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It Began at the Doctor’s Office Ch. 02

Leah knew that they needed groceries, but she was overcome with exhaustion. All she wanted to do was drive home and curl up in bed for an afternoon nap.

She parked in the garage and went in the house. Her son followed behind her.

Before heading upstairs, she wanted to touch base with her son. She needed to make sure he was able to deal with everything that happened that morning.

“I’m exhausted. Come on upstairs with me, honey, and let’s talk things over quickly before I lay down.”

He followed behind her to her bedroom. He remembered with a pang of guilt that her bedroom was planted with video recording devices.

To Jack’s surprise, his mom began to unbutton her shirt as soon as she entered the room.

“We’ve got to get some things sorted out, especially in light of what took place this morning,” she said.

She pulled her flannel shirt off and hung it up in the closet. Her son stood mute in the bedroom, unsure how to respond.

“Yes, mom,” he said.

His mom, now wearing no shirt over her bra, started to unbutton her jeans, as she continued.

“Today’s appointment was, well, it was unusual, and we will have to sort through how things are going to work going forward. I’m not going to pretend that nothing has changed. But I want you to know that what we went through was, well, very surprising, and I am not at all upset about how you reacted. I thought you did very well, considering the circumstances.”

As she talked, she slid off her pants, and now wore only bra and panties.

“You and I are f****y. We have to continue to depend on each other and support each other. And we mustn’t ever let anything get in the way of that. You understand?”

“Yes, mom.”

His mom reached back and unclasped her bra, tossing it into the hamper in the closet. She then stepped out of her panties, and stood naked in front of her son.

“And you know that I view our small f****y as a partnership. I rely on you, and you rely on me. But ultimately, I have more experience, and I am in charge. Of course, I will always try to listen to your opinion. But at the end of the day, what I say goes, and nothing that happened today will do anything to change that.”

“Yes, mom.”

She took off his hat, and put it on a chair. She also grabbed the bottom of his sweatshirt and pulled it up over his head, along with his t-shirt, exposing his bare chest. Jack liked the feeling of his mother undressing him. He hadn’t been taken care of in that way in a long time.

“I hope that today will only make us closer. In some sense, it already has made us closer because we’ve seen each other in new ways. We’ve seen different sides of each other, sides that mothers and sons don’t ordinarily experience.”

She unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down. She held his hand as he kicked them off and stood next to her, only in his socks. His penis was once again erect, and rubbed against his mother’s abdomen.

“Honestly, I have no idea what will happen between us going forward. I think that there are a lot of different directions that we can take things. I haven’t really thought through how things will work from now on. But I want to be clear from the outset that no matter what, I am in charge and what I say goes.”

“Yes, mom.”

“And we need to be especially careful to respect one another and to care for one another, no matter what.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Other than that, I am too tired right now to think any further on the subject. I want you to get in bed with me, and cuddle close, and take a nice nap. When we’ve both rested we can hash things out further. But until we do sort things out, I want to be close to you. I want you to know that our appointment this morning won’t come between us, no matter what.”

“Yes, mom.”

Leah got in bed and curled up under the comforter. It felt so good to be in her big, warm, comfortable bed.

“Well, come on, Jack, don’t be shy.”

Jack got in bed after his mom, unsure how to react. She cuddled close, pressing her large, pillowy breasts against his back and curling her warm naked flesh around his, spooning him. In no time, both of them fell asl**p.

Leah woke up first and looked at the clock. It was already 4:00. The afternoon had slipped away from her, but it was okay, she thought. They needed this rest after the trauma and excitement of their appointment.

Leah felt good, lying in her warm bed, next to the body heat of a man for the first time in years. She luxuriated in the lazy comfort and started to think things through while she waited for Jack to wake up.

When Jack woke up he felt his mom’s warm body pressed against his back. He stretched out and yawned, turning towards his mother. He was surprised to see her eyes were open, and she was awake.

“Hey mom.”

“Hey honey.”

He felt her hand caress his chest lovingly, and waited for his mom to speak.

“Good nap?”

“Definitely,” he said. “I feel really great. I, well, I was really tired I think. And it’s, it’s just really nice to lay next to you like this.”

“Mmm, good. I feel much better too. There is not much better than a long, afternoon nap, especially in the winter. And to be honest, I think I really benefitted from the orgasms I had this morning. I feel so relaxed, and satisfied, and it is really wonderful to be in bed with another person again, after sl**ping alone for so long.”

“Yeah,” Jack agreed. “I feel so good, like I could lay here forever.”

“Unfortunately, son, that’s not an option. We have lives to live and there is a lot we can work on to improve.”

Jack waited. He wasn’t sure he liked the sound of this.

“I told you that we would need to discuss how things would change going forward, and we can do that while we lie here. But listen carefully.

“You are at a very important time in your life. I think you could really benefit from me taking more of an interest in your development. A lot of k**s go to college and waste their time, and later in life they look back with regret. I don’t want that to happen to you.”

Jack didn’t say anything in response.

“From now on I want to know how you spend your days. We will synchronize our calendars, and we will work together on developing goals, and strategies for meeting those goals. In short, I want you to be much more disciplined, and I will help you develop that discipline.”

“Mom, I’m fine, really. What is bringing all of this on?”

“I want the best for you, son. I don’t want to see you waste your college years on binge drinking and video games.”

“But why now? I’ve been doing okay with things the way they were.”

“Maybe you were doing okay. But I want you to do great.”

“But what if I don’t want to be as, well, disciplined as you want me to be?”

“There is nothing I can do to f***e you, Jack. But,” she paused for emphasis, and pressed her breasts into his back, “I am willing to provide you with certain, incentives, if you follow my directions.”

Jack perked up. He thought back to the image of his mom’s vagina and her high level of sexual excitement at the doctor’s office. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, he thought.

“But it will not be easy. I will demand hard work from you. And you will not get anything you want from me if you don’t put in the work. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mom.”

“I’m glad. Now first things first. I am not at all happy about having cameras in my bedroom. I want those removed. I also want to see the videos that you’ve compiled and I want to erase them. So, let’s get up and get to work.”

“Yes, mom.”

They reluctantly dragged themselves out of bed and got dressed. Jack liked the casual nakedness of his mom. She had no compunction of standing next to him naked, getting dressed. He sensed she didn’t mind if he stared at her body.

“First, take me to your computer and show me the videos.”

Jack led the way down the hallway. He sat down at his desk and entered the password for his laptop computer.

“All of the files are here,” he said, opening up a file folder with a nondescript label.

Jack got up and let his mom sit down in his desk chair.

“Are these all of the videos of me?”

She clicked through. There were hundreds of them.

“Yes. I’ve collected videos of each time you’ve masturbated in there since I installed the camera.”

She blushed. She was surprised how many times she had masturbated.

“Do you have any other porn stored on here?” she asked.

“Yes, mom.”


Jack reached over and clicked on another file. Inside that file were numerous other files. These were labeled more precisely. One, in particular, caught Leah’s eye. It was labeled “momson.”

“I am going to spend some time going through your computer. While I do so, I want you to go remove any and all cameras from my room. Understood?”

“Yes, mom.”

“Good. Come back here when you are finished. Don’t dawdle. We have a lot to accomplish this weekend.”

Jack left the room and Leah began to explore.

First she opened one of the videos of her masturbating. She watched as she entered the room and undressed. The video showed her stripping down naked, opening the drawer next to her bed, and beginning to tease her pussy lips and clit with the small vibrator. With her other hand she pinched and squeezed her nipples. She watched until she saw herself have a first orgasm. Damn, I am a sexy woman, she thought to herself. Then she skipped ahead until she saw the vibrator was inserted deep in her pussy. She observed how her face contorted in pleasure, and how her abdominal muscles tensed as she drove herself to a deep, vaginal orgasm.

Leah was getting turned on watching herself on tape. No wonder he took the trouble to spy on me, she thought. I’m hot!

She quickly clicked through a few more videos of herself, but knew that they were mostly the same routine. Then she erased the files.

Next, she opened up the porn file. She ran down the names of the subfolders: “lesbian,” “squirt,” “momson,” “i****t,” “swallow,” “cumswap”. She recognized some of the descriptions, and was surprised at the perverted stuff her son was into. Although, she told herself, maybe it wasn’t surprising, now that basically anything could be found on the internet. Still, her son was very clearly interested in i****t porn, and specifically mother-son i****t. He must have fantasized about having sex with her quite a bit, thought Leah. Her pulse sped up and her pussy began to moisten.

Leah opened the file labeled “momson.” The videos inside were labeled only with unintelligible strings of letters and numbers, so she opened one at random.

The video started and she turned up the sound. The mother entered the room and very quickly began to seduce the son. Soon, she was sucking on her son’s dick. Skipping ahead, the mother was fucking her son.

Leah opened the file labeled “cumswap”. She started a video and watched a sex scene between two women and a man. The sex was too fast to appeal to her much. She fast-forwarded. She saw the man spew a huge load of cum into the waiting mouth of one of the women. Leah nearly gasped when she realized what “cumswap” meant. The two women spit the load of semen back and forth, playing with it with their lips and tongues.

Leah wanted to gag. It was just so, explicit. And exploitative. The women looked like cheap whores. She was disappointed in her son. But the idea of him watching these women play with cum also caused a naughty thrill to run through her. Her mind wandered back to how she swallowed her son’s semen out of a cup. And not long after, she shared a deep kiss with Ann, who had also drank her son’s jism. Was what she did that much different? The difference, she decided, is that she was not so debased. She looked nothing like the sloppy whores on the screen in front of her.

She clicked on another video. This one also started with two attractive women having sex. One was a redhead and the other had black hair. Both had nice natural boobs, which Leah preferred. Not bothering to watch the boring sex between the two women and multiple men, she scrolled forward in the video. She stopped the video as the redhead swallowed what she assumed was a load of cum and showed her tongue to the camera. The scene didn’t stop there, though. It panned down and showed the redhead being fucked by yet another man. After a few strokes, he slid halfway out of her pussy and his cock began to jerk, spewing his cum into her pussy. What happened next surprised Leah. The brunette woman entered the frame and stuck her tongue into the redhead’s pussy. She sucked the load of semen out of the other woman’s pussy and then moved up and shared the load, depositing in the redhead’s mouth. The redhead greedily swallowed it!

Holy cow, thought Leah. This was the dirtiest sex she could ever imagine! She continued to watch as the process began all over again, with another man cumming inside the redhead, the brunette coaxing the load out of the pussy and giving it to the redhead to swallow.

Leah paused the video and took a deep breath. She couldn’t believe the filth her son kept on his laptop. No wonder his grades were suffering! How could anyone concentrate when this sort of explicit sex was just a few clicks away.

As she tried to gather her thoughts, Leah reflected that her son also enjoyed watching her have sex. She was being compared, and maybe preferred, in her son’s mind, with the sexy filth produced by these degraded pornographers. The thought made her feel a little bit proud.

Leah pressed play and as she watched she was alternately intrigued and disgusted that these porn stars would do such perverted acts on camera. But it dawned on Leah that only hours earlier, she too had done something very similar, sucking her son’s cum out of her friend’s vagina. She flushed with the realization. Once again, she wasn’t able to draw much of a distinction between herself and the slutty porn stars that her son watched when he jerked off. The only difference was that she was her son’s mother and she had his respect. Maybe that was what caused her son to still be interested in his mother, even with the whole of internet porn available to him.

She watched in fascination as the two pretty porn stars began to kiss and swap another load, when she heard her son walk down the hall. She instinctively tried to pause the video but failed to hit the right button and the video played on.

Her son stopped short as he came in the room, holding the small video devices he had taken from her room. He realized right away that his mother had found some of his dirtiest porn.

Leah collected her thoughts.

“You have quite the collection here.”

“Yes, mom.”

“I don’t like the idea of you wasting so much time watching porn.”

“I understand, mom. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I understand that you have sexual urges. It’s normal to look at porn,” she said.

Jack’s eyes flitted to the screen.

“Some of this stuff, well, it’s just very intense.”

Jack looked at his feet.

“To tell you the truth, I was getting a little turned on, watching this. I know, well, I guess I can see why you find it exciting. So I just want to be honest about that.”

“Thank you,” he said, genuinely relieved that his mom wasn’t judging him.

“I deleted the videos you took of me. If you want to see me naked, we can talk about it. But I don’t like the fact that you took the videos without permission.”

“I’m sorry mom. I won’t do it again.”

“Good. I hope not. I am leaving the rest of your porn. I will be taking a much greater interest in what you do with your time, and I don’t think you will have that much time to watch porn. But this is quite the collection, and I think it’s fine for you to keep it in case you need to relieve stress through masturbation.”

“Umm, thanks, mom. I think.”

Leah laughed.

“Heck, I may want to borrow it! I can’t believe there is video of these dirty sluts, umm, ‘cumswapping,’ I guess is the term. It’s just so, so nasty!” she said.

“Yeah, I guess it is,” said Jack. He was shocked at how cool his mom was being. He decided to push the envelope.

“It’s not actually all that different from what you did today. You and Dr. Swanson both swallowed my cum and then kissed.”

“Yes, hon. We did,” she said quietly.

She didn’t want her son to view her like she viewed the women in the videos. She wanted to maintain his respect. She decided it was important to continue to provide direction for him and to maintain her authority. That wouldn’t happen if she stayed in his room watching his nasty porn.

But she was horny. Maybe, she thought, she could re-establish her authority and also get her rocks off at the same time.

“This room is a mess, Jack. It is important to me that you keep your living space neat and orderly. I was you to clean your room quickly and efficiently. I’m also going to clean my room. I’ll be back at 4:45 to see your progress. I will have a surprise for you if you do a good job on your room.”

“Yes, mom,” said Jack.

Jack worked hard, curious what his mom was describing as a surprise. He hoped it was something sexual. Despite the morning’s activities, he hadn’t had the opportunity to do anything with his mom. After the naked nap, he desperately wanted to have sex with her, like he had with Dr. Swanson.

By 4:45 he had made very good progress in his room. His bed was made, all of his dirty clothes were in the hamper, his desk was organized, and he had vacuumed. His room was as clean as it had been in months.

His mom stopped in at exactly 4:45. She inspected and said, “I want your shirts hung neatly up in your closet, the surfaces dusted, and the light bulb replaced. Otherwise good. Finish those items and meet me in my room when you’re done.”

“Yes mom.”

He finished his tasks and went to his mom’s bedroom. She was lying on the bed, reading her electronic reading device, but she had no pants or underwear on, wearing only her flannel shirt. Her naked legs were crossed at her ankles.

“Have you finished your tasks?” she asked.

“Yes, mom.”

“Good. You’ve earned a reward.”

She uncrossed her legs and brought her knees up, exposing her pussy.

“Your reward is to suck on my pussy. From now on, you will be doing this on a regular basis.”

Jack smiled. He couldn’t wait!

“I don’t want to have to masturbate any more. I now know that you spend too much time staring at videos of my pussy on your computer. Now you will not be allowed to take videos. But you will be given an opportunity to lick and suck my pussy. I will benefit from the sexual pleasure without having to masturbate. You will hopefully benefit from experiencing not only the view of my pussy, up close and personal, but also the feel and taste of it. Hopefully, you will also learn to be a good pussy eater, which is a very valuable skill for a man. Women like nothing more than skillful tongue and lips on their pussies.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Good. Now please get started. I hope you learned something this morning about what can bring a woman pleasure. I’ll give you pointers if you are doing something wrong.”

“Yes, mom,” said Jack, and moved towards his mom’s spread legs.

Jack took a moment to stare at his mom’s pussy. It was so beautiful, with puffy outer lips as curtains for the bright pink insides. She already was wet and smelled of arousal.

He stuck out his tongue and licked hesitantly between her lips. He drew his tongue up, spreading her lips and probing deeper into her. He tasted the unique taste of pussy for the first time. It was a complicated taste, but nice, he thought.

His mother moaned.

“Oh, baby. It feels so good to have a tongue on my pussy again.”

He elongated his tongue and extended it into her hole as deep as possible. She moaned agreeably. Then he withdrew his tongue and broadened it, licking all the way up and down her pussy, creating as much contact as possible between his tongue and her slippery pussy flesh.

Very good, baby. You were obviously watching carefully when I ate out Dr. Swanson. Keep doing that, licking up and down and occasionally sticking your tongue deep in my hole. When your tongue or jaw gets tired, move up and suck on my clit. Those are basically the three moves that you need to know in order to eat out a woman properly. Well, to be more specific, that is what you need to know about eating me out. Some women may have more sensitive clits, and you can’t suck on them without causing too much sensation. Other women may not like cunnilingus at all, although I can’t imagine why. But when you will be eating me out, I expect you to lap my lips like a dog, occasionally stick your tongue deep in my pussy hole, and suck my clit.”

Jack was in heaven, burying his face in his mom’s sex and energetically following her instructions. His jaw tired and he moved to her clit, sucking it into his mouth and tonguing it. Then when his tongue tired, he moved back down and pushed it deep into her vagina while using his lips to create a vacuum. And then back to her clit.

His mom put down the e-reader and grabbed the back of his head, pushing it between her legs.

She started to rock her hips, thrusting her quim into his face as he worked his tongue and mouth diligently, just as she directed.

“Jack, suck my clit!” she said loudly, and he complied.

“Ohhhhhhhh, YESSS‼! Yes, just like that, Ummmph, yes!” she yelled, and then pushed his head away.

“When you hear me come, you need to stop sucking my clit because it becomes extremely sensitive. You’ll hear me vocalize, and that is your cue to stop tonguing my clit and to start licking my lips and pussy hole until I come down from orgasm. Please do so now.”

He complied.

“As you know, sometimes I masturbate to more than one orgasm. From now on, you will be responsible with eating my pussy so I will not need to masturbate. If I require more than one orgasm, I will let you know. Today, I am satisfied with just the one. Thank you.”

Jack lapped one last time at his mom’s pussy and lifted his head.

Leah almost laughed as she saw her son’s face covered in pussy juice. He had truly done an admirable job. She was going to enjoy having such an energetic pussy eater at her beck and call. She really owed Ann a huge favor for turning her on to the joys of using her son’s mouth for her own pleasure. Maybe she would return the favor to Ann by sucking her sweet cunt to orgasm.

“Jack, come here,” said Leah, beckoning him to join her at the head of the bed. “As I described earlier, we will be adjusting to new expectations now that we are sexually involved. You just experienced one part of those new expectations. You are expected to be willing to eat me out on a regular basis. Now, I understand you may not always be able to help me, but I expect you to be willing to lick my cunt when you are available.”

Jack couldn’t believe the dirty words coming from his mom’s mouth. He loved her pussy, and was not at all displeased that his mom now considered it his responsibility to give her orgasms when she requested. He knew from his video surveillance that she was in need of orgasm quite often these days.

“The other part of our sexual interactions will have to do with your sexual urges. Obviously, you masturbate quite frequently. But listen carefully, because this is important: I will not be responsible for making you come in the same way that I expect you to take responsibility for my sexual gratification. If you need to, you will be allowed to masturbate. I won’t put any constraints on when or where you masturbate, and I don’t mind if you do it in front of me, or while looking at me. But I will not be taking part in bringing you to orgasm. I have better things to do, like run this household and put food on the table.”

“Yes, mom.”

“That said, you do have certain responsibilities associated with your regular masturbation,” Leah said.

She paused, thinking about how she wanted to phrase the next part of her comments.

“As you know, I am in favor of conserving energy, and a large part of that is not wasting food. I hate letting any of our food rot because it is a waste of money and it is a waste of the resources used to produce that food.”

Jack had no clue where this was going. But he was enjoying listening to his mom. He lay on a pillow next to her, their faces facing each other, mere inches away. On the one hand, they were experiencing pillow talk, speaking softly to each other, while lying intimately together in bed. But on the other hand, the conversation assumed the tone of a mother dictating rules and standards of behavior to her son.

“Well, as you know, quite a lot of energy goes into the production of semen by your body. It takes a lot of energy for your testicles to produce the millions of sperm you produce on a daily basis. And the food you eat is a part of the energy your body contributes to producing your sperm and your semen. I expect that from now on you will not waste your semen, if possible.”

Jack’s eyes widened.

“What I mean to say is that I have developed a strong liking for the taste of semen, and I do not mind swallowing yours. Just this morning, you watched as I drank your semen from a cup. When I swallow your semen it provides me with calories, the same as the other food that I eat. So just as we don’t waste food, I do not want to waste your semen. Instead, I ask that when you have an orgasm, you do so in such a way that you preserve your cum for me to drink. This means cumming into a cup, in most circumstances, or in an emergency, please cum on a clean surface that I will feel safe licking. Is that understood?”

“Yes, mom. But what if you aren’t home?”

“Cover the cup and place it in the fridge, just like food we don’t want to waste. I don’t expect you to drink your own semen. I expect that you would find that distasteful, like most men. But that doesn’t mean that those millions of sperm and seminal fluid needs to go to waste. Unlike you, I have grown used to the taste of semen, and I very much enjoy it. I will enjoy having the opportunity to suck down your cum on a regular basis, as it has been years since I have had the opportunity to enjoy it.”

“Yes, mom. I understand.”

“How do you feel about allowing me to eat what you produce from your testicles and penis. Is that too much of an imposition?”

“No, not at all. I, well, I really like the idea of you eating my cum.”

“I thought you might. It is a very intimate thing. Only people who love and trust each other could share their bodily fluids in this way. And, in a way, it’s quid pro quo. After all, you will be consuming the fluids produced by my pussy when you eat me out. Although those fluids are less caloric, it is intimate in the same way. In fact, it is more intimate when you lick my pussy juices, because you will be licking them right out of my body.”

“Yes, mom. I just did so. And it was very enjoyable.”

“I’m glad to hear that, son. I hope this new stage in our relationship will be enjoyable for both of us. And I know that this is quite unusual, so I urge you to be as open as possible, and to voice any concerns you have before anything builds up and becomes a problem. I promise you that I will be very straightforward with you as well.”

“Yes, mom. I will.”

“Good. Now I am going to the grocery store. Do you want to come along?”

Jack was feeling so close to his mother. He very much enjoyed lying so close to her, on the same pillow. And he liked their intimate conversation, with their lips mere inches from each other while they talked. He didn’t want his mom to go to the store without him. He wanted to stay with her.

“Yes, mom. I do want to go to the store with you. I am interested in helping prepare meals and in knowing more about healthy eating. But first, I have a question.”

“Sure son, what is it?”

“As a result of, umm, well, I guess, as a result of eating you out, I am ready to masturbate. Do you want me to wait until we get back from the store?”

Leah felt a thrill as she considered that she would have a fresh load of cum to eat. But she also wanted to make sure that she effectively established the boundaries that she envisioned between her and her son. In short, she didn’t want him to rely on her to get him off. Of course, she wanted very much to rub, suck, and fuck her son’s hard cock. But she knew that for her plan to work, she needed to keep those acts in her pocket, as special rewards to help encourage her son.

“No, son. I want you to feel free to masturbate whenever you feel the need to, at least when you are at home. I am happy to wait however long you need to rub one out.”

“Great. Thanks, mom.”

“Of course. I’ll be downstairs, straightening up the kitchen while you masturbate. Remember what we talked about, though. Be sure to come into a cup so your semen doesn’t go to waste.”

“Yes, mom,” said Jack. He was turned on by the prospect of his mom eating his cum again.

“Just bring your semen down to the kitchen when you’re done. I’ll slurp it up and then we can be on our way to the store.”

“Sounds like a plan!” said Jack, enthusiastically. Already, his cock was straining against his pants while his mom spoke so matter-of-factly about eating his cum. He couldn’t wait to see it.

“Excellent,” said Leah. “You get started while I run down and grab a clean cup, okay?”

“Yes,” said Jack.

“I’m so proud of you honey. I think we’re going to be a really good team. And I am so glad we are becoming closer, both sexually and emotionally.”

“Me too,” said Jack, and he pulled down his pants and let his erect cock pop out.

His mother gave him a quick peck of a kiss on his lips, and then stood up from the bed.

“I’ll be right back with your cup, son.”

“Thanks, mom. I’m going to start masturbating. Is it alright if I think of you?”

“Of course! Isn’t that what you’ve been doing already?”

“Yes, mom, it is.”

“Good. I’d be offended if you were instead thinking of someone else!” she said, and walked to the closet to grab a pair of jeans.

Before she put the pants on she came back to the bed and lifted one foot high onto the bed, spreading her still naked legs. She used one hand to spread her pussy lips wide, giving her son a direct view of her inner pussy.

“Take a mental picture of this, baby,” she said. “And these!” she said as she lifted her shirt up to expose her pendulous breasts.

With that, she strutted out of the room, and headed downstairs to grab a receptacle for her son to deposit his seed.

She came back with a small, clear glass. Already, her son was sitting up, stroking his cock.

“Here you go, baby. Bring it down when you’re all done, okay?”

“Yes, mom.”

In just two minutes, Leah heard her son skip down the stairs. She paused from unloading the dishwasher, and turned to see what kind of load he had for her. A chill went up her spine as she considered that her son brought her a full load of semen, which she promised to swallow. Her mouth watered.

“Here, mom. I finished masturbating.”

He handed her a cup. A mouthful of cloudy liquid was collected at the bottom, ready for his mom to suck down.

“Excellent work, honey. Thank you for not wasting your wonderful semen in a sock, like so many young men.”

“No problem, mom. I’m glad that you want to drink it.”

“Cheers!” said Leah.

She tipped the glass back, and felt the warm, salty liquid pool in her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored the strong taste, pushing it around her mouth with her tongue.

She opened her mouth and showed it to her son, as she had seen the porn star do in the “cumswapping” video. And then she swallowed.

“Thanks, babe. You don’t know how much I miss swallowing cum!”

“Sure thing, mom.” Her son beamed with pleasure.

“Okay. Are you ready to go to the store?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

“Okay, get your shoes on. But first give your mommy a kiss.”

Jack looked at his mom right in her green eyes. She hadn’t called herself mommy in years. But at the same time, he could tell that her gaze smoldered with lust. What a strange, wonderful situation, he thought.

He bent and planted his lips on his mom’s. He kept his lips closed, but he let them linger and slide slightly as he began to walk towards the door. His mother’s lips felt soft and inviting.

Leah took a deep breath and collected herself. She followed her son into the garage, with the perverse taste of his cum coating her tongue and throat.

They shopped and chatted. Leah found that Jack was much more open. They had always had a good relationship. But now she could tell that he hung on every word she said. When she said something, he paid close attention and did his very best to respond honestly and completely. As a result, their conversation took on a whole new character. Instead of a mom trying to get through to her uninterested son, it was more like two close friends, who took a keen interest in each other. The conversation had a natural flow, and was completely effortless. They were opening up to one another.

The shopping trip flew by. Jack occasionally asked what some unfamiliar items were used for. She explained everything and told him the culinary and health benefits of the various groceries she placed in the cart.

They enjoyed the physical presence of each other, as lovers would. Hips touched, and hands were laid on backs and butts. Halfway through the shopping trip, Leah winked at her son and unbuttoned the second button of her shirt, showing some cleavage. Jack noticed and smiled appreciatively. He had obviously seen her naked breasts, but the cleavage still enticed him.

They checked out and returned home. Leah cooked up a healthy meal, and Jack watched her cook, appreciating for the first time his mother’s culinary skills.

They ate together and shared stimulating conversation. Jack appreciated the healthy meal even more after having seen how his mother prepared it and explained the health benefits.

By 7:30, they finished the leisurely meal, and both brought their dishes to the sink to be washed. Their hips touched as Jack washed, and Leah dried. It felt homey and sexy at the same time.

“Let’s finish cleaning the house and then watch a movie, ok, Jack?” said Leah.

“Sure,” said Jack.

Jack vacuumed the living room and dining room. And Leah dusted and organized. In no time, the downstairs looked great, and they were ready to relax.

“What do you want to watch?” asked Leah.

“Let’s take a look and see if anything is on the streaming service.”

“Okay, why don’t you pick something out. I’m going to change and I’ll be right back down.”


Jack picked out a movie, started it up and paused it, waiting for his mom to return.

He heard her come into the room and looked up. She was buck naked and carried a heavy blanket.

“Jack, now that you and I are physically intimate, I will be much more liberal with my body. I don’t see any reason not to be naked when we are cuddling and watching TV.”

Jack smiled.

“Does that mean you don’t mind if I strip down?”

“Of course, silly,” she said. “It would be strange to cuddle if one of us is naked and the other is fully clothed. I want us to be comfortable being naked together. After all, we don’t have anything to hide any more. And there is nothing better than the feeling of bare skin rubbing against bare skin.”

“Great, I’m gonna go change. I’ll be right back.”

“Jack, one thing. I should be clear at the outset that although we can cuddle together and be naked, I was serious when I said that I will not be servicing you sexually. You must service me when I ask, but I will not service you. It may not seem fair, but that’s the way it will be for now. If you get frustrated and try to make a move, all of this lovey-dovey stuff will disappear quicker than you can say ‘Jack flash.’ And you will find that you no longer see me naked unless you are licking my cunt. And we no longer will cuddle or sl**p with each other. Understood?”

“Yes, mom, I understand. You already went over the rules.”

“Good. I just don’t want you getting the wrong idea from lounging around with me. That is, I don’t want you to expect that we will have sex.”

“Yeah, mom. Sheesh. I get it. I do have one question, though.”

“Of course.”

“If you are letting me lick you, and if we are cuddling and napping together naked, why are you so insistent that we don’t have sex? I’m not complaining. I think this situation is perfectly okay, and I am so glad for the opportunity that you are giving me. But I’m just curious what your thought process is.”

“No need to go upstairs to change. Why don’t you just strip down while I explain, okay? That way we can get to the movie quicker.”

“Sure mom,” said Jack, and began to strip his clothes off.

“Jack, I am not opposed to giving you a handjob, or a blowjob, or letting you fuck me with your big cock. In fact, I am almost certain that you will experience all of those things.”

Jack smiled. He was so glad to hear that he would be able to fuck his mother.

“But I want the very best for you. And I need to remain in control of this relationship. Those two things are imperative for me. And if either of them begins to suffer, I will very abruptly change course. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I think so,” said Jack, now standing naked in the living room.

“Come here, baby. Come sit with mommy and I will explain.”

Jack headed to the couch and sat close to his mom, their naked hips touching.

“Here. I’m going to sit against the side of the couch and put my feet on the ottoman, and I want you to sit between my legs and lean back on me. Will that be more comfortable for you?”

“Yes, mom,” he said, and they readjusted.

“Okay, you comfy?”

He was comfortable, underneath the blanket, leaning back against his naked mom, while she held him in front of the paused TV.

“Good. Now, as I was saying, I only care about two things. First, I must remain in control. You are a man, and men have a tendency to try to take control. I understand that, and it is natural for you to want to do that. But I am your mother, I have more experience than you, and I am the head of this household. What we are doing will involve complex emotions and is, frankly, quite risky in view of how our relationship would be looked upon by others in our community. I simply can’t risk giving up any control. I need to make the decisions. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, mom. I get it,” said Jack, somewhat annoyed by how much his mom felt it was necessary to emphasize her control.

“Good. If that ever changes, the things that you enjoy about this situation will disappear and they will not come back. So do not test your boundaries.”

“Yes, mom,” he was bored now, and assented in order that his mom would stop with the lecture.

“Second, I want the very best for you. What I mean by that is that I know you are a very smart, very talented young man. But you are not necessarily driven to fulfill all of your potential. For example, you got extremely high standardized test scores. But you got mediocre grades and decided to go to the local school. It’s a fine school, but I think you need to step it up a notch. I want to instill in you a good work ethic, and I want you to excel right off the bat in college. In order to help facilitate that, I am willing to dole out sexual favors as rewards for you complying with my direction. It will not be easy. But if you do as I say, and try your very best, without any laziness or cutting corners, I promise that you will be able to experience much more than your own hand, sexually speaking. To be very explicit, I will rub you off as a small reward, I will suck you off for a large reward, and I will fuck you silly when I am well and truly proud of your accomplishments. Any questions?”

“No, mom. I understand.”

Jack’s cock was fully hard under the heavy blanket.

But I can suck on your pussy whenever I feel like it?”

“No, not exactly. You will suck on my pussy whenever I feel like it. But I promise that you will have plenty of opportunity to do so.”

“And I can jerk off and you will eat my cum whenever I feel like it.”

“Yes, son. If you ever feel the need to jerk off, you are free to do so. And I promise that I will swallow your cum as soon as I can, no matter what.”

“Mom, that is so hot. I can’t believe that you are so happy to eat cum.”

“I love it, baby. And it’s part of the bargain. Similarly, I am very happy that you are so content to tongue out my sweet pussy whenever I say so.”

“Mmmhmm,” said Jack, thoroughly turned on.

“Mom, is it okay if we change positions?”

“Why, honey?”

“Well, if I understand the rules, I can touch you, but you can’t touch me. So it makes sense for you to lean back against my hard cock while we watch the movie. And if you are in front of me, I will be able to finger your tits and pussy while we watch. I will tease you during the movie, and then when it’s over you’ll be ready for me to lick you to orgasm.”

“Hon, that is a very persuasive argument. Start the movie and let’s switch positions.”

They watched a superhero movie together. Jack’s cock stayed erect the entire time, pressed up against his mom’s naked back. And Jack continuously played with Leah’s pussy and tits all the while.

As the credits rolled, Leah was nearly on the verge of an orgasm.

“Let’s head upstairs, babe,” she said.

Jack clicked off the remote and followed.

Out of habit, Leah headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she applied toothpaste to her brush, Jack interrupted her.

“Not yet, mom.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I am going to eat you out first.”

“Of course, honey. You’ve been fingering me for the last hour and a half. I thought it was obvious that you would be required to give me head before I go to sl**p.”

“Well, I thought it was obvious that you would need to swallow my cum before bed.”

Leah laughed. Of course. She entirely forgot that her son’s arousal would have consequences for her. She should not brush her teeth if she was still obligated to drink his semen.

“Don’t worry. I’ll bring your toothbrush to you in bed, once we’ve both finished.”

Leah smiled in appreciation of her sweet son. She headed to bed, pulled down the covers and started to finger her fiery pussy. But she stopped short. She didn’t need to worry about pleasuring herself any more. That was her son’s responsibility. Instead, she sank bank into the soft pillows and waited for his lips and tongue to come give her one last orgasm for the day.

Soon enough, her expectations were fulfilled. She lay back and drifted on the verge of sl**p while her son vigorously licked and sucked. Free from inhibitions, she squealed louder than usual as her pussy spasmed with orgasm against her son’s mouth.

Her son left her lap and Leah drifted off. But she was woken up, her son’s hand shaking her awake.

“Not yet, mom. You can’t go to sl**p without brushing your teeth. And before you brush your teeth you have to swallow my cum.”

Leah sat up and smiled indulgently. It was only fair. After all, her son stayed awake to lick her pussy. And then he had to bring himself to orgasm. She owed it to him to hold up her end of the bargain and swallow his delicious cum.

She grabbed the glass with her unsteady, sl**py hand and sucked down the cloudy white substance. Playfully, she pooled the cum on her tongue and opened her mouth to show her son. Then she gargled it, blowing bubbles with her throat. Finally, she swallowed it.

“Toothbrush.” she demanded.

He brought her toothbrush and a fresh glass of water. She brushed thoroughly and spit and rinsed. Then she lay her head back down on the pillow.

Unsure of himself, Jack returned the toothbrush and water cup to the sink in Leah’s bathroom and started to leave the room, heading to bed.

“Mmm-mmm,” he heard his mom hum. “Where do you think you’re going mister?”

Jack didn’t need to answer. He turned on his heel and climbed under the covers, naked next to his mother. He spooned her and put a hand on her breast, and settled down beside her. They drifted off to sl**p.

Jack woke up alone in his mother’s bed. As he awakened, he recounted the events of the preceding day. It was almost too amazing to believe. But it was the only explanation for his being in his mom’s bed.

He sat up and found a note on the pillow beside me.

“Call me. xo Mom.”

He took a moment to collect himself, peed in his mom’s bathroom and headed to his room to find his phone. For some reason he headed back to the comfort of his mom’s bed before he dialed her cell phone.

“Hi honey. sl**p well?”

“Yeah, mom. I slept great. Where are you?”

“At the gym.”

Jack heard the characteristic sounds of the gym, and realized his mom must be running on the treadmill. He marveled at her physical fitness. She could talk on the phone without even being out of breath.

“Okay. What should I do?”

“Glad you asked. Do you feel like making me breakfast?”

“Umm, sure. I guess. What do you want?”

“That’s not what I meant. I’m in a crowded gym. But soon I’ll be done and ready to head home. Feel free to relax and make me something to eat.”

Jack knew exactly what she meant now. She wanted him to jerk off into a cup so that she could eat his cum. He wondered if he would ever get tired of the thought.

“Got it, mom. You must want me to jerk off so that you can drink your son’s nasty cum. Is that right?”

“Yup. Perfect. See you soon!” she said. Her chipper attitude belied the naughty nature of the conversation.

Jack stayed in bed and slowly rubbed himself. He wasn’t done when he heard his mom come in through the garage door.


“Up here, mom,” he yelled.

“Oh naughty boy!” she said. She was already well awake and energized by her workout.

She wore a sports bra that showed her nipples and tight yoga pants. Jack had to admit she looked damn good.

“You aren’t done yet? Don’t you know we have things to get done today?”

As she spoke she stripped off her yoga pants and pulled her sports bra off.

“Mmm-hmm. Sorry. What time is it?”

“It’s already 7:45. The day’s a wasting. You can’t expect to succeed if you stay in bed all day and waste such a beautiful winter Sunday.”

“I thought you wanted me to, umm, make you breakfast,” he said, gesturing at his hard cock.

“I did. We spoke 20 minutes ago. You haven’t gotten anything done at all.”

Leah approached the side of the bed. Jack turned his head and faced directly towards his mom’s sweaty pussy.

“I was gonna give your tongue a break this morning, Jack. But now I see your hard cock, and I can’t resist taking advantage of your sexual services. Brace yourself. Some of us got up early and worked up a sweat!”

His mother climbed over him and straddled his head. He watched as her spread pussy descended, as she squatted herself down on her son’s face.

He knew what was expected of him and started to lick. His tongue, thick from sl**p and thirst struggled to push up into his mom’s cunt. He tasted the salty tang of her sweat.

Leah smiled, knowing that her sweaty crotch surprised her son. But she was horny and needed to get off. And that was his role. If he wanted to taste her puss before she worked out, he could have gotten up earlier. Feeling vindicated in punishing him, she ground her crotch down on his face, forcing her lips against his mouth and giving his tongue nowhere to go other than her pussy hole.

Jack had little choice in the matter and resigned himself to sticking out his tongue and letting his mom ride his face with her pussy. After a few minutes, her juices started to flow, and the smell of sweat was replaced by the taste of her horny pussy.

Leah was raring to go and humped her clit against her son’s nose while his tongue struggled inside her pussy lips. She quickly orgasmed, and squirted slightly, right on top of her son’s face. After she rode out the orgasm, she collapsed beside him and recovered with deep breaths.

“Sorry, honey. I hope that wasn’t too miserable. I just couldn’t help it. I was all wound up from exercising, and when I saw you laying there like that with you cock out, lazily masturbating, well I kind of felt like maybe you should have to pay the price for sl**ping in. That, and I was fucking horny, and wanted to facefuck you.”

Jack laughed and turned on his side to look at his mom.

They lay face to face, chest to chest, with Leah’s nipples poking into her son’s chest.

“What’s on the agenda today, mom? Other than cunnilingus, that is.”

“You can be sure cunnilingus is still on the agenda. Besides that, you need to get back in the pool and start exercising again.”

Jack groaned. It was true that he hadn’t done much in the way of exercise since he graduated high school six months ago. She was right. But he had enjoyed slacking off from the physical exercise, especially after he had worked so hard to train for the state swim meet his senior year.

“Okay. I think the pool opens for open swim at 2. What else do you have planned for me, mistress?”

“Good, while I detect a tone of mockery, I perceive that you have submitted to my direction. That’s good.”

“We’ll see. I was promised handjobs, blowjobs, and sex if I achieved the goals set for me. When does my submission to your direction start to pay off?”

“Well, I hadn’t thought about it. But it is certainly a fair question. I certainly want you to have something to work towards. Hmm. Let’s say that if you do everything I say, with no complaining and giving a good effort, I will tug you off on Wednesdays, when you wake up.”

Jack liked the sound of that.

“Okay. Sounds good. And what do I need to do to get a blowjob?”

“You’ll get a blowjob every weekend, as a reward for a successful work week. It will serve as a substitute for binge drinking and partying.”

“So I don’t get to go to parties on the weekends?”

“Not if you want your dick sucked,” said Leah.

“What about sex. When will we fuck?”

“That will be reserved for very special occasions. Mother-son sex is special. It can’t be earned simply by fulfilling your every-day responsibilities. You need to demonstrate special love and attention to your mother and maybe, just maybe, I will reward you by letting you put your penis into my pussy, the place of your origin.”

“Okay. Well, it’s the weekend, and if I’m not mistaken, you owe me a blowjob.”

Leah giggled.

“Ah, so it is. Are you sure you’ve been good enough to earn it? It seems to me that you’ve only been following my direction for one day so far.”

“Mom,” said Jack seriously. “I’ve given you head whenever you’ve asked me to. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, and I just sucked off your sweaty pussy and didn’t even begin to complain. Don’t you think you could return the favor, just as a showing of good faith?”

He convinced her. After all, she had certainly received more than her fair share of pleasure from him. She knew if this was going to work she needed to be able to give him something he was willing to work for. Plus, she was warmed up and ready to go. After jogging for 3 miles on the treadmill, she was feeling good and didn’t mind the idea of giving her son a bj.

“Okay, baby. You convinced me. Have you ever had a blowjob before?”

“No, mom. I haven’t.”

“Oh good. I hope you really like it! I’ve been told I am quite talented.”

Leah slid down to her son’s cock and grasped it for the first time. It had been a long time since she handled a penis. She caressed it, enjoying the feeling of the soft spongy head and the hard shaft. She lightly tongued the head of her son’s penis, pushing her tongue slide into the slit at the top of his cock.

She gathered saliva in her mouth and surrounded her son’s cockhead with her lips. She then let the gathered saliva lubricate the penis as she slowly moved the ring formed by her lips down the stiff shaft, coating it with liquid. As she reached just past halfway down the shaft, she felt the spongy head tickle the back of her throat. She pressed on, letting the cockhead press hard against her tonsils and throat. She felt the beginnings of a gag reflex. But she had long ago learned how to suppress the reflex and let a cock push through and fuck her throat. She wasn’t yet ready for that to happen, though. She knew that her son was very much enjoying the wet softness of her mouth, and she wanted to let him enjoy it before she blew him properly. So she let the head push against the back of her mouth, as her throat and tongue provided friction, squeezing his penis.

Then she raised up and let the cockhead slide first into her right cheek, and then her left cheek. She knew that the sides of her cheeks were soft and wet, and were very stimulating to her son’s penis. Then she sucked hard for the first time, applying exquisite pressure to all parts of her son’s cock. She knew that there was no more stimulating feeling than a woman sucking hard on the sensitive parts of a man’s cock.

She felt his dick spasm and worried that he would come. She had agreed to only give him one blowjob a week. She wanted this one to be special enough to make him do whatever she said until next weekend. So she hoped he didn’t prematurely ejaculate before she could give him the sensation of sticking his dick all the way down her throat.

Fortunately, he didn’t come. She tasted precum, though, so she knew he was feeling the effects.

She pressed his cock into her left cheek, and then into her right cheek, and also brought her hand to his testicles and began to gently manipulate them. Then she let his cockhead press deep into her throat, fully suppressing her gag reflex and allowing his cock three-quarters of the way into her soft wet mouth. She rose up, suctioning as hard as she could, exerting more pressure on her son’s cock than he had felt in even this most intense masturbation session. Then, agonizingly slowly, she released the pressure, and simultaneously, slid the sensitive dickhead slowly along the flat of her tongue, towards her tonsils and throat.

Jack’s cock pressed in to the juncture of her tongue and throat, three-quarters of the way submerged in his mom’s mouth. And then, when it seemed like his cock could go no deeper, his mom breathed deep through her nose and magically opened her throat for his complete penetration.

Now, Leah felt a surge of excitement. She was deepthroating a cock for the first time in ages, and not only was it the biggest cock she had ever deepthroated, but it was also her son’s cock. She paused briefly, allowing her son to appreciate the fact that his mother’s throat bulged with the head of his penis. And then she lifted up, suctioning as hard as she could, and simultaneously taking a deep breath. The cock pulled back into the shallows of her mouth and she flicked its sensitive head extravagantly with her tongue. Few women possessed such skills in oral sex. Jack had no idea how privileged he was to experience this exquisite blowjob the first time he was in a woman’s mouth.

Suctioning as hard as she could she raised all the way up on the penis and swallowed. The accumulated fluid tasted of precum. Then she dragged the flat of her tongue against the front of her son’s penis, plunging all the way down again, letting his dick slowly push through the juncture of her throat, and proceed down her esophagus, bulging her throat. The root of his cock made it all the way to the opening of his mom’s lips. Somehow, his whole fat cock was buried in his mom’s mouth and throat!

At that point, Leah knew to begin to pick up the pace, starting to actually fuck him with her throat. She was happy her son hadn’t yet come, allowing her to demonstrate her skills to him the first time. She also knew how to take the situation to the next level, to bring her son to sweet orgasm.

She let the cock once more slip out of her throat, and past her tongue, while she suctioned against its sensitive underside. Nearly his whole cock pulled out of her mouth, except for his bulging head. She started the motion again, moving more quickly this time. She pushed her head forward, rubbing the cockhead over her tongue, through her throat and deep into her esophagus. She allowed his cock to press as deep as it could, burying her nose in his pubes. Then, without pausing this time, she pulled the cock out, while she aggressively suctioned, until she sucked on only the head. Down she plunged again, establishing a rhythm. His cock plunged deep into the tightness of her throat. And then out again, sucking hard as the penis pulled back through her mouth. She continued the rhythm, not cutting any corners, showing no fatigue.

With each repetition the speed picked up. By the tenth or eleventh plunge into her throat, Leah was moving really fast. Plunging down and up as fast as she could, her muscles strained as she put everything she had into the blowjob. Her thighs, buttocks, back, neck, and mouth worked together to create a cycle, first pushing the cock into the tight cavities of her throat and then suctioning while pulling up, before pushing again into her throat.

The athletic whir of activity amazed Jack. He lost track of the extreme sensations on his cock momentarily, as he observed and appreciated the exquisite coordination and skill exhibited by his mother. It was amazing to think that all of that activity was focused on suck his cock in and out of her mouth in the most pleasurable way possible. His mother was not only talented, but she was devoted to him. She was showing him that she could give him extraordinary pleasure if he pleased her.

Soon Jack felt his balls loosen, and his semen begin to rise. With the oncoming sensation of a glorious orgasm, Jack stopped paying attention to his mother’s technique, closing his eyes and leaning back on the soft pillows, waiting for his cream to rise and shoot into his mom’s mouth.

She detected with her fingers on his balls the first signs of his orgasm. She plunged down and waited for a second, allowing his cock to sit deep in her throat until she felt his cream rise up his cock. Then, when he first started to jerk and his semen rushed up the stem of his cock, she pulled up on his cock, sucking his head while he spewed.

Semen spurted one, two, three, four, five, six times into the warm receptacle of his mother’s mouth. She allowed it to pool, while her tongue lovingly, lightly caressed the front of his orgasmic penis. Only when the jerks and spasms were entirely spent, did she finally, slowly, lift her soft red lips up and over the head of his cock, kissing the slit and sensitive underside as she raised her head.

Leah batted her eyes and turned her head bashfully as she made eye contact with her overwhelmed son. Her cheeks bulged with the substantial load he had deposited in her mouth.

Leah slowly leaned forward, pressing her bare tits down on his abdomen and dragging them up his torso, until they settled on either side of his face. She put her hands under his shoulders and flipped them both over, so she lay underneath him, her son’s face looked up at her face from between her tits.

Her red lips parted, showing her son that his semen filled her mouth. Then, she dramatically darted her red tongue out of her mouth and licked her lips while she swallowed the significant load of her son’s cum.

She swallowed again. And then took a deep breath and exhaled.

She released her son and he settled beside her. He scooted up to look her eye to eye.

“That was incredible, mom!” he said, softly, in awe of her performance.

“I’m glad you thought so!” said Leah. She squeezed her son close, pressing her sweaty tits against his chest.

Leah breathed deep, and wondered whether she got a better workout from running three miles or from giving her son an energetic blowjob.

They lay together, saying nothing, but looking closely into each other’s eyes. They felt so close, as if nobody and nothing could ever come between them.

Finally, Jack felt compelled to speak, to dwell on her unbelievable performance.

“Mom, seriously. I can’t believe that what you did is even physically possible. I had no idea you can take a dick all the way down your throat like that.”

Leah smiled, looked deep into her son’s eyes, and pressed her lips against his in a gentle kiss.

“Thanks, baby. It means so much to hear that from you. A woman can lose her sexual confidence when she goes without sex for as long as I have. Your appreciation means the world to me.”

“Oh mom. I don’t believe that for a second. Nobody who can do what you did can lack for confidence.”

“Well, I thought I might be out of practice,” said Leah.

“If so, I can’t wait til next week, to see what you can do now that you have had some practice.”

“Don’t count your chickens, k**do,” said Leah. “You have a long hard week ahead of you if you are going to earn another blowjob. I’m just glad you didn’t come too soon. Now you know what I am capable of with my mouth, if you earn the right to another blowjob.”

“Mom, I thought I was getting the raw end of the deal because I agreed to suck your pussy whenever you wanted, but you only suck my dick once a week.”

“Do you still think that, baby?” said Leah, sweetly.

“No way. That was worth twenty hours of licking your pussy. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that I love licking your pussy anyways!”

“Well I’m glad, son. Truth be told, I love sucking your dick. But that doesn’t mean I’ll do it if you don’t earn it.”

“Well, I am completely devoted to earning it next week. I can’t wait. What do you need me to do?”

“Tell me where you stand with your classes.”

“I have a paper due this Wednesday in my Colonial American History class.”

“Have you started yet?”

“No. I mean, I’ve done most of the reading, but I haven’t started writing yet.”

“Okay. Well, that’s a great place to start. I want a draft by the end of the day.”

“Whoa, mom. End of the day? I’ll need to work all day to get that done.”

“Yes you will. And you will have to work diligently and efficiently if the paper is going to pass muster with me. And don’t forget I want you to put in a good swimming workout too.”

“Jeez, mom. No such thing as a lazy Sunday with you, is there?”

“No sir. Not if lazy Sunday means playing dumb video games and beating off to slutty whores on the internet.”

“But it’s okay to get a blowjob from you?”

“Only if you earn it. And even if you don’t earn it, you still have to suck me off, in addition to your obligations at school.”

Jack grinned.

“Mom. I just want to say thank you. I am glad that we are doing this. I know you are being tough, but I’m glad. I know I need to start taking things more seriously.”

Leah’s heart melted at her son’s earnestness.

“You’re welcome, son. I think that now you are an adult, the only way for us to really reach the next level of closeness is for us to have a sexual relationship. I know it’s not looked upon well by our society but I have no regrets. As long as you hold up your end of the bargain.”

“I’ll try, mom. I’m about to get up and head to the library. But. Well, I just have one other question about, well, about how things will be between us.”

“Of course, son. What is it?”

“Right now, I, I want nothing more than, to, than to kiss you mom. I want to kiss you like you kissed Dr. Swanson.”

Leah stayed silent, thinking.

“Jack, I didn’t mean for us to kiss like, well, like lovers. I wanted for you to use me to get off sexually, and I wanted to use you the same way. I fear that if we kiss like lovers that we might, well, I might, lose control of the system that we’ve discussed.”

“Is it worse for you to let me put my tongue in your mouth and look you in the eyes, than for you to suck my cock and swallow my cum?”

“Promise me that you’ll do what I say.”

“I promise, mom.”

“Promise that I won’t regret any of this.”

“I promise, mom.”

“Okay, come here, hon.”

She kissed her son passionately as a lover, letting her tongue jostle with his. It felt wonderful for her to once again embrace a man. It felt thrilling and nasty that the man was her very own son.

Over the next two weeks, Leah and Jack settled into their new routine.

Jack worked harder than he had ever worked in his life. His new routine involved waking up early and heading to campus, where he passed the day with nonstop studying, exercise, and volunteering. His mother paid close attention to his calendar and he made sure that he followed through with every appointment she made for him. When he got home, he would eat dinner with his mom, and would then hit the books again until it was time to go to bed.

Leah used her body to give Jack something to look forward to each and every day. She wanted him to look forward to getting up each morning and facing the day, so she would routinely wake him early with breakfast in bed. She would sit next to him naked while he ate. When he finished, she would lean back and let him lick her wet pussy. During the day she sent him naughty photos and suggestive texts and emails. And when he got home she would massage his tired muscles and whisper dirty things while he masturbated, and of course, she drank his cum. Before bed, she would once again order him to lick her pussy.

Jack greatly enjoyed his mother’s sexual availability. The knowledge that he would continue to enjoy being intimate with his mom was what drove Jack to adopt the new structure for his life.

On Wednesdays, he didn’t have class until 10 a.m. and his mom lingered with him in bed, giving him a long, luxurious handjob while kissing him. The second Wednesday, she teased her son’s hard prick for almost a half hour while the two lovers lay in bed, savoring each other’s company.

And on Sundays, Leah gave her son the best blowjob that she could.

During those two weeks, mother and son grew even closer. They felt perfectly comfortable in each other’s company. Jack confided openly with his mom about all of the new challenges he was facing. And Leah even began to rely on Jack as a sounding board for her daily issues. Their personalities already matched, and now that Jack didn’t need to keep anything private from his mom, nothing came between them.

The two even watched Jack’s porn collection a few times, commenting on which scenes they found hot, giggling over the ridiculous ones, and groaning about the most degrading ones. And after they found a video to their liking, they mutually masturbated, racing each other to orgasm.

Then, in mid-December, on a Tuesday evening of the first week of finals, Jack came home from campus looking very stressed out. He barely had time for a conversation with his mom when he came in the door, and headed up to his room hurriedly, explaining that he had a lot of work to do.

Leah waited a few minutes and then followed Jack to his room.

“What is it that’s got you all stressed out?”

“I’ve been having a hard time getting a hang of my calculus materials, and the final is tomorrow. I wasn’t working very hard early in the semester and I’ve had to really race to relearn that material, as well as learning the new stuff. To make it even worse, I somehow placed into Calc 3 based on my AP test, but I barely paid any attention in high school calc. Hell, I barely ever even went to high school calc class.”

“I see. Suffering for your prior sins.”

“That sums it up. I’ve been trying to learn three semesters of calculus in two weeks. Honestly, I think I am almost caught up. But there is so much more I can do. On Friday, I took the test the prof gave last year, and I didn’t do so well. So I’ve really been cramming since then. But now it’s finals week and all of my other work is piled up. Would you allow me to skip swimming and working at the homeless shelter tomorrow?”

Leah laughed.

“Of course. I know I put the fear of God into you to get you to stick to your schedule. But I think it’s very reasonable to lift those other obligations so you can focus on finals week. I should have thought of that earlier. I’m sorry if those things have caused more stress than they should.”

“No problem. I didn’t really realize how fucked I was until today. I’ve been buried in calculus and not realizing the shitstorm my other classes will cause the next two days.”

“Tell me. Tomorrow is calc final. What’s after that?”

“Friday is biology final. And Thursday my philosophy term paper is due at noon.”

“Want my advice?”


“Don’t try to multitask. Take them one at a time. Just worry about calc for now. You’ll need to have that fresh in your mind and there is no point trying to concentrate on the other stuff while you’re worried about calc. Then tomorrow you pound out a paper. And then you cram for bio.”

“Yeah. You’re right. That sounds best.” He still sounded exhausted and defeated.

“Tonight, I want you in bed early and to get a full night of sl**p. You’ve already spent a ton of time on calculus, so it’s not worth it to sacrifice sl**p for just a few more hours. You’re a good test-taker and you’ll be able to do well as long as you have all of your faculties.”


“This is exciting! You’re gonna have to really focus these next three days, mister. I always thought it was fun to be under pressure like this.”

“Easy for you to say. You went to Stanford and are brilliant.”

“So are you. Let’s take stock. How are you feeling?”

“Nervous. And tense.”

“Let’s take a break. You won’t sl**p if you’re wound up. The stuff is in your head. You just need to review it again tonight before bed, and then tomorrow again before the test.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Get changed into your PJ’s, and come to my room. Bring your laptop. I’ll help you forget all about calc for a few hours.”

Leah left and ordered Chinese food. Then she turned up the thermostat and put on a black silk slip. Her extended pink nipples poked lewdly through the flimsy fabric. Underneath she wore a very tiny thong that was itself almost see-through and was only covered by the slip, which extended only a few inches past her pussy. Looking in the mirror, she saw a hot mom who would surely get her son’s mind off of math. She dimmed the light very low, creating a soft, relaxing, light.

When Jack entered the room he was shocked. He had seen his mother naked, of course. But he had never seen her wear sexy underwear. His cock immediately began to harden.

“Take your shirt off and lay down on your back.”

He placed his head on the pillow and lay down, facing the foot of the bed. He watched his mom lean over and slowly crawl onto the large bed, and towards him. Her breasts hung down, covered by the silk slip only enough to hide her nipples in shadow.

She straddled his legs as she crawled forward. When she was face to face with him, she lowered her head and stared at him with her enchanting green eyes, ever so slowly moving forward for a kiss. She started to tenderly kiss him and simultaneously dropped her pussy onto his crotch. She humped him gently, grinding her crotch into his stiffening cock lustily.

They made out and grinded their pelvises together for 15 minutes until the doorbell rang.

She got up and put on her robe to go get the food.

“I got Chinese,” she told Jack when she returned.

“Oh, wow, mom. Thanks!”

“I’ll serve it to you here, in bed. How about we watch some porn while we eat?”

“Sounds good to me!”

“Mmm, good. Pull up something with lesbians. I want to see beautiful women with lots of touching and kissing.”

Jack complied. He selected a long video with a slow buildup between stunning European models. It was all tenderness as the women slowly seduced each other.

As they ate, they watched the gentle lesbian sex.

“Have you always been a lesbian, mom?”

The question shocked Leah. She wasn’t a lesbian, was her immediate reaction. But she realized how her son could make that assumption. He’d seen her get jilled off by her female friend. Then he’d seen her lick her friend. And her favorite of his porn clips were often lesbians.

“I’m not a lesbian,” she said. “Actually, I’d never been with a woman before our appointment with Dr. Swanson.”

“Really? But you ate her out! That was your first time?”

“Yes it was. Honestly, I don’t know what came over me. I’ve thought about it since then. I’ve asked myself what you asked. I started to wonder if I am a lesbian. But I still love cock. So I guess at most I’m a bisexual.”

Jack continued to eat and watch a beautiful brunette lick and suck her blonde partner’s cunt.

“I guess I like this porn because it’s so much more loving than the guy-girl sex. I don’t like all the hard pounding sex. And I guess I do feel attracted to the female form, breasts, pussies. I like to watch women get pleasure, and it seems like the lesbian videos are better at showing female pleasure. Not all of them, of course. But your lesbian collection is pretty good.”

“I can’t imagine getting off watching guys.”

“Yeah. I’ve heard women are more open with that. But it does feel weird, too. When I have lesbian fantasies, it feels like I am re-discovering sex. Like I am opening up a part of myself that I’ve never experienced before.”

“That’s super hot, mom.”

Leah smiled and they finished eating in relative silence, listening to the sounds of female pleasure from the video.

“How’s the food?”

“It’s great. I never ate lunch. It really hits the spot.”

“I can tell you look less stressed.”

“Less stressed, but more horny!” he said.

“Problems, problems, with you, isn’t it?”

“But a bitch ain’t one,” he joked.

The joke went over her head, and she frowned at him.

“Never mind. It’s an old hip-hop song lyric.”

“I was gonna say, this bitch bought you takeout, and is letting you sit on her bed watching porn.”

“You know I love you, mom.”

“Don’t forget to show it. Plus, I was also gonna say, this bitch is your best chance of not having to take care of your horny problem yourself tonight.”

“You mean that?”

“Sure, baby. I don’t mind helping out, if it will help you release some tension before your big test.”

“Thanks, mom. You really are the best. You’re the perfect mom AND the perfect girlfriend. It’s incredible.”

“Haha, well I don’t know about that. A lot of guys would complain about a girlfriend that made him eat pussy constantly and didn’t put out ever.”

“I guess that’s true. But I gotta say, I’m doing a lot better today than I was a few weeks ago. So I’m not complaining yet!”

“Nor should you. You done eating?”

“Yeah. Thanks mom. It was great.”

She grabbed the food and put it away in the kitchen. She thought about how to give her son an orgasm. She felt full and a little lazy and didn’t really want to give him a blowjob. And she owed him a handjob the next day. It would be ideal to sit on his hard dick and slowly fuck him. But she planned on saving her pussy for something really special.

But what was she waiting for? Tonight was special, considering the poor k** had done everything she asked and more for the last two weeks. She had never been happier, and he was the main reason. Why not give him a good fuck to send him into three days of really stressful studying? Plus, she didn’t really feel like swallowing his cum straight again after such a big meal.

She stepped out of her panties and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was already plenty wet to walk upstairs and sit on her son’s hot cock until he spewed his cum into her belly. She left the panties on the kitchen table and headed upstairs.

Her son had whipped his cock out and was still watching lesbian porn.

“Put the computer away, okay babe? Unless you’d rather get off watching them than me.”

“Can’t we leave it on while you jerk me off?”

“Who said anything about me jerking you off?” Leah responded sharply, pretending she was offended.

“Oh, umm, I thought you said. . . Um, yes, mom,” her son stammered, and closed the laptop.

Leah crawled on the bed and slid up to lean against her son’s side. His cock still stood out of his fly.

“I’m just playing, honey,” she said, grabbing his hard dick. “Why don’t you pull off your pants and let’s see what we can do about releasing some of this tension.”

He lifted his butt and slid his pajama pants down.

Leah grabbed his dick again and manipulated it expertly with her fingers, touching the sensitive glans with her fingers while rubbing the head with the warm palm of her soft hand.

Jack looked down at her barely constrained breasts appreciatively.

“I’m sorry mom, about wanting to watch porn while we, um, while I have an orgasm. I really do prefer you to those porn models.”

“Hah, well you don’t know for sure. I’m here and they aren’t.”

“No, mom. I know for sure. You’re my mom and I love you.”

“That’s sweet, honey. I love you too.”

Leah swung her leg over her son, straddling him. She still held on to his dick with her hand. She leaned over and gave her son an intense kiss, sending her tongue deep into his mouth. At the same time, she lifted her hips, and guided her son’s penis to her pussy. She aimed perfectly, straight towards her pussy hole. Without breaking the kiss, she sat on his stiff cock in one swift motion.

Before he realized what was happening, Jack found his cock buried in his mom’s quim.

She worked her hips, pushing down on his cock, trying to work it all the way in to her tight pussy. Concentrating on her task, she broke their kiss and sat up, pulling off her lingerie.

Her pussy hadn’t been used by anything other than a small vibrator in years. This big cock was slipping in, but slowly, and only as Leah rhythmically humped, pressing all of her weight down on the rigid pole.

“Mom, you’re fucking me!” said Jack, after recovering from the initial shock.

“Sure am, babe. I hope you like it!”

After a few more minutes of twisting and shoving her hips down on his cock, she enveloped his entire penis in her pussy.

“There!” she said, triumphantly. “You’re all the way in. How does it feel, honey?”

“Mom, it feels wonderful!”

She flexed her pussy muscles.

“You feel that?”

“Yeah, mom! That feels great. You are so much more tight than Dr. Swanson.”

“Well I haven’t had sex in quite a while. Is it okay if I sit here like this for a sec? I’m still adjusting to having your big cock in my pussy.”

“No mom, that is unacceptable. I’d rather pull out and go jerk off in the other room,” joked Jack.

“Very well,” said Leah, and started to slowly raise herself up off of her son’s penis.

“Mom, no!” yelled Jack.

Leah sat back down and laughed out loud, causing her naked tits to shake.

“Just k**ding. I’m cruel, but not that cruel!”

A look of relief passed over her son’s face.

“So, tell me,” said Leah. “What’s it like being a motherfucker?”

“Mom, I love it. I love you. Thank you so much!”

“Oh, baby. I am so glad I can give you this. I am so glad about everything between us.”

She leaned down and they kissed slowly and passionately. It was so hot for both of them to know that their genitals were finally together, as close as mother and son could be.

Finally, after kissing for a long time, and savoring the closeness of their first coupling, Leah slowly started to hump. She moved her hips up very slowly, and stopped halfway up his cock before descending again. She continued this process, slowly fucking her son into her tight, unused pussy.

“Mom, I feel like I am going to come,” said Jack.

“Me too, what’s your point?” she joked, knowing he was concerned about pregnancy.

“Do you want me to pull out? Will you get, umm, do you have protection?”

“Protection?” she asked, and increased the pace with which she rose and fell on her son’s dick.

Should I be wearing a condom?”

“Why? Do you have an STD?”

She was now fucking her son in earnest, working her hips up and down.

“Unh, no, mom. I mean, ummmm,” he was struggling to contain himself, struggling to avoid inseminating his mom while she fucked his cock with her tight cunt.

She stopped rising and falling, sank down on his cock, and laughed.

“Are you worried about breaking the law by having sex with your mom? Is that your concern?”

“No. I don’t want to make you pregnant!”

“Ohhh,” she teased. “Well then you should confirm I take birth control pills.”

He laughed, realizing she was fucking with him, in more ways than one.

“Are you taking birth control pills?” he asked, as he thrust his hips, shoving his cock deep into his mom’s stretched, tight pussy.

She shrieked: “Ooooh, that’s the idea baby!”

“No, mom! The idea is no baby!”

“Don’t sass me, son,” she continued to tease, and began to fuck again.

Leah rose up and pushed down, and Jack thrust up to meet her hips.

As Jack’s pelvis started to bang into his mom’s clit, she moaned. She rubbed her hands up and down her son’s torso as they fucked towards orgasm. She grabbed his arms, pulling his hands to hold and support her bouncing tits.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck your mommy!”

Jack felt his cock begin to pulse and then his abs clenched and he thrust up one final time, shooting his cum into the deepest recesses of his mom’s pussy.

“OOOOOHHH, yesssss,” she cried, as her vagina clenched and spasmed in an orgasm of her own.

She collapsed on her son and breathed hard, even as her pussy continued to periodically spasm against the thick pole buried inside of her.

“What are you thinking about right now?” Leah asked, whispering into Jack’s ear.

“You, mom. I really love you.”

Leah said nothing, but kissed him, pecking all over his face and mouth with her pursed lips.

As soon as she felt his cock begin to soften slightly, she lifted one leg up and over, and pulled herself off of her mount.

“Good boy. I was hoping for any answer other than ‘calculus’.”

Jack laughed. She was right. He definitely wasn’t thinking about calculus. But now he did. He looked at the alarm clock beside the bed. It read 9:15.

“It’s getting late,” said Leah.

“Yeah,” he said. “And I’m tired.”

“Get up and brush your teeth. But get right back here. There’s no need for you to study tonight any more. It’s time for you to get a good night’s sl**p. You need to cuddle up close to your mom.”

“Yes, mom.”

They both got up and got ready for bed. Leah set the alarm clock for early in the morning.

“That is your first cumshot in two and a half weeks that I haven’t swallowed. . . with my mouth, that is” Leah whispered to her son, as they curled their bodies together.

“Hahaha, true. You’re the best, mom.

The two lovers fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

Leah woke slightly before the alarm went off. Her son was spooning her, his hard cock nestled between her legs from behind.

Leah knew it was a Wednesday, and she owed her boy a handjob before she sent him to the library to spend the morning doing a final review of his calculus materials. She liked to give long, slow handjobs, teasing her son’s penis until it was ready to burst while touching and kissing and talking. By doing that, she could get him ready to come and then spit on her hand and use that as lube to jerk him off only for a minute or so before he would shoot into her waiting mouth. This method saved her arm, which couldn’t handle jerking him for very long without getting tired.

This morning, though, she needed to get him off quickly and get him to school. She devised a plan.

She carefully removed herself from her son’s sl**ping hug, regretting especially moving her legs away from his cock. She then slipped off her side of the bed and took a few sips of water and grabbed some baby oil from the bathroom. Then she went back to bed and picked up the closed laptop, and slipped back under the covers on the other side of the bed.

She pulled up her son’s porn file and looked for a really hot, nasty video. She settled on a video with two pretty girls who had a slutty threesome and then swapped the man’s cum at the end.

Then she greased her hand and reached over her sl**ping son to lube up his hard cock.

“Mmm, morning mom,” he said, blearily, as he woke up with his mom’s hand holding his cock, already stroking it.

“Here, baby. I picked out this video for you. I want you to watch it while I give you your handjob.”

Jack recognized the video. He loved how the women enthusiastically fucked and sucked and licked each other’s pussies and then played with the man’s cum in their mouths before swallowing.

His mom put the computer down on his chest and it played with the sound off while she jerked him off aggressively with her right hand.

“Think back to last night, son. How much you enjoyed letting loose with all your sperm so deep inside your mother. It’s still there. While I went to sl**p, I could feel your cum oozing everywhere in my pussy. And it’s still in there, with your little sperms swimming all around.”

“Oh, mom. That’s so hot. I can’t believe I came inside my own mother.”

“Yes, you did. You came inside mommy. You are such a naughty boy. It’s very bad for a naughty boy to put his penis inside mommy and come.”

She felt his cock strain and jerked even harder. Her forearm burned with the effort.

On the screen, the two women started spit sperm into and out of each other’s mouths, playing with it with their tongues. Leah knew this was a turn-on for Jack, and gritted her teeth while she kept stroking hard, ignoring the pain in her arm muscles.

“Does my baby want to see me swap his cum with another lady? Do you want me to invite Dr. Swanson over so we can be nasty cumswappers for you?”

That did it. Jack moaned and spasmed, and spewed his load all over his belly.

Leah gently held his cock until he finished coming, then closed the laptop and licked up most of his cum from his almost hairless belly. She showed it to her son in her mouth, and then swallowed, showing him it disappeared.

“Okay, hon. Time to shower up and get to the library.”

“Yes, mom.”


Jack walked home after the calculus test, deep in thought. He was still thinking about the final two problems. But he wasn’t coming up with any issues in how he worked the problems. So he figured there was a strong chance he did well. Maybe he even aced it, before the curve.

The honest and very positive self-review put a spring in his step. It was really the first time he had applied himself in school. It made him feel good to have success.

By the time he got home, he was feeling energized, ready to take on the next challenge: his philosophy paper. He had done all of the reading, but he had not thought very hard about how to synthesize the reading into a persuasive argument for the term paper. He figured he would have to redo the reading, but this time with the specific topic in mind, and then he would have to write the paper. It was going to take a lot of work to get the paper done in less than 24 hours.

It was only 3:00 and his mom wasn’t home yet. He reheated some Chinese food leftovers and ate quickly. Then he headed to his room to get to work.

When Leah got home at 6:00, she went upstairs and checked in on her son.

“How’d it go?”

Jack looked up from a text.

“Hey mom. It went good, I think. I guess we’ll find out when it’s graded. I think it all depends on the curve anyways.”

He wanted to downplay his optimism for his mom. It never hurt to set expectations low.

“Good. So now on to philosophy?”

Jack explained his approach and his mom agreed. She also offered to answer any questions because she had also read the classic philosophy texts he was studying. He thanked her, and said that he hadn’t yet formulated his argument, but he was getting closer. He thought he’d be ready to write in a few hours.

Leah busied herself with housework and watched some TV in the living room. Three hours later she checked back in with her son.

“Hey, honey, just checking in. How’s it going?”

Her son looked a little drained. He explained what he planned to be the thesis of his paper, but said that he still hadn’t nailed down how to accurately characterize the nature of Descartes’s rational method.

“I get the whole thing about only things that he could perceive as clear and precise could be true, but it doesn’t seem like he ever really found anything to be clear and precise. I mean, this whole thing is basically just poking holes in anyone else’s theory, but I don’t see where he ends up taking his own theory. What were some of the things he could perceive clearly and precisely?”

“Hmm. I remember being frustrated by the exact same thing. I think you’re on the right track, but honestly, I don’t remember enough to help. I guess I vaguely remember that he believed in God, but I’m not sure that he incorporated God into his philosophy. But I know that ‘I think therefore I am’ plays into it. Is that right?”

“Yeah, that’s one thing he thought was true beyond doubt. Okay, that makes sense. So maybe he didn’t really even try that hard to detail what he thought was true. Maybe he was just starting with very basic things he thought he could prove, like that he was sure he existed because he perceived that clearly and distinctly when he thought about it.”

“Makes sense to me!” Leah said cheerily. “Just remember to document your characterizations with quotes from the text. That way, even if you’re wrong, you’ll have support for your position. I think professors care less about your conclusion in these sorts of papers than that you faithfully read the text and carefully construct a sound argument based on that reading. Remember, professional philosophers still argue about this stuff today. So it’s not like there is a clear-cut answer.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. This is slow going though. It is painstaking making my way through this awkward writing to support my argument. It’s anything but clear and precise.”

“Haha. Well, as it happens, I brought you something that might help.”

“Mom. I don’t know if I have time right now. I think I’m going to be up all night as it is, and I am already starting to feel my concentration to lapse a little bit.”

Leah laughed out loud.

“You think I was offering my pussy don’t you?”

Jack blushed. He had thought she wanted him to lick her pussy.

“I am very proud of my pretty pink pussy, baby, but I am not so arrogant that I think it can help you write a philosophy paper!”

“Sorry mom. I shouldn’t have assumed that’s what you meant.”

“It’s fine. Very often, I am asking you to lick me, aren’t I?”

“I love it, though, mom. So what are you saying could help?”

Jack was eager to get back to work, nervous that he wouldn’t be able to finish in time.

“This,” said Leah, and put a small blue pill on the desk in front of him. “It’s a study d**g. It was developed to help people with attention deficit disorder. It will give you energy and help you focus.”

“Oh. Thanks, mom.”

Jack wasn’t sure what to think. He was surprised his mom was giving him d**gs.

“Wait until you are struggling or not thinking clearly. Then split it in half and take half. I think it will help you stay awake too.”

She left and headed to bed with a book. When she turned the light off and put down her book, she realized she missed being next to her son in bed.

Leah woke up early and stretched. She was curious about her son’s first big college cram session. She brushed her teeth and put her hair in a pony tail, then headed to his room.

“Hey, baby,” she said softly. “You awake?”

Her son was typing vigorously. He didn’t respond right away as he finished typing his thought.

“Yup, I’m up.”

“You been up all night?”

“Yeah mom. I took your pill. I’ve been able to work straight through. I have twenty pages done. I’m butting up against the word limit. But that’s fine. I have everything I need. I’ll just need to go through it again and revise.”

“That’s great! I’m so proud of you, babe.”

“Could you proofread it?”

“Sure. When will you be ready?”

“Oh, I forgot. You’ll probably be at work. Never mind.”

“Send it to me. I’ll mark it up in track changes and send it right back.”

“Oh great! Then I can keep working. Okay, look for it around ten. It’s due at noon, though, so get it back to me so I can go over the changes and upload it.”

Leah promised she would and got ready for work, excited to see what her son came up with. She was also a little scared for him. She knew that working late can inhibit better judgment and sometimes make for bad writing without realizing it was bad writing. She was curious whether Jack thrived under these circumstances.

Her work email pinged at exactly 10:00. She opened the document and started to read.

Twenty minutes later, Leah smiled proudly and finished reading the last paragraph. The paper exceeded every expectation. The positions in the paper were well-reasoned and carefully defended. The writing was clear and persuasive. The paragraph structure was solid. The citations were useful and provided solid support for the propositions.

The only evidence that it was written in one night were some typographical and grammatical errors. If she hadn’t been a witness, she would never have believed a college freshman could produce such fine work in less than one day. Her heart swelled with pride.

She sent back the paper and a quick email message saying she thought it was very good.

Her phone rang from her son.

“Hey, honey. It looks real good!”

“Do you think so? I think I might be a little unclear in discussing Plato’s concept of forms. I know what I want him to say, but I’m not sure it’s in the text. And actually, it may not be very important to my argument, because I have plenty of evidence that Plato is an idealist, but I thought it was interesting so I wanted to work it in. Is it too ambitious?”

Leah chuckled.

“Hon. I think your mind might be racing a little bit right now. What you’ve written is excellent. It is well beyond what I expected. I think you should make the minor changes and hand it in.”

“Oh. Right. Yeah, okay. Thanks, mom!”

She was very surprised that he somehow had found a way to be too ambitious in a paper written at the very last minute. Was this the same k** who barely cared at all in high school? It was astonishing to say the least.

She went home just a little past noon. It was unusual for her to leave for lunch, but she wanted to check on Jack’s status after he turned in the paper.


No answer.

She went to his room and woke up his laptop. The screen showed that he had successfully uploaded the paper. But where was he?

She looked in her room and saw him passed out on her bed. Next to him was a pair of her used panties. They were soaked in cum. Some of the milky substance pooled right in the gusset, and the entire area at the front of the panties was soaked. I guess all the studying geared him up to spew a lot of cum, she thought to herself. And as she held the panties up and surveyed the damage, a little part of her was peeved that she wasn’t able to swallow the load. She thought about licking the panties but decided against it.

Leah went downstairs and fixed a quick lunch and got ready to head back to work. But she didn’t want to leave yet. She still felt horny. Plus, she worried whether Jack overextended himself, and whether he would get up in time to prepare for his biology test the next day. If he slept too long, it would be partially her fault. She had given him the study d**g, after all. Plus, he had come to rely on her to structure his days. He needed her.

She headed back upstairs, deciding that she needed to wake Jack up and see where he stood on his next test.

As she got to the room and saw his naked penis, and the cum-soaked panties, she felt another wave of desire. She wanted so badly to wake him up and let him fuck her with his big prick.

Instead, she slid her panties off, and put on the silk panties from the bed. The fabric felt cold and clammy against her whole pubic region, and was uncomfortable. But the fact that it was her son’s semen transformed the discomfort into a reminder of her illicit sexual relationship with her son. And her promise that she wouldn’t let his semen go to waste. The idea of walking around at work in panties soaked in his cum excited her.

She leaned over, and jostled him awake.

“Hey, mom,” he said.

“Jack, I decided to come home from work and found you had cum in my panties,” she said, in a recriminating tone.

Jack sat up and looked around the bed. Where had they gone?

“I told you what would happen if you violated the terms of our agreement, didn’t I?”

Jack panicked, still disoriented from sl**p.

“Mom! I, um, what did I do?” he said, loudly, clearly alarmed at the accusation that he had violated their agreement.

“Where is your cum supposed to go, young man?”

Jack knitted his brow, and then his shoulders sank as he realized his mistake. He had been so overtired, and then so hopelessly horny. He searched for anything that would remind him of his mother, and found fragrant silk panties sitting on the kitchen table. He brought them to his mother’s bed, and came inside of them. He had totally forgotten to save his cum in a cup for Leah.

“I’m sorry, mom. I screwed up. I was tired, and horny. And I found your panties on the table. It slipped my mind. I understand if I lose my privileges,” he said, totally defeated.

“Jack, I am pleased that you recognized your mistake. Fortunately, I have found a way to use the panties and therefore we won’t be wasting your semen. So I can let your mistake slide.”

Jack looked confused.

“What do you mean, mom?”

Leah pulled down the waist of her grey skirt and lifted a leg on to the bed. The sticky, creamy panties were plastered to her pussy and pelvis area. Her pussy lips were visible through the wet fabric.

“I’m gonna take your sperm to work with me, babe. I like the wet feeling against my pussy. It reminds me of all the naughty stuff I do with my very own son, even while I am conducting business as a respectable lawyer.”

“Holy cow, mom. That is hot.”

“I think so too, baby. My pussy is already really wet.”

“Does that mean. . . Do you want me to lick you, mom?”

It took her no time at all to decide how to answer that question. She let her skirt fall all the way off and laid it on the end of the bed.

Then she climbed up and straddled her son’s face, rubbing her pussy on his face, through the cum-soaked panties.

Jack grimaced as he smelled his own scent. But underneath was his mom’s pussy, so he stuck his tongue out and licked through the fabric.

After a couple seconds, Leah reached down and pulled the panties to the side, letting her son’s tongue have direct access to her lips and clit. He licked while she rode his face with abandon. Jack was in heaven as his face was assaulted by his mom’s pulsating puss.

Leah came once, and then stood up, covering her dripping quim with the panties, and putting back on her work skirt. She was going to enjoy walking around with these cummy panties on.

“Go back to sl**p, son. I’ll be home around five.”

Leah bent over and kissed her son lovingly on the lips, tasting herself.

Leah left and headed back to work. She had an important meeting with a client at 2:00. It was a woman she had known in high school – Beth Connors. As a divorce lawyer, Leah was not always glad to be helping out clients who she knew, because divorce was often tragic and messy. She hoped to do a good job and minimize the harm.

Leah got to her office and read through the intake paperwork which had been prepared by a paralegal. It was very strange. From the paperwork, it seemed as if Beth wanted to give her husband everything, much more than his share of the marital property. Leah wondered what was going on.

When Beth came in, Leah recognized her immediately, despite not having seen her in many years. Beth was fit and pretty for a woman in her early forties. Leah remembered how Beth had always had a broad smile and cute dimples in her cheeks. She had shoulder-length brown hair, with medium-sized, round breasts and a shapely butt. She looked very much like the politician Christine O’Donnell.

But as Beth came in and sat down there was no hint of the ready smile Leah remembered. The woman looked troubled.

“Beth, I was reading the write-up of your initial interview. It seems that you want to take a very passive approach in this divorce, and that you are contesting very little in the way of property rights. Can you tell me a little bit about why you want to give your husband almost all your shared property?”

Beth hesitated, obviously very uncomfortable.

“Beth, I am your lawyer now. I have a lot of experience with all sorts of troubles between husbands and wives, and I keep information I learn strictly confidential. It is important for me to have a handle on the background in order to get you the best result from your divorce.”

“Leah, I understand. I contacted your office because I remember you as a very compassionate person in high school. You see, the nature of my case is very unusual, and also very sensitive.”

“I understand,” said Leah, kindly.

“So I will start with what I am looking for from this divorce. Basically, I want my husband to agree to not divulge any, umm, details about the nature of our disagreements. And in exchange, I am willing to give him the bulk of what we have.”

“Okay. We can certainly negotiate some kind of agreement as far as non-disclosure and non-disparagement. Are you comfortable sharing with me the nature of those disagreements? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that you will be giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Leah suspected that Beth was probably caught with another man and was putting too much blame on herself. Leah found that women tended to put too much blame on themselves in divorces, which ended up giving the men too good of a deal. She wanted to make sure that Beth understood exactly what she was asking for.

“Yes, I know. And I will give you the backstory. But before I do I want you to know that it is okay if you judge me. I am in the wrong, and I understand if you think much, much less of me. I just need your professional assistance to get out of a mess.”

Leah assured her that she would not let any personal judgments come into play.

“My husband has not been faithful to me for a long time. We haven’t been, umm, intimate in maybe five years. And I know he has been seeing a woman he met at work.”

“Okay,” said Leah, paying close attention.

“In fact, he had started coming home less and less. I would see him maybe twice a week. He barely even had any clothes in his closet. It was just me and my son, Liam, at home most of the time.”

“On your intake papers it indicates you have no minor c***dren. How old is Liam?”

“He is 19, almost 20. He is in school at the local college and still lives at home.”


Leah was tempted to share that her own son did the very same thing. But she kept her mouth shut because she knew Beth was concerned about confidentiality. Emphasizing that Jack went to the same college as Beth’s son might worry Beth about her story getting out.

Beth took a deep breath, obviously nervous.

“And it’s good that you ask because that is where this story takes a turn for the worse.” Beth took a deep shuddering breath, obviously struggling to tell what had happened. “I will spare you the details and just tell you that my husband came home unexpectedly and found me in, umm, a compromising position with Liam.”

Beth blushed red and looked at her feet.

“Beth, when you say ‘compromising position,’ does that mean that you were having sex with Liam?” Leah asked neutrally, trying not to sound surprised.

Beth sniffled, and nodded yes. Leah saw a tear roll down her cheek.

Leah got up and walked around the desk to her client. She grabbed Beth’s hand and led her to the couch in her office so they could sit close to each other.

“Beth, honey. Please don’t feel badly. It must feel awful to have to admit that to me in order to get out of this situation. You came to the right person. Here, here is a tissue.”

Beth took some deep breaths and blotted the tears up. Leah put a comforting hand on her back and rubbed gently.

“I am in no position to judge you, and I promise that I will not. I am only here to help.”

“Thank you,” Beth said softly. “You don’t know how much it means for me to hear that. I, well, I feared you might be disgusted and reject me as a client.”

“No need to fear that. You are still my client. Do you mind if I ask you some more questions?”

“Please, go ahead. I’m sorry I started crying.”

“Don’t be. Now, it sounds like your husband has threatened to tell people about your having sex with Liam in order to take the property in the divorce.”

“That’s right. And he would too. He’s a ruthless man. I need your help to make sure he can’t break our deal.”

“I can help. I see you have a good job as a financial advisor, and a decent income. Are you planning on rebuilding from scratch once this is over?”

“Yes. He wants the house. Liam and I will have to find an apartment and I will have to start saving again. But, I am not too worried. As you said, I have a good income. Also, my father is wealthy, and if Liam or I need help, we could rely on him for it.”

“Okay, well that’s very good. Am I correct in assuming that your father is one of the primary people that you don’t want your husband speaking to?”

“Yes. He would, umm, he’s very traditional and somewhat strict. He would not take that information well.”

“Okay. When did your sexual relationship with Liam begin?”

“It started last Christmas,” said Beth.

“So less than a year ago, and after Liam was legally an adult.”


“And am I correct in stating that this is an ongoing relationship? Do you regularly sl**p with your son?”

Beth sobbed again, obviously pained by guilt, and nodded yes.

Leah put a comforting arm around Beth, and pulled her close. She didn’t want Beth to suffer for having committed i****t. After all, Leah had been doing the same thing. She thought about the fact that her pussy was still wet from her son’s ministrations less than an hour earlier. And her panties were literally soaked in her son’s semen.

“Beth, please listen to me. There is no reason, absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty when talking about this subject with me. I know exactly what you feel like.”

“Thank you, Leah. I am so glad to hear you say that. But with all due respect, I don’t think you know what I feel like. You see, I fell in love with my son. It wasn’t just a fling, or an accident. We sl**p in the same bed and we, well, we are lovers in every sense of the term. I am not just terrified about my father or others finding out from my husband. I am also terrified that I may not be able to stay with Liam.”

“You’re right. I don’t know what that it is like to face the threat of exposure and to fear that your relationship will be broken up. I shouldn’t have said that I know exactly what you feel like. But I said that because I want to get across that I do understand part of the situation. I understand it very well, if you understand what I mean.”

“Are you saying?” Beth trailed off. She didn’t want to guess wrong and imply that her lawyer was committing i****t.

“Yes, Beth. I will tell you that I live alone with my son, and I made love to him just last night. And over lunch today he gave me oral sex. In fact, I will tell you an embarrassing secret of my own. When I went home for lunch I found that Jack, my son, had ejaculated on a pair of my silk panties. I was so turned on that I put them on and then sat on his face, letting him lick my pussy. And if you doubt me, I can even prove it,” Leah said, lowering her voice to a whisper into her client’s ear. “Because I am still wearing the cum-soaked panties.”

Beth smiled broadly, revealing her dimples for the first time that day.

“Oh, Leah. That is so amazing! I am so lucky that I called you. You do understand what it’s like to love my son. And it sounds like you are having just as much fun with your son as I am with mine! I can’t believe you are literally sitting in your son’s cum. That’s so hot! And here I was fearing you would throw me out of your office.”

Leah smiled back. She knew she should have kept things professional, but she liked Beth and didn’t want her to suffer. And it felt good to share.

“And now it’s my turn to start feeling guilty. You are my client and I should be focused on you alone while we have a consultation, not unloading my own issues.”

“Leah, don’t say that! I am so glad you shared. It makes me feel so much better. Like I have a real ally now. I felt so compromised and alone and desperate since my asshole husband started to threaten me, and it finally feels now like I have a way out.”

“Good. I hoped it might help to know I understand your perspective. I only regret telling you about my gross, wet panties. You probably didn’t need to know that.”

“Leah, I like knowing that!” Beth paused. “But how do I know you aren’t just saying that to make me feel better?” she said, smiling, with a naughty glint in her eyes.

“Well I told you I have proof,” said Leah, standing up and locking her office door. “Do you need to confirm?”

“Yesss,” hissed Beth, sexily. “Pull down your dress and show me your naughty panties, soaked in your son’s semen.”

Leah unzipped her dress, and let it fall to her feet. She stood in front of Beth, with her pussy right in Beth’s face. Looking down, Leah could see that the panties were still wet, probably from her leaking pussy as well as her son’s jism. It smelled strongly of sex.

Beth reached out and cupped Leah’s vulva. Then she used her middle finger to push the panties aside and slide her middle finger deep into her lawyer’s slippery pussy.

Leah suppressed a moan and collapsed onto Beth’s lap, while Beth fingered her vagina. Leah leaned forward and kissed Beth on the lips. They held the kiss for almost ten seconds. Then Leah’s judgment (or what was left of it) kicked in and she rolled off Beth’s lap and sat next to her. Then she stood up and put on her skirt.

“Beth, I would love to take this further, but I just can’t risk it in my office,” she said.

Leah found a can of air freshener and sprayed it near the couch.

“Leah, I understand. I was just so relieved and turned on by your story. I’ve never kissed a woman before, or touched a woman’s vagina.”

“I know the feeling. Ever since I got involved with my son I have been on fire. Everything turns me on, including beautiful women like you.”

“Exactly!” said Beth. “You really do know about my problems!”

“I really do. But I have another appointment in twenty minutes and I need some time to, umm, gather myself. Can we set up another meeting next week?”

“Yes, please. And maybe I can take you out for drinks afterwards. I want to hear more about you and your son.”

“I really shouldn’t be involved with a client like that. After kissing you, I should advise that you find a new attorney.”

“Leah, no! Don’t make me find someone else!”

“Yes, I was going to say, I will obviously have to make an exception in your case. So why not go the whole nine yards. Drinks sound good. And maybe we can find a way to pick up where we left off on the couch!”

“I would love that. Leah, thank you so much.”

“My pleasure. Let me walk you out.”

When Leah finished the work day she went home and found her half naked son still asl**p.

“Jack, baby, get up. You have another test tomorrow.”

Jack rolled over and groaned.

“Yeah, but it’s bio and multiple choice and I’m sure I can handle it.”

“Jack, don’t waste all your hard work. I want you to study hard for bio. Easy classes are still graded on a curve. And from what you told me, you haven’t spent any time studying biology, and spent all your time on calculus.”

“But I’m exhausted,” he said into the pillow.

Leah started to get frustrated. She thought she had gotten past his laziness and didn’t want it to creep back up.

“Jack, you get up right now, mister. You need to lick my pussy to orgasm and then get straight to studying. I won’t tolerate any more laziness.”

Jack snapped to: “Yes, mom.”

“Good,” Leah said, as she took off her business clothes and the wet panties and crawled onto the bed. She lay back and spread her legs wide.

“Here it is, honey. Start licking.”

Jack did so, and he did a very good job. After two dripping orgasms, Leah pulled his head to her face and kissed him.

“Excellent work. Now get to your room and open a book.”

“Yes mom.”

Leah smiled, as she watched her obedient son head out of the room.


A week and a half went by, including the Christmas holiday. Jack was off from school, and Leah took time off from work. On Christmas, the two of them went to visit Leah’s parents for dinner. But other than that, they stayed home. They continued to really enjoy each other’s company, and were best friends as well as lovers. Each seemed to know exactly what the other was thinking, and they could talk easily, for hours, about virtually any subject.

They spent the days wasting time with frivolous pursuits, doing all they could to take advantage of the free time to relax. They played backgammon, monopoly, and chess, and were evenly matched in all three games. They even took the time to put together a large puzzle, even though it took forever. And they watched lots of television and movies, curled up with each other on the couch.

A couple days after Christmas, Leah woke up from a nap with Jack and showered. She walked out of the shower in a towel and dried off while her son looked on, appreciating his mother’s naked body. Then she went to her closet and started to get dressed in nice clothes.

“What’s up, mom?” Jack asked.

“I have to go in to work for a meeting with a client. And afterwards, I promised I would go out for drinks.”

“Oh, okay. Have fun,” he said, and grabbed his e-reader.

“I will. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ll have my phone if you need me.”

“Sounds good. Enjoy.”

Leah finished getting ready. She wore a festive red skirt, which came down only to mid-thigh. Her top showed some cleavage, and she put on perfume and even some eyeliner. It was exciting to be going out on the town.

The office was empty. Everyone usually took the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, unless there was a special reason to go in.

Leah straightened things up and answered a few emails until the appointment with Beth.

Beth arrived looking much, much better than the first consultation. She wore stylish black boots, form-fitting jeans, and a blouse that left the top two buttons undone, showing the beginnings of her breasts. She must also have been wearing a skimpy bra, because her nipples showed through her shirt and her breasts jiggled invitingly.

But the major difference was in her face. She was naturally bubbly, and being in good spirits suited her. She had a big, easy smile, plump cheeks, and eyes that squinted when she smiled, giving the impression that her face sort of scrunched up with pleasure. She was really good-looking, in a cute, fun-loving way.

She was also naturally quite affectionate. When she entered the office, she put down her purse and didn’t hesitate to walk behind Leah’s desk and give her a big, genuine hug.

“It’s so good to see you again, Leah!” said the smiling Beth. “My savior!”

“It’s good to see you too, Beth. You certainly look like you’re in better spirits than last time we met. I love that blouse. You look great!”

“Thanks! You too. But you always looked great. I remember back when you were the hottest girl in school, and all the boys chased after you.”

“It’s funny, but I never noticed. I guess I was such a big nerd I didn’t really think much about boys. Or girls,” she said, thinking about the kiss she shared with Beth. “Or really anything other than my GPA!”

“It’s the unattainable ones that really drive the boys wild,” said Beth. “I was always such a girl next door type. Maybe I should have focused more on being a nerd. Then I might not have married my creep husband right out of high school.”

“I think we all make mistakes of one kind or another. Have a seat. I just want to run through a few things about you case, and then I’m eager to get to the bar. It’s been a while since I hit the town.”

“Perfect! I was hoping you still wanted to go out!”

Leah went over her case strategy professionally and thoroughly, making sure that she informed Beth of all of the considerations. Beth listened thoughtfully and asked intelligent questions. As a result, the meeting went quickly.

“That’s really all I needed to cover with you,” Leah said. “I’ll reach out to your husband’s attorney after the new year and see if we can reach a settlement on the terms we just discussed.”

“Excellent! Now let’s get out of here and let me buy you dinner and some drinks!”

“I’d like that. I want to ask, though. Would it be okay if I invited a friend of mine? I think you’d really like her.”

“No problem. I am happy to do whatever you’d like. I was looking forward, though, to maybe comparing notes a little. Obviously, there aren’t many women who have relationships with their sons, so I thought it might be good to share perspectives on our experiences.”

“I understand. I am also eager to hear about you and your son. I should tell you that the woman I would like to invite is named Ann Swanson. Do you remember her from high school?”

“Oh yes! Ann! I liked her, but she ran more in the smarty-pants circles than I did. Have you two stayed close since high school?”

“We have. She and I are good friends and she is a doctor in town who I have gone to for years. But what I want to mention is that I want to invite her for the same reasons. She is actually the one who pushed me to get involved with my son. And she has been having sex with her son for a few years I think. As I said, I think you’d like her and I think we could all be comfortable being open with each other about our shared secrets.”

“Oh my God!” said Beth. “Three hot moms who have all taken their sons to bed. I can’t wait!”

“Wonderful. Let me give her a call.”

Leah called Ann and they agreed to pick her up. Then Leah asked if it was okay if they took Beth’s car, and texted her son telling him to pick up her car from the office.

Leah and Beth picked up Ann and drove to a posh restaurant in town. It wasn’t crowded and the maître d’ was happy to seat the three attractive middle-aged women in the forefront of the restaurant, by the windows facing the street. It was perfect because it was set off from other tables, giving the women privacy.

“So, I suppose I should tell you how I met Beth.”

“Yes, how did you meet?”

“Well, initially, we knew each other as casual acquaintances in high school. Beth went to Harrison High with us.”

“Oh, really? I don’t remember you,” said Ann. “But don’t take it personally. I was oblivious in high school. I barely remember anyone who wasn’t in math club.”

“I know. You and Leah were both so pretty back then. But you seemed so uninterested in being a part of social cliques. I think that’s why I do remember you so well. Because I was such a typical high school girl, concerned with classifying everyone according to who was prettiest or most popular. And neither of you seemed to fit in to my perception of what you should act like in terms of being attractive.”

All three women laughed. And Leah continued.

“Beth recently gave me a call at work because she is going through a divorce.”

“Oh no, Beth. I am sorry to hear that.”

It’s okay. Trust me, I am GLAD to be divorcing my husband.”

Their waiter appeared and all three women ordered a martini cocktail, one of the restaurant’s specialties.

“Beth, do you want to tell Ann about why the divorce came about?”

“Yes, but I would rather if you do it. You are my representative, after all,” she said, with her cute, ingratiating laugh.

“Sure. Well, Beth’s husband had been cheating and almost living entirely apart from Beth and her son, staying with his girlfriend. And last Christmas, Beth and her son started sl**ping together. Long story short, a month ago, her husband came home and found Beth and her son having sex, and he used that to blackmail her to divorce and give him all of their shared property. And obviously, that’s where I came in.”

Ann’s face lit up. She had been hoping she would get a chance to hear from Leah how things were proceeding with Jack. Now it looked like she not only could share her mother-son experiences with Leah, but also with Beth, who she had instantly liked.

“That is amazing,” said Ann. “And Leah, have you . . .”

“Yes, I told her about me and Jack.”

“Wow. So here we are,” said Ann. “Three hot moms. And we all sl**p with our baby boys.”

“Not only that, but our boys all live at home and go to the same college,” said Leah. “Jack is a freshman, and Beth’s boy Liam is a sophomore.”

“My son, Sam, is a junior,” said Ann. “I can’t believe we have so much in common!”

Their drinks came and they ordered appetizers. They were in no hurry, as they had so much to talk about.

“Beth, why don’t you start? How did it happen? Did you seduce your son?”

“Sure. About a year ago, just before Christmas, I was a pretty unhappy woman. Things had been unraveling pretty fast with my husband. I knew he had been cheating for years. But it was around then that he stopped even bothering to come home. And we had always done Christmas at my father’s and my husband told me he wasn’t coming this year. I had to lie to my dad, which I hated, to say my husband was sick, and my dad could tell I was lying. And basically, Christmas sucked. I am usually the one that sparks a lot of conversation and fun, and I just wasn’t up for it. I think it put a damper on things for all my relatives.

“I drove home with my son, and I remember feeling just so angry at the whole world. I started crying and my son was there for me. During the ride home, I confided in him like a friend, telling him how his father was with another woman and how it was obvious to my whole f****y, and how I felt like a big fool.

“And he was great. He listened, and consoled me. He told me I was beautiful and even got me to smile with some light-hearted banter. We had a conversation that was different than a mom and her son. We related as peers, and I was relying on him to support me, rather than the other way around. By the end of the ride I didn’t feel nearly as bad. And we were talking and even flirting a little bit. I remember him telling me that he thought I looked great and that my husband didn’t deserve me.

“So we get home and the fucking heat was out. The furnace wouldn’t respond, it’s about 5 degrees out and not much warmer in the house. It was too late to call a furnace guy. So we brought two space heaters into my room and decided that we would need to sl**p in the same bed to preserve body heat.”

At that point in the story, the waiter came back and they ordered food, and Leah and Ann each ordered another martini.

“I’ll have one too,” said Beth.

The waiter didn’t contradict her, but made the mistake of looking at her still nearly full glass.

“Sheesh! I was telling a story!” said Beth, and then surprised everyone by draining her glass.

“Now can I order another?” she said, smiling broadly and crinkling her eyes in her characteristic way.

“Yes, ma’am. Of course,” said the embarrassed waiter, and hurried off.

“So anyways,” continued Beth. “Wooo, downing a martini really hits you, doesn’t it?”

The other women laughed. Both were so naturally so much more reserved, and enjoyed being around the bubbly Beth.

“As I was saying, we got into bed, and it just felt right. My boy had been there for me when I was feeling lowest. And he was there to struggle through the unexpectedly cold night, and provide warmth, just like my husband should have.

“And having a hot young man in my bed had a huge effect on me. I hadn’t had sex in years. Literally years. And I love sex. And all of that just came together and I snuggled up to him and I started to touch him.

“And he started to touch me, and soon my top was off and he was playing with my nipples, and then his bottoms were off and I started to play with his hard cock. And then I was so wet and all I wanted was to be fucked. So I told him to get on top of me, and I ended up taking my son’s virginity that night.

“Beth, that’s so hot,” said Ann. “I bet you didn’t fuck him just once after being so long without sex.”

“No way!” said Beth. “Once he put his hard cock in me, I couldn’t resist. I don’t even know how many times we fucked that night. I think we fell in and out of sl**p and just kept fucking. All I remember is the state of the sheets in the morning, and let me tell you, we made quite a mess. But at least we weren’t cold!

“And after that we just never had a reason to stop. He and I were all alone, and we loved each other. The toughest nights were when my husband did come home and it was all I could do to not get out of bed and join my son in his bed. And then last month, my husband came in at like 11:30 at night, and he caught my son licking my pussy.

“He started to say something, but Liam is bigger and stronger than his dad. And when he stood up and made clear he wouldn’t let my husband give me any shit, my husband took off pretty quick. The next day I had an email basically blackmailing me.”

The women sympathized with Beth’s predicament, and complimented her son’s treatment of her. It made Beth feel wonderful to get validation for the taboo relationship she found herself in.

Next, Ann shared her story, telling how she gave her son a “sexual education” lesson that eventually led to more. And then Leah told how Ann had used a doctor’s examination to bring Jack and Leah together.

Soon their food came and they ordered more drinks.

“Have you had any problems keeping your boys behaving? I guess I worry that Liam might get tired of me or that because I have sex with him he might lose respect for me.”

“Has that happened at all for you, Ann?” said Leah.

“No, I think the opposite. I think it is natural for men to stop listening to their moms when they go to college. I think my pussy is the only reason Sam still listens to me. And I know for sure that my pussy is the only reason he still lives at home. I think I have much more influence over him because we are lovers.

“I actually worry about the opposite thing too. I worry that he might not be developing socially because he doesn’t have to go out with girls to get pussy. And he hasn’t really done that at all. I guess I keep him pretty satisfied at home, but eventually I do hope he finds happiness with a girl his age whom he can marry, as much as I don’t want to lose him as a lover.”

“I think there are much worse things than sticking close to home during college,” said Leah. “He could be getting into d**gs, or drinking too much at frats, or just blowing off school. I was really starting to worry about Jack because he has always been smart, but also very lazy, and not at all driven to succeed.”

“Let me guess,” said Ann. “I bet he has been much more driven the last month or so, hasn’t he?”

“You know me too well! I basically put him under my thumb. I make him volunteer at a homeless shelter and a hospital, swim or run every day, and go to all his classes. And it’s amazing, but he’s done everything, without complaint. I even get the sense he is happier with the structure I provide for him.”

“Same here!” said Ann. “My boy gets straight A’s and is in great shape as a result of doing everything I say. If he doesn’t obey, he doesn’t get pussy.”

“Why am I not surprised that the two captains of the math team are so hard on their sons,” laughed Beth. “I guess I never thought of using sex to give Liam incentive. But he is doing fine, and I think he’s pretty happy.”

“I’ve even taken it a step further. I don’t put out for Jack really.”

“Seriously?” said Ann.

“Yes. I fucked him only once, and that was as a special reward. Otherwise, if he does everything I say, he gets a handjob on Wednesday morning, and a blowjob at some point during the weekend. Otherwise, he has his hand.”

“Wow, Leah,” said Ann. “You’re a hardass. No wonder he’s become so much less lazy so quickly. But, one question: how do you get off?”

“Oh, I forgot to mention that part of doing what I say is licking my pussy whenever I ask him to. He licks me at least two or three times a day. He loves it!”

The women all laughed.

“Oh, and one other thing. And you guys probably think this is gross, but who cares. The thing is, I really love cum. I think I like it way more than most women.”

“Me too!” said Beth, her face flushed from these stories and the alcohol.

“A woman after my own heart,” said Leah. “So what I did was tell him he is forbidden from wasting his semen. When he masturbates, I make him shoot his cum into a glass, and I always drink it.”

“You ARE a naughty girl, aren’t you?” said Ann.

“I really am. Especially lately.”

Leah then told Ann about how Leah was wearing cum-soaked panties to their first consultation.

In the middle of that story, the waiter returned and they ordered a dessert to share, as well as another round of drinks.

“And how on earth did Beth find out that there was cum in your panties?” asked Ann.

“Beth was so distressed having to tell a lawyer about the fact that she was caught with her son, that I wanted to provide some kind of comfort. So I told her about Jack, and also about my underwear. And I may have also shown her my panties, and she may have stuck her finger in my puss, and then we may have kissed!”

“Holy cow, you are really a unique kind of lawyer, aren’t you?” said Ann, teasing her.

“As if you should talk! What doctor puts a son and a mom in the same exam room and has the son watch while she ‘examines’ the mother’s pussy?”

“Someone had to take responsibility for getting you some cock! As your doctor, I was worried about cobwebs growing in your pussy,” said Ann.

All three women cracked up with laughter.

When the dessert came, the women were extremely buzzed. It was a fancy chocolate and peanut butter torte. They took turns feeding each other small bites of the rich confection with a shared fork.

“Do you mind if I ask a personal question?” asked Beth.

Leah and Ann laughed as if it was a joke, based on all the personal details they had shared already.

“Oh, haha, I guess we’ve been pretty personal already,” said Beth. “But what I want to know is about you two. Have you become lovers?”

Leah and Ann looked at each other.

“No, I guess, I guess we haven’t,” said Ann.

“Maybe it’s the alcohol freeing my tongue,” said Leah. “But if either of you women do want to, umm, experiment with sex with another woman, I would definitely like to try it. Ever since that doctor’s appointment with Ann, I’ve been more and more aware of my attraction to women. I think I am definitely bisexual, although it still feels strange to admit that. I’d never been into the idea until that day with Ann.”

“Same here,” and “Me too!” said Ann and Beth simultaneously, causing the women again to laugh.

“Sam is on a ski trip until the day after tomorrow. So if you want, we could go to my place tonight.”

Leah and Beth both agreed.

The women became much more aware of each other physically, as they finished dessert and their drinks. They were each different, but very beautiful in their own way: Ann, with her steely eyes, hard body, conical breasts, and bold, straight facial features; Leah, with her milky skin, gorgeous face, buxom figure, and long legs; and Beth, with her cuteness, big round breasts, and curvy, supple body.

They drank each other in, letting their gazes linger on each other.

They got the check and asked the waiter to have a cab sent for. When it arrived, they bundled up and piled in the back seat. Beth, seated in the middle, put one hand out and started to caress the legs of her friends as they drove the short distance to Ann’s house.

They entered the house and took off their coats.

“So, what is the best way for three straight women in their 40’s to start having sex with each other?” asked Leah, facetiously.

“I have a suggestion. I have a Jacuzzi, if you two are interested in a soak?” said Ann.

“That sounds amazing!” said Beth.

“It’s over here,” said Ann, leading them to a room that not only had a hot tub, but also a small swimming pool. “It has a retractable roof, for the summer.”

“Wow! When did you have this built?”

“Last year. I can’t believe I haven’t shown you, yet,” said Ann.

“I suppose we don’t need to wear suits?” said Beth, eagerly eyeing the hot water.

“Haha, no. And if you did, neither of your big sets of tits would come close to fitting into mine!” said Ann.

“I’m going to grab a bottle of wine, robes, and towels. Please, get undressed and get in. The jets and lights use this remote.”

Leah and Beth looked at each other and smiled. Beth approached Leah and kissed her on the mouth, and took off her clothes. Leah did the same. Then Beth took Leah’s hand and headed to the tub. Fidgeting with the remote, they turned on the massage jets and stepped into roiling waters.

It felt heavenly.

Soon Ann returned and joined them.

“I think I made a mistake,” said Ann, after a few moments of contented silence.

“How’s that?” said Leah.

“The best part of hot tubs is the incidental contact with the other bodies. I got a tub that’s too big.”

Beth stood up, her bounteous tits rising out of the water impressively. She took Leah’s hand and led her to the corner near the stairs where Ann sat. Leah settled in on the side perpendicular to Ann, so their legs crossed, creating significant incidental contact.

Beth, though, did not take her own seat. Instead, she put her knees to either side of Leah’s thighs and sat down on her lap. The two women sat face to face, their big breasts rubbing and jostling against each other in the turbulent water.

Beth leaned in and kissed Leah. First she just lay her lips against Leah’s. Then slowly, languorously, in the hot water, they pressed their lips together and slid their tongues together, kissing deeply.

After a few moments, Beth broke the kiss and moved to Ann.

Playfully, Beth leaned in and engulfed Ann’s pretty face with her big breasts. The warm, soft flesh felt wonderful on Ann’s face and she sighed appreciatively.

The Beth slid down, face to face with Ann, and said, “Is it okay if I kiss you, darling?”

Ann didn’t answer, but kissed Beth aggressively, exploring her mouth with her tongue. She also brought her hand to Beth’s pussy, and slid two fingers up and down the slit, and then in, eliciting a moan.

After a half an hour, Leah was ready to get out. She slowly stood up. Her pale, redhead body flushed bright pink rom the hot, winter time soak. Noticing her movement, Beth and Ann followed out of the tub.

Lethargically, the women dried off in big fluffy towels. Then they put on plush bathrobes provided by Ann.

“Let me give you a tour of the house,” said Ann, taking a hand of each woman.

She led them directly to her bedroom, and shut the door.

“Some tour!” said Beth.

“Oops, must have forgot,” said Ann. “Let me take your robes.”

Ann helped her friends out of their robes and led them to her king-sized bed.

“Here’s what I propose, not having much experience in the way of lesbian threesomes,” said Ann. “Two women will keep their heads up on the pillows, and, you know, kiss, or make conversation, or whatever. And one woman will go under the covers and lick and suck the two pussies and assholes down there. And when her jaw gets tired, we’ll switch. Since I’m the host, I volunteer to be first to bury my tongue in your delicious vaginas.”

“That sounds like as good a plan as any!” said Beth, and scooted in to bed. Leah followed close behind. And Ann crawled underneath the covers and found Beth’s pussy first.

“Leah,” said Beth, leaning into kiss. “I have two angels in my life. My son, and now you. Oh! Ohhhh, Ann seems like she knows her stuff. Mmmmm.”

“I’m sure she does. She is a doctor after all.”

“She is licking my clit, ohh, and also frigging me.”

Leah looked down and saw a frenzy of activity under the covers, between Beth’s legs.

“I’m no guardian angel, Beth. I think we are just very compatible women. I regret that it took you getting divorced to meet each other again.”

Beth could barely respond. Ann was not the type to go slowly. She was obviously giving her all to bringing Beth to orgasm.

“Mmm, yes. Well. I think the same. . . I really . . . like being close to you two. I’ve really liked both of you, ever since high school. You both are just so. . . ooooohhhh, you are just so impressive!”

Soon Beth cried out. Leah could tell that Beth wrapped her short, stocky legs tightly around Ann’s head, as Ann brought Beth to orgasm.

Next, Leah felt Ann crawl between her legs. Beth had evidently not been exaggerating about Ann’s directness. She first felt Ann suck her clit into her mouth, and curl her tongue around it, somehow massaging it on three sides. Then Ann shoved a finger deep in her wet cunt and immediately located her g-spot. Soon another finger joined and Leah was overwhelmed by tongue and fingers simultaneously stimulating her two most sensitive areas.

Leah had no clue how Beth carried on even the semblance of a conversation during Ann’s oral onslaught. Leah was reduced to closing her eyes and being carried away by the sensations as she rode quickly towards orgasm. Something about Ann’s technique also caused Leah to wrap her thighs tightly around Ann’s head as she was spurred on towards orgasm.

And then Leah felt something deep inside that made her worry. But she was so hazy with pleasure she failed to identify what was happening. Like a wave, a sensation rolled out deep within her recesses, and she felt a massive spasm.

“Oh, Noooooo!” she cried, as she squirted for the second time in her life.

Leah’s hips bucked, and clear fluid flowed from between her hips, inundating the surprised Ann with a heavy stream. To make matters worse, Leah failed to unlock Ann’s head from the grasp of her strong legs, leaving Ann to spit and sputter and she took her friend’s explosive cumshots directly in the face.

When Leah finished coming, she remembered to release Ann from the grip of her thighs, and a disheveled Ann pushed the covers to the side, lying on her friend’s heaving belly, while both women caught their breaths.

“You really have something about squirting on me, don’t you?” said Ann.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t expect that. That’s only happened twice in my life. And both times it happened on your face!”

“It’s my fault. I should have known. Apparently, I’m the only one who has ever found your g-spot.”

“Honestly, I think that’s true. The way you massage it while you fuck me so hard with your fingers makes me squirt.”

“Holy cow!” said Beth. She crawled down and examined the extent of the soakage. “I’ve heard of squirting, but never seen it in real life! That’s amazing!”

Leah blushed and Ann laughed. Then the three women worked to quickly change the sheets and mattress pad before the mattress got soaked.

“I owe you, Ann. Get over here,” said Leah, referring both to the fact that Ann was the only woman who had yet to come and the fact that her face was soaked by Leah’s squirting pussy.

Let me help!” said Beth.

“How can two women help?” asked Leah.

“Well, let’s ask Ann,” said Beth, genuinely. “Would you like it if I suck your tits while Leah eats your pussy. Or kiss you? Or should I lick your asshole?”

Ann smiled greedily.

“I want you to lick my asshole while Leah eats my pussy!”

It took a minute or so to figure out the logistics, but they arranged themselves so Beth lay under Ann’s legs and butt.

Beth spread Ann’s cheeks and revealed the star of her anus. She licked circles around the hole, and then pointed her tongue and stabbed it inside.

Leah had never seen anyone put their tongue in an asshole before. It surprised her that Beth was so willing to do it. And it also surprised her that she saw such genuine pleasure on Ann’s face as Beth’s tongue darted in and out of the nether hole.

Leah realized she had work to do and stopped staring. She positioned herself so she could reach Ann’s pussy with her mouth. It caused her to press her forehead against Beth’s temple.

Leak put her mouth on Ann’s pussy and again felt the thrill of exploring sexual boundaries. It made her feel like a teenager again. She closed her eyes and swirled her tongue along the perimeter of Ann’s pussy. In her mind, she imagined the scene she was participating in. It gave her chills to think that she was with two other women, having sex! And that her own familiar self was doing something so unimaginable, licking between the legs of another woman.

Leah breathed in, savoring the smell of her friend. For some reason, she wanted to catalog and remember the experience of licking pussy, as if she was on a vacation in a faraway land and didn’t want to forget the strange, but pleasant, experience.

Slowly, Leah worked her tongue inside Ann’s lips, where the taste of pussy intensified. She tongued just above Ann’s clit and received a predictable moan in response. She licked all around it and then started to lightly flick with her tongue over the bud.

Meanwhile, Beth continued to slide in and out of Ann’s anus with her tongue. Her jaw and tongue muscles ached. But she was such a giving woman, and she was so taken with her two new friends, that she enjoyed the feeling of the ache because she knew it was giving pleasure.

Eventually, Leah stuffed her tongue as deep as she could manage into Ann’s pussy. And seeing this, Beth did the same, extending her tongue as far as possible into Ann’s anus.

Ann almost laughed at the sensation of being probed by the two wriggling appendages, as if her holes were being plugged by wriggling worms. She felt the beginnings of her release start to build. And when Leah began once again to flick her clitoris, she demanded that Leah suck, which immediately brought her to orgasm.

All three women satisfied, they fell asl**p lying close to each other, with Beth in the middle, happy to be smushed between the others.


They woke up late in the morning. Ann said she had ingredients to make breakfast and they all got up and put on robes to prepare a feast of eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and orange juice.

“I was wondering,” Ann said. “How would you guys like to get together with our sons next time?”

“The same thought crossed my mind,” said Leah.

“And mine,” said Beth.

“Would they be weirded out?” said Leah.

“I was thinking New Year’s Eve,” said Ann. “If your boys are anything like mine, they plan to stay at home and be with their mommies when the clock strikes midnight. I was thinking we could plan a really fun night, with, like, games that we play to get everyone comfortable with maybe having group sex.”

“Hmmm. I like it,” said Beth. “What kind of games?”

“I don’t know. But we’re creative women, and we know our sons well. I figured we could put together some sort of games that make us strip and tease and get each of us to do things with the other five people.”

“I’m turned on, already,” said Leah. “Just thinking about it. I love the idea of naughty games. Like twister parties from the 70s.”

“I am definitely in. And because I control my son’s activities, he’s definitely in too. But I better finish breakfast and get back home. I’ll call a cab,” said Leah.

“No worries, I’ll drive,” said Ann.

“Your car is at the restaurant still, isn’t it?” said Beth.

“I have another. It would be a big favor actually, if one of you would help by driving it back here, and then letting me drive you home?”

With that, the women finished breakfast, and headed back home, eagerly awaiting New Year’s Eve.

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