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I was about 12 or 13. My mother and I were supposed to go out someplace – I really don’t remember where but I remember I had to get dressed up for it. I walked into my mother’s room. She was in front of the mirror and had a short robe on. She turned to me and said “I want you to take a shower before we leave. So hurry up.” “Ok,” I said. And turned to walk out of the room. As I crossed the threshold she told to stop. She looked at me.
“I can tell your going to take way too long.” She hesitated. Then said “Here, jump in the shower with me and we can be quick.”
‘No, I don’t want to do that. I’ll be quick – promise.”
“You listen to me, young man,” she said as she went into the bathroom. “Take your clothes off. I’ll get the water warmed up.” I didn’t know quite what to do – I’d never taken a shower before with my mom. I heard her yell to me to hurry up. I took off my clothes and walked into the shower where she was waiting. She put me under the water and soaped up my shoulders and back.
“Doesn’t that feel good now?” she asked. “Sure,” I answered. Her hands continued downward. She crouched as she washed my rear end and the back of my thighs. Then she turned me around and soaped up my shoulders and chest. She had been using a facecloth all this time. I was getting a tingling feeling between my legs – I started to get hard. It wasn’t the first one I’d had – but never with my mother around. It rubbed against her elbow and she looked down. I could see a smile on her face and I turned red with embarrasement. She looked up at me and said “Don’t be embarrassed, you’re just growing up.” She dropped the washcloth and washed my small, but hardening, dick with her hands. It seemed she took her time. I was feeling good. She abruptly stood up and rinsed me off.
“Don’t tell anyone about this, ok sweetheart?”
“I won’t”
“Good.” She turned her back to me and told me to wash it. I did. “All the way down to my ankles, please.” I spent extra long washing her rear. I noticed she had dropped her hand down to her thighs and moving them around a little. I ignored it because I was feeling something between my legs. My hard on was throbbing.
She turned toward me. “Thank you, that felt so good. You’re a good son.” She looked down at my cock – small but sticking out now.
“Now you can wash mommy’s front,” as she let her arms drop to her sides. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. She finally reached down, put the soap back into my hands and lifted them up to her breasts. She held my wrists making me rub her tits.
She had her eyes semi-closed. “You’re making mommy feel very good, did you know that?” My hands were working on their own now. I was rubbing her nipples. I was fascinated – it felt so good!
“Ok, now wash mommy’s tummy.” I washed her navel area and she said, ” You can go lower and shampoo mommy’s hair between her legs.” She handed me a tube of shampoo. I put some on my hands and started rubbing her. “Keep doing it – I want to be very clean!”
“Ok,” I said. Her knee kept bumping my cock and every time it touched I wanted to lean against her and rub it until I came.
She let out a little groan and said, “If only you were a little older.” And then she groaned louder and her whole body stiffened. She put her arms around me, pulling my face into her breasts while she continued to grind against my stomach. “You’re such a good boy,” she kept saying. And then it was over.
I never forgot that. As I grew older all I wanted to do was get back into that shower again with her. Since I couldn’t figure a way for that to happen, I started feeling her panties and bras to get the feeling she was close.
One day, when I was s*******n, I was laying on her bed. I had my pants off and I was rubbing my swollen cock with her panties, her bra laying next to my head. My eyes were closed – I was back in that shower. I didn’t see or hear anything. That is until I heard my mother at the bedroom door. She came home early – I forgot she’d been to the hairdresser.
“Johnny – what are you doing? With my panties? And my bra? What in the world.??”
I was busted – what could I say. She looked between my legs and I went soft – very quickly. I could only mutter, “Sorry – I was thinking of you in the shower that day.”
She looked surprised. Then a small smile began. “You remember that?”
“In detail.” I said.
“You must like my panties and bra, too. How long have you been doing this?” she asked.
“Long time.” I could hardly speak.
She looked at me for awhile, put her hands on her hips and said, “I have to punish you for this. Go vacuum the living room!” She knew I hated to use the vacuum.
I got up and started to put my pants back on.
“Wait,” she said. “Since you’re so enamored with my panties, you vacuum while you’re wearing them! And take your shirt off and put my bra on, too!”
I started to argue, but realized I might like it.
She took the panties from me and told me she’d help. She got on her knees and slipped them on me. My cock was level with her face and it was once again getting hard. She looked at it as she slipped the panties over my waist. Her thumbs ran up the sides of my cock as she finished the job.
“My little sissy,” she said and smiled. “Now go vacuum!”
I was half way through when she walked in the room and sat down, watching me. I finished and shut the vacuum off.
“Ok?” I asked.
“I think so. Did you enjoy wearing my clothes? Maybe we should get you stockings and a garter belt, too,” she said as she smiled.
“Would you like to go shopping with me? And we can get the right sizes.” She seemed serious.
“If that’s what you want,” I blurted out. I was turned on wearing her things in front of her. My cock was hard as a rock and sticking out making a tent of the panties. She reached over and pulled the vacuum plug from the wall. I realized then her blouse had a couple of buttons open and I could see a lot of cleavage.
She reached out with the plug to hand it to me and I stepped closer to get it. As she handed it to me her fingers curled around mine and held them for a second. Then she looked at my hard cock and said, “I think that’s what YOU want,” and smiled.
She looked up at me. “So you remember the shower?” she asked.
” Like I said – in detail.”
“Do you remember your little penis was getting hard?”
“Yes,” I answered.
“Do you remember rubbing mommy’s tits?”
“Yes.” I was surprised – she’d never used that word with me before.
“And shampooing mommy’s hair?”
“Of course,” I replied.
“Did you enjoy it?”
“Did you know that mommy came in there?” Her fingers touched my thigh.
“I didn’t know that.”
I couldn’t stand it any longer. I reached down, took her wrist and put her hand on my cock. OMG, I thought I would explode!
She immediately took her hand away and looked at me. “I’m your mother,” she said. “We can’t do that now that you’re grown up.”
“Please, Mom. Just touch it for me.”
“NO! You’re my son and I’m your mother!”
“Please,” I said as I once again put her hand on my cock. “Please.”
Ok, but just for a second,” she said as she rubbed her fingernails up the front of my cock. And then wrapped her fingers around it, beginning to jerk it off. But then she stopped and stood up. She walked into the kitchen and started doing the dishes in the sink. I couldn’t believe it!
She turned her head and looked at me. And smiled. “I do love the way you look in my clothes.”
‘Thanks,” I said, as I leaned against her, my hard cock wrapped in satin rubbing against her ass. She didn’t protest, she didn’t even move. I let my arms encircle her and took her tits in my hand.
“What are you doing?” she asked, softly.
“Making my fantasy come true. It would be better if you felt my cock – it really needs you.”
She turned toward me and circled my nipples through my silky bra with her fingernails. My nipples grew hard.
“Do you love your mommy?”
“Will you dress for her whenever she wants you to? Perhaps every day?”
“Will you suck on your mommy’s nipples?”
She began to unbutton her blouse and slipped it off. I reached behind her and unhooked it. It fell to the floor.
“Look at your mommy’s tits. Do you like them?”
“I love them.” I started to play with her nipples. They were hard and standing at attention.
“Will you kiss your mommy?” I bent over, and we kissed.
She broke our embrace. And she slid to the floor. She rubbed my cock through the panties, looking at me.
“Do you like the way your mommy rubs your cock?”
“Oh, yes,” I half groaned.
I reached down and pulled my cock free. It was right in her face.
“Do you like your son’s cock?” I asked.
“Yes, its beautiful. So hard. I’ve thought about it a lot since our shower.”
“Kiss it for me, mommy. I want you to taste it.” With that she rubbed her lips up and down my cock and finally took it her mouth.
She looked up. “Do you like the way mommy sucks your cock?”
” I want to go into the bedroom now,” she whispered.
As we walked into the bedroom, she stripped and laid on the bed. She laid me on the bed, shifted her position so that her cunt was over my mouth and pressed down with her hips.
“Oh, baby, eat your mother. Put your tongue in deep..I’m so wet. Taste me while I suck on your cock. She came in my mouth just as I came into her mouth. We kissed some more and exchanged the different tastes. I was ecstatic. She sucked on me some more until I became hard again.
“I want you to fuck your mommy, honey. I want my son’s cock inside of me. I want to feel it as it shoots its cum into me.”
I put it into her and we humped, hard, for quite awhile. She groaned and squeeled, yelling “fuck me son, fuck me” until we came again.
That was awhile ago. And since then we do it almost every day. She’s had my cock in every hole she posseses. We go out of town and go shopping, buying slips and bras and panties. I have a whole wardrobe she wants me to wear.
Last night she was on my lap, jerking me off very slowly.
“Your cock is so beautiful. It’s a shame you can’t suck on it, too. Would you like to?”
“Never thought about it, since I know its physically impossible,” I laughed.
“I know a man at work who I think would love to see you dressed. You and I could act like girlfriends when he came over. Of course we’d have to buy you a pretty wig.” She smiled.
I wonder where this is going to lead me next.

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