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Indian Summer. ( Sequel to My crush turned into my

The next day i woke up early and eager to go to summer school, i couldn’t stop thinking about Karithy and her fat ass and her puffy pussy and her D cup tits, with nice big aureola’s that are like a rack track for my dick head and tongue to circle around on. I got dressed and was on my way to school, i texted Karithy, and said, “hey sweetness i cant wait to see you today where something i would like to see you in” she responded back, OK i will xoxo. I was walking to the main entrance and saw her get out her dads BMW, she had on a tight red shirt with her big tits just packed in there, and she was wearing baggy sweat pants, i was a lil pissed cause she was wearing them pants, but when her dad pulled off she took them off and had on tight cut off jean shorts, with her big round butt cheeks hanging out a lil bit. she ran up to me gave me a hug and we tongue kissed for awhile and i squeezed her ass. She giggled , ” i like that,… you can do that as much as you please, i love your hands on my ass and all over me” i said i wanna do more than that to your sexy ass girl. she laughed and we went to class.

After the first two hours of class the teacher gave us a break every day to refresh and stretch our legs a little, before returning for the remaining 45 minutes and then ending the day. So while everyone wen to the quad or the cafe to eat or do whatever they did, Karithy and I had other plans. Karithy tapped me and said lets do something nasty, in a naughty whisper. I said what do you have in mind? she replied, ” I like when you humped my ass yesterday i like when you do that your boner feels so good on my ass and thighs, and plus i love the way you move on it” . So i was all for it after she said that, but i said where can we go to do this? , she knew that the summer school section was only where staff and students where,so she said we can go over to the section where no one is and go in the bathroom. So we walked to the boys locker room, it was like a ghost town i loved it. on our walk she told she gets wet in her vagina when we do nasty things and when she thinks about me, she didn’t know much about sex, i told her that was a good thing, that it meant that she was getting really aroused and her body liked wat i did to her. ” wow babe you sure do know alot about this i feel like i cant keep up with you” said Karithy. I said don’t worry i will teach you and you’ll like it very much. she told me she had a crush on me since elementary and she wanted to do nasty stuff with me forever and she was glad we finally got the chance to do it with me, she said she would only do nasty things with and for me only. that made happy,she was so innocent and cute, i mean gorgeous face and big brown eyes with dick sucking lips like Angelina Jolie.

We made it to the locker room , she lead the way, then she turned around put her arms around my shoulder and we kissed her lips were so soft and gentle but very hot. I put my tongue in her mouth and we both played tonsil hockey while i rubbed her tits, i pulled her shirt up over her head and around the back of her neck she presented her big beautiful tits to me, they bounced soon as the shirt came up. I admired them for a minute then rubbed her nipples and around her nipples to get them hard, i fondled and squeezed those fun bags and then went in for the kill and licked those big aureola’s and sucked on them like a hungry new born in Africa, i sucked long and hard making that popping sound as i sucked on hard and popped off. Karithy was moaning and breathing heavy, ” Oh yes oh yes like them boobs that feels so good” you like that , i said, yes yes baby keep doing that. After that beautiful titty attention, i told her to unzipped my pants, she put her hands down to my pants button, trying to keep her tits near my watering mouth as i sucked on them, and then she unzipped and pulled them down, i stepped back and showed her my rock hard dick sticking up covered by my boxer briefs, she couldn’t suck me off cause we didn’t have that much time, she said, ” woow!, is all that for me” , yea baby this is what you do to me.

I told her to turn around and pull down those shorts, she did as i said, she pulled her shorts of and revealed to me her tight form fitting hip hugging white cotton panties( the ones you see on cheerleaders), her ass was so nice looking in those panties, her ass was nice round and shaped like a peach her butt cheeks were nice and big , only Shaqelle O’neal can fully palm those soft beauties, i admired that big ole ass and ran my pointer finger over the middle of her panties where here butt crack his because her panties were tight enough to see the imprint of her ass crack. she twitched a little and i got to my knees and just smelled that ass she bent over so i can get my nose deep in there, her warm ass stinked so good i kissed all over it, ” do you like the smell of my ass baby” she said , oh yea baby i replied, she said wat does it smell like? I stood up went in front her and gave her a kiss while our bodies were tight together, i put both my hands in her panties as we tongue kissed, and spread her cheeks dug up her ass and finger her tight warm butt hole, i put my middle finger up there and squeezed her cheeks with my hands, ” oh my fucking goodness, oh oh oh yeaaa!! that feels so good!!” she moaned, i pulled it out of her ass put it up to her nose and gave her a whiff. “mmm that does stink so good” she said as she giggled, i put the ass holed covered finger in her mouth and she licked it and sucked off the booty juices, “you like that bay how does that taste”? she said I like it im gonna be tasting my ass more often. i turned her around bend her over and dry humped her doggy style from the back so hard, back and forth, round and round, up and down, fast and slow grinding hard and soft thrust, i humped her so hard i turned her panties into a thong,”oh yea sweety that feels good, keep going i love , i fucking love it.!!!” she exclaimed, i busted a nut on her ass cheeks it slime over her golden brown cheeks i rubbed it in with the head off my dick, the bell wrong for us to return to class, we quickly got dressed and pulled our closed and and rushed back to close, she said don’t worry wait to we get home i got a surprise for ya.

we rushed to her house no one was home until six, they never are, i pulled down her pants spread her ass and fingers fucked it while she was on all fours, i ate her puffy pussy from the back while i did this, her juices flow out down her inner thigh i licked it up then i returned to her asshole tongue fucked it with my stiff tongue deep in and out screamed in excitement and pleasure, i slurped all in and around. she said hold on and ran to the the bathroom and came back with a razor and cream, she wanted me to shave her pussy i shaved it and then she pushed my down on the couch, got on her knees and spread my legs apart unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi hard dick, ” do u want mami to take care of this baby”, she spit on her hands and then on my dick and rubbed and tugged on my my ever growing member, i sat back and had to catch my breathe because my innocent sweetheart was turning naughty by giving my the best hand-job, i she massaged my balls with hand and squeezed my shaft with the other like an Atari joy stick and twiddled her them on my dick head all at the same time. i said put my balls in your mouth, she obeyed and did that while stroking my hard veiny cock. she spit on my balls and the spit drizzled down my ass crack, i thought to my self, lets so how naughty i can make her, i said now its time to taste my ass, i lifted up my legs and told her to lick my ass hole. without hesitation she did so, while stroking my hard throbbing cock still, my balls dropped on her forehead as she tongued my butt hole, i got up turned around and bend over for her to lick it from the back, she put her hand under my leg beat my dick and lick my balls and ass from the back, i was getting ready to blow my top i pushed her hands away and told her to keep licking my balls and ass from behind, i beat my dick rapidly and ass she licked my ass i told her to put both of hands under my dick , i directed my cock head on top of her cupped hands and blew my hot thick load on her hands after i was emptied, i directed her to smear my ass with my cum and told her lick it clean, my sweet Indian sex doll followed my orders .

Afterward we went to her bedroom bare ass naked and cuddled, i asked her how did she learn how to give hand jobs like that, she said she watch a porno to prepare last night, to prepare for yesterday, she never did that in her life, i was taking back and gave her an intimate long kiss and told her she was great, she said “i love licking your ass too, i never did that neither all this is brand new to me, but i love you and will do whatever you want me to do and you can do anything to me, i only want to do this to you though im not a whore, but i,ll be yours if you let?” I kissed her again as she was massaging my balls and i was fingering her pussy and ass and said well baby you are my little whore, and she kissed my back and said only your whore. this was our little secret and know one else knew, we took a shower together and kissed and i fingered her in there and then i was dressed and on my way home and she said, ” sorry i couldn’t suck your dick today , i just really wanted to try this today, but tomorrow,i will do what ever you want and from now on” i kissed her and said ok baby, and then left.


I hope you guys enjoyed it pleez comment… parts 3,4,and 5 coming soon and many more other stories.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:06 pm

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