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It Began at the Doctor’s Office

Jack, get ready! The appointment is in ten minutes,” Leah called up to her son’s room.

While Leah waited for her son, she took a look in the mirror. She was critical of herself, but she had to admit that she looked good for 40 years old. She had red hair, a big bright smile, and rosy cheeks dusted with freckles. Her ample breasts created a substantial shelf, and her loose flannel shirt hung down over her small round belly. Her tight jeans hugged and accentuated her toned thighs and butt.

“You coming?” she yelled again.

Jack rolled out of bed, cursing his mom for making a doctor’s appointment so early on a Saturday morning. He had gotten in late last night after attending a house party. He considered briefly whether living at home was the right decision while he attended the local college. At the moment, it didn’t seem like it was.

“Be right down!” Jack yelled.

Jack rolled out of bed, and slipped off his boxers and t-shirt. He didn’t have time to shower, but he would at least put on clean clothes for his appointment. He looked at himself in the mirror and flexed his muscles, proud of the body he had developed as a high school swimmer. Although he no longer swam, he was still very well put together. He had pronounced pectoral muscles, and his abs stilled showed the faint outline of a six-pack. Jack threw on his well-worn jeans, a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt, slicked back his mussed hair, and hid his hair under a ballcap. He realized he really should have showered before his appointment, and blamed his mom for scheduling it at 9 am.

“Did you just roll out of bed?” Leah asked her son, as he skipped down the stairs.

“Yeah. Sorry. It’s pretty early on a Saturday for a doctor’s appointment.”

“You know it’s hard for me to make an appointment during the week with my unpredictable work schedule. We’re lucky that Dr. Swanson is a friend, and makes time for us to schedule appointments together on the weekend. The least you could do is get up in time to take a shower so she doesn’t have to examine your scuzzy, unwashed body.”

“Jeez mom, I said I’m sorry. I showered last night before I went out.”

“Before you went out, is my point,” said Leah.

Leah grabbed her son and pulled him towards her. She pressed herself against him and nestled her nose into his neck and breathed in. The scent of her son went straight to her head. She had to admit she missed the smell of a man, and her legs went weak as she found herself holding a strong man close to her for the first time in too long.

“Not too bad. Let’s go.”

Jay adjusted his growing erection as he followed his mom out the door into the garage. His mom had pulled him close, allowing him to feel her breasts on his side. He had always thought she was beautiful. Lately, it seemed like his mom exuded sex. He had heard that women approaching middle age experienced a more intense sex drive, and he knew for certain that it was happening to his mom. He watched the movements of her tight ass as he walked behind her to the car.

The day was bright and cold. Leah felt her nipples tighten in the cold air as she got in and started the car. Glancing at her son as he opened the passenger door and sat down, she thought she detected the bulge of an erection underneath his jeans. She admonished herself to stop thinking dirty thoughts as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Buckle up,” she said.”

“Aw, mom, it’s only a few blocks.”

“We could get in an accident in a few blocks,” she said, in a very motherly tone.

“What’d you do last night?” she asked, to make conversation.

“There was a party at Lewis’s place,” he said.

“Was it wild?”

“Not really. Just some drinking games and video games. Not too different than high school.”

“Were there any girls?”

“Unfortunately, not really. A couple of the guys’ girlfriends were around, but mostly it was just dudes from high school.”

Leah had mixed reactions. On the one hand she was glad her son wasn’t going wild like some k**s do when they first go to college. But she also wanted Jack to have success with the opposite sex. But on an even deeper level, she felt a twinge of satisfaction that Jack remained unattached.

“How’d you get home?”

“I just walked. It was a little cold, but not too bad. And I had a pretty good buzz going.”

“Hmm,” she said. She didn’t like to hear that Jack was drinking, but she couldn’t fault him for being responsible enough to stay off the road.

Even before the car warmed up, they arrived at the office of Leah’s friend, Ann Swanson. Dr. Swanson had a comfy little f****y practice in the business district of the small college town they lived in. The street was still mostly deserted so early on such a cold winter morning.

They reached the door and tried the handle but it was locked. Leah peered in the window and then used the knocker. She hoped she had the right day.

Soon, Dr. Swanson herself came to the door to greet her patients. She smiled and embraced her longtime friend with a hug. Jack watched the two women embrace, and reflected on how both women were very attractive.

Dr. Swanson very much looked the part of a doctor. She had shoulder length black hair, which she tied back in a tight pony tail. Her jet-black hair set off starkly against her pale skin. So did her stylish black-framed glasses, which sat on her straight nose and accentuated her serious but friendly disposition. She was slimmer that Leah, with smaller breasts and a smaller frame. While Leah was soft and curvy, Dr. Swanson was hard and angular. The difference seemed to also reflect itself in their personalities. Dr. Swanson was friendly, but still had an a very assertive, commanding presence, befitting her profession as a doctor. Jack couldn’t decide which woman was more attractive. He decided that each woman was hot in her own way.

Dr. Swanson let them in and locked the door behind them.

“I’m not technically seeing patients today,” she explained. “I usually use Saturdays to do some paperwork.”

“I really appreciate you taking the time to see us today, Ann. I have such an unpredictable work schedule and it’s really hard for me to block off time during the week.”

“Of course, it’s no trouble at all. I know how seriously you take your health, and Jack’s as well,” she said.

It was true that Leah was almost obsessive about health issues. Three years earlier her husband had passed away unexpectedly, from a heart attack. He was still a young man, and was not in bad shape. Ever since, Leah was haunted by the prospect of another health tragedy in the f****y. She insisted on annually getting a full work-up, for both herself and for Jack. She was glad she was so close with Ann, who took her concerns very seriously.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have Barbara come in on the weekends,” Dr. Swanson continued. “I think it would be easiest if I could see both of you in the same examination room, if that is okay with you. It’s unusual, but I figured you are f****y so it would be okay, and it would keep you from having to sit alone in the examination room while I work with the other one.”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat. He was actually glad to hear that Dr. Swanson’s assistant, Barbara, would not be there. Jack found Barbara to be a cranky old woman. But he was reticent about sharing an examination room with his mother. He feared he would get an erection, and he wasn’t looking forward to embarrassing himself in front of the beautiful doctor.

“Of course, that will be fine,” said Leah politely. She wondered about getting undressed in front of her son, but she wanted to make things as easy as possible for her friend, who was taking time out of her weekend to conduct the examinations.

“Very well. Let me know if you feel at all uncomfortable, and we can put you in separate rooms. I know you two are close, and since you live together, I figured you don’t have too many secrets from one another.”

“Of course not, it will be fine,” said Leah. Of course she did have secrets from her son. In particular, she didn’t think her son had ever seen her naked.

“Follow me,” instructed the doctor.

Dr. Swanson led the mother and son to a typical examination room. There was a table covered with a white sheet of paper, a scale, a swivel chair in front of a small counter, and a metallic stool in front of the examination table. Posters on the wall showed various diagrams of human anatomy.

Leah was surprised to see a poster with an exposed female vagina. The image was a real picture, as opposed to the illustrated diagrams of the other posters. It included identifying descriptions of the various parts of a female’s genitalia.

“There are two gowns right here,” said the doctor, pointing to paper gowns hanging on the back of the door. “Please strip down and put them on. I’ll run get your charts and be back in just a sec.”

Leah and Jack looked at each other sheepishly, as Leah grabbed the flimsy paper gowns from the hook and handed one to her son. The blue paper would do very little to hide the modesty of either of them, especially in such a small room, during an examination.

Neither mother nor son said anything, as they each began to undress. Leah started by unbuttoning her jeans. She turned her back to her son as she pulled her pants down. Fortunately, her flannel shirt covered most of her bottom while she shimmied out of her tight pants. Next came her underwear.

Jack glanced up as his mom stepped out of her sheer, white panties. His breath caught in his throat as he caught a glimpse of his mom’s shapely butt beneath her flannel shirt.

Leah kept her back turned as she pulled her flannel shirt up over her head. She knew her naked butt was exposed to her son, who sat on the swivel chair several feet away. She tried to act natural as she unclasped her bra and placed it on the table with her other clothes. As she turned to do so, she took a quick look at her son. He hadn’t moved. He sat holding his flimsy gown, staring at his completely nude mother. One of her large breasts hung down, visible to her son, inviting his gaze.

“Hey, earth to Jack. Get undressed,” Leah whispered to her son. She then pulled the gown over her body and pulled it shut at the back. Relieved to have the scant cover of a paper gown, Leah sat on the examination table. She could feel her pulse pounding in her ears, and felt her face warm as she blushed at the embarrassing situation. She looked up again at the poster of the aroused vagina, and looked down and noticed stirrups at the end of the table. Obviously, Ann had to put them in the female examination room, which explained the explicit diagrams. Nevertheless, it still made Leah uncomfortable to be in the room with her son.

While Leah considered those thoughts, Jack hopped up, took off his hat, and quickly stripped off his pants and boxer shirts, all in one motion. As he pulled his sweatshirt over his head, Leah stole a glance and saw her son’s semi-erect cock in full view. It pointed directly at her, and she could see it was an attractive, and sizable, piece of equipment. Seeing a real, live penis for the first time in years sent a jolt through Leah, and she felt her blush deepen further, turning the pale skin of her face and upper body a deep red. She also felt her nipples constrict, and her pussy began to moisten.

As Jack awkwardly pulled the inadequate gown over his well-built frame, Leah quickly looked away. She felt herself begin to panic and told herself to get a grip. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her friend and doctor.

Jack managed to pull the gown on and sit back down on the swivel chair just as the handle turned and Dr. Swanson returned to the examination room.

“All set? Good. Leah, please step over to the scale,” said Dr. Swanson.

The commanding tone used by Dr. Swanson put Leah at ease. This was simply a routine examination, Leah told herself. There is no need to overreact.

Leah stood up and moved to the scale.

As Dr. Swanson measured Leah’s height and weight, Jack stared at his mother from the side. He clearly saw his mother’s breasts outlined against the paper fabric, heaving with each breath. He could also see one of her butt cheeks because Leah’s gown remained untied in the back. He felt his balls tingle, and his dick began to harden even more.

ř feet, 7 inches,” said Dr. Swanson.

“And, let’s see, one hundred and thirty . . . four pounds,” she said as the weights finally balanced on the scale.

“Exactly the same as last year. Perfect!” said Dr. Swanson.

“Please take a seat back on the table. Jack, step up the scale.”

Jack paused briefly, pained at hearing that she wanted him to stand up before his erection had a chance to go down. He decided he didn’t have a choice, and suppressed his embarrassment as he stood up.

His erection tented the gown quite obviously as he stood and approached the scale.

“Please don’t feel self-conscious about your erection, Jack. It happens quite often during examinations, I assure you. Both your mother and I will think nothing of it.”

Again, the assuredness of the doctor had a calming effect on both Leah and Jack. Jack took a deep breath and felt the mortifying embarrassment begin to pass away, as he let the stylish doctor measure his height and weight.

“Six feet and three-quarters of an inch.”

“And, one hundred and . . . seventy-two pounds. Very good. Please step down.”

“You both are very healthy sizes and weights. You must be doing a good job keeping up with your diet and exercise. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important it is to stay active, and to eat healthy foods, and not too much of them. Now I’ll take a measurement of your bl**d pressures.”

While she placed the cuff around Leah’s arm, the doctor kept up with her usual professional conversation.

“Jack, college is a very challenging time for maintaining your health. Have you had any challenges adjusting to being on campus and making more choices for yourself as far as food and drink?”

“No, ma’am,” Jack responded. “I still eat breakfast and dinner at home, so it really isn’t very different from high school.”

“Excellent. How about alcohol. Do you drink?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jack said hesitantly.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, if you keep it in moderation. But be sure to be safe, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Dr. Swanson recorded Leah’s bl**d pressure and recorded it on the chart. She then moved over to where Jack sat, on the swivel chair.

As Dr. Swanson fitted the cuff on his arm, Jack noticed she wore a low-cut blouse underneath her white doctor’s robe. While she pumped the pressure up, he snuck a peek and could see the swells of her breasts, cupped in a lacy blue bra. They jiggled in their cups as the doctor pumped air into the sleeve.

As she measured Jack’s bl**d pressure, the doctor addressed Leah.

“And Leah, do you still prepare most meals at home?”

“Yes. I try to cook very healthy, and I make sure every meal includes fresh vegetables. I’ve even begun to prepare entirely vegetarian meals a few times a week.”

“That’s great to hear. I always advise to cut out as much a****l products and processed food as possible, and substitute fresh veggies. It’s the best thing you can do for your health.”

She finished recording Jack’s bl**d pressure and noted the results. Jack was sure to avoid being caught looking down the doctor’s blouse.

“It’s a little high. Sometimes that is simply caused by the anxiety of being in the doctor’s office. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.”

“Now Jack, just relax while I continue with your mother’s examination. It certainly won’t hurt for a young man your age to learn a little bit about the female body in a clinical setting.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Jack, politely. He stayed seated in the swivel chair while the doctor approached his mother at the examination table. His erection wasn’t going away.

Dr. Swanson approached Leah and began the examination. First she took bl**d and placed the vial in the drawer next to Jack. Then she examined Leah’s ears and eyes. Leah was comfortable with the routine, and began to feel almost normal, despite the unusual circumstances of the examination.

Next Dr. Swanson brought the stethoscope to her ears, and moved the listening device to the back of the patient.

“Deep breath. Good. And again. Good. Once more. Very good.”

Jack was enjoying watching. His mom kept her eyes shut as the doctor proceeded to listen carefully to the stethoscope. Jack felt like he could observe candidly without fear of recrimination.

“Now I’ll listen to your chest.”

The doctor reached up and pulled the top of the gown down, setting it on her lap.

Leah’s breasts were exposed to Jack’s view. He marveled at how beautiful his mom was. Her large breasts hung slightly, but still seemed to point upwards. Her nipples sat high on her breasts, accentuating the upward curve. He could tell that his mom’s nipples were hard.

“Breathe in. . . And out. And breathe in. . . And out. Breathe in. . . And out. One more deep breath. . . And out,” the doctor directed as she moved the stethoscope around Leah’s chest.

Jack watched in awe, and felt his cock tingle uncontrollably. He had dreamed of seeing his mom’s breasts so clearly, right in front of him. The attractive doctor and the examination made his excitement even more intense.

Dr. Swanson took the stethoscope off and placed it on the desk beside Jack. As she did so, she made eye contact with the young man, and gave him a hint of a smile.

Next she rubbed her hands together, warming them. She then moved her hands to Leah’s right breast and gently squeezed it, moving in circles around the tissue, while feeling for lumps.

Nobody spoke during the breast exam. It seemed to Leah that the breast exam lasted longer than usual. But she was also aware of how nice it felt. She hadn’t felt someone’s else’s hands on her body in a long time. Her breasts tingled beneath the doctor’s expert hands. She kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation.

“I expect that you perform self-examinations on a regular basis. I find that it’s convenient to perform an examination while washing in the shower.”

“Yes I do.”

“And nothing unusual has presented itself?” the doctor asked as she moved to the left breast.

“Yes, nothing unusual,” said Leah.

“Your breasts appear to be in very good condition.” The doctor took each breast in her hands and caressed them, before gently squeezing the hard nipples.

Leah didn’t remember the doctor squeezing her nipples in past examinations. Perhaps she squeezed them because they were hard, which had also never happened before.

Dr. Swanson moved her hands below Leah’s breasts and poked and prodded at her midsection.

“How are your energy levels?”

“Good. I feel good,” said Leah.

Ann pressed deeply into her side.

“Do you feel any pain?”

“No,” said Leah.

“Good, everything appears to look good so far. We’ll know more from your bl**d work, but everything appears to be in order. Please put your gown back on and sit back.”

Leah tensed, knowing that the examination of her lower body was coming next. She leaned back and began to spread her legs. She was intensely aware of the wetness gathering between her legs. She glanced up at the large picture of an aroused vagina. She wondered how much her own vagina looked like that right now, open and exposed to the view of her doctor and her son. She tried to repress a rising sense of panic. How could she have an examination of her pussy while her son sat by her side. She thought about putting her legs up in the stirrups and felt extremely vulnerable. She simply couldn’t imagine being in that vulnerable, exposed position while her son looked on. She was shocked that Dr. Swanson was going ahead with this, and she wondered if she should stop and request a private exam.

Meanwhile, the doctor moved towards her desk. Because the swivel chair was in the way of the drawer, Dr. Swanson gently directed Jack to roll the chair away from the desk, towards the front on the room. She then removed a pair of gloves from the desk drawer and moved back in front of her patient’s spread legs.

Please place your legs in the stirrups,” said the doctor, as she assisted.

Leah moved her legs up. Instinctively, she looked to the side to see just how exposed she was to her son. To her shock, she noticed that Jack was no longer at her side. He had switched positions and now sat in the swivel chair in front of the table where he could clearly see her exposed vagina. She panicked. She should not be showing her exposed pussy to her son! This was too weird.

“But, umm, Jack,” she started to say, and tried to move her thigh to shield her son’s view of her privates. She half sat up, while keeping her legs in the stirrups, trying to object.

“I think this may be a valuable experience for him,” said Ann, quickly. “I placed him there so he could witness the examination of your vulva. But if you feel uncomfortable, we can ask him to leave the room.”

“Valuable experience?” said Leah, unsure. She instinctively was inclined to agree with the doctor. After all, she was the doctor.

As Leah laid back down, she felt a naughty thrill, and realized that part of her enjoyed the feeling of her son’s gaze on her exposed labia. Her pussy was quickly becoming aroused. She didn’t remember becoming aroused during any previous examinations. She must be turned on by the thought of her son looking at her pussy! Another wave of panic spread over her.

“I don’t see any reason for him to leave now. If you don’t mind I will address him as well during your examination. That way he can learn to better understand female sexuality in a safe environment, with an attractive woman whom he loves,” said the doctor definitively.

The prospect caused Leah’s pussy to flood.

“Okay,” croaked Leah, softly. She was definitely not comfortable with this. But she didn’t know how to stop it. And she didn’t know if she wanted to stop it.

“Very well,” said Dr. Swanson as she pulled on latex gloves. “Have you experienced any problems with your sexual health?”

“No ma’am,” said Leah. She had never called her friend “ma’am” before. For some reason it helped her to refer to her friend as an authority figure at this moment.

Leah placed her thumbs and forefingers at the outer lips of her patient’s vagina. Jack watched with rapt attention.

“Jack, these are the labia majora. I am certain you have seen diagrams but I believe that in-person examination is always more educational. These may be referred to as your mother’s ‘lips’ and they are generally closed. If your mother opens her legs wide like this, or if she is sexually aroused, the labia majora will part, exposing the other parts of her genitalia. Can you see?”

Jack scooted to the side, so he had a perfect view. He thought about whether his mother was aroused. Was she aroused because he was looking at her?

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, his voice almost trembling with excitement.

“Leah, let’s not forget that this is an examination. Please let me know if you feel at all uncomfortable.”

“Ok,” said Leah, quite softly.

“As it happens,” said Dr. Swanson, addressing herself once again to Jack, who now sat very close to the doctor, mere inches away from his mother’s exposed pussy. “Leah is exhibiting all of the classic signs of female sexual excitement.”

With those words, both Dr. Swanson and Jack could see that Leah’s vagina clenched. Its glistening pink interior was fully exposed to their examination.

“Ordinarily, I would require synthetic lubrication to conduct the internal examination of your mother’s vagina. But your mother’s vagina is quite well lubricated,” said the doctor, as she ran a gloved fingers between the exposed inner lips.

“You can see on my finger the secretions from your mother’s vagina, which are nature’s lubrication.” She showed her wet finger to Jack. “The walls of the vagina excrete a slippery lubricant which facilitates entry of the penis into the vagina.”

The frank talk about Leah’s arousal, and the process of sexual intercourse heightened the tension in the room. Dr. Swanson proceeded, though, acting as if this exam was entirely normal.

“Another sign of her sexual excitement is her swollen inner and outer labia. Just as bl**d engorges your penis when it is sexually excited, so too does bl**d accumulate in your mother’s genitalia. You may also notice the characteristic musky aroma associated with female arousal.”

Dr. Swanson turned and made eye contact with Jack. Jack swore that he detected a slight smile on her lips, despite her detached, clinical approach.

“Lastly, you would find that your mother’s nipples are engorged and elongated, which is also the result of her sexual excitement. I believe you may have had the opportunity to observe that reaction earlier on during this examination.”

“Yes, ma’am, I did,” said Jack.

“I thought you might have. But let’s take a closer look. Come here, Jack. Even through the gown, you can see the distension of your mother’s nipples. Her nipples are very sensitive right now, on account of her sexual arousal.”

Leah’s pussy spasmed again. It frustrated her to be treated as a sexual object lesson for her son. Especially because the two were talking about her arousal. Leah was embarrassed that she was so aroused, but she had no way of stopping it. She knew that she was aroused because her son was looking at her intimate parts. But she couldn’t stop. Or maybe she didn’t want to stop.

Dr. Swanson pulled back the gown and let it bunch up on the patient’s waist.

“Jack, come closer and observe your mother’s nipples in greater detail.”

Leah closed her eyes as Dr. Swanson grabbed one of the nipples with a gloved hand.

“The nipple is very firm to the touch. I expect that it is also quite responsive, sexually. Your mother is very likely experiencing pleasurable sensations as I lightly squeeze and pull on her nipples.”

Dr. Swanson pulled both nipples, lifting Leah’s substantial breasts off of her chest. Leah responded with a sharp intake of breath.

“Good. Now let’s continue,” said the doctor, returning to the stool in front of Leah’s spread legs.

Jack also sat back down. He scooted very close to the doctor, allowing their thighs to touch as they huddled in front of the exposed vagina.

“Leah, are you sexually active?”

This caught Leah by surprise. This was a question a doctor asked of a young person, not a 40-year-old mother, like herself. Ann must know that she didn’t have time to date these days, what with Jack and her busy job. She was frustrated at the feeling of humiliation in front of her son. But she really didn’t have any choice at this point. She couldn’t simply stop the examination. It would be so terribly awkward. Plus, she had to admit to herself, she was very much enjoying the feeling of her friend’s hand on her aroused pussy. And, being perfectly honest, she loved the idea that Jack was watching and learning as she was examined. All of these thoughts caused her pussy once again to involuntarily clench, spasming with arousal.

“Not really,” she managed, as she felt her pussy spasm and drool fluids, while her son looked on. “I haven’t had sex in,” she paused to think, “two years.”

“Thank you for being so honest. It is very helpful to have complete openness in a clinical setting,” said Dr. Swanson.

“Jack, you’ll note now that your mother’s vagina periodically clenches, or spasms. This is a sign of a rather extraordinary level of arousal on her part. You can also see now how fluid is gathering at her vaginal opening and is beginning to leak out onto her bottom.”

Jack was silent, awestruck.

“Your mother’s intense level of arousal may perhaps be attributable to her prolonged sexual inactivity. Even the relatively small amount of stimulation caused by this examination is causing her, I suspect, to be very close to achieving the most intense level of sexual arousal, or the female orgasm. If you’re lucky we may yet be able to observe her achieving orgasm, which, I dare say, would be an extremely valuable educational experience for you.”

Once again, Leah’s pussy clenched and she squirmed her bottom on the edge of the table. She let out a slight moan. She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on not acting out inappropriately. She wanted the examination (or whatever this was) to continue, despite her discomfort and her arousal and her embarrassment.

“Leah, do you find you are able to achieve sexual gratification through masturbation?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Leah.

The doctor continued to lightly manipulate the lips of Leah’s pussy, while spreading it open for Jack to observe. He watched as fluid pooled in her vagina.

“Please tell me how it is that you masturbate.”

Leah paused, her mind cloudy with arousal, trying to answer the doctor’s question accurately. She looked up at the spread vagina on the wall, and knew that this was exactly the part of herself that her son was staring at.

“What I mean is, do you simply rely upon digital stimulation? Or do you use a dildo or perhaps a vibrator?”

“I use a vibrator,” Leah gasped.

“Do you focus the stimulation upon your clitoris or do you stimulate the vaginal canal?”

“I stimulate my clitoris,” Leah said, and paused trying to formulate a complete answer. “And also I fuck myself,” she blurted out.

Dr. Swanson reacted to the non-clinical language with a knowing smile.

“And how frequently do you masturbate, Leah?”

“Almost every day,” admitted Leah. “I have been very horny lately.”

Jack’s mouth dropped open in surprise as he heard his mom admit that she was horny.

“Thank you, Leah. Jack, let’s return to an examination of female anatomy. I will try to explicate what your mother means when she refers to ‘fucking herself.'”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Jack. His head was swimming. This sexy doctor persisted in this act, as if this was a legitimate medical procedure. It seemed as if her “clinical” approach was becoming more and more exaggerated, the more outlandish the situation became.

“Very well. I believe we have formally identified only the labia majora or outer lips, although I have certainly referred to other anatomical features in passing. To be complete, let’s finish the survey of your mother’s anatomy”

Jack nodded.

“I generally conduct only female examinations in this room, as you may be able to discern from the stirrups and the diagram on the wall of female genitalia. However, sometimes I also conduct examinations for young men such as yourself in this room. I believe it is very important for young men to have a thoroughgoing understanding of the female genitalia. So I find the diagram can be very helpful. Fortunately, today we have your mother here. And she is an ideal specimen for you to examine and learn from.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Jack, lacking for any other words.

“How are we doing up there, Leah? Are you still doing okay?” asked the doctor.

Leah was not “okay” really. She was full of anxiety and arousal and confusion. But the doctor had recommended that she let her son observe her pussy, so how could Leah refuse? Plus, she had to admit she was curious where this was headed. This was unlike any experience she had ever had before. Maybe the doctor would give her a much needed orgasm.

“Of course, Ann. I am glad to help my son learn about female anatomy.”

“Excellent. Pay attention, Jack. Your mother is giving you a wonderful gift. Very few mothers are willing to show their sons such an intimate view of themselves.”

The doctor continued, “Here, we see the labia minora, or inner lips.”

The doctor traced her fingers along the edges of Leah’s spread pussy lips. Leah reacted physically to the sensation. It was wonderful.

“The labia minora frame the vagina, which is also referred to as the birth canal. This is where a penis enters during sexual intercourse. It is also where a baby exits during pregnancy. You, yourself have already experienced your mother’s vagina, although that took place before you can remember.”

“At this point I will dispense with the glove, for I fear it may cause your mother irritation as we continue with our exploration. I intend to insert my finger, or fingers, into your mother’s vagina. In my experience, this is best done without gloves. The skin of the finger is much less irritating than latex.”

She took off the gloves and quickly stood up to run her hands under warm water.

“Female anatomy is designed to be compatible with penetration by clean human flesh. Although direct flesh-to-flesh contact is only appropriate in special circumstances in a clinical setting.”

Dr. Swanson returned to her stool and placed her warm wet hands on her patient’s pussy, eliciting an appreciative groan from Leah.

“Where did we leave off,” said the doctor. “Ah yes, with the vaginal canal.”

She inserted her finger deep into Leah’s pussy. Leah wiggled her butt and pussy, thrusting her hips in search of deeper penetration.

“Although it appears as if the vagina is only a small opening, it can stretch to accommodate larger items. For example, your mother’s vagina can certainly accommodate multiple fingers.”

Dr. Swanson now inserted two fingers, thrusting all the way up to her knuckles.

“The inside of the vaginal canal is lined with muscles and mucus membrane. When aroused, the vaginal canal is very slippery, allowing for easy sexual penetration. As the penis penetrates the vagina, the muscles in the walls of the vagina will spasm, which we were able to observe earlier. Doing so is pleasurable for the female and provides additional stimulation to the male, encouraging ejaculation.”

Leah moaned again. Her mind was swimming with arousal. She wanted nothing more than for Ann to thrust in and out of her at that moment.

“Leah, please squeeze my fingers,” the doctor instructed.

Leah did so, clenching down hard on her friend’s digits.

“Observe how, when she squeezes her vaginal walls, her anus also constricts,” said the doctor.

“One more time please.”

Leah squeezed down again. She desperately wanted the doctor to do more with her fingers. But the teasing doctor instead withdrew her fingers from Leah’s tight, grasping pussy.

“Observe the amount of vaginal fluids that have accumulated on my fingers. They are quite wet,” said the doctor.

“Just above the vaginal canal, is your mother’s urethra. This is from where your mother expels liquid waste. It is generally not involved in sexual stimulation, but it is an important part of your mother’s anatomy. Leah, have you had any issues with respect to urinating?”

“No, ma’am,” Leah promptly answered. She wanted the anatomy lesson to move forward.

Dr. Swanson was happy to oblige.

“Above your mother’s urethra, you will find a particularly important aspect of female anatomy, called the clitoris. The clitoris is a very dense bundle of nerve endings, which are acutely sensitive to sexual stimulation.”

Dr. Swanson placed her thumb and index fingers to the sides of Leah’s clit and spread them to expose the clit to Jack’s observation.

“I have avoided stimulating your mother’s clitoris during this examination because clitoral stimulation is not generally an important element of a medical examination.”

“However,” she continued, “due to the unique circumstances of this examination, and the fact that your mother has not enjoyed sexual gratification with another person in approximately two years, I feel it is appropriate for me to demonstrate to you a sound method for stimulating the clitoris.”

Dr. Swanson removed her fingers and brought a thumb and forefinger to her mouth, wetting them with saliva.

“Leah, do you consent to me stimulating your clitoris with my fingers?”

“Yes!” Leah nearly shouted.

The reaction surprised Jack. He knew his mother must be extremely aroused.

Dr. Swanson smiled broadly. She knew that Leah was desperate for an orgasm.

“I must warn you, Leah. This procedure is very likely to result in you experiencing an orgasm.”

“Uh-huh,” groaned Leah.

Dr. Swanson grinned at Jack.

“Would you prefer that I direct Jack to a separate examination room while I perform this procedure?” asked Dr. Swanson.

“No. Please, get me off, Ann. Use your fingers and get me off, please, I am begging you,” said Leah, while her cunt spasmed and she twisted her nipples.

“You want me to stimulate you to orgasm while your son watches?”

“YES!” said Leah. She knew she was acting insane, but she couldn’t help it. Orgasm was the only thing that she wanted. And she wanted her son to watch.

“Very well,” said the doctor.

Dr. Swanson placed her patient’s clitoris between her forefinger and her middle finger and squeezed. Then she spit on it and ever-so-slightly began to directly rub the clit with her thumb. In no time, Leah was gasping and shaking as a supremely intense orgasm ripped through her whole body.

“Unh, unh, unh, ayieeeeeeee! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhh! Yes‼!” shouted Leah, losing all control over the situation as her body wracked itself with pleasure.

Jack looked on as he witnessed his mother’s orgasm in exquisite detail. He watched as a clear liquid bubbled out of her vagina. Her pussy clenched over and over again in reaction to the doctor’s stimulation.

All three people in the room stayed silent as Leah descended from the highs of her orgasm. Dr. Swanson continued to carefully caress the less sensitive parts of Leah’s pussy.

Soon, Leah’s body was still.

Nobody knew what to say next. Leah had placed herself in the control of the doctor, and she waited, praying that the doctor would again take control of this wild situation.

Her prayers were answered.

Dr. Swanson cleared her throat, once again assuming a controlling, instructional voice.

“A clitoral orgasm can be quite satisfying. And for some women, orgasm can be achieved only through clitoral stimulation. But it is possible to achieve a deeper, more intense sensation, through direct stimulation of the vaginal canal.”

Leah couldn’t believe it. Her friend was not yet through finger-fucking her in front of her only c***d. But despite her exasperation, she also looked forward to what was coming. She wanted to be fucked.

“I’ve omitted from my exposition a very crucial element of female sexuality,” said Dr. Swanson.

“It is possible for many women to achieve a profound orgasm through stimulation of the tissue lying at the forefront of the vaginal canal, which can be reached by curling my fingers towards myself after penetrating the vaginal canal.”

As she spoke, Dr. Swanson pushed two fingers into her friend’s pussy and curled her fingers towards herself, locating the g-spot.

“Often, the optimal means of stimulation is intense repetitive penetration, while focusing on the area I previously described. This area is sometimes referred to as the ‘g-spot.'”

With that, Dr. Swanson began to finger-fuck Leah in earnest. Leah began to gasp, and then to moan, with each thrust of fingers into her pussy. She felt an amazing feeling building deep within her.

Soon, Leah felt her vaginal muscles spasm, and she felt a great release that she had never experienced before in her life. Her pussy shot a clear liquid directly into the face, neck, and chest of her dear friend and doctor. The amount of fluid was surprising to all three people in the room. Two more jets of liquid shot out of Leah’s pussy. By the time Leah finished squirting, Dr. Swanson’s blouse was soaked through.

“Jack, although I have read about that kind of reaction, I have never before seen a woman react in that manner to an orgasm. What you and I have been able to witness is simply extraordinary.”

Leah, meanwhile, was overcome. She needed a break from the clinical affectation of her friend. She lifted her legs out of the stirrups and sat up, squeezing her thighs together tightly, trying to come to grips with the intensity of the experience. She started to sob and reached out to Dr. Swanson, who hugged her bare torso tightly, with great tenderness.

They held each other like that for a few minutes, while Ann whispered comforting sounds into her patient’s ear.

Jack looked on as the two women held each other. His mother’s naked breasts pressed against the doctor’s chest above her blouse. The area was wet with Leah’s cum, causing Leah’s breasts the slide easily against the doctor’s skin.

Soon, they were quiet and pulled apart from one another.

“Ann, I . . .” started Leah. Simultaneously, Dr. Swanson started to speak.

Both women paused. They were totally unsure of what to do.

Ann decided it was best if she continued to assume the role of physician.

“Leah, that concludes your vaginal examination. You appear to be quite healthy,” she said, unsure of the doctor voice would continue to be effective.

It was.

“Oh good, Dr. Swanson. Thank you. It means so much for me to have a clean bill of health,” said Leah.

It was clear that they were play-acting now. But it was also clear both women were okay with what had happened. It was quite unusual for a doctor to give a female patient a handjob while her son looked on. So it was important for both women to signal that they were feeling okay about things. After all, it had been immensely enjoyable.

“Just a few more tests,” said Dr. Swanson, authoritatively.

She withdrew from the pocket of her white coat a triangular hammer. In spite of the fact that she was literally dripping with her patient’s cum, she continued the examination.

“Please sit on the edge of the examination table. I need to test your reflexes.”

Leah scooted forward. He shaved pussy was fully exposed between her thighs. And her large breasts sat prominently on her chest. The “examination” proceeded.

Dr. Swanson tapped on the front of Leah’s knee and the knee reacted predictably. The same thing was done with the other leg. The doctor also took a quick look at Leah’s feet and toes, and found nothing untoward.

“Excellent. Now please step down.”

Leah stepped away from the table. She was mostly naked. Her paper gown gathered around her waist. It was bunched up and half of it was soaked in her ejaculate.

For a beat, Dr. Swanson was unsure if she should proceed. She caught her friend’s eye, and she saw playfulness there, giving her the okay to continue.

Taking stock of the situation, Dr. Swanson looked around. Her blouse was soaked. She was incredibly horny. Her friend was basically naked, glowing after an amazing orgasm, which her son had witnessed up close. Jack sat looking up at the two older women, wearing a paper gown two sizes too small for him. He was extremely horny in his own right.

“Leah, thank you for taking part in what I feel was a helpful demonstration for your son. As a young man, he will certainly profit from the intimate portrait we provided of female sexuality.”

“It was my pleasure,” said Leah. “Would it be alright with you, doctor, if I stayed while you examined my son?” Leah asked.

“Of course,” said Dr. Swanson. “A mother should be very familiar with her son’s health. I only wish more mothers continued to take such an interest in their sons as they begin adulthood. Jack is lucky to have a mother like you, who gives so freely of herself and obviously cares deeply about his well-being. ”

“Jack, please come sit on the examination table,” ordered Dr. Swanson.

“Leah, I must beg your forgiveness. As a result of your examination, I find that I am somewhat compromised. Specifically, my blouse and bra have become soaked by female ejaculate.”

“Yes, Dr. Swanson, it does appear that you are somewhat worse for the wear.”

“Would you mind if I remove the clothes that have become uncomfortably wet, before I begin your son’s examination?”

“Not at all. Please do,” Leah said. “If you don’t mind, I will also remove the remnants of this paper gown. It also has been compromised as a result of my examination.”

“Of course, Leah.”

Jack watched as his mom stepped out of the gown and Dr. Swanson took off her white coat, revealing a very wet blue blouse, which clearly showed the outlines of the bra beneath it. Dr. Swanson slowly removed the blouse, revealing a tight, flat abdomen. Jack could also see through the sodden lace bra, to see the outlines of the doctor’s hard, brown nipples. Finally, Dr. Swanson reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, revealing the small, pointy tits.

“Leah, would you please do me a favor?”

“Of course, doctor.”

“Would you please go outside and adjust the thermostat. I am obliged to conduct this examination without a shirt and would appreciate a few more degrees of heat.”

“Certainly doctor. I would also appreciate a more comfortable temperature, as I certainly do not intend to clothe myself while I observe my son’s examination.”

With her own examination over, Leah was having fun adopting the officious doctor-speak that Ann had used during her examination.

“Perfectly understandable,” said Dr. Swanson.

Leah walked out of the small examination room, entirely naked. She found the thermostat and adjusted it.

When she returned, the doctor had finished taking Jack’s bl**d.

“Thank you. I can already feel the temperature begin to adjust.”

“You’re welcome, doctor.”

“Now Leah, as Jack’s mother, do you have any particular concerns about his health?”

“No, doctor. He appears to be in good health, as far as I can tell.”

“Very well,” said the doctor and reached for the stethoscope.

“Except for one thing, doctor.”

“What is it, Leah?”

“Well, doctor, I have become worried lately about my son’s ability to interact with the opposite sex.”

“Leah, that is a common worry for mothers of young men. What in particular concerns you?”

“Several things. For one thing, he has yet to bring home a girlfriend.”

“That is a valid concern.”

“I don’t believe that he is unattractive.”

“No,” said the doctor. “He is a very attractive young man. What do you suspect is the problem?”

“Doctor, I don’t know. Do you think you can help?”

“That’s what I’m here for, Leah.”

“Jack, are you a virgin?” asked the doctor.

“Yes,” Jack said softly.

“Do you masturbate, Jack?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Do you look at pornography when you masturbate, Jack?”

“Yes, ma’am. I do.”

“Please describe the kind of pornography that you watch when you masturbate.”

Jack said nothing.

“Jack, it is very important that you be honest with me. I am a doctor. Both your mother and I are willing to do whatever it takes to help you as you develop into a man. Whatever it takes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Very few young men have the kind of support that your mother and I may be willing to provide. But it is imperative that we know exactly where your head is at. We need to know what you need before we can help.”

“I’m afraid, that mom might be mad with me.”

“Honey,” Leah piped up. “There is nothing. Literally nothing you could say that would make me mad at you. Just be perfectly honest and we will try to help.”

Jack looked up at the attractive naked women in front of him. He felt light-headed. He was being asked to reveal his deepest secret to his mother and his doctor.

“Jack, when did you last masturbate?” asked Dr. Swanson.

“Last night, after I got home from a party.”

“Were you looking at pornography?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. Well sort of.”

“Jack, enough with this evasiveness. Tell me immediately exactly what you were watching while you masturbated last night,” Dr. Swanson commanded.

“I was watching my mother masturbate.”

“What?!?” shrieked Leah.

Jack said nothing.

“Do you have video of your mother masturbating?” asked Dr. Swanson.

“Yes. I do.”

Leah reminded herself that she promised that she would not be mad as long as her son was honest.

“How did you get that video?” asked Dr. Swanson.

Jack hesitated. But he knew the cat was out of the bag.

“I put cameras in her bedroom,” he admitted. He looked at the floor. He was totally ashamed.

Leah felt terribly violated. She thought about her intense masturbation sessions in the supposed privacy of her bedroom. Her son had secretly witnessed all of them!

Then Leah looked at her son and she felt sorry for him. He obviously loved her. And while he had acted incredibly inappropriately, she doubted that he had intended to harm her.

“Did you, did you show anyone?” Leah asked.

“No ma’am,” he answered. “I love you mom. I didn’t want to hurt you. I wanted to keep the videos only for myself.”

Leah was relieved that he had not put the video on the internet, although she didn’t really think that was something he would do.

“Jack. That is not okay,” said Dr. Swanson. “What you did is not only a violation of your mother’s privacy, but it is also against the law.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Jack, please stay seated. Your mother and I need to have a conversation in private.”

Ann and Leah left the room and went out into the waiting room, and shut the door to the exam room.

“Holy smokes, Ann.”

“Come here, Leah. Have a seat.”

Leah sat down on the couch in the waiting room, and Ann sat down next to her.

“I have to apologize.”

“What do you mean, Ann?”

“Well, I planned this. I know you haven’t been getting any lately. And I know Jack is a good-looking, 19-year-old hunk. I thought it might do both of you some good to, well, to get together.”

“Why, Ann? Why did you think that I would want to, fuck my own son?”

“Well, to be honest, I thought that it would be good for you, umm, because it was great for me!”

“You mean . . .”

“Yes, Leah. I’ve been fucking my son for the past year and a half. It’s been wonderful. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a fat young cock yearning for sex whenever I want it. The fact that I’m his mommy makes it so much more hot!”

“His mommy,” repeated Leah. The mixture of maternal and sexual emotions was strangely erotic for her.

“How did it start?” Leah asked.

“I gave my son an anatomy lesson, just like the one we gave Jack. I masturbated for him and showed him what a female orgasm looks like.”

“But how did you end up fucking him?” Leah asked.

“Well, after he saw me as a sexual being, it was almost inevitable. After the examination, I could feel his eyes looking greedily at me all the time. He started to take liberties by touching my ass and my breasts. And he asked to see another demonstration of an orgasm, this time at home, outside of the clinical setting.”

“And then you fucked?”

“Well not exactly. That time, when I masturbated in front of him, I grabbed his head and pulled him to my pussy and had him eat me out.”

“Oh Ann!”

“And he was such an energetic little pussy eater that I couldn’t resist spreading my legs for him whenever I felt horny. After a stressful day at work, I would race home, sit on the couch, and pull up my skirt. My son was always there to give me pleasure.”

“So you just used him to eat your pussy?”

Leah liked the idea of having a dedicated pussy-licking servant.

“For a long time, yes. Eventually, though, I took pity on him and gave in to his constant begging to fuck me. I was able to use the promise of sex to get him to do whatever I wanted. By the time he actually got to fuck me, he had straight A’s and had done plenty of chores!”

“Oh, Ann. You are a genius. I love the idea of a mother using her pussy that way! One last question, though. Didn’t you feel guilty?”

“I did at first, Leah. But it was a waste of energy. It has been wonderful. And I’m sure it has been even more wonderful for him than it is for me!”

Leah hugged her friend closely. Their bodies pressed together as they squeezed each other tight.

“I’ve wanted to fuck Jack ever since he turned 18!” said Leah. “He’s videotaping me, but while I’m masturbating, I’m imagining fucking him!” Leah said, without breaking her hug with Ann.

“In that case,” said Ann. “It’s not really fair to make him feel bad about the videotapes.”

“No, it isn’t. I’m sure he’s only responding to the vibes I’ve been giving off. I’m always so horny and I just can’t help the fact that I’ve been dreaming about fucking my son.”

“Well that settles it.”

“Settles what?” asked Leah.

“It settles the fact that we have to finish giving Jack his examination!”

“Oh you are so dirty, Ann. I love you!” gushed Leah.

“I love you too, honey. Now let’s go back to tease your horny son!”

“First, though, I have to do one thing,” said Leah.

“Ok. But hurry, I don’t want Jack to suffer too much agony in there.”

Leah put her hands behind her friend’s head, and pulled her forward. The two women kissed each other deeply, allowing their tongues to explore each other’s mouths.

“Baby, that was amazing. And I can’t wait to kiss you more. But right now,” Ann said, switching to her authoritative doctor voice, “I have an examination to conduct!”

Ann grabbed Leah’s hand and pulled her off the couch and towards the examination room.

Opening the door, the two women found Jack exactly where they left him, hanging his head while sitting on the edge of the examination table.

Dr. Swanson grabbed her stethoscope.

“Leah, please have a seat. I will be conducting your son’s physical examination now. Please let me know if you have any concerns while the examination proceeds.”

Leah sat down in the swivel chair. She was thrilled to hear Ann use her authoritative doctor’s voice, and couldn’t wait to watch how the sexy examination would proceed. She was also glad that she had already been able to have such gratifying orgasms, and was sympathetic with her son, who was now in the same position she had been in earlier. He had not come yet, and she knew he must be exceedingly aroused after having watched her examination.

Leah watched as Ann conducted the examination of her son’s ears, eyes, and throat. She began to moisten again as she sat naked, turned on by her naked friend and her almost naked son. She could not wait to see how Ann would manipulate the situation.

“Breathe in. . . And out. And breathe in. . . And out. Breathe in. . . And out. One more deep breath. . . And out,” the doctor directed as she moved the stethoscope around Jack’s broad chest.

Ann then felt all around Jack’s chest and even tweaked his nipples, which Leah knew was hardly medically necessary. Leah could see that Ann’s own nipples had stiffened considerably. She must be getting quite turned on herself, Leah concluded.

After poking around some more on Jack’s abdomen, Ann asked him to lay back. She pushed up the gown and revealed Jack’s huge, throbbing penis.

Jack was in an entirely vulnerable position. He couldn’t even see over the gown which was now bunched up at his waist, at least not without doing a difficult situp. All he knew was that he exhibited a throbbing erection. Meanwhile, his mom and his doctor sat at his feet. And he knew they must be extremely angry at him for having violated his mom’s privacy.

“Jack, I will now begin the examination below the waist. I will allow your mom to observe and participate. I would give you the choice to request a private examination. But I believe that would be unfair because I allowed you to observe your mother’s examination, and also because you have recently invaded your mother’s privacy without her consent. Is that understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Jack. He felt his cock throb and tingle. He could not wait to finally come. He hoped that the doctor would give him a handjob and give him some release.

He felt the doctor’s hands guide his legs to the stirrups.

“Umm, is that really necessary?” he asked.

“Jack, I am the doctor and I will tell you what is and what is not necessary. You are not in a position to question my methods, young man.”

“Yes, ma’am. I understand.”

Leah watched, fascinated. She loved the idea that her son was exposed like a woman, unable to control the situation. For her, it felt like revenge for him having spied on her with video cameras.

Leah watched as the doctor began to massage Jack’s testicles. She closely examined each one.

“James, it is important that you closely examine your testicles. Even young men such as yourself can be susceptible to testicular cancer or other diseases. Do exactly as I am doing, and feel gently around each of your testicles for any irregularities.

Leah looked on with intense interest. She stared at Jack’s penis, taking in its shape and imagining its feel, imagining how good it would feel in her mouth, or in her pussy. She expected that Ann would soon stop touching his balls and would begin massaging his cock. Maybe, she thought, Ann would fuck her son.

Ann stood up and took hold of the penis. She pressed and prodded, and spread open the tip. She also trailed a finger under the head, where the skin is most sensitive.

“Jack, I want to examine your ability to ejaculate. I asked your mother if she gave her consent prior to manipulating her clitoris. I extend the same courtesy to you. Do you consent to me manipulating your penis to collect the semen for examination?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jack said quickly.

“Very well.”

Ann grasped the base of the young man’s penis. It was hard as steel, and wide enough around that the doctor could not quite wrap her long fingers around it. Ann then removed her hand and Jack heard the sound of a squeeze tube. Soon the hand returned, coated with a slick lubricant.

At first, Ann’s hand went up and down achingly slow. With each stroke, Jack was certain he would come, but somehow he didn’t. Meanwhile, his cock became harder and harder.

Finally, the doctor gave in, and started to move her arm vigorously up and down the thick stem of the young man’s penis. She felt it begin to pulse and quickly reached for a small plastic cup on the table beside her.

The first spurt of semen hit the cup with so much f***e it almost knocked the cup out of Ann’s hand. But she caught the full extent of the ejaculate, and she continued to milk Jack’s cock until he was entirely spent.

Leah looked on in wonder as her son filled a small cup with his milky discharge. She loved to see the white goo spit from the angry cock, and she involuntarily licked her lips. It had been years since she tasted semen. And she was definitely in the mood.

“Well, Jack. The amount of semen you produced is certainly quite healthy. This is probably two or three times the ordinary amount produced by a man,” said Ann, holding the cup up for inspection.

“What do you think, Leah?”

“I agree. I don’t believe I have ever seen so much cum, er, I mean, um, ejaculate produced by one man.”

“Does that mean you have seen that much produced by multiple men?” teased Ann.

“Umm no. I haven’t. That is more than I have ever seen at once.”

“What do you think of the smell and the texture?” asked Ann, handing the cup to her friend.

Leah took the cup, hesitantly. She could not believe that she held her own son’s load of cum in her hands. She had the overwhelming urge to do something very dirty, like slurp it up or rub it on her breasts.

“Umm, well the smell,” Leah said, as she passed in under her nose. “The smell is nice. It really shows that Jack is eating his vegetables,” she joked.

“And the texture?” asked Ann.

Leah dipped her finger in and rubbed it against her thumb.

“Quite viscous. I would say it has ideal thickness.”

“That is good. It means that your son’s reproductive system is very healthy,” Ann said, without any medical basis.

“One final test. I want to test it for taste. Jack, please sit up. It is often quite enthralling for a man to watch a woman swallow his semen.”

Jack sat up and watched as his mom held the cup of his semen in front of her. He could see the hunger in her green eyes. She was truly eager to eat his cum. It was enough to make his spent cock stiffen once again.

“Go ahead, Leah. Please taste the specimen.”

Leah did. She poured half of the cup into her mouth and let the load settle on her tongue. She closed her eyes and reflected on the fact that she was tasting the semen of her very own son. Eventually, she swallowed it, as a wicked sensation traveled up her spine and through her brain. She was a truly nasty mom, she thought to herself.

Ann reached for the cup and poured the remaining liquid into her mouth. She swallowed and then grabbed her friend and resumed the deep kiss they had begun earlier in the waiting room. Their tongues slid together and their hands and arms did the same. Jack watched in awe as his mom and the beautiful doctor made out and felt each other up.

“Sweetie, I need to come, I need you to lick me,” James heard the doctor moan into his mother’s ear.

“Get out of the way, Jack,” Leah said, urging her son to vacate the examination table.

Leah picked up the smaller woman, and put her down on the table. She placed the doctor’s legs in the stirrups.

Leah then moved her face to the other woman’s pussy. She had never performed cunnilingus before. It had never appealed to her. But she wanted nothing more than to give her friend and doctor pleasure with her tongue.

Leah squatted on the metal stool and grabbed hold of Ann’s thighs with her arms. She pulled herself forward, ready to plant her lips and tongue on a woman’s vagina for the first time.

She started by swiping her tongue at the very bottom of the other woman’s vulva, and sweeping up and through her lips, plunging her tongue deep into the cavity and tasting the woman’s deepest essence.

Although Leah prepared herself for something unpleasant, she found it was anything but. The taste of her friend was much milder than her son’s semen, and it was fragrant and almost floral. Leah was surprised that she liked it. She had buried her tongue inside of a pussy out of a feeling of gratitude, but in no time at all, she realized that she didn’t feel merely obligated to lick her friend to orgasm, she was eager to do so.

Leah broadened her tongue and swept up and down the full length of Ann’s pussy lips once, twice, countless more times. She loved it, and after each lick she couldn’t wait to do it again. She was lapping pussy like a pro.

Only Ann’s direction caused Leah to change her methods.

“Oh, baby, lick my clit. Please, suck on my clit,” gasped Ann.

Leah realized she had become monotonous, and placed her lips over Ann’s sensitive little bud.

Ann shrieked with pleasure, which spurred Leah to alternately suck harder and lick faster.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to come!” yelled Ann. “Put your fingers in me!”

Leah obliged, and stuffed two and then three fingers into Ann’s grasping cunt.

“One more!” Ann demanded.

Leah doubted that four fingers could fit into the small woman’s tight pussy, but she tried, and she succeeded, with her four fingers being squeezed incredibly tightly by the other woman.

“Now suck my clit, baby. Suck it hard!”

Leah obliged, sucking the clit into her mouth and licking it with her lightning quick tongue. Leah felt her fingers squeezed so tightly she feared they would break. She simultaneously heard Ann cry out with pleasure.

Jack looked on, amazed. He couldn’t believe that his mother’s tongue was suctioned against his doctor’s clit, while she buried four fingers in her pussy. It was surreal.

As the orgasm subsided, Leah removed her tongue and slowly withdrew her fingers. She looked down at the freshly sucked cunt and was amazed at how beautiful she thought it was. She had never even considered lesbian sex. And now she was deeply affected by another woman’s vagina, which she had just licked to orgasm. It blew her mind. It made her feel strange and wonderful. And it made her question who she was. Was she a lesbian?

As Leah lifted her head up she turned and saw her son’s hard cock pointing at her, eye-level. Any thought that she might be a lesbian dissipated quickly.

“Come here, son. Dr. Swanson needs your virgin cock. She needs it in her tight pussy hole.”

Ann only moaned in agreement and tried to spread her legs even wider in the stirrups.

“And then your mom is gonna eat your sweet cum out of her pussy.”

Hearing that, Ann moaned again, and bucked her hips, hoping for them to be filled with cock.

Leah reached over to her son, and grabbed his cock for the first time. She used it to pull him over to her friend’s waiting pussy. To make sure it was primed for the large penis, Leah dragged her wet tongue slowly up Ann’s slit, eliciting a moan. And then she placed her son’s cock at the entrance of the doctor’s vagina. From there, his instinct told him what to do.

For the first time, Jack’s cock was enveloped in the folds of a woman’s pussy. The consistent pressure and wetness felt amazing, and he pressed deeply in, luxuriating in the feeling of his pelvis joined in passion with that of a woman.

“Go ahead, baby. Fuck her,” said Leah, placing her hand on the small of her son’s back.

Soon he was pounding furiously into the mature cunt, and his doctor’s hips were thrusting to meet him, encouraging his cock to plunge into the deepest depths of herself.

The fucking continued long and loudly. Leah enjoyed watching. She fingered her quim as she considered the scene and contemplated the significance of what had transpired in the past few hours.

As Leah watched, she was attracted to the jiggling of Ann’s breasts as she fucked against Jack so hard. It made Leah want to take Ann’s nipple in her mouth, so she did.

After several minutes spent sucking contentedly on Ann’s nipples, Leah heard her son begin to grunt and thrust more determinedly into Ann’s box.

Jack soon plunged as deep as he could and jerked as he deposited his second load into the older woman. She in turn shuddered in simultaneous orgasm, and reached to Leah, pulling her in for a sensuous kiss.

When the kiss ended, Jack pulled his cock out of its first vagina.

“Don’t forget what you promised, Leah,” said Ann.

“I’ve been looking forward to it this entire time,” said Leah.

With that, Leah lowered her head to Ann’s pussy. She noticed how the extensive fucking had changed and expanded her friend’s opening. It gaped now, unable to close while she kept her legs spread.

Ann scooted her butt back on the table and lifted her legs out of the uncomfortable stirrups. She tilted her insides down towards her friend’s eager mouth.

“You want to eat your son’s cock-juice, don’t you Leah?”

“Mmm-hmm,” moaned Leah as she slid her tongue deep into Ann’s pussy.

“Good, baby. Because I’ve got it all. I used my tight puss to take it all. If you want it, girl, you’ve got to lick it out of me!” Ann said, emphatically.

Leah just responded with sucking and slurping. She made lewd, nasty noises as she vacuumed up the results of the love-making.

Once Leah could no longer taste any of her son’s semen, she wickedly moved up to Ann’s clit and once again assaulted the sensitive nub. After so much stimulation, the renewed pressure on her most sensitive spot caused Ann to buck her hips and shriek. But Leah would not let up. She was insistent that Ann have one last orgasm on her lips. And it did not take long for her to cause it. She felt a rush of fluids on her chin, and she heard a deep, satisfied moan from her friend before she released Ann’s clit from her mouth.

Nobody said anything for a while. Leah and Jack gathered their clothes and re-dressed in the satisfied silence.

Not knowing how to say good-bye, the naked doctor stood up, wearing nothing but her stylish black glasses, and once again assumed the familiar, authoritative voice of a doctor.

“Thank you for coming. Your bl**d results should be back in a week’s time. Unless there is something unusual, look for the lab report in the mail.”

“Thank you, doctor,” said both Leah and Jack.

They headed out into the cold midday winter sun. Neither of them was sure if they were ready to confront the realities of their new relationship. But they wouldn’t have a choice.

“Buckle up,” said Leah, in the usual fashion, waiting for his son to put on his seat belt before she started the car.

“Aw, mom. It’s only a few blocks.”

“Doesn’t matter, baby. A car accident can happen anywhere,” she said.

For some reason, this ordinary mom-son argument made Leah feel assured that this very unusual trip to the doctor would end up being for the best.

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