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I’m the Man of the House 2

I’m the Man of the House 2

Following Mom’s bare butt to the bathroom, she got the shower started and adjusted the water temp, as I stopped at the toilet and peed, to relieve myself, and then Maryann stepped into the shower, and when I finished peeing, I flushed, then stepped over to the shower, and pulled back the curtain, and stepped in behind Maryann, then closed the curtain behind me, “You never take a shower this early of a morning babe.”

Yes I know, but watching your little round sexy ass swing from side to side, like it does when you walk, I wanted to be clean with you for whatever may happen, between now and whenever. Plus for me to have the pleasure of showering with you, this is a good chance to do so, because it is one of the things I have dreamed about doing with you too.”

When I stepped into the shower, Maryann was washing her hair with her back to the curtain, and when she started rinsing it, she turned part way through the rinsing, then flipped her hair back over her head to her back, then bent slightly backwards to rinse her hair a little bit more, as I got a washrag soaped up, then when she leaned her head back under the water spray, I started washing her from the shoulders down, getting her armpits while she had her arms up over her head to get her hair rinsed out, before I washed onto her chest and tits.

When Maryann finished rinsing her hair, she put her arms down about the time I made it down to her hips, “You want to get my arms and hands now, or when you wash my back for me, where I need the help the most.”

“How about now.” as I started washing her arms.

As I was washing the front of Maryann, I did wash some of my self, then after I washed her arms and hands, I finished washing the upper part of my front down to my waist line, when she turned around and got her hair up off of her back, so that I could wash her back for her.

I used the washrag to soap up my dick, that was hard by this time, then as I stepped in toward Maryann to wash her back, I got close enough for my dick to slide right between her butt cheeks, “Mm, someone is up and ready, I see.”

“How can it not be up and ready, when I see such a sexy hot woman, plus when I love that sexy hot beautiful woman, there is no way for it to not get all excited, and rise to be of some assistance, to that sexy hot woman that I love so very much?”

“Oh wow baby, ever since we were on the way to the beach, when you say those nice things about me to me, my pussy gets so wet. Before we even left the house here, you got me pretty hot and wet then too, but in the car you really got my juices to flowing.”

As I washed Maryann’s back, I flexed my knees so that my dick would slide up and down in her butt crack, which helped in cleaning between her butt cheeks some, and when I got down to her butt, I took a step back, kneeled down, and wrapped one arm around her, to help keep her from falling, as I washed her butt and legs and feet, getting her to lift her feet, so I could clean the soul of her foot, then I washed the other foot when I finished with her first foot.

I washed between her legs and up the front to where I left off at, and as I rubbed back and forth between her legs, I heard Maryann moan out over the sound of the water, hitting the wall and floor.

When I finished washing Maryann, she took the washrag out of my hand, “Turn around baby, and I will wash your back for you.”

Maryann washed my back for me, including my butt, and she even gave my ass a squeeze first on one cheek, while washing the other cheek, then she squeezed the one she finished washing, while she washed the other cheek, she had been squeezing.

When Maryann finished washing my butt, she kneeled down like I had done when I was washing her, but she wrapped her hand around my still hard cock, as she washed my legs and feet, which she too lifted my foot and washed the soul of my foot, as I held my foot up for her, and while she kept a hand wrapped around my dick, then she switched to my other foot and did the same, then she reached between my legs and started playing with my balls, while she stroked my dick with her other hand.

After just a few strokes on my dick, “Turn around and face me hon.” taking her hand out from between my legs, for me to get turned around to face her.

As soon as I was turned around with all the soap rinsed off, and with a little bit of a shift away from the water spray, with Maryann keeping a hand hold on my cock, she then went to stroking it again and playing with my balls again, then she leaned in and licked my dick from the base to the head a couple of times, then she sucked my dick into her mouth.

When Maryann sucked my dick into her mouth, I could feel her sucking, and her tongue swarming around the head when she would back off, till all she had in her mouth was the head of my dick, then she would take all of my dick into her mouth that I thought, she could take, till about the third time she did all of that, she sucked all of my dick into her mouth again, but she took all of my dick this time, till she had her mouth next to my balls, and then I felt her stick her tongue out and lick my balls a couple of times, then she backed off of my dick all the way, “How did you like that deep throat baby?”

“Oh fuck sexy. I have never had any one do that to me or for me, and it was so fucking good, I thought I was going to cum in your mouth, feeling your throat massage my dick like it did.”

“I would love to taste your cum in my mouth, to see what you taste like.” then she sucked my dick back into her mouth, till she had around half of my cock in her mouth.

Again on the third time around, Maryann sucked my dick back down her throat, and licked my balls a couple of times, and this time when she did that, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.” and I just know, that the first shot of cum that shot out of my dick, went right down her throat, before she got backed off far enough, for the rest of my cum to be caught in her mouth.

When the last shot of cum shot out of my dick, Maryann gave my cock a few more sucks, then she let my dick slip out of her mouth, with a popping sound when the head came out of her mouth, then she looked up at me, opened her mouth, to let me see my cum in her mouth, then she closed her mouth, then swallowed, then she opened her mouth again, to show me that she had swallowed all of my cum, “Mm, I think I will be wanting more of that sometime, because it sure does taste good. Would you like to feed me, more of that good cream baby?”

“I would love to feed you that cream every morning for a breakfast appetizer, or any appetizers as far as that goes, or even a dessert, whenever you want it for a dessert.”

Once the shower was shut off, we stepped out and dried each other off, then we went to the kitchen where mom started cooking our breakfast, and I got the coffee to brewing for us, and getting the table set the way we usually set it, since mom puts the eggs and whatever else she cooks up on plates to be placed in the middle of the table, for everyone to get what they want.

When I finished up all that I was doing, “Is there anything else I can do, to help you out sexy?”

“Not right now, so just sit back and relax.” looking at mom, she really did look sexy standing there cooking with just an apron on, and her tits holding the top part of the apron out, so I could see the side of her tit.

Since my hands are empty as I walk by to the table, I reached down and gave her ass a squeeze, “That is one sexy beautiful ass there.”

“Thank you babe and you have one sexy tight ass too.”

“Thank you.”

It didn’t take mom long to finish cooking our breakfast, and as she started setting it down on the table, I went over and filled our coffee cups up with coffee, and set them in our places on the table, then we sat down at the table, across from each other like we usually do, then we filled our plates, and then started eating.

When mom sat down to eat, she had taken her apron off, and as she sat eating, her tits really looked inviting to me with her nipples sticking out, and pointing at me, except when mom took a bite of her food, she would then leaned forward, her nipples then pointed down at the plates, in the middle of the table, till she had the bite in her mouth.

“You said that you had something to tell me, or talk about?”

“Yes, I did say ‘I think we may need to talk’.” then taking a drink of her coffee.

“Okay. You said it had to do something about some of the questions I have, or asked you about.”

“Yes it does. One of them, you reversed the question to me that I asked you, about how much you love me, but you didn’t hold me to answering that question, right then to be far about it, and not to put me on the spot, since I didn’t have as long to think about it, like you had done?”

“Yes I remember it. Like I told you when you commented about me having a long time to think about it, which I told you I had, so I figured I would let you have that kind of time too.”

“Well I do not need that much time. The way you made love to me last night, from the time I hung the telephone, after I called your ‘you know who’ cell phone, told me and showed me more, than you even know, and when we were done having sex last night, and I held your face and looked into your beautiful big brown eyes, I was looking at someone I thought I really knew, and after all we did last night, I knew you so much better, and I also had a look at me, while looking into your eyes.”

“Okay. May I ask, what all did you see?”

Setting her coffee down before she answered, “I saw so much about you and me, that it would take me a life time, to tell it all, and I cannot sit and talk for that long. Now what I will tell you is, I will never find a man, old or young, to love me the way you do. I saw you loving me so much, that you would kill to keep me safe from harm, or die trying, as well as die trying to please me and seeing to it, that I have everything that I may need or want. As for me, I saw a woman that is looking for someone to love me, and not leaving me to go to someone else, when I need someone the most, like to give me comfort, and to give me a hand, either to fix something, and fight for me, and like solving problems, when I really have a tough problem to solve, if that makes since. That woman is so damn lonely, that she aches and hurts, and only love can fix those hurts and aches, and is looking at the wrong man for so long, that it took you to make that woman know, just how much she hurts and aches, and you made so many of those hurts and aches disappear, just in one night alone, which no other man, could or would not do for me at all.”

“Okay, is there something wrong about me making those hurts and aches disappear for you?”

“Yes and no. The no part first is, we are mother and son, and sons are not supposed to make those pains go away, it is the son’s dad, that is supposed to do that. For the yes part, there are ways for you to get rid of the pains, without doing what we did, but the way you did it last night, took more pain away than a son is supposed to take away. They say what you and I did is so wrong, and not right no matter how you slice it, but I do not understand when people say that, is, how can something that feels so damn good, be so damn wrong, so what I say, wrong or right, or right or wrong, whichever way you want to say it, ‘I say’ that it was the ‘right’ thing for you and I to do, or both of us would still be missing out, on so much with each other, all because people think it is wrong.”

“Did you figure out what or how, you feel in the love part of it?”

“Yes I saw just how I was feeling toward you in the love part of it, and I saw that my love is far more than just a mother son love. It was both a love as a mother son love, and the love as ‘in love’ with you, like a wife and husband are supposed to love each other, and I do want to be both, mother and wife to you, but most of all, I want to be a wife to you, since you are just about to that age of being an adult according to the ‘law’. I would not have the job as mother has while the c***d or c***dren are grown up, and I love you so much, that I want to be your wife, to do for you as a wife is supposed to do for her husband, like stand beside him, walk beside him, fight beside him, and make his hurts heal, for him to keep on going, and to prepare his meals for him, and anything else that a wife may have to do, for or with, her husband, if they truly love each other, like they are supposed to do.”

“I love you enough that I will do my best to make your wifely duties easier for you, so that you do not have to over work yourself.”

“I will settle for the kind of pay that you gave me, last night.”

“What I did with you last night is pay?”

“Yes it was the pay that I would love to get from you, as much as we can. For all that I’ve done for you over the years, you paid for it all, just in one night, to make me feel like I am loved, and appreciated. You said that you would love to marry me, to be my husband. Did you, or did you not?”

“Yes I did and I do.”

“I will be your wife as soon as we can move from here, and be rid of, you know who. Till we can do all of that, I cannot be your wife, and you be my husband, but we can, do what we are doing, that started last night, till then, and that is to pretend to be husband and wife, inside of the house here, as long as it is just you and me, and then we stay mother and son, when you know who is in town, and home, for the couple of days he is home, and in town. Do you agree with that, or not?”

“One question before I answer. Can we pretend to be husband and wife if we go out like we did last night, as long as there are no people around that we know, and go to the beach being husband and wife?”

“We better be pretending when we do that.”

“Then I agree with that, till we’re rid of, you know who.”

“Good. Now when we are pretending from this day on you sit in that chair at meal times so that you can be used to being the man when we get rid of him. The other thing is, we can keep pretending to be husband and wife, till he comes home, whatever Friday he is supposed to be home, and if he does not show up, and goes out right away, or just stays where ever he is now, then we will keep on pretending, and go back to our f****y ways before he left here, if he shows. To make it simple, as soon as he walks through that door in there or the door over there, is how fast we stop pretending.”

“Just one question, about that. How will we know, when he will be walking through one of the doors?”

“As a rule he walks through one of those doors right at about four thirty to five o’clock, but to be safe, we should be dressed no later than three o’clock, if we are not dressed, when he is due home.”

“Did the woman where he is supposed to be working at say, he will not be back till next Friday, when you talked to her yesterday evening?”

“Yes she did say that.”

“To me, that means he will be home this Friday then, since yesterday was a Friday.”

“You are right, it does mean that, but if he doesn’t come home by eleven o’clock that evening, we can take up where we left off, at three or four thirty, and be ready for him next Friday then, but at the same time, we need to be on the ready, if he just happens to pull into the driveway, from Friday, till whatever Friday, or other day he will be coming in.”

“Has he ever come home during the week, since you two have been married?”

“Only one time he did, and the reason he gave was, he had a long layover at some airport, and he came home on a Monday evening, then he was gone early Tuesday morning, before I got out of bed, and that was back when you were six years old, and you had a bad cold.”

“Did you ever find out if he did have that lay over or not?”

“Watching the news and weather, nothing was said about any delays or layovers all week end, and I called the station to see, if they have heard of any layovers, and a friend of mine that did work there, told me there were none that was reported, and when I called him on it, he went to bed, and I guess, that was kind of the start, for our marriage to slowly fall apart.”

“I’m sorry babe.”

“Not your fault.”

“No, but it is not your fault either.”

“How is it not my fault? I confronted him about his layover story, like a person does, if they do not trust there soul mate.”

“Yes you may have, but you had a good reason to, or you would have heard something on the news and weather report about layovers, and delays in the air flights. Again if his story sounded fishy, to where you had a feeling about his story, for you to have checked it out, to see if he told you the truth or not, even thou I’m sure, you hoped that he was telling the truth.”

Maryann sat there a moment, looking into my eyes, and thinking about what I just said, “Are you studying to be a lawyer?”

“No. Why?”

“Did you ever hear me talking about, what I hoped to find about him, being truthful, and how his story sounded to me, when he told it to me?”

“No this is the only time, and first time, I even heard you tell the story.”

“With all that you just said, makes since on my reason for checking his story out, and was trying to get him to own up to something, as to the real reason he was late getting home. I have to ask myself, why am I beating myself up, by blaming myself for our marriage, to be falling apart, starting with me being lied to so long ago for? You are so right, it is not my fault, for him lying to me, and for the way things are going, marriage wise. Again, you opened my eyes a little bit more, babe. I thank you for that.”

“You are very welcome babe. I’m just glad that I could help you.”

“Now did that answer a couple of questions for you?”

“Yes babe it did, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Mom and I discussed some of the things about our relationship as pretending to be husband and wife around the house, and or anywhere where we did not know anyone as we finished eating breakfast, and drank a couple of cups of coffee, then we cleaned the table off and cleaned the kitchen and put things where they belonged.

As we cleaned up the kitchen, we talked about where we might would like to move to, and maybe what kind of house we would like to find to live in, so that we had some kind of idea of a good house for us, even thou we knew the chances of finding that perfect house, is slim to none.

Mom and I went looking at houses around nine o’clock Monday Morning, after looking at the newspaper without a lot of success in finding anything in the area that we would like to live in, so we went to one of the real estate agents in town.

When mom and I dressed to go looking at houses to see what we could find she put on a blouse and a short wrap around skirt with nothing on underneath the skirt but she put a sheer bra on under her blouse so while driving to the real estate office I did get a good view between her legs and even more when she got in and out of the car.

The real estate agent went to her desk and started looking at papers, and on the computer that sat on the desk, and she asked us questions about the type of house we wanted or liked to try to find, to get some kind of idea of what we wanted, so she would have an idea as to what she could show us.

After a short time of her looking at papers and the computer, the agent asked if we want to ride with her, or drive ourselves and follow her, to about three or four houses in the areas, that we would really like to live, which we decided to just follow the agent.

Since we didn’t know that mom and the real estate agent were friends from their school days which turned out to be a good thing because the agent never met dad or even knew what his name was, and after telling mom’s school friend that we are husband and wife, and then talking with her, while she checked on some houses and their locations, we all found out that the two of them were friends back in school.

We both knew that we were taking a chance of the courts and dad finding out about us, as soon as mom and her school friend figured out they were friends back in high school, and we didn’t want the courts and dad to find out about us, which would be bad for both of us, but worse for mom.

The first house we looked at had a nice view behind the house, but we really didn’t like the idea of the houses being so close together, plus there was no pool in the back yard.

The next house had a nice lay out on the floor plan, but it really needed some work done in it before anyone could really move in, and in the back yard the swimming pool needed a lot of work and cleaning, and the fence around the yard needed repaired too, or replaced with a privacy fence, which is what we wanted with so many houses around.

The third house was not at all in an area that we wanted to live in, so off to the fourth house, that was in the perfect area with a lot of property to it, and the house was far enough from the road that it could not be seen from the road, with a nice size deck behind the house, and a large porch in front, where one can just sit in a screened in area outdoors, and not be bothered with any bugs, which we really liked.

Mom asked her school friend how much for the house and property, and when we were told what they are asking for it, our mouths dropped open, and then we asked what is wrong with this place, which we were told nothing is wrong with it, but why the people selling it wanted to sell it cheap in hopes that a young couple that is just starting out wants to have a place of their own, without being put into bankruptcy right off from the start.

We told mom’s friend, the agent, that we wanted the place and we would be paying cash, and she could bring it to the office tomorrow or write a check out for it now, but the agent told us to come by the office in the morning, and they would draw up the paper work on it.

After leaving the house mom and I, decided to just go and eat out since it had got to be so late in the day, plus we were pretty hungry by the time we saw the places that we had looked at, even thou we did grab a couple of sandwiches at a convenience store, it wasn’t enough to get us through till supper time.

We went to the realtor’s office the next day, and got the paper work started, and put some of the money down to seal the deal, then we went shopping.

Mom had put on a short dress when we got dressed to leave the house with nothing on underneath the dress, and while we drove from place to place I did have a good view between her legs, and she had three top buttons unbuttoned, so I had a good view of her tits, then she would button them back up when she got out of the car, each time we stopped at a store to do some shopping in, but it still left quite a bit of her cleavage showing thou.

What we really shopped for the most was furniture to help us decide what kind we might want, once we get to move into the new house, plus at curtains to see what colors that are more popular, that we would maybe like for a color scheme, once we can move into our new home, then we got some color charts to try and figure out, what will go with what, between the curtains and wall colors.

While we did all that shopping, we did stop to eat dinner at a drive in, which we hadn’t done for a very long time now, which we really enjoyed very much, and made a note to do it again some time real soon, and not wait for another long time to do it again.

With a menu board on a pole between each of the cars, mom left the top three buttons unbuttoned, but just pulled the top together a little, so that the car hops couldn’t see her nipples as they walked buy us in front of the car, and then for the car hop that brought our food order out to the car, couldn’t see them either. As we ate our dinner, I could see her nipples most of the time, but every so often, she would have to adjust the top some, as she ate her dinner.

Once we finished looking at furniture and curtains, we went to a couple of clothing stores where mom got her a couple of new dress’ and skirts, that are even shorter than anything she has in her closet, and she also bought a few tops to go with the skirts she just bought, and to go with some of her skirts that she has at home now.

Mom even had me pick out a couple of pairs of shorts, shirts that button up, and T-shirts, and by the time we met up by the cash register, I saw that she had a few things in her hands, that didn’t look like it was for a woman, but for a man.

“Babe, will you lay that down there, and go get us a shake? I want a Butterscotch shake, and get you a shake or whatever you want.”

“What size do you want babe?”

“You better make it a small, the small there, is like a medium anywhere else. When you are done, meet me at the car, and then we’ll walk over to the park there and relax a bit, before we head home. That is, if you do not mind?”

“No, I do not mind one little bit, anything for the love of my life.”

I then headed for the door, and just before I got to the door, “Oh how sweet, I wish my man was more like that.” I stepped out the door then, so I didn’t hear what mom told the casher.

Two doors down from the store is an ice cream parlor that goes back some time long before I was even thought of, and they do have some good Sundays, ice cream floats, and shakes.

When I got out to the car to meet Maryann, she was stepping back up on the sidewalk to meet me, then I gave her the shake she asked for, which she took a drink of it, and I did the same with my shake too, then she took my arm that I offered her, then we walked up to the corner, then crossed the street to the gate, leading into the park.

As soon as we stepped through the gate, “Let’s walk over to that shade tree next to that little pond there, babe.”

Looking at the shade tree as we walked toward it, I saw that there wasn’t a bench to sit on for some reason, like there were near the other trees s**ttered around the little pond, with a few people sitting in the benches, with some talking, and some feeding the ducks.

Once Maryann and I got to the tree, I saw a big rock on the other side of the tree like it was holding the dirt back from falling off to the pond’s beach, which we stepped around to the rock, then I held mom’s hand as she stepped down off the rock, then I stepped down off the rock too, then she sat down spreading her legs, giving me a full on view of her pussy, then she unbuttoned the buttons down to the button, just below her belly button, “Aren’t you going to sit down babe?”

“I thought you wanted me to stand here, so those other folks couldn’t see you with your legs open, and then as you unbuttoned your dress.”

“Those people will not see much with us sitting down here from their angle. They are either too far to the left or the right, to see much of anything, and I’m sure they have seen a woman’s pussy and tits before, and if they haven’t by now, they never will.” then she took another drink of her shake.

I then turned and sat down next to Maryann as she finished taking a drink of her shake, then she d****d one leg over my leg and shifted a little, turning toward me just a little bit, which gave me a little bit better view of her pussy and tits, “I bet you have something wanting to get into a tight hole again. Right?” then she placed her hand on my dick, and then gave it a rub through my pants.

“You all ways make my dick hard and ready sexy.” placing my hand down between Maryann’s legs and on her pussy.

“That makes me feel so good, to hear you say that, even thou I know, that I do have that effect on you too.”

“I want to make sure you do not forget that I love you, and that you all ways make my cock hard too.”

“Ever since our date on what was supposed to be my anniversary, and we went to the beach, my pussy stays wet for you all the time now it seems like, and no man has ever made me get all wet in my pussy like you do, even after having sex with them. I have come to realize that all the things you do for me and with me and you telling me how much you love me and the way you show me the love you have for me is that I love you even more and more each day that goes by.” then she took another drink of her shake, which I had taken one while she was speaking to me.

“I’m so glad that you love me even more like that, which I can say that I love you even more each day too, and I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to keep showing, you just how much I do love you, because of how much my love for you keeps growing.”

“Oh baby, do not let that scare you, because as long as you show me what you have so far, I will know that you love me very deeply, even if you cannot show me the depth of your love, I will just know, that you love me so very much, that it goes on forever, as long as you keep showing me, like you have been.”

“I do hope that you will know that. I cannot think of another girl or woman, because you are the one I love, think about, and dream about, every day and every night too.”

“I know that by the way you look at me during the day no matter where or what we are at and doing, and then at night the way you make love to me, and look at me while we make love to each other, and then the way we fall asl**p with each other, tells me that your love goes on and on forever, which has made my love for you, as my husband son, grow and grow, on and on, forever too.”

We set our shakes down next to us, and then we hugged and kissed each other with a hand on my dick and on my back from Maryann, and my hand between her legs and on her back, with both of us rubbing each other.

As Maryann rubbed her hand up my back she lifted my shirt up in the back, which the front came up too some, then she took her hand from my hard dick and finished pushing my shirt up in front, till it was up under my chin, and then she leaned in more as she moved her hand back to my cock.

When Maryann leaned in more toward me after she got my shirt up under my chin, I felt her bare tits rubbing around on my chest with her hard nipples poking my chest, then I felt the edge of her dress that comes around and buttons in the front, so I pulled my hand more to her front and got my fingers under the material, then pushed it back some before it couldn’t go toward her back any more, then my hand slid on around to her back under the dress, as I started rubbing my hand up and down her back again this time, like I had done with my hand on the outside of the dress.

After a little bit we broke the kissing and hugging off we sat back up straight as my hand slide back around toward the front of Maryann, I rubbed across the one tit on the side, and her hand slid back around to my front side, then down, “Wow! You are good at kissing for sure babe. We need to drink our shakes before they melt and too hot to drink.” then we reached down beside ourselves and picked up our shakes from our sides.

After I swallowed my drink of shake, “You sure suck on that straw in a sexy hot way, and the way you are sitting, with it all hanging out like you are, is so fucking sexy to me.”

“So you do not mind it, that I sit with my dress open, and leg open for all to see?”

“No I do not mind it. It really turns me on to see you sitting here so open and free like this, it makes me want to just take you and put my cock in you right here and now, but then the way you cry out, we may be heard and then, we’d be in trouble for sure.”

“In that case we need to finish drinking our shakes, and head home to take care of business then.”

“I’ll say.”

“There is something I wanted to discuss with you thou, is another reason for coming over here and sitting, while we drink these.”

“Okay, what do you want to talk about with me?”

“I do hope you are sure about wanting to live in the house we bought together, and like the location of it and all, since it went so fast with us trying to get it before someone else bought it.”

“Yes I do very much so. What I am looking forward to is, we can go out in the back yard nude, and if we want to walk around back there, or even go out into the trees, and look our place over in the nude, we can, and we do not have to worry, that our neighbors may or can, see us walking around nude.”

“How fast do you think that you can be packed and ready to move, if I say, I got the keys tomorrow morning?”

“I believe I can be packed and ready to move by supper time.”

“You really think you can be ready to go in that short of time?”

“Yes I do. I’ve been getting ready now, since the night of our date, on what was to be your anniversary.”

“How much do you have packed anyway?”

“The only thing I have left to pack is what is on my desk, and the clothes that are still hanging in my closet, and everything else I’m just going to leave it behind, since I will not want it or need it, since I’ll be starting a new life with the woman of my dreams, that is so sexy, beautiful, and hot.”

“Thank you babe for thinking so…”

“I do not think so I know so.”

Then Maryann leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, then leaned back again, “You are pretty hot yourself. With you packing like that sounds like you are ready now, and wanting out of the house we are in now.”

“Yes I am ready to leave now but not without you. I do not want to be around a jerk that wants to hurt the woman of my dreams, and I want you with me when I leave, but I will stay till you are ready to leave yourself.”

“I’ve made the decision myself and hope you would agree, but if you really don’t agree, tell me so, and tell me how you think we should do this, and that is to move into the house, as soon as the new house is ours, even if your, ‘you know who’, does not come home before then.”

“I totally agree with doing that myself. I wanted to tell you that we should just move into the house, as soon as the realtor says that we can move in, or that it is ours, but I didn’t since we are by reality, M. and S. and not, husband and wife.”

“Why didn’t you at least suggest doing that with me then?”

“I figured that once we were told it is ours, and had the key in hand, I was going to suggest it then.”

“Well since you do agree with what I want to do, after doing a lot of thinking about it, I say let’s do it then.”

“Yes! Thank you. I’m ready as soon as we have the keys in hand.”

“That is just what we’ll do then.” then mom just looked around us for just a moment, “I’m ready to go, how about you?”

“I hope I can walk without someone seeing that I have this hard-on.”

“Let’s hope no one sees me dressed like this then, but if they do, they will know why you have a big hard-on then.” chuckling a little thinking about it, which then caused me to chuckle too.

“I can see it now if it is a guy that sees you dressed like that. You may just see how big or small he is, if he gets a hard-on, seeing you like that.”

“At least you won’t be the only one with a hard-on then.” as she stood up and turned to face the rock, we were sitting on, with me standing up when she stood.

“True.” taking Maryann’s hand and helping her as she stepped up onto the rock, then stepping up on it myself.

When Maryann stood up, her dress fell back down, but the top part was kept open by her tits for the first few steps we took, toward a trashcan that we started towards, and with the way her tits had that little bit of jiggle, or wiggle, when she walks, the top of her dress did get worked around for her nipples to be hid, from straight on in front of her, but being to the side like I am, I could see the nipple on her left tit, since she was on my left side.

When we got to the trashcan, we put our shake glasses into the can, then turned toward the gate to go back to the car.

When we turned to go toward the gate, I noticed that the button that was just below Maryann’s belly button, was lower than it was while she was sitting on the rock, and I could just see a hint of her landing strip, and taking a look down as we walked toward the gate leading in and out of the park, I could see down to the ground a little bit with each step she took, and more of the landing strip with each step too, which she has just above the split, that her pussy lips make, even thou I couldn’t see her pussy lips it was still enough to keep my dick very hard.

Once we got to the other side of the street that the car is parked on, and walking toward the car, the people coming toward us would take second looks at mom, and the men were trying to keep their wives or girlfriends from seeing them take a long look at her, as they passed by us.

When we finally got in the car, and I was backing it out of the parking spot, “That my sexy lady, was so fucking hot, that I am in worse shape now, than I was while we were sitting next to the pond out there. I knew you had a cool wild side to you, but damn sexy, that was fucking awesome, which is wilder than I even knew that you were. Man! You are a dream come true for sure.”

“I take it that that is a good thing?”

“Fuck, that is far better than ‘good’, that is out of this world crazy hot. Anytime you want to do something like that, it is totally cool with me, because it does turn me on big time.”

“I’m glad because I wasn’t trying to make you mad or upset with what I did, like it would have, ‘you know who’. I just want to make you happy, and do what I can to get you turned on more, if I can.”

“Sexy, you have made me happy all of my life, and just looking at you and watching you walk, turns me on so much as it is, so you do not have to try very hard to get me turned on, or to make me happy, my love.”

Maryann left her dress unbuttoned on the top part as I drove us home, and she had her dress hem hiked up around her waist as well, which kept my cock hard all the way home.

As soon as Maryann and I got home and in the door from the garage with the shopping bags, we went straight to the bedroom dropping the bags on the floor just inside the door, then Maryann went to unbuttoning the last three buttons she had left buttoned once we got in the car, then it was coming off her shoulders, then she turned and helped me get my pants down to my ankles, and pulled them off of my feet, as I stepped out of them.

As soon as my second foot was clear of the pants, Maryann tossed the pants to the side some as she stood up, wrapping one arm around me, then she wrapped her other arm around my neck, while the first arm slid down till her hand was on my butt.

While Maryann was getting her arms wrapped around me, I wrapped my arms around her too, with one around her shoulders, and one I wrapped around her down low, putting my hand on her butt, and started squeezing her ass cheeks, just as she got her hand on my butt, and we started kissing each other like lovers do.

As we kissed each other, I felt Maryann squeezing first one butt cheek of mine, then the other butt cheek, with my dick pressing against her belly between us, and she was rubbing up and down, as we moved toward the bed.

Once we got to the bed, I turned till Maryann’s back was toward the bed, then stepped in toward her causing her to fall backwards, onto the bed, onto her back, with me going down on top of her with a roll, to put me on the bottom and her on top, then we broke the kissing off, then she roll back over to her side, and then she turned more onto her legs and arms, then crawled toward the center of the bed.

I rolled over behind Maryann and rubbed her ass cheeks with one hand, and as I got closer to her, I kissed her butt cheeks with little licks, then the hand I was rubbing her butt with, I slid it around her to her belly, with my hand stopping on the top part of her landing strip bush, then kissed my way up her back with little licks as I went, like I did on her sexy butt cheeks.

“Oh baby, fuck me. My pussy is so fucking hot and wet, I cannot take any more teasing now. I need your big cock, in my fucking pussy now.”

“My fucking dick needs to get in that hot fucking wet pussy too. You have teased me all morning long, till my cock cannot take it any more either. Now take this big ass cock, sexy baby.” as I slid my cock all the way into her pussy to the hilt, and my balls slapped her clit.

“Oh fuck, you made me cum baby. Now fuck me hard, you big hot man you.”

I slowly pulled my dick back some, till just the head of my cock was left in her pussy, then I slammed back into her as fast as I could, like when I first put my dick in her pussy, as soon as I got lined up behind her.

As I slammed my dick into Maryann, I heard the air leave her, then I heard, “Oh fuck baby, you made me cum again, shit.” then I repeated the same move again.

Again a breath of air left Maryann, and she would comment that she cum, as I would slowly pull back, then slam my dick back into her pussy, each time that I would do that move.

After just a few times of backing outward, then slamming back into Maryann’s pussy, I speeded up with the pulling outward, and sliding back into her pussy, till I was fucking her as fast as I could.

As I was fucking in and out of Maryann’s pussy, as fast as I could, “Oh yes baby, fuck me, do not stop, keep fucking me, I need you fucking me, yes, like that, don’t stop, fuck, I’m about to fucking cum baby, keep fucking me.”

After a few more fast strokes in and out of Maryann’s pussy, “Oh fuck yes, I’m fucking cumming baby, shit.” then I felt her pussy muscles squeezing my cock, as I kept fucking in and out, and I noticed that my dick was even wetter than it was, right after I first put my cock into her pussy.

I kept fucking in and out of Maryann’s pussy for a little bit longer, then I heard, “Oh fuck me, I can’t stop cumming baby. You are making me cum so fucking much, I can’t stop cumming. Oh fuck.” then she fell forward onto the bed, and I went down with her, still fucking her.

After a few more strokes in and out of Maryann’s pussy, with her laying down flat on her belly, I stopped fucking her, but kept my dick pushed in as far as I could get it, and kissed around on her back, around the shoulders and up and down on her neck, then in her ear some, softly blowing into her ear, then went back to kissing down her neck, to the back of her shoulders.

After a few seconds or so, “Oh fuck baby, you are such a bad man, that you’re so very good, at making me feel so damn fucking good, and taking good care of me, in all ways possible. I do hope, that you never change, from being such a bad man, with me.”

“Not a chance of me changing now sexy.” then giving Maryann a few slow strokes, in and out of her pussy.

“Oh fuck baby that feels so damn good too.”

“Let’s get you turned some.” reaching down and lifting up one leg, while I straddle her other leg, till she is on her side, with a leg on my shoulder.

Once Maryann was on her side with a leg on my shoulder, I started slowly fucking her pussy again, getting my dick in her as deep as I could, “Oh fuck me, you are fucking me, so damn deep baby. Damn, it feels so fucking good.”

“Good, I want it to feel good to you. It sure feels damn good to me, and I want you to feel just how good, it feels to me.”

“If you feel as good as I do, then I know just how good it does feel to you baby.”

I made a few more strokes in and out, and then I started speeding up again, till I was fucking Maryann as fast as I could.

Just before I did get to fucking Maryann as fast as I could, “Oh fuck me, I’m about to cum again, fuck.”

“I want you to cum sexy. After you cum a few times, I know I’ll be ready to cum too.”

“Oh fuck, I’ve cum so much now, and, I’m cumming again now, fuck, it feels like I really need to pee too, oh fuck, I can’t keep from it baby.” then I felt her pussy muscles squeeze down on my dick, more than they did any other time, that she has cum before.

Then Maryann’s cum came squirting out of her pussy, soaking the bed and me, from the waist down.

I pushed my dick in as far as I could, and put a hand down on her pussy as she was squirting, and soaked my hand, and bringing it up to see it covering my hand, I put a finger in my mouth and sucked it clean, then I stuck my hand down in front of Maryann’s face, close enough for her to smell it, “It’s cum baby, taste it.”

Maryann stuck her tongue out and licked one of my fingers that were coated with her cum, and after she got a taste of it, she cleaned off two of my fingers, as I went to slowly fucking her pussy again.

I started with slow strokes, but I slowly speeded up this time, till I was fucking her as fast as I could, at which time I hear, “Oh fuck me hard, I’m about to cum again, and I need you to cum with me baby, fuck.”

With Maryann telling me that she needed me to cum with her, didn’t help with me holding off much longer, like I was hoping to do.

“Oh fuck me, I feel like I may pee again baby, shit. Oh I feel it, fuck, I’m cumming.” then I could feel her pussy muscles squeeze down again on my cock, as I gave it one final push in, as far as I could get it, “Cum with me baby, in my pussy, now.”

That was all it took. With Maryann’s pussy squeezing my dick, and she went to squirting again, soaking the bed and me again, then she tells me to cum in her now, made my cum that I felt working its way up my cock, I shot my cum into her pussy right then, “There it is baby, I’m filling your pussy up, with all of my fucking cum.”

“Yes baby, fill my pussy up with that hot cum. Every bit of it baby, do not pull out for anything.”

With Maryann’s pussy muscles squeezing my cock like it was, I didn’t think I was going to quit cumming myself.

When we did finally quit cumming, I dropped Maryann’s leg down, and just lay over on my side behind her, leaving my dick stuffed into her pussy, as far as I could keep it.

After a little bit of time had passed, “Oh my babe, you really made me do something I have never done in my life. I really thought I was peeing, till you got it on your hand, and put it in my mouth to taste it.”

“From what I’ve heard, it is called squirting when a woman is having sex, or masturbating, and she cums with it shooting out of her pussy like that.”

“Where did you hear that at?”

“From a couple videos that a couple of friends of mine snuck out of their parents bedroom.”

“Oh like you did with your dad’s VHS tapes.”

“Yes they did, but with me there at the time. When I got you know who’s, I was alone.”

“I’m glad that you were alone, when you got you know who’s out.”

“I didn’t want to have someone see you in the nude, or having sex with you know who, if one of the tapes happen to be one that you two may have recorded like Jimmy did with me once. He was so red in the face when he saw his mom in sexy night clothes, and then strip down nude, just before having sex with his dad, with me sitting there watching it with him, but talk about getting a hard-on, he got one for sure. I wouldn’t let him stop the video and he really didn’t want to stop it either, because his eyes were glued to the television. He made me promise not to tell a soul, but I told you and no one else, because I know you will keep it to yourself where others, I’m not sure if they would or not, because I do not want it to get back to him, that I said anything to anyone.”

“I will not tell a soul either, because I wouldn’t want anyone to find out about us either, but it does help me, knowing that you’re not the only one that gets a hard-on for their mom. Do you know or not, if he has tried to get his mom to have sex with him, like you have wanted to do?”

“After watching that tape of his mom and dad, he saw how sexy hot she is, and he told me that he would like to do her too, after I confessed to wanting to have sex with you, but I hadn’t even got to see you nude like he had just got to do on that tape. Now as far as I know, he hasn’t got to have sex with her, because he is like I was, about even trying to get a woman or girl, interested in him.”

“How does his mom and dad get along, or do you know?”

“Anytime I’ve been there when both of them are home, they get along a lot better than you and you know who ever did, and he says that they are all ways that way, all the time.”

“With his parents getting along like that, he may never have the chance to even get to first base with his mom, like you were able to do, and I am so glad that you got the chance, because you have made me so fucking happy, which is happier than I have ever been, with any man, and even more than I have been with the jerk.”

“I’m so glad that I got the chance to show you how much I really love you, and to make you happier than anyone ever has.”

“Speaking of which, I can hardly believe that you are still hard, after what we just did. Is it because of me or because of thinking about the video, with Jimmy’s mom and dad?”

“It’s because of you sexy.” giving a fucking motion then.

“Oh fuck babe, that is a very good answer, and I’m glad it is because of me, but I believe that Jimmy’s mom has a small part in it too. I’ve got to have something to drink before we go another round. How about we go sit out on the back patio, and get some sun while we have something to drink?”

“I do like that idea, so I guess, as much as I want to leave my dick in your pussy, it may be a problem for us to get something to drink, and then get out to the patio, if we stay hooked up like this.”

“Yes, I would say that it would be, even thou I am like you, I want to keep your cock in my pussy too.”

Maryann and I both did a little roll to pull my dick out of her tight wet pussy, then we got up and went to the door, and out to the kitchen to get our drinks, and on the way, “Oh man, your cum is running down my leg babe.”

“I see that, and it looks sexy as all get out, knowing that your legs are mine too.”

“Like your legs are mine then too?”

“Yes they are.”

“For now anyway, till I rid of, you know who.”

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