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Jake’s Magic Remote, Part II – of Pranks and

NOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, i****t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.
Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.
Jake uploaded all his work and went to lunch early. He couldn’t help it; he felt like a k** with a new toy on a school day. He just couldn’t wait to get out there and play with it!
He rode the elevator down a couple floors to his building’s food court. It wasn’t very busy yet, so he had no trouble getting some fast food and a seat. He sat and ate a burger, thinking about what sort of thing he might use his new power for. Because that was what it was, after all.
Of course, he thought, something like this ought to benefit the world. He could use it to stop crimes! He’d just have to find some. He’d never seen a crime in progress. Maybe if he found out what time and place statistically the most crimes happen, froze everything, and systematically walked every street and alley he’d go crazy and kill himself no that’s a bad plan. He contemplated the “rewind” button on the remote, but decided that until he knew a lot more about how it worked he didn’t want to risk anything that drastic. Stopping time was one thing, but reversing it and stopping something from happening before it happened and he heard about it to know to go back and change it was a little too bold for him.
He could use it to make money easily enough. Not even necessarily with theft… he could cheat at games of chance, or become a famous illusionist, or something, and then donate funds to charities…
Of course, he had literally all the time in the world for that. Right now, his attention was drawn by one of the most annoying sounds in the world: a flock of snobbish white girls. They were laughing loudly as they walked into the seating area – walking in formation, of course, to take up the most possible space – but what really drew his attention was when they all got quiet for a moment. He glanced over at what they were looking at. It was an elderly man trying to move his tray and walker over to a table.
“Oh my gawd,” one of the girls – they couldn’t have been older than nineteen – said quietly. “If I ever get that old, just put a brick through my skull.” Her three friends all laughed. Jake sighed and stood, walking over to the old guy and offering a hand.
He was returning to his seat and food when the same girl – apparently the ringleader – muttered “loser”, just loud enough that he heard it. They all giggled, walking over to a smoothie shop to berate the poor wage slave working the till with questions and demands. That was two strikes, and when Jake heard one of them ask about Gluten in a condescending tone, he decided the Gods were clearly calling him to act.
So maybe it wasn’t as glamorous as stopping thieves, Jake thought as he pulled the pressed that big pause button, but Captain Clock… the Temporal Avenger… okay, he’d think of a flashy name later. The guy with the power over time needed to do something to punish these bitches. Captain Karma? No, too hipstery.
Jake pulled a black sharpie out of his bag. Always be prepared. He stood and walked over to where the girls stood, all four with different sneers on their faces. They really did represent a lot of what was wrong with the world. Entitled white girls with perfectly-styled blonde hair and designer clothes who gave zero shits about anyone else. It would be fun to see them have a bad day.
Jake chuckled to himself as he lifted the backs of each girl’s shirt. Uncapping his sharpie and leaving the cap floating in the air, he started writing. When he was finished, each one of the girls bore across the shoulder blades a stylish temporary tattoo stating “I’M A BITCH”. Below, as a tramp-stamp, he wrote “I make fun of veterans and am mean to service staff.” He had no idea if the old fella really was a veteran, but figured a little artistic license was in order.
He tucked their shirts back down, then lifted all their skirts. Bitchy or not, he did have to admit it was a nice view: lean legs and tight asses. One by one, he removed each girl’s panties. He laughed when he got to the leader and found an unruly brown bush hiding underneath. Smoothing down the fronts, he tucked the back of each skirt into the waistband. Then he returned to his seat and tried not to laugh too hard as he watched the four girls order their drinks and expensive paninis with their bare asses in the wind. The old man noticed the show too, staring with wide eyes and chuckling into his soda straw.
Jake was a little sad that they didn’t notice. They barely even flinched at the sensation of the writing and the cool air on skin. Their reactions would have been great, but he had to admit that watching them walk away and knowing they’d never know how many people saw them was just as sweet.
Jake sighed to himself in content as the bitch squad went on their way and looked away, then did a double-take. There by the door the girls left by was Carol, smiling at him. She glanced at the girls and then back to him. Her expression made him think maybe she knew that he’d done it. She certainly didn’t react with any sort of shock at the sight of those four asses walking away.
What was she even doing there? Jake waved to her and grabbed his bag, meaning to chase after her, but he looked again and she was gone. He paused everything and ran to where she’d been, but she was nowhere to be seen. He frowned, then shrugged and put his trash in the bin.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Jake relaxed in his office, having finished way more work already than he normally would need to, and thought about what else he might do with his new toy. Every time Marta walked by his office – which was a lot, he kind of wondered if she ever did any actual work – he snickered to himself.
It was a nice day, so rather than take the train home, he walked. It took a couple hours, but it was completely silent and he got home early. Jake made a note to ride his bike the next day. He was whistling a tune as he walked in the door of his house, but a shuffling sound made him stop. He took off his shoes and walked up the steps to the living room, finding his daughter Petra sitting next to her boyfriend Keith. They were on the couch, separated by a few more inches than one might expect, and Keith’s hands were resting in his lap. “Hi, k**s,” Jake said with a smile, walking into the kitchen. “Watching TV?”
“Yeah, dad,” Petra said. “There’s, uh, a Scrubs marathon on.”
Jake glanced over. The two of them were definitely up to something. Petra was a senior in High School, and she was sexually active. He was fine with that in theory – hell, he made a point of leaving condoms in places she could discreetly get them – but somehow the girl still hadn’t gotten over her “bad boy” phase.
Petra was really beautiful. She had pale skin, green eyes, bright red hair, and light freckles. Boys had noticed her early when she started growing, but now she was almost as tall as her father with slender legs and a curvy figure that could get her in magazines, if she wasn’t determined to use her exceptional brain to go for a PhD. She was even doing some AP Biology classes to get a head start. Overall, she was really something to be proud of.
Keith, on the other hand, was a baggy-jeaned, ballcap-inside-wearing scumbag. Jake was looking forward to the day that he finally fucked up enough to break his girl’s heart so she could move on.
Curiosity got the better of Jake. He opened the fridge and asked, “You two hungry?” as he pulled out his remote. Pausing before they could answer, he carefully stepped around the fridge door. Sure enough, the moment his view was obstructed, Keith had moved his hands from his lap to try to tuck his cock back in his jeans. Jake rolled his eyes as he walked over to investigate.
The boy certainly wasn’t anything to write home about, as far as size was concerned, but what kind of bugged Jake was the moisture. The fucking k** was getting his dick wet on the couch in Jake’s living room! Jake looked over at Petra.
“This is out of fatherly concern,” he said out loud as he lifted her skirt. Still, he couldn’t help but be impressed with the view as he confirmed that his daughter’s panties were still where they should be. He looked up at her as he smoothed the skirt back down, then peered around behind her. Her shirt was pushed up a little, and a quick peek underneath showed that her bra was unclasped.
So maybe they weren’t dumb enough to fuck on the couch in the afternoon before “daddy” got home, but Keith had been groping Jake’s little girl’s tits while making her blow him, and that was just about as bad. If it’d been a boy with a future more exciting than “d**g dealer”, Jake wouldn’t have been upset, but this called for a little retribution.
He whistled to himself as he gathered a few things. After a couple minutes he returned. Slipping on a pair of disposable gloves, he set to work. He used a bunch of clothespins and an old eyeliner pencil. It was tough to tell what the end result would be with time the way it was, but knowing what he did about the male anatomy he was pretty sure it would have the desired effect. Disposing of the evidence, he returned to his position behind the fridge door and pressed “play” on the show he’d set up.
“No th-AAH!” Keith cried out at the sudden stinging pain in his dick, clutching at himself. Jake closed the fridge and walked over, looking concerned. “You alright, son?”
Keith shuddered and stood, hands over his crotch. “I dunno, I… “ He ran off to the bathroom. Petra chased after him. “Keith? What’s going on?”
Jake let himself smirk for a moment before following. Petra had followed him into the bathroom and was demanding to see what was wrong. Jake hung back, not wanting to seem too eager, and was rewarded with a gasp from his daughter as Keith presumably revealed his cock, now covered in stinging welts topped by dark spots.
“Holy shit! What the FUCK, Keith!” Petra had her mother’s lungs when it came to screaming at people. “What did you DO?!”
“I dunno, babe, I-”
“Who- how the fuck did you get that? What is that, a rash?! Who did you get that from??”
“I-” Keith stammered.
“It was Amber, wasn’t it! That slut! Get out! Go to a fucking clinic, you asshole!” It sounded like she was hitting him with something. Jake pressed back against the wall to get out of the way as the k** ran past to escape Petra, who had gone into full Amazon mode, hitting him about the head and shoulders with a curling iron. She chased him down the hall and threw the iron, which smacked against the door as the boy fled into the street.
Petra stood in the hall, shaking with rage. Yep, definitely her mother’s daughter. Jake touched her shoulder. “You okay, pet?”
“Yeah, dad. I just have to scrub off a layer of skin. Um…” She swallowed, not sure how to proceed.
“It’s alright, honey. I can guess. Just get cleaned up, use the good mouthwash or hand soap or whatever you need. I’ll put out your pajamas and order a pizza, and if you notice anything odd you know your mom and I will take you to the clinic.”
“Thanks, daddy,” she said, hugging him tight before rushing to the upstairs bathroom where the larger shower and tub were.
Jake paused the world again the moment the door closed. Really, he thought, if he was going to keep using his powers for this sort of mischief, he needed to get better at resisting the need to laugh like a madman.

Wiping his tears and catching his breath a few minutes later, Jake wandered upstairs to do as he’d promised. He found some of Petra’s nicer fleece pajamas in her drawer and grabbed a pair of panties to go with them, then set them on top of the hamper next to the bathroom where she’d find them. He pulled out his cell phone to order the pizza, but there was no signal. Chuckling at his own silliness, he started time again.
The shower was running as he got off the phone. He’d ordered a couple larges for himself and Petra, and a box of the chicken bites that his wife Sarah enjoyed, since she’d likely be home soon enough. He glanced over toward the bathroom door.
It’s said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jake was fully aware of this as he stood and walked over to the bathroom door. But on the other hand, there really is such a thing as a victimless crime in some cases… he pressed the button on his remote, so familiar already that he didn’t even need to take it out of his pocket. The sounds of the shower halted, as did the TV in the background. He opened the door and stepped in.
Jake’s bathroom was pretty nice. It was one of those things that he really insisted on: a large, convenient washroom near the bedrooms with a jacuzzi tub and glass walls instead of shower curtains. The glass was stylishly opaque up to neck lever, but he could see his daughter’s figure silhouetted against it, back arched. According to the laundry, she’d crossed into D-cups, and it showed. Her eyes were closed and her hands were on her head, leaning back to rinse her hair with what looked like steamy-hot water.
Jake opened the shower door. His heart skipped a beat as he saw how beautiful Petra had really become. Her skin was milky-pale all over, her breasts were round and full and topped by pale pink nipples, and her hips had rounded out to match. Between her legs, the water was beading in a triangle-shaped patch of hair as coppery-red as what grew from her head.
The water was really intriguing, too. Jake reached his hand into the shower, marveling at how he pushed the mist and droplets aside, creating a dry tunnel in the cascade coming from two of the three shower heads. His hand came away wet.
Jake noticed three things: that the water was beautiful, that Petra was even more so, and that his cock was so hard it hurt. He bit his lip indecisively. Looking was one thing, but actually doing anything…
He looked again at the gorgeous frozen girl before him. Then he looked in front of her, under the third shower head, at the ledge on the side of the tub where he liked to sit sometimes when his wife was bathing and wanted company. “Well, if it’s just looking…” He started forward, then stopped when he touched the mist filling the stall. “No need to get everything wet,” he said to himself, unbuttoning, unfastening and stripping off his clothes.
Jake stepped into the shower stall, sliding past his daughter, pushing his hips back so his nine-inch erection wouldn’t slap her thigh, and sat down, admiring her. He reached down and began stroking his cock slowly, letting his eyes drift up and down her body.
He took his time, reaching over and getting some lotion, sliding his hand up and down in a relaxed way as he memorized every inch of his girl’s perfect body. He imagined what it would be like to hold her, not like a daughter in the way he had so many times before but in a new and different way, like a lover. He looked at her lips, cute and soft and parted a little, and pictured how they’d feel on his own, kissing lovingly… and then moving down his neck, his pecs and abs, and sliding down the length of his cock.
His palms itched with the desire to take those full, perky breasts in hand, to squeeze them and hold them, to present those cute little nipples to his tongue to be licked and sucked. He’d wondered about them before in passing, but now to stare at them, within reach… he tore his eyes off them before he escalated needlessly, continuing downward.
Petra had great abs under very little fat. Jake had taught her how to work out and stay in shape, and while she wasn’t into lifting heavy like he was, she did her share of cardio and core conditioning. Not a fold of skin was out of place, but she still had enough flesh to hide her ribs and hipbones.”Perfect,” he breathed, gliding his gaze down her long, shapely legs and back up again, finally settling for the first time on that red hair and the folds of his little girl’s pussy. “Just perf-UGH!”
Jake came unexpectedly, and with more f***e than he’d had in years. His eyes rolled back and he stroked hard as his seed shot out of him into the air. “Oh god,” he moaned, aftershocks tingling up his spine. “That was… oh shit.”
Jake instantly felt guilty. Not because he’d just masturbated thinking about fucking his daughter… but because he came all over her. Somehow, a line of his spunk had landed across her at an angle, from her right nipple down across her tummy and into her pubic hair. From there, the end of the line hung in the air, as did his later shots – he must have spurted four or five times, but only that first one had been fast enough to impact before freezing.
It was curious, since in his earlier tests throwing the pen, it had stopped moving as soon as he released it. Perhaps his bodily fluids were a part of him until they were out for a certain time?
Jake shook his head. “Test it later, moron,” he scolded himself. “I gotta clean this shit up.”
Looking around, he frowned. He didn’t want to walk through the streams of cum in the air, but there was no way to reach the toilet paper or a towel from here. He cupped his palm and slowly began pushing the streams out of the way. Some stuck to his hand, but most of it ended up forming a sort of ball that hung in the air in front of Petra’s chest. Jake stepped carefully around it and got some toilet paper, wrapping it up and wadding it down into the middle of the trash bin.
The next part was a little more awkward. Being as careful as he could, he took some paper towel and started cleaning Petra up. He dragged it slowly down the line of his cum, starting across her nipple and down the underside of her breast, then along her tummy. He didn’t want her to feel too much so he didn’t press down very hard, but it seemed to come off her skin without too much issue… until he got to her crotch.
It must have hit pretty hard, because the stuff was really in there. It just wasn’t an option to be gentle and slide his cum out of his daughter’s pubic hair, but Jake also knew that if he started pulling at it, she’d definitely feel it. So he carefully, gently wiped at it, taking out as much as he could.
Her hair really was soft down there, another trait she’d inherited from her mother. Working carefully, Jake was able to part most of it away and clean his cum off of her. “Oops, pardon me,” he said as his hand brushed against her pussy, then chuckled nervously. “Shit, this is so weird…”
Finally, when he was satisfied that Petra was basically cleaned up, Jake stood and stepped out of the shower. He hadn’t got all of the cum out, but he’d done well enough that she wasn’t likely to notice, and he thought he hadn’t disturbed her too much. He took one more good, long look at her, then toweled himself off and got dressed, but he didn’t go far.
Telling himself that he had to be certain she hadn’t noticed, Jake stood outside the bathroom door. Petra always left it cracked open, since she didn’t like the sound of the ceiling vent fan and liked to be able to yell out if she wanted something. Jake listened carefully as he pressed the play button.
There was a bit of an odd fluctuation in the water sounds as the space he’d passed through filled with steam and droplets, and a small gasp from Petra. Clearly she’d felt something, but at least it hadn’t been enough to upset her. He heard her mutter something about Keith – something rude, it sounded like – and then a quiet statement of “What the…?”
Pausing things again, Jake checked on her. It looked like Petra had noticed the odd sliminess of her pubic hair, as one of her hands was sliding through it. Her other hand was pressed over her nipple – the nipple that just moments before had been cleaned of Jake’s semen.
He moved back again and started the world up. Listening carefully, he started to hear something else under the sounds of rushing water. It sounded like his daughter was breathing faster and harder. The water sounds changed, too. Curiosity getting the better of him, Jake checked on her once more.
Petra had taken one of the showerheads off the wall and was holding it low. In the frozen tableau, Jake could see water spraying up into her pussy. Her other hand was still on her breast, but it seemed to be squeezing it, and she was biting her bottom lip in a way that previously he’d always associated with her being cute to convince him to do something. Now it seemed to be her way of holding back a moan. It seemed she’d felt something after all, and it had been a good feeling. Then again, he had walked in on her blowing someone and getting fondled, so maybe it was just frustration.
Jake, feeling mischievous again, reached over and flicked Petra’s other nipple before closing the shower and leaving the bathroom. He started up time and started to walk away when he heard a soft moan. “Ohhh, daddy…”
Jake froze in his tracks. What the fuck? He looked back over his shoulder at the door, then shook his head and quietly walked away.

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