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It’s Sunday Morning with My s****r

A Sunday Morning

With our parents spending weekends at the new vacation home (which they also deemed their retirement property) my s****r and I pretty much had the house to ourselves. It also afforded me the freedom to turn my Saturday night dates into more-memorable events, with me driving home with the sunrise on Sunday.
Arriving home, I locked the front door behind me and walked into the living room. It was early enough that my s****r Sandy wasn’t yet awake. I was practically floating across the room – a very sexually active night with my girlfriend Lisa coupled with very little sl**p (of course) had resulted in a fatigued high that was brainlessly blissful. Without conscious effort, my mind happily returned to the scenario several hours ago of Lisa and I nakedly cavorting around a hotel room, exploring a broad range of sensual activities. The rest of my body kept pace with my brain and I could feel my erection pressing urgently against the crotch of my jeans.
I stood looking at my sex-worn self in the large wall mirror and decided there was only one thing I could do – I faced my reflection and proceeded to take off my clothes.
In a flash, I was looking at my bare body, stiff penis pointing unashamedly outward. While I had read and watched porn where the man always loses his hard-on after sex, that was never the case with me – after a particularly wonderful night I’d enjoy regular erections throughout the next day, all day. I always attributed it to the fact that my girlfriends were ultra-gorgeous, never the fact that was always ultra-horny.
My mirror image was always a source of pleasure for me – despite my being drop-dead tired, I admired my stiff cock in the mirror and stroked it, recalling Lisa’s interesting antics in the shower last night. I then spied my bleary-eyed self on top of the body that was held captive by the stiff dick – I looked like hell and needed sl**p. Besides, my body needed time to replenish whatever sperm Lisa had drained from me last night. I gathered my clothes up from the floor and, erection leading the way, headed upstairs to bed.
Just as I step into the hallway my s****r’s bedroom door opens, just enough for Sandy’s face to look directly at me.
“Good morning,” she says with a smile. “Have a nice night?”
She does know where I was and who I was doing it with. She looks down my naked body and directly at my erection.
“Oh, I didn’t have to ask, did I?” she says with a grin. Three weeks ago she would have opened her door a crack and surreptitiously spied on me. But now things were very different – Lisa had convinced both of us that b*****rs and s****rs could engage in sexplay without it being weird or harmful. In fact, whenever our parents went away for their middle-aged celebratory weekends we did away with our clothes (me first and, after two weeks, Sandy) and engaged in a variety of sexplay, mostly invovling my penis and testicles and how I ejaculated.
I stand at the top of the stairs, clothes bundled under one arm, my penis still at attention, facing my s****r and say “Well… yeah! But I am tired.”
“I’ve heard that fucking all night does that,” Sandy says, her grin still in place, her gaze still on my cock. I realize she’s leaning from behind her door and only her face is visible – she was probably nude as well, hoping to start the day with a sex game of some sort. “She adds, “Your penis is in better shape than you.”
“Yeah…. you’re right. I really need to sl**p,” I mutter, feeling absolutely wiped-out. I turn and head away from her door and into my bedroom. I hear her door close and do not hear further comments. I drop the rumpled mass of clothing on my desk, grab the breath strips and slide two from the pack into my mouth and promptly fall onto the bed. This time the bed is for comfort, not activity.
Less than a minute has passed when I hear Sandy’s door open and her bare feet make their way down the hall. My door is always open (unless I’m looking at porn) – I turn and look up and see my nude s****r walk into my room.
Sandy’s gotten used to being naked now, though at first I was the only one shedding any clothing. That suited me fine, of course, as I enjoyed the sexplay no matter what. She gradually began removing her jeans/ shorts, then surprised me one afternoon by running into my room nude. Now, when the house is parent-free, Sandy and I are both clothing-free.
“I wanted to ask you something,” she tells me, standing calmly in the doorway. I look over her smooth teen-aged body, her small breasts and her slightly rounded stomach – my penis, which was now relaxing between my legs, began to reawaken.
“Do you like my hair?” Sandy asks. I look up at her face. “No! Not my head, you goof…..” she chides and moves closer, thrusting her pelvis forward. “See…. I trimmed it back,” she explains, displaying her much-shorter-than-before pubic hair. “Do you think it looks good? You can see my lips better.” My s****r adjusts her stance and opens her legs to afford a very wonderful close-up of her private area. Indeed, her lips are more visible…. and now I’m getting a hard-on again.
“Sandy…. wow… it looks great. I like it… but I’m really tired,” I tell her, “and now I’m getting turned-on again. I won’t be able to sl**p.”
She doesn’t move but looks at my renewed erection. “Oh…. sorry,” Sandy whispers, “I didn’t think it would get you hard.” I think otherwise, of course, but I’m not complaining. As always, I imagine a snapshot of this scene – I’m lying nude in bed, hard-on and all, and my nude teen-aged s****r is standing over me, her legs apart, showing me how she trimmed her bush.
“Lisa trims hers, right?” she asks.
“Yeah…. actually she shaved herself…. but don’t get any ideas,” I reply. My fatigue is overwhelming this whole scene – otherwise, I’d be involved in some sort of fun-with-nude-bodies. Sandy moves closer and reaches for my erection.
“You want some help,” she inquires, her voice getting a bit dreamy.
“Sandy… no…. I’m sorry…. I’m wiped out. How about later?” I don’t want to disappoint her. “I honestly don’t know if I can cum right now,” I add.
“I guess you used it all up with Lisa,” Sandy says with a grin. She takes her hand away and stands still, looking me over. This is the first time I’ve seen my s****r like this – not a little girl, more like a woman. And she’s nude, as well.
Sandy leans over, her mouth close to my ear. “Can I ask you something?” she whispers. I don’t reply, but turn my head, eyes closed, in her direction inviting her question.
“Can I lay next to you while you sl**p?”
We have broken almost every established societal norm in the past three weeks, but Sandy asking to get into bed with me sends shivers coursing through me. My s****r has fondled my penis, handled my balls, licked my glans, watched me jerk off, jerked me off, let me fondle her nipples, pull her pussy lips apart and watch her masturbate – but getting into bed with me is alarming?
“I won’t bother you…. I won’t do anything. I just want to lay here while you sl**p… see what it’s like.” Sandy is begging me, her teen-aged girl coming back to the fore – okay, nude teen-aged girl….
I twist and move to one side, making room for her.
“Thanks!” she says happily and slides herself alongside me. Her bare skin gently rubs against me – I notice the chills in my gut diminish and feel the bl**d racing to my balls. “You’re hard again,” she whispers.
“It’ll be alright,” I mumble as my fatigue wins. I feel Sandy cuddle as I fall u*********s.

Wake Up

I do make up for the previous night’s escapades with several hours of serious sl**p. I awaken briefly just once and hear Sandy slowly breathing next to me. Her bare skin feels warm and comfortable pressed against me, my arm is wrapped around her in an embrace. I open my eyes for an instant and see her sl**ping calmly. The chills have vanished.
Some time later I am awakened by Sandy’s movements. At first, it seem she is snuggling with me – then I realize it’s something else. She’s pressed firmly within my embrace, her subtle motions keeping rhythm. I quietly turn my head and look at her through half-closed eyes. Her eyes are closed, but she isn’t asl**p – her breathing is shallow and steady and her mouth is open. I carefully turn my head further and notice her hand is between her thighs and the rhythmic pulse is Sandy reacting as she masturbates.
I remain still and observe as she continues. She shudders and gasps. I don’t want to disturb her and have her stop. Sandy looks at me through her aroused stupor – she sees me watching her but doesn’t stop. Her shudders are more frequent, her breathing quickens. Sandy shifts herself and lifts her legs, spreading them apart.
“I can help,” I whisper. She nods open-mouthed as her orgasm approaches. I reach down past her busy hand and slide two fingers inside her. She is incredibly wet and her lips part easily. Sandy moans as I touch her and begin my motions inside her vagina.
“Oh….. oh…. oh… oh.. oh.. oh oh oh…..Ahh!” my s****r’s orgasm overwhelms her, her body is pulled upward as she shakes and clenches.
I tighten my arm around her and pull her close as she cums. For a moment she appears frozen, her head off the pillow. Then her body collapses against me; I gently remove my wet fingers from inside her and hold her against me.
“Wow!…. I really… really liked that….” Sandy mutters with exhaustion. “I never came like that…. before…. it felt good… when you did that.”
Sandy’s face is pressed to mine. She is manifesting every bit of her womanhood right now and I am incredibly turned on. Her breathing relaxed and almost normal, she smiles at me like a woman, then kisses me on the mouth.
It lasts a second and she pulls away. I am shocked, the chills coursing through me the same as that first time I let her fondle me. Fear and arousal intertwine and she kisses me again, very deliberately. I don’t pull away – amidst a tumult of emotions and nerves I open my mouth and Sandy presses her tongue onto mine. I shudder now – this shouldn’t be happening, this is a romantic moment, not something I imagined doing with my s****r. But it’s so incredible…. so intense….
We attack each other, pulling ourselves to one another, kissing repeatedly, our tongues rolling in and out of each other’s mouth. Sandy frees her hand and reaches down and grasps my erection. I am intensely turned on, the fatigue of last night has vanished. She begins to rapidly pump me as we succumb with abandonment to this passion. It all seems to escalate – I cannot imagine stopping. Then I feel the familiar rush deep within as my s****r rapidly strokes me. Time seems to freeze – my orgasm begins even before I ejaculate. Sandy keeps pumping me and kissing me with abandon. My climax peaks as she finally jerks me off and I feel the clench of my muscles. She keeps stroking me as sperm slickens my penis and intensifies the already monumental sensations.
Sandy pulls her mouth away and looks at my erection as she slows her motions.
“Wow!” she exclaims. “I felt you cum…. through my whole body….”
She release me and lays limply against me as we both resume our normal breathing.
It’s quiet for a while.
“Did you like that?” she whispers. I nod. “Do you think I was wrong… maybe we did too much? I don’t know…. I just wanted to do that…. after I came… I wanted to kiss you… is it weird?
“I don’t think so….” I respond quietly. “We do everything else, pretty much… I guess kissing is part of it.”
Sandy is quiet for a moment, then says “We haven’t fucked yet….”

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