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Jake’s Magic Remote, Part XIV – Just Rewards

Jake woke early, having already slept between moments. Time was already a totally different concept to him than it had been before, it seemed. He looked at the clock by the bed, noting that it was only 4 in the morning. Plenty of time to get started on the day.
But first, it seemed there was some unfinished business to take care of. Jake had meant to spend some time next door last night, and had got so caught up with Katie that it had slipped his mind. A quick shower to freshen up and an apple from the fridge later, he was whistling to himself and strolling out the door.
He’d taken the liberty of stealing and copying a set of Saul’s keys, so entering the eerily silent house was no problem. Of course, the silence was more due to the fact time was stopped than the late hour. Jake headed upstairs to Saul and Natalia’s room.
Jake found pretty much what he expected under the covers of their bed: the two of them sl**ping facing opposite directions, Saul in an undershirt and boxers and Natalia wearing a sexy nightie and matching panties. The poor girl was trying so hard to keep her husband interested, but knowing Saul he probably hadn’t risen to the occasion.
After a whole night of fucking a pair of teenagers, Natalia’s body was that much more alluring. The nightie dipped low in the front, covering her generous breasts with just enough sheer lacey fabric to occlude her nipples. Jake slid the thin straps off her shoulders, admiring the generous swell of her chest, peaked by nipples that seemed darker in the dim light. He leaned down and sucked one, then the other, pulling them to points with his teeth.
After all this experience stopping time, Jake still got a kick out of how objects froze when he moved them. For instance, the two perfect handprints that squished Nat’s breasts inward and together. He chuckled, restarting time and watching them bounce down to their resting state again.
Natalia moaned softly, but didn’t shift or move. Jake stopped things again and ran his hand down her side, dipping at her hourglass waist and reaching back to give her ass a squeeze. He lifted her leg out of the way and pulled her panties aside, rubbing her pussy with his fingers and then leaning down to suck and lick at her. Then he put everything back and started time again.
This time Natalia’s moan was louder, and her hand immediately slipped down between her legs. Without showing any signs of waking up, Natalia began rubbing herself through her clothing. Even with the bedclothes blocking his view, it was one of the hottest things Jake had ever seen, and his cock strained at the front of his pants.
Nat licked her lips, and Jake just couldn’t resist. He slipped out of his pants and shorts, moving his already stiff cock closer to her and resting it on her mouth. Natalia responded immediately, parting her lips and touching him with a warm, moist tongue and sucking the head in.
Jake shuddered with pleasure as Natalia sucked and licked at his cock. She kept rubbing at her pussy, and her soft moaning was vibrating her mouth around him. Jake reached down and slipped a hand into her nightie, cupping her breast and teasing the nipple with his fingers.
Natalia’s suction escalated and Jake let her take him deeper in her mouth. He started moving back and forth, slowly fucking her lips. She shifted her arm and moaned more loudly as she moved from merely rubbing to actively fingering herself.
Jake felt an orgasm building. He moaned, then stopped himself, but not quickly enough. Natalia’s eyes fluttered open and focused on him briefly, then widened in shock. Jake froze her, removed himself to the nearby closet, and started time once more.
Natalia stared at the space where he had been. “Hello?” she whispered. She pulled her hand up from her crotch and stared at it a moment.
Jake froze her once more and examined her under the covers. She was definitely wet, glistening in the dim light. He licked at her slit a few times, just enough to entice her, then returned to hiding and watched her as she suddenly felt his interference, squirming and biting her lip to keep from moaning.
Natalia, apparently deciding she needed to get off, turned onto her back and returned her hand to her privates. She propped up on her pillow against the headboard, using her free hand to squeeze her tits through the nightie while she fingered herself.
Jake waited for a minute, then froze time and stepped out. He stripped down completely, stood directly in Nat’s line of sight, and let her start up again.
Natalia gasped in shock at seeing him “appear”, standing before her and stroking his cock. Her arm stopped moving, and so did his hand. Just like before, he stood, smiling at her, and stroking himself in time with her own masturbation.
She seemed to accept that, and soon was laying back and softly moaning, working furiously to get herself off. Jake caught her eyes with his, then looked pointedly toward Saul.
Nat took the hint immediately. She reached over and around her husband’s sl**ping body, slipping her still-wet hand down and stroking his cock inside his boxers. Saul groaned, and Natalia pressed close against his back and began kissing his neck and earlobe.
Saul turned sl**pily onto his back and Natalia leaned in to kiss him hungrily. Jake walked around to the side of the bed, watching the couple and still stroking himself, now in time to Natalia’s own stroking.
Saul seemed unwilling to put much effort into waking up, but Nat was undeterred. She pulled his cock out of his boxers and went down on it, staring up at Jake while she bobbed her head and sucked on him. Once he was completely hard, she straddled his hips, pulling her panties to the side and guiding him up into her pussy.
Saul moaned softly as Natalia began riding him, slowly dragging her hips forward and back. She breathed quickly, panting in time to her movement, and kept looking at Jake, obviously getting into the “fantasy” that he was watching her.
Jake froze time again. Natalia was in mid-thrust, staring at his cock with a smile on her face. “Well,” Jake said quietly, “if you’re that interested…”
Placing his hands on her hips, Jake lifted Natalia up into the air. Then he dragged Saul carefully off the bed and stood him upright, sliding him back into the closet and closing the door. He chuckled at the image of Saul propped in there like a mannequin – or rather, given his condition, a well-used sex doll – then returned to the bed and took his place, lying on his back under Natalia’s levitated hips.
Carefully, Jake held Nat’s hips and pulled her back down toward the bed. She was still a few inches up when he felt her wet, slightly gaping opening at the head of his dick. He guided himself up inside her, bringing her down until her knees were on either side of him, on the bed once more. Then he started Natalia again, leaving the rest of the world frozen in time.
Nat had been in the middle of a downward thrust, and a pretty hard one at that. She cried out in surprise as she suddenly felt her vagina stretched by a longer, thicker dick, staring down in shock at him. Jake looked up at her silently, still pretending to be her fantasy hallucination, and waited.
He didn’t have to wait long. Natalia slid her hands down onto Jake’s pecs and started moving again, slowly up and back down again. “Oh god,” she whispered, “It’s just like I dreamed…”
Jake smiled up at her, running his hands up from her hips along her sides to cup her breasts. She moaned, pushing down a little deeper on him and moving faster. Before long, she was once again sliding her hips back and forth smoothly, only now instead of her husband’s cock inside her, it was Jake’s filling her, and she still seemed convinced she was imagining it.
Natalia was tight, surprisingly so for a grown woman. She was clearly not used to even an above-average size on a man, but she just as clearly was loving the sensations. She shifted back and started lifting and falling instead of moving back and forth, using gravity to pull herself down and forcing Jake in deeper inside her until he could feel the brush of the end of her passage.
Jake slid his hands around to her ass, helping to pull her down and thrusting up into her a little. Her pussy contracted around him and she cried out again, shaking as she came around him. Jake kept thrusting through the spasms, refusing to give her a rest, and Natalia fell down on top of him. Her breasts flattened against his chest while her hips rose and fell, and she pressed her lips down on his, moaning into him.
Jake started pumping harder and faster, fucking Natalia eagerly now. He pulled her down again and again to meet him, and finally felt her give way, letting him plunge into her womb. Her cervix squeezed him like a vise and he groaned into her frantic kisses, but she kept moving, up and down, grunting and moaning with each balls-deep thrust.
They came together, both vocalizing their pleasure loudly into another kiss. Natalia’s pussy convulsed, rippling inside and milking Jake’s cock. He thrust deep inside her, throbbing almost painfully as his cum shot out, filling the deepest parts of her womb.
Natalia’s head fell on Jake’s should and they both laid still for a minute, panting. Natalia started to lever herself up to look at him again, and that was the moment Jake once more froze her in time.
Jake took another moment to appreciate the view and the heat of Natalia on and around him, then began to lift her off of himself. He pushed her up into the air, slid off the bed, and retrieved Saul from the closet. Returning Saul to the bed, he carefully lowered Natalia onto him, sliding his cock into her and giving a little press to her stomach to hopefully close some of the gaping of her opening around him.
Jake wiped his dick clean on the corner of the sheet, then dressed once more and stood outside the bedroom door. He listened in when he started time once more.
“Oh god, Saul, that was incredible,” Natalia murmured. “And you’re still hard… mmm…”
Jake quietly walked away from the bedroom and down the stairs as the sounds of Natalia riding Saul began once more.

Jake walked down the street at a leisurely pace, enjoying the frozen sunrise. There was almost nobody on the street at this hour, and the quiet made it seem almost like a false world, a giant simulation created for his own enjoyment.
Rounding a corner, Jake’s eye was drawn to a jogger on a path through a park. He walked closer to investigate. She was wearing a bright pink tank and black leggings, and had been frozen mid-stride. The leggings were tight enough that Jake could see the outline of her underwear, as well as the slight swell of her mound.
The girl was clearly taking very good care of herself. She had a slim figure, average-sized breasts filling out her sports bra, and a supremely tight-looking ass. Without hesitation, Jake pulled out his stiffening tool and moved behind her.
He laid his cock between the girl’s ass-cheeks, bending her forward and moving her legs to a standing position. It was a beautiful sight from his perspective: the long blonde hair flowing back in the “wind,” the arch of a slim back under tight clothing, and that perfect ass with his dick nestled against it.
Holding her hips, Jake ground slowly up and down against the jogger. The sheer fabric of her leggings felt like a silken glove stroking the underside of his shaft. He smiled, stroking back and forth faster but taking his time with her.
Jake thought about fucking the girl, but decided that it was boring to just stick his dick inside every nice-looking girl he met. Besides, he didn’t have enough time in the day. On the other hand, a quick standing lapdance was a nice diversion.
He stood the girl up straighter and lifted her shirt and bra, fondling her breasts with one hand. The other hand held her waist, keeping her steady while he thrust up against her. The only sounds in the world were his moans and the shuffling of skin on cloth.
Feeling his climax building, Jake turned the girl around and pushed her to her knees. He slid his cock between her breasts, which were slick with sweat already, and squeezed them around it. Pumping his hips, he groaned loudly as his cum shot out along her neck and cleavage.
Jake squeezed the last few drops out onto the jogger’s nipples, then took a picture to remember her by. His picture collection was getting pretty pride-worthy, he thought as he stowed his phone in his pocket. He replaced the girl’s bra and top, but left the pearl necklace behind, then returned her to her running mid-stride position and walked over to a spot in front of her where he could observe from. Starting time, jake began walking on the path toward the girl as if he were just out for a stroll.
The girl stumbled for a moment, confused probably by the sensations of contact on her ass and breasts. She glanced behind her, then kept running, oblivious to the obvious cum all over her chest. Jake smiled and waved to her and she lifted a hand in greeting as she ran past.

Work was pretty quiet, but Jake was amused to see that Marta was wearing a fully-buttoned blouse and a bra. It seemed she’d listened to her “conscience” about the flirting. He planted a note in her purse that said “Good job on modesty, keep it up”.
By the afternoon, Jake was suffering a severe case of boredom. There were far too few people doing things that earned them Karmic Justice, and his work was already done for at least a week ahead thanks to the efficiency of being able to stop time. But then, a person didn’t need to be guilty to be the target of a prank or two, right?
Jake walked through the frozen office, glancing side to side. An intern was watching some training video over a manager’s shoulder, so Jake unfroze the computer, entered an address for a porn site, then froze it again. When things resumed, they would see an unexpected page load up, and probably think there was some sort of crazy virus on the computer. Jake made a note to volunteer to fix that one for them.
Pam from Human Resources was chatting with a male coworker by the breakroom. Pam was usually close to wherever food was. She was a little overweight; not big enough to start being disgusting, but certainly past the range where Jake would consider her desirable. On the other hand, the guy talking with her seemed willing to overlook her gut in favor of staring at her admittedly very large breasts. Jake decided to make the guy’s day, using a knife from a nearby drawer to cut off the top buttons of her blouse. Just to be thorough, he opened the blouse and shifted Pam’s tits so a nipple was showing over the edge of her bra, then pushed them in so they would bounce outward, throwing the blouse open dramatically.
Pam hadn’t done anything recently to earn any ire, but Jake had always found her to be a little annoying and useless, so he figured she was fair game. Maybe later he’d manipulate her and her soon-to-be gawker into an encounter in a supply room. That would be a nice way to make it up to her for the embarrassment she was about to suffer.
Just for the hell of it, Jake walked over to Marta’s desk and opened her slacks up. He slid his hand down inside and rubbed her pussy for a while; long enough, he hoped, to get her off. He planted another note on her desk: “Have a reward for the good behavior, me!”
Jake was so amused by the thought of Marta squirming in her chair and then getting annoyed at herself for it that he almost walked right into Danica. Danica, the mousy brunette PR girl who never really bothered anyone. Danica, of the milky-white skin and lovely C-cup breasts.
Danica, who probably deserved some sort of reward.
After all, how was it fair that Marta got to cum at random for being a skank, but Danica went through her day without any sort of physical gratification? Simply by virtue of… well, of virtue, she somehow had become less deserving of orgasmic bliss.
Jake resolved to change that. He stepped around a corner where he wouldn’t be seen to “appear”, and started time. Danica, apparently carrying some copies back to her desk, walked around the corner.
“Hey,” Jake said, raising a hand in greeting, “need a hand?”
“Thanks,” Danica said, smiling at him and handing over a stack of pages. She’d worn her glasses today and looked pretty much adorable. “It’s a little awkward, I need to staple the copies at my desk.”
Jake walked with her back to her office, suppressing the urge to stare and chuckle when Pam hurried past holding her blouse closed. “So how’s your day going?” he asked.
“It’s pretty dull, to be honest,” Danica admitted. “I’ve about finished everything I need to do until tomorrow.”
“So what are you going to do until five, then?”
“I dunno,” Danica said, “watch videos of funny cats?”
Jake grinned. “That was pretty much my plan as well.”
Danica’s office was fairly private, and Jake thought it would make a nice venue for what he had planned. He set the papers on her desk. “Anything else you need?” he asked.
“No, thanks. Enjoy your videos!”
“Heh. You, too.” Jake nodded and left, sliding the office door closed behind him. Of course he immediately reopened it and walked back into the office, but Danica didn’t know that.
There was really nowhere to hide, but Jake figured he could stand behind Danica and she would be unlikely to notice. Of course, behind her was a pretty good place to be right now, as she was presently leaning over her desk to sort through her printouts.
Jake carefully slid her skirt up and admired her ass. She was wearing pantyhose over a pair of white panties, and the curve from her back to her thigh was tight and beautiful. Jake’s cock twitched in excitement.
“Down, boy,” Jake muttered to it. “This is about her.”
Kneeling, he slid Danica’s hose panties down to her thighs. Her skin was as milky-pale as he remembered; clearly the girl didn’t go out uncovered in the sun a lot. He leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue along the length of her slit, then covered her up again and let time start.
Danica gasped, executing a full-body shiver. She looked around, but thanks to some quick reflexes on Jake’s part he was able to stop time and move out of her field of view easily enough that she didn’t notice him behind her.
Danica shrugged and returned to her paperwork, dismissing the event. Jake stopped time again and once more exposed and licked her, then rubbed at her clit with his fingertips. When he redressed and unfroze her, her knees weaved and she moaned. Catching herself on the desk, she blushed and again looked around, but once more Jake dodged her detection.
Jake decided it was time to escalate a little. He stripped down, then once more licked and rubbed Danica’s pussy. Then he sat on the side of her desk, where her line of sight would be pointed directly at his erection, and started time again.
Danica moaned once more, this time stifling it with her hand, then gasped as she realized she was staring at Jake’s cock. Her eyes trailed up until they met his, and then he disappeared. Or more specifically, he moved to where she couldn’t see him again.
“What the hell?” Danica whispered, squirming a little as she seemed to realize how wet she suddenly was.
After a moment, she sat down in her chair, fanning herself with a notebook. Jake gave her a few seconds to cool off, but the moment she tried to lean forward and use her computer to do work again, he once again froze and stimulated her. This time he also pinched and rubbed her nipples through her blouse and bra, although to his pleasant surprise he found that they were already erect.
Danica fell back into her chair again, biting her lip and squirming with her legs tight together. Again her eyes widened when they rested on Jake’s body as he sat on her desk.
“Am I… seeing things?” Danica asked quietly.
Jake smiled and nodded in response, then vanished and teased her slit again, eliciting a suppressed whine from her.

Danica flushed and fanned herself again. Why was she suddenly feeling this way? “Get a hold of yourself, girl,” she said angrily. “Married. Off-limits. And he doesn’t really know you exist that way.”
But then again, did he? He’d been so nice carrying those papers, and seemed interested in chatting. Danica was almost calmed down, thinking back to the walk to her office, when another flash of pleasure washed over her.
“Ohgod,” she whispered, gripping the armrests of her chair. She looked up, this time less surprised to see a naked hallucination of Jake standing next to her. “What’s happening to me?”
Not-Jake smiled down at her, reaching to caress her cheek. His imaginary hand was soft and warm. “You’re just imagining something nice,” he said. “Enjoy it, it won’t last too long.”
Danica opened her mouth to respond, but Jake – no, Not-Jake – vanished again. She looked around the office again, once more confirming that there was nobody else there. Then, just to be sure, she picked up the phone and dialed Jake’s extension.
Jake picked up right away. “Stevens here,” he reported. “Hi Danica.”
Of course. Call display. “H-hi,” she stammered.
“Something I can do for you?”
Danica froze. She really had no reason to call him. Then another strange throbbing burst of pleasure radiated out from her nethers.
“Aaaahnnn no, sorry,” she said, cutting off her moan. “I just… thought I’d left my pen with you. But I just… found it?”
“Alrighty,” Jake quipped over the phone. “Talk to you later then.”
“Y-yeah,” Danica replied, setting down the phone and looking over at Not-Jake, who once again stood nude before her. He looked just like she’d imagined, trim and fairly muscular but not intimidatingly so, but that cock… she hadn’t imagined it would be so… so glorious, really. She looked up at him. “You’re in your office.”
Not-Jake nodded. “I am.”
“You’re not here.”
“No,” Not-Jake said, reaching down and undoing the top two buttons of her blouse. Just two, no more. Enough to cool her down again. Then he was behind her, rubbing her shoulders, while her girl-parts sang again in sudden excitement.
“Aaahmmmnh,” Danica moaned, “y-you need to go away.”
“Why?” Not-Jake replied, leaning down and kissing her neck. His lips were soft and warm, too. “You always work so hard. Why can’t your subconscious send me to relax you a little?”
“Because I’m at work,” she protested. “I need to do… work stuff!”
“Ah, but you told me in the hall that you were going to watch cat videos. Why don’t we cancel that agenda item and tend to an entirely different sort of pussy?”
Danica blushed, almost painfully. “But what if someone comes in-”
“Shh,” Not-Jake said. “I’ll stop time.” he snapped his fingers, then gestured to the window. She could see a bird flying outside. Or rather, not flying. It was frozen. “Now we’re all alone, this is happening instantly inside your mind, and you are free to enjoy yourself.”
Danica stared at the bird and then at Not-Jake. “I… don’t know-”
There was a shift of vertigo and suddenly Danica was sitting on the edge of her desk. Her hose and panties were down around her ankles and her skirt had been rolled up to expose her hips. Jake knelt before her, face buried between her legs, but she couldn’t tell what he was doing because she was already cumming, gripping at the desk and squirming.
Jake didn’t stop. Danica could feel his lips and tongue at work on her, and his hands were rubbing along her thighs, holding them in place. “St-stop,” she breathed, “it’s too… much-” Her words were cut off by the crest of another orgasm. He may be imaginary, but jesus, Jake was playing her pussy like a violin!
Jake stood up as she came down from the high. Or rather, he was suddenly standing. Her legs were free of the confines of her now-vanished hose and panties, and her blouse was completely open. Jake had his hands on her hips, and his cock was so close that she could feel the heat of him on her pussy.
Danica swallowed. “Are you going to fuck me now?” she asked.
Jake smiled knowingly at her. “Do you want me to fuck you, Danica?”
She nodded. “Yes, please.”
Jake took a little step forward and leaned into her. Danica felt his cock first probing and then spreading the lips of her opening. She looked down and held her breath, watching as it started to slide into her below her little patch if short brown hair.
Jake moved slowly, but steadily, easing his beautiful cock into her empty passage. Danica pressed her palms to his chest, curling her fingers and digging her nails against the hard flesh there. She felt herself stretching ever deeper, and finally Jake bottomed out within her, with more length to spare. “Jesus christ,” Danica moaned, “It feels so real…”
Jake smiled down at her. His cock twitched inside her, sending jolts up her lower spine. She realized suddenly that her bra was gone, and one of his hands was caressing her exposed breasts.
Then Jake pulled back. No, not pulled back. He blinked back instantly, leaving only the head inside her. Danica felt her vagina snap closed around the empty space and gasped in shock, then moaned again as Jake once more slowly eased into her, this time stopping a little deeper as her body shifted things to accommodate his length.
Danica whimpered as Jake once more shifted instantly back out of her. “Please,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around him, “Please don’t tease me.”
Jake slid into her a little faster this time, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to trap him inside. “What do you want?” Jake asked gently.
Danica stared up, suddenly embarrassed again. “Don’t you… know?”
Jake nodded. “I do. I’m part of you. But we both know you should say it first.”
Danica bit her lip. “Collar me,” she said quietly. “Please, sir, collar me and make me your bitch.”
Suddenly, wonderfully, Danica was on her front, bent over her desk. Her pussy was on fire with pleasure as Jake drove his dick into her again and again, no longer teasing. Something was pulling at her neck, and she realized it was a leather dog collar. Jake was holding her leash,tugging it to keep her back arched while he used her.

Jake had been more than a little surprised when Danica had admitted her fantasy. It had certainly been a bizarre highlight of his life to walk to the nearest pet store and bring back a collar in her size. But hell, you never could tell who was and wasn’t kinky, and who was he to judge anyway? He’d been fucking his own daughter, after all.
Danica started moaning in time to his thrusts, clenching tighter around him. Her thighs were pressed against the sharp edge of the desk in a way that had to hurt, but she made no attempt to push away from it. She gripped at the far edge of the desk, white-knuckled, crying her pleasure as she came again.
In fact, Jake realized as the hot wet feeling slid down his thighs, she came hard enough to make a mess. He made a note to maybe lay a towel down in future, reaching up and gripping her shoulder with his free hand.
“Good girl,” he praised her, pounding his hips up against her ass even faster. He could feel her womb starting to give way to him, and his balls were slapping her clit with each thrust.
Danica made a breathless cooing sound, shivering head to toe in response to his praise. Her pussy clenched down tighter even as her cervix opened to him, sucking his dick deep into her center.
Jake had meant to pull out and finish Danica off in a more controlled way, but the hot, tight sensation of her gripping him was too much to bear. Yanking back brutally on her shoulder and leash, he groaned and shot his cum into her. Danica squealed in pleasure, grinding back against him.
Jake remained inside Danica’s pussy for a few moments longer, letting the last of his seed drain into her and keeping her stretched tight around his shaft. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear once more, again calling her a good girl. Then he froze her, slowly easing his cock out of her and inspecting the evidence.
His thighs and hers were slick with Danica’s juices, but fortunately the floor was still dry. That was easy enough to clean up.
Unfortunately, evidence of Jake’s presence was also lodged deep inside Danica’s now gaping cunt. Peering inside her and using the light of his phone, Jake was just able to see some of it deep within her. Luckily, that was the only place where it was. By not pulling out, Jake had ensured there was no mess within the reach of any probing fingers. He could only hope she didn’t get too curious and start trying to push out the hot feeling within herself.
In any case, Jake felt like he’d done a service today. Danica was a nice girl, a little shy, and clearly she had some pretty wild fantasies. Didn’t she deserve the chance to experience them? Definitely. Jake dressed her once more, moving her back into the same position she’d been in before when she’d hung up the phone. He reached for the collar, then stopped.
Jake left the collar on Danica’s throat, but coiled the leash up in his pocket. Between the leather and her skin, he tucked a note:
“Danica, you are a very good girl. I may come back to use you again, if you ask nicely and I feel like doing so. Next time you need me, put this collar in your top desk drawer and then tell Jake something about cats. Love, kisses and spanks. -Your subconscious.”
Because really, didn’t everyone deserve to live their fantasies sometimes?

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