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In love with mom

EditDeleteSissy187’s Blog Trying on mom’s dirty Panties part 1
From the first time I fished out a pair of moms dirty panties an tryed them on ,almost 40 years ago, that’s when it began for me about 1976 ?
I lock myself in the bathroom An pulled out a pair of moms dirty panties out of the hamper , immediately my cock began to harden, I inspected them , took a small sniff ,then I striped down naked an slowly slid mom dirty pantys up my legs , up over my by now rock hard cock the back over my ass, WOW I NEEDED TO CUM RIGHT NOW . I checked myself out in the mirror , I love it , an still do, the pair I was wearing were a pair of pink100 % nylon briefs They felt incredible I layed down on the floor pulled my cock out the side an started pounding away , it didn’t take long before my hot cum was shooting straight up in the air about a foot an then back down all over moms pink pantys ,, they were soked with cum , from that day forward I was in moms room every time she got dressed or undressed for bed so that I could see her in her panties, mom caught on though, a year or so latter I had a neighbor ladies Pantys I had stolen hidden under the sink in the bathroom, that I used also to jack off with , these panties were similar to my moms pantys but they were a peach color . They had so much cum on them, anyway one eve I go in they to hav a panty j/o an they were gone , I didn’t know what to do , I couldn’t ask her , about a week later I go into moms room. It’s about time for her to get ready for bed , she in the bathroom with the door open , , as I’m walking through her room I look down an their they were , mom had just changed her pantys ,she was wearing my pantys ,I go in to the bathroom she in front of the mirror I we start talking all the while I’m checking out her panty covered ass, she was wearing light blue nylon briefs. These pantys are kinda see through, so I can see the crack of her ass all I could think about was putting those pantys on an licking her ass
An I guess that was the day I grew balls because I don’t know where this came from, I said ” ARE YOU FINISHED WITH MY PANTIES ” can I have them back now ?i look at moms eyes in the mirror she smiled a bit an said I been waiting for you to ask me if I took them , I was shocked , thought it was all a dream ,mom said you can have them back now, sorry their dirty I haven’t washed them yet , but they were dirty when I got them,I walked out of the bathroom an picked up the panties , the crotch was very moist an without even raising them to my nose, I could smell her sent of her pussie, strong, not stinky .i looked at them an wnoticed all my cum was still there. It was a turn on to know my sons cum was that close to my pussie mom said, I turned to look at mom, then I brought the panties to my nose an smelled, WOW. I’m still in love with at that sent. Mom walked back into the bathroom , I got undressed an slid my panties on , I could feel the cold damp crotch on my balls , knowing it was moms pussie juice made iMy dick got so hard it was sticking straight out like a tent in my panties,an I walked back into the bathroom ,mom turned an looked, oh Eric those look really good on you turn let me see how ur ass looks, I turned never taking my eyes off hers,very nice Eric why don’t you close my door I wanta talk to you…… we sit on the bed my cock is so hard , mom says Eric do you play with my pantys everyday I said yes mom I’d do , please don’t hate me I love you an I want you mom , Eric I, ur mom , I dot care mom I think ur so sexy I

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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