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in laws

We had always been a very open f****y and being naked was nothing special in front of each other.

I married Tina when she was 21 years old, I was five years older, a year later she gave birth to our daughter Sara. Ten years later Tina died in a road accident. Obviously we were devastated and my mother in law, Kate, came more into our lives to help Sara cope. I buried myself in my work, I was self-employed and was always very busy working loads of hours. Nevertheless I missed the great sex life I’d had with Tina, I had one or two one night stands but somehow it didn’t work and, as the years went on became more and more frustrated.

We had always been a very open f****y and being naked was nothing special in front of each other. Then Sara began to grow up, in no time at all it seemed to me, she became a smaller version of her mother. Tina had been a natural blonde with a great figure, very sexy with a small patch of honey coloured pubic hair on her mound. At thirteen Sara already had a well developed figure, taking after her mother with smallish, very firm, breasts and a prominent mound. In my frustrated state her appearance began to affect me sexually, I fought it hard.

About a year later Sara looked at least sixteen and had her mother’s little patch of honey-coloured pubic hair and was still wandering around naked at times. As I was often in the same condition I soon had to turn away from her to avoid her seeing my impending erection. I had noticed that she occasionally had a little smile on her face as she saw me looking, then one Saturday morning I awoke to find a naked Sara asl**p beside me. I groaned inwardly at how beautiful and sexy she looked as I slipped out of bed careful not to wake her. When she came down to breakfast nothing was said, but soon every Saturday and Sunday morning I woke to a naked, sl**ping daughter. One night I woke up as she got into my bed, ‘What are you doing Sara’ I asked her. ‘Oh, Daddy, I’ve been sl**ping with you for yonks, don’t worry, go to sl**p.’ She cuddled up to my back and I felt her breasts pressing against me, then of course I couldn’t sl**p. Sara could though and dozed off without a care in the world.

We somehow accepted this situation without any physical interaction between us until one Sunday, soon after she had turned fifteen, when I woke to find her fingers wrapped round my cock. Starting to become erect immediately I gently prised her fingers open and slipped away. Did she know what she was doing I wondered I had no idea.

All this time, Kate, my mother in law and I had become much closer and we talked about all sorts of things, including Sara’s behaviour. That Sunday I went over to Kate’s and got onto the subject again. ‘It disturbs you sexually, doesn’t it’ Kate said, I agreed. ‘Well,’ she continued, ‘it’s been obvious to me for some considerable time that you have become increasingly sexually frustrated. There’s an answer to that.’ ‘Oh,’ I replied, ‘and what’s that’

‘Cunt.’ She answered. I was stunned, I had never heard Kate use language like that, although Tina was always turned on by such talk. She went on, ‘And it just so happens that I have one!’ As she said this she had kicked off her shoes and, putting her hands up her skirt, she hooked her knickers down and stepped out of them. We happened to be in the kitchen where she had a large table, she immediately climbed onto it and, pulling her skirts up, spread her legs and showed me that she had indeed what every woman has. My cock rose immediately. I should explain that Kate had been a widow for many years and I knew, because she had told me, that she had had several sexual adventures during that time. I figured that she had the same sex drive as her daughter, there was no doubt that she was an attractive woman who had retained a good figure into her fifties.

She raised her head, ‘Come on then, Mark, it’s a cunt, fuck it, it’s there to be used and you can use it whenever you like!’ I didn’t need a second bidding and dropping my trousers and underpants stepped up to the table. Holding my cock horizontal I aimed it at Kate’s hole which was visible between the lips of her cunt as she held them open. I entered her. ‘Take my advice, fuck it as hard as you can, don’t mind me, this is for you, just fuck it hard and fast and unload yourself.’ I took her advice, I was practically coming as I felt her hot, tight, slippery tunnel so it only lasted about a minute before I was shooting my load deep inside her cunt.

‘There,’ she said, ‘no, don’t take it out, you’ll want to fuck again in a minute.’ I stood there, my cock barely softened, she was right, I did want to fuck her properly. I looked down, her bum was on the edge of the table, her legs over my shoulders and I could see where Tina and my daughter got their very attractive pubic hair from. Her cunt lips glistened with her juice and my spunk as it began to ooze. I started to move again, I gloried in the feel of her cunt, delightfully soft, tight, hot and slippery, all I could think about was cunt. She told me afterwards that I fucked her for over half an hour, all I knew was that I had a wonderful feeling of release as I came for a second time. My legs went a bit.

My cock slipped out and I watched as my spunk formed a ball as it oozed out of her and then rolled down over her bum hole. She was smiling and got off the table, ‘Come on, let’s shower.’ By the time we got there the mixture of my spunk and her cunt juice was running down her thighs, there was an erotic odour of her hot cunt and my spunk. We got in the big shower together and washed each other, she said, ‘I told you what you needed was cunt, well, I know it’s mine, but don’t worry about that, I want you just to use it whenever you want. I shan’t wear knickers indoors, my place or yours, so all you have to do is lift my skirt and get it in and fuck, alright’ Dumbfounded I just nodded.

Well, I certainly used her and it obviously had an effect on me for Sara said one day, ‘Do you know Dad you seem so much happier recently and you don’t look at me as much as you did.’ ‘Look at you’ I queried. ‘Yes you know when we’ve nothing on you could never help looking…. Oh! It’s alright, Dad, I do like you looking at me and I know it excited you, you used to turn away so that I wouldn’t see you with an erection!’ I was flabbergasted. She went on, ‘I wouldn’t have minded you doing me, Dad, in fact I wouldn’t mind now, but I think you’ve got somebody and that’s why you’re different now.’ Well, I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything.

But fate, or rather Sara, took a hand, so to speak. One Sunday morning I woke to find Sara playing with my cock, as I woke of course I got hard. ‘Oh, at last!’ Sara cried, ‘I’ve seen you’re lovely dick hard, Daddy.’ ‘You’re a naughty girl Sara,’ I told her as she continued wanking me, ‘and if you keep doing that you are going to get messed up.’ She looked at me, I could see desire in her lovely eyes, ‘Then put it in me and show me what sex is all about,’ she said. She turned onto her back and spread her legs, I was going to get out of bed but my eyes caught the lovely sight of her open cunt, she looked just like her Mum and lust beat my resolve. I moved between her legs, ‘Oh yes, Daddy! Please, please!’, she panted.

I enetered her easily, she was very tight of course, but also extremely aroused and I eased my cock into her. She held me tightly as I pushed right up inside her as far as I could go. Even knowing I was doing wrong I couldn’t do anything to hurt her and proceeded to fuck her gently. I lasted a long time, due to my constant fucking of Kate no doubt, but it certainly ensured that Sara enjoyed it, or so she assured me afterwards. Obviously I pulled out to come over her and not risk making her pregnant, she enjoyed that too, she said, ‘I know I’ve tossed off a few boys, Daddy, but I’ve never seen a dick the size of yours and I’ve never seen a boy shoot so much spunk!’ I was learning more and more about my daughter!

Later I went over to Kate’s and told her what had happened, ‘I wouldn’t worry about it,’ she advised me, ‘many a girl has been initiated by her father, she won’t tell that’s certain.’ We sat and had a cup of coffee and talked. At one point she said, ‘I feel I must apologise to you, Mark, I told you to use my cunt to ease your frustration and that it wouldn’t really mean the same to me, but that was a lie! I wanted sex and Tina always told me about your sex life with her, what your cock was like and how good you were at making love to her, I wanted experience it for myself. So I deceived you, I have thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by you, is there any chance that we can carry on doing it’ I leant forward and kissed her, ‘Did you really think that I wouldn’t notice when you came The longer I fucked that cunt, that I was supposed to think wasn’t yours, the more you came! In fact you reacted just like Tina. Of course we will go on doing it, in fact there is one thing I have been longing to do, give you oral sex. How about it’

‘Oh God! If there’s one thing that really turns me on it’s having someone give me tongue!’ I said, ‘Upstairs, quick!’ She threw off her dress as we approached the bed, as usual she had nothing on underneath. I stripped quickly and pulling her across the bed, knelt in front of her and pushed my head between her thighs. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her wide open and slippery cunt, I slurped and drank from her, her juice tasted just like Tina’s, then I began tonguing her. She came immediately and went on coming until she had a huge orgasm that racked her body as she cried out.

I pulled her onto the bed and mounted her, pushing my cock up her sloppy cunt, then fucked her as hard as I could. It lasted longer than the first time I’d fucked her …. but not by much and I was soon filling her willing cunt with my spunk.

The following weekend Kate came over to us, as soon as Sara saw her she said, ‘Oh, it’s you Nana, isn’t it You’re the one Daddy’s been making love with. Oh, how nice!’ She grabbed her grandmother and kissed her. There was no point in denying it and we were soon talking about Sara’s involvement. Kate told her that she had nothing to worry about as no-one would say anything but there was one thing she would insist on. ‘Oh, what’s that then, Nana’ Sara asked. ‘Why dear, we have to get you protected, you don’t want to find yourself pregnant at your age, do you’

‘No, of course not,’ my daughter replied, ‘but Daddy always pulls out.’ ‘Maybe,’ her grandmother said, ‘but Daddy won’t be the only one having sex with you, will he So let’s start as we mean to go on.’ That night we did something I would never have thought possible, I made love to both Kate and Sara with us all sl**ping together. They both gave every impression of enjoying it. The following day Kate took Sara to her doctor and got her fixed up with a diaphragm. She told me that the doctor had been reluctant but that she had said Sara was obviously sexually active and did he want the pregnancy of a fifteen year old on his conscience He didn’t of course.

My sexual relationship with Sara lasted only a week or two, before I told her that it wasn’t going to be a long term thing, she wasn’t very happy about it but accepted that it was a situation that couldn’t go on. Kate I still have sex with, although these days she’s not the only one.

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