kissed me one more time.

“Melanie, I want you to leave,” Sam said and Melanie stood up. She was gonna get dressed, but Sam stopped her.

“A – a –a… You need to leave, like this,” she said and pushed her towards the door, before I stopped her.

“Sam. It’s enough,” I said firmly, and grabbed her arm. She was scared, she forget that I was stronger than her. She let go of Melanie and went back to the living room.

“Melanie? Say sorry to your s*ster,” I ordered her.

“Sam please forgive me,” she said and knelt in front of Sam, who was sitting on my sofa without panties.

“Fine, I’ll forgive you right after you eat my pussy out, and watched me fucking Freddie,” she said and Melanie just nodded. Sam spread her legs, and Melanie started to lick her juicy pussy. The whole scene made me damn horny, I decided to fuck them at the same time.

Clearly Melanie and Sam have fucked each other before now.

*Sam’s POV*

My little whorish s*ster was licking me clean. I was close as she sucked on my swollen clit. I came so hard into her mouth.

“Thank you, slut,” I said and stroked her face.

“Sam? Why don’t we enjoy this opportunity, you know that we could have a threesome?” I tried to convince Sam.

“Ahw, the little nerd want to fuck with twins. How cute,” Sam said sarcastically and added.

“Fine, while you fucking me you can comfort her sore pussy,” I said and without warning, I pushed him off of the armchair. He was on the floor, and I sat onto his hard cock immediately. He groaned as I started to ride him.

“Ahw… Sam… Melanie… come sit… onto… my face,” he sighed.

Soon Melanie was sitting on his face, while Freddie started to take over control of me, and thrust into me deeper from under me. I moaned, so as Melanie, whose pussy was in Freddie’s mouth, and he was sucking on it. It was really hot, I need to admit. We were face to face with Melanie, riding the same guy. Soon she grabbed my face, and captured my lips with hers. First I was backing up, but then I gave up, and kissed her fiercely. Freddie was fucking me, Melanie was kissing me, and I was about to explode. We had never kissed before, just fucked. Soon I came, so hard and jumped off of Freddie’s cock. Right after Melanie reached her orgasm as well.

“I guess it’s my… turn if you don’t mind Sam,” Melanie said softly, and I was just nodding with a delirious smile on my face. She sat onto Freddie’s hard cock, and started to ride him. Soon Freddie was close.

“I’m gonna come,” he said and quickly pulled his cock out of my s*ster. He stood up, and we knelt in front of him. He came onto our faces, and we were smiling.

“It… was… so hot,” he moaned sexily and added.

“I see you made up. Why don’t you girls enjoy a hot shower with me?” Freddie said with a perverted smirk, and soon both of us followed him to the bathroom…

Since that day we were the best of s*sters that s*sters could be, Melanie and I. Even if I tortured her… and with Freddie? We didn’t get back together, he stayed with Melanie, but when I was around Seattle we always have sex together, the three of us. I wasn’t jealous any more, I knew Freddie loved me, but he couldn’t leave his crazy mother, and I couldn’t leave Cat (which is a different story indeed).

So I accepted their relationship.

I knew he was with Melanie, because she was the perfect copy of me, at least her body was…

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