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Interviewing My New Office Boy

I just got a promotion to the Vice President of Marketing at a major corporation in Santa Clara.  It was going to be a very high stress job and I was going to get to hire my own assistant.  I’ve always had a fantasy of having a male assistant wait on me hand and foot.  I had several interviews set up over the course of the next few days.  Today I was interviewing the most promising candidate as his resume was very impressive.

I sat behind my big mahogany desk in my black leather executive chair as he walked in my office.  He was about 6′ tall with wavy blonde hair, green eyes and an athletic build.  He eyes me appreciatively as he shakes my hand and introduces himself.  He has a firm handshake and looks me straight in the eyes as he speaks with confidence.  Throughout the interview he can’t take his eyes off my large breasts.  

“James, I need an assistant who will do whatever I want, whenever I want.  I’m a very busy woman and I don’t have time to hold your hand.  I need to give you a task and have you complete it flawlessly without question. Is that a problem for you?”  I question.  He shakes his head no and smiles.  “Go into the kitchen and get me a tea with 3 creams and a sugar.”  I request.  He immediately jumps up and brings me what I ask for.  Impressed I sip my tea and admire his youthful beauty.  I come around the desk and sit on it in front of him in my silk Armani suit and black high heels crossed at the ankles.  “So tell me about yourself James.” I remark.  He tells me about his background, his f****y and what he wants in a position.  I notice that he keeps talking about how he wants to serve me and his deferential attitude.  His subservience is very arousing and I begin looking at him in a new way.

We are only separated by a couple inches as I uncross my legs and separate them.  I look into his eyes deeply and begin raising my black skirt above my knees while smiling at him.  His eyes widen in surprise as he watches my skirt rise to my hips showing my thigh high black nylons and garter belt.  I separate my legs further, lean back on the desk and motion him forward with a mischievous grin on my face.  “So how far will you go to serve me James?  Will you assist me with all areas of my life?” I inquire.  He pauses, stunned at my advance in the middle of a job interview.  He looks at my black lace panties and up and down my thick, white legs and wide hips and sighs with pleasure.  I can see a huge bulge quickly rising in his black trousers.  

Quietly he gets down on his knees in front of me and begins rubbing his face on the crotch of my silk panties, inhaling deeply and sighing with pleasure.  I grab his head and grind his face into my pussy.  I raise both of my legs and place them behind his back and lean into him.  He pulls aside my panties and starts licking my pussy eagerly.  I push his head back and step out of my panties. I tie them around his writs bounding them together and return his face to my pussy.  I tell him to suck my clit and tongue fuck my pussy and suck on my lips.  He is such a talented boy.  I know he’s going to serve me well.  I push him away from me and turn around and face the desk and bend over it.  I spread my legs, and pull my ass checks apart.  I don’t have to say anything.  He moans with pleasure and sighs and leans in and begins to lick my ass with enthusiasm.  I press back into his face and enjoy his attentions for several minutes.  I admire the view out my big picture window while he licks me clean.  He kisses my ass cheeks and licks and sucks my rosebud moaning with pleasure.  

I reach into my drawer and pull out the vibrator I use to pleasure myself during lunch.  I lick it and hand it to him.  “Fuck me with this while you lick my ass,” I demand.  He plunges the large black vibrator deeply into me and returns to licking me.  I reach down and finger my clit while focusing on the intense pleasure I feel from his licking and the vibrator.  After several minutes I explode with pleasure into a shattering orgasm and collapse on my desk.  He cleans up the cum on my wet pussy thoroughly.  

I turn around and see that he is stroking his cock vigorously and his face is wet with my cum.  I french kiss him passionately and revel in the taste of me on his lips.  I tell him to remove his pants and to come over to my desk chair.  I place my vibrator on its base in the center of the chair and use spit to lubricate it.  I guide him to the chair and gently ease him down onto my large vibrator with it on full power.  I can tell by his hesitancy that this is the first time he’s been penetrated.  I’m glad I am the one to pop his anal virgin cherry.  I passionately kiss him while he’s slowly sitting down on the large vibrator.  Once he’s all the way seated on the cock, I straddle his lap and sit on his cock and begin rocking back and forth on it.  I wrap my nylon covered legs around him, hold onto the arm rests and grind my hips on his cock which pushes him deeper onto the vibrating cock.  He shudders with pleasure and moans deeply as the vibrator stimulates his prostrate.  The feeling of a cock in his ass and a pussy clenched around his cock while I’m french kissing him must be wonderfully overwhelming.

After several minutes of riding him hard we both begin to shudder and climax simultaneously.  His cum shoots deep inside me and I sigh with sated relief.  I kiss his face and neck affectionately and run my hands thru his thick wavy hair.  I get off him and his soft cock falls out of my tight pussy and I can feel cum start to run out of me.  I lean back on my desk and eye him expectantly.  “Do you like cream pie James?” I inquire mischievously.  “Yes, ma’am” he replies submissively and gets on his knees and cleans the cum out of my honey pot.  Once I’m clean I pull down my skirt, tell him to return to his chair on the other side of my desk and we complete the rest of the interview.  I notice my panties are still tied around his wrists while he answers my interview questions.  When we’re done, I stand up, remove the panties and step back into them nonchalantly.  “Thank you for your time James.  Your service was greatly appreciated.  Do you feel you can perform equally well every day if you were hired? I inquire.  He nods his head enthusiastically and smiles at me.  “I”ll get back to you in a couple weeks with my decision.  I’ve got a lot of interviewing to do before I make a decision.”  I say with a big smile on my face and a dreamy look in my eyes.  He nods his head in understanding and walks out the door.  I follow him out the door to the waiting room of the other perspective assistants and invite the next one in to begin his interview.  I hope this one goes as well!


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