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The power of revenge, it can be crazy and yet the benefits sometimes are amazing…my little tale is about such a story of revenge, and sex…of course its about sex, would be posting on here if it was just about love. So our tale starts with me….Matt a cook at a nursing home, who is married to a bitch of a wife…who is stay at home worker. We live near the shore, and spending our days working. Her side job with her stay home job is baby sitting for military families. Most of the families pay up, all but one, who is always running behind. Her name is Amanda, but we call her May. Dont get me wrong, she is a good hard worker, who was let go from her job due to downsizing. So while May is looking for jobs, her money has not been paying for the sitting services. So my bitch of a wife asks me to go over May’s and pick something up…money wise. Not a problem, so I don’t get more dressed then my simple t-shirt shorts, and flops. I had planned to hang with some friends, so I was in no rush to get home. I drove over to her place and knock on the door.
May answers, as she opens the door, I notice she is in a bathrobe….which my mind thinks ohh naked hehe. Once inside, May turns towards me, standing really close. I am taller then her by a good foot, and so as I look down, I can see her cleavage. “I am sorry I have not paid yet…been struggling with me not working” says May, staring at me with sad eyes. As I am looking at her, I can smell her shampoo, and being so close, that I could kiss her. I respond “Well she needs something to hold your place”, but as soon as I finished, I apologized. May looked at me, then shook her head ok. The moment was tense, we were so close, and the smell of her and me were making things intoxicating. The silance was broken when May stepped back and walked towards her purse. I watched her walk, which was nothing new from any guy, but I was staring at her legs and feet. I know May had some sexy legs, but the view of her feet had me at Oh my. She had star tats on her left foot, around her ankle and up her inner thigh. I watched her feet mostly, and even was excited as she took her right foot to lift up, balancing it on her toes. It was almost a show was going on for me. I could hear her making whispers to herself. As I was lost in her feet, she turned toward me and said “i can only afford a hundred, will that be ok”? I shook my head it was ok, as I kept her feet in my view. May turned and walked back to me, as she did her bathrobe swung around..i glimpsed her hairy pussy…just enough to know that she had hair there. Again May stood right close, this time she moved close that our bodies were just touching. As she handed me the money, May made a remark about my bulge from my shorts. I tried to think of something witty, but I respond with “oh yes, I am sorry for that”. May pushed herself right up on me, leading to our bodies touching. My arms went wide, to try not to grab her but her hands reached my butt and gripped on. I looked down at her, and was right in view of her boobs more so then before. May looks up at me, “like the view, I bet you want to see them?” I resisted saying yes, and looked back with no face….but I really wanted to see them now. “So my boobs are not the trigger for your hard cock, mmm” she said. May loosened her grip, and took a step back, watching me for a second. I resisted but I looked down at her feet, seeing her playing with her toes again. I turned back up and saw May’s face…she had a naughty grin. “So my feet turn you on, interesting” she said. “do you want to suck my toes, or you love me to shove my foot in your mouth” May asked? Then she asked if I wanted her feet to stroke my cock, which truth be told; I never had that done. In all the sexual talk, I thought that I need to leave, and as I turned towards the door; May reached out to me. She explained “that my erection was something that she had not seen in her husband in sometime. That she has not felt like a woman in a good two years.” I opened the door, started to walk out. Yet I turned and closed it, walking up to May and giving her a hug. I told her “May your a beautiful woman, and yes your feet turn me many times that I had seen them, I have had to release myself; and you deserve to be pleased sexually”. May looked at me, and smiled. Our heads grew closer as her lips touched mine. May’s tongue reached out for my tongue and soon they were in an embrace. Her hands held my head as we kissed, my hands grabbed her hips to hold her close to me. As the kissing got intense, her hands moved down to my shorts. With a swift stroke, she pulled them down, and staring at my hard cock that was inches away from her face. May smiled as her tongue reached out to the tip of my rod. She licked it on top, slowly moving her tongue around it as she moved closer. With her one hand, she held my cock, while taking a big spit onto it to lube it up. “Oh I am going to enjoy sucking you off” May said as she finished rubbing me down. She slowly embraced my cock in her mouth. She pushed it all the way in, sucking on it really hard. The feeling of her doing that had my ready to grab her head and face fuck her hard. “May that’s so good, I loving your mouth, I going to blow my load soon” I said as she sucked away. Her mouth soon gave away from my cock, and she told me to sit on the couch. As I sat down, she dropped her robe. I about had to rub my cock from the sight of her body. May started to do a little dance, smiling and teasing me with her body telling me which part was going to use on me next. She sat down right in front of me, and lifted her feet up towards my cock. May placed her feet on my shaft, and started to rub my stick. Her feet were cold, but I didn’t care. I started hard at her feet, and then her face to see her big smile. “Oh bet your enjoy this May” I said. At first May was moving her feet slowly up and down, but soon as my moans went louder, she was rubbing me down quick with her feet. May said “i want you to cum all over my toes and feet, I want to feel your warm juice”. It only took couple more strokes of her feet before I let her know that I was going to erupted. As my cock swelled up and ready to fire, May stuck her feet up towards my tip. The feeling of her feet on my cock had me enjoying shooting my load. I started with a small shot of cum, dripping more so on her toes. Then as I held back, my cum started leak out all over her toes, finishing off when a big shot of cum on her feet. My last big load that came out as I shaked my cock, made its way onto her face. May’s face from that one, only told how shocked she was but how much she loved the feel of it on her body. “Wow your cum is so warm, and so much” she said as she took the splat on her face into her mouth. I watched her sexy toes moving about as cum covered her in between spots. I never thought I would do this, but I took her feet into my hands, feeling the drippings on them. I took her left foot, it had more cum, and started to clean her feet. My cum was a bit salty but not bad, as I got more into licking her feet. “Oh my that feels so good, and so hot, oh yes clean my feet” May said in a tone that was measured with her slight moans. I got lost in cleaning her feet, I was enjoying the feeling of her toes and my cum in my mouth. May pulled her feet away, and got really close to me. We kissed, our hands were all over each other. My turn I said as I took May to the a chair in the room. I took her legs and put them on my shoulders as I moved in for her pussy. Her pussy was hairy but was trimmed enough to give me any issues. I wanted to play around, but I stuck my tongue right in to her pussy. May was wet, and as I made contact fully, she was feeding me her wet juices. Her pussy was tight, and for me that was heaven. Cause each stroke of my tongue, she was moaning a bit louder, and gripping my head a bit harder. Her moans turned into her saying “oh baby”, as her hands now were pushing my head hard into her pussy. Her body tensed up as she whispered “oh my, I am going cum”. As she did, her pussy layered my mouth with her cum, and like before; I was licking it up like I was licking her toes. As we both came off that high, I pulled back to take her right foot into my mouth. Yes I love feet that much. “I want to fuck you” May said, but she continued with “ I want to ride you hard, I want you to fuck me like a man should with a woman”. With that, I took my shirt off, and pulled her towards me. As May stood there, looking at my eyes, I picked her up. She kissed me, then pointed me to the bedroom. As I walked towards the room, I lean her against the wall as we kissed passionately, right up to the door. I carried May to the bed, and bring her down slowly on it. I started with her toes by kissing them. I moved my mouth down her leg, slowly and softly….up to her pussy. I dug my head in for a good long visit. Then I climbed on the bed to move my mouth to her twin beautiful breasts. I took my time playing with each one. By now May had her hands holding my head as she was guiding me around her upper body. With my satisfaction of her boobs, I moved up to her neck. I worked my mouth around her neck, reaching for her ears, nipping around them. May responded with mm, and oh yes, to my delight. I gave her a hint to turn over onto her belly, and continued my kisses. I kissed her neck more, which she giggled a bit, and moved down her back. Her skin was so soft, that I was enjoying kissing her. I reached her butt, and joked that I was kissing her ass. She laughed a bit, and warn me not to play there, yet. I finished by going to down her legs, giving her love on her knees and then taking her toes in my mouth. May turned back around, reaching out for me. Her hands grabbed a hold of me, and pulled my body close to her for another kiss. As our bodies collided, she shift to climb on top of me. I smirk with a smile, as the sight of May and her beauty sitting on me, how her smile made this special. May moved her hand to grab my cock. “oh wow that is hard as a rock” she said as she was guiding herself to sit on it. I held her body as my tip nudged into her pussy. May slid down my shaft easy, her pussy was wetter then before. As she got comfortable, I leaned up and took her body in my embrace. I kissed her lips, making my move to her neck. She grasped my head with soft love. I moved to her boobs, and took a nice simple bite of her nipples. May was ready to go, as she shoved me back down. Her hands holding my chest, and holding me down as she moved her pussy up and down. I watched her body bounce up and down, and her boobs teased me like crazy. I each up and held them, playing with them, but each time I sat up, she push me back down. I let her control the motion for now, for the sex was took good. May body started to move fast, and her head tilted back with her eyes rolling to back of her head. I felt her body as she climax. Her body tensed up so much that her pussy really tighten up around my cock as she finally finished cumming. May shook for a second, and I sat up to embrace her once again. I held her as she rode the orgazim, she whispering that it was the best one she had. My cock moved around, making her jumping as her pussy was a bit sensitive from cumming. She kissed me, taking her mouth deep in mine with passion. We tongue wrestled, and both of us had our hands running over each others body. As we kissed more, I tighten my grip, and flipped her onto her back. As I kissed her boobs, moving around her nipple, May pulled my head back up to her lips. We embraced our bodies, as my hard cock eased into her pussy, letting us become one. Now her hands held onto my back, as our body moved together. I moved her legs up to my shoulders, as my cock reached deeper in her tight pussy. May pulled her legs back to were they were behind her head, and I whispered that it was making me horny to see her stretch that much. “oh baby, fuck me hard, I want to see you pound your cock deep in me” May said. I set myself up like was going to do push ups. I come down deep in her pussy, and catch a kiss with her. Each time our mouths kissed, it was a spark of excitement. Hard as I resisted, I reached for her feet, and pulled them to my chest, leading me to lean back and relax my back. As I now slowly was fucking her, I was sucking on her toes once again. I love the smell of her feet, and the taste was sweet like candy. The slow sex was delaying me urges, but it was teasing her to come again, a lot soon then she thought. After her climax, May reached for me. I leaned forward back into her arms, and she lowered her legs to ride my hips. We embraced kissing, and slow ease of my cock in her pussy. I was reaching a build up like never before. I wanted to fuck her hard as ever, and my cock reached a point of being too hard. Once back in place, as my cock was fully in her with not being jumpy, I picked up my pace. I was going to cum and it was going to be a big load. My cock being in her pussy was so natural. My pace increased, and I started to do my moaning, a top of her moans. Her hands held my head and back, while her legs moved to hold on me tightly. The feeling of the eruption was telling me to pull out before reaching the point of no return. I slowed my thrusts so that I didn’t cum too soon. May kissed me with more intensity, and she tightened her grip onto my body. I could feel her body tensing up, and I knew my cock was ready. So I started to pull away from her, planned on shooting my load all over breasts. I met resistances from May, as her legs held me close, and her hands were firm around my neck. I knew I could brake her hold, and then thought how much it will kill this moment. I reached close to Mays ear and whispered that I was primed to shoot my load. May responds back “then finish me like a man should, cum in me and lets enjoy this climax together”. Even for a moment that I thought about stopping this, May gave me a kiss that begin this orgazim high. I moved my head to the side of hers, and felt her one hand wrap my neck; while the other one rubbed my hair on my head. I eased my release a little, but too late to stop now; as my cock started to leak in May. As I my cum slowly leaked out, May body grew intense, and her moans grew in volume. My first real load of cum shot in to May’s pussy with f***e, having her moan loud but longer moans. Our embrace was amazing that as I started to let go of my cum, we both were holding each other as lovers should. My cock let loose, fully blowing my load into May, and feeling our juices mixing together. I felt so high from my orgazim that I blacked out for couple seconds. I came back, catching my breath, and very slowly finished pumping the rest out of my cock. May embraced me, whispering “oh my that was the best, oh my body is tingling from your cock”. I pulled out, but slowly as we both were a little sensitive. My body was on fire from her passion, that I laid next to her, staring at her eyes. May looked at me, and then she looked at my cock…spotting just a very little left oozing out of the tool. She moved to lick my cock, taking the left over cum in her mouth. I jump from still be sensitive, and she giggled about it. After a cock visit, she placed her head on my chest, and we were in a moment of just eye to eye. I spoke first, saying that I never had a moment of sex that was like heaven. May simply said thank you, and we kissed once again. As I dossed off to sl**p, May had moved to lay next to me. Couple hours later, she woke me up, telling that I should go before her husband comes home with the k**s. Then May asked about my excuse with my wife, but I told her that I had it planned to hang with friends for the day; so it was all good. After getting dressed, and helping May changed the sheets (cause we left quite a big wet stain) we kissed one more. May said “We can be friends, and you can come over anytime” with a naughty smile. “oh I will, new best friend” I said back. We embraced a hug and soon I was out the door. May stood at the door as I walked to the car, and waved goodbye. I drove off to a park and live in the moment of the day. It didnt take long for my phone to beep for a text. I checked it out and it was a pic of May…well her feet and a message that said “cum back again :)” I giggled and called the wife. The end.
Ps…while this is one of my most emotion stories to right, its a fiction story…one that I hope to play out with May who is real and we have joked around about sex…she doesn’t know that I want her bad and that I do really love her feet. Have a good day. 🙂

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