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Jake’s Magic Remote XV – Cheats and Chumps

Guys, I just wanna say thank you so much for being such great readers. I love all your PMs and comments and suggestions. It’s great knowing that you enjoy my work so much.
Sarah grinned up at her lover’s face. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked as she squeezed his cock between her breasts. “You like feeling my big tits around you.”
“Oh yeah baby,” Jerome replied, reaching for her breast.
Sarah slapped his hand away. “No touching,” she warned.
Jerome raised his hands and leaned back in his chair, watching her. Sarah kept eye contact as she slid down and took the head of his big black cock between her lips, teasing under the ridge with her teeth.
If you’d asked her even a few days before, Sarah wouldn’t have guessed that she’d be in an apartment now, far from her husband and daughter, with a cock in her mouth. But lately, she’d been wanting to get out more. Cheryl, the new girl at work, had taken it upon herself to show Sarah a good time as much as possible, and with how much more confident and assertive Jake had been lately she was glad to have places to go.
Jake was a problem. Sarah had entirely lost control of her home; the last few times she and Jake had been intimate, she’d felt completely overcome with lust, out of the driver’s seat. Even when she initiated sex, it felt like she was doing what he wanted her to. And with Jake and Petra being as chummy as ever, she’d been feeling like something of an outsider.
Cheryl had shown Sarah how to go out and take charge of a bar, a club, whatever place she ended up in. But still, at the end of the day, they’d always part ways and Sarah would go home to Jake and Petra and normalcy.
Sarah and Cheryl hadn’t been at a club tonight. They hadn’t even been drinking. They’d been at an outdoor cafe enjoying fattening iced coffee drinks when Jerome and his friend Chuck had introduced themselves.
It had been an amusing enough time chatting with the men, especially since they both were quite clearly distracted by Sarah’s cleavage. But even so, she hadn’t really imagined she’d be going home with one of them, at first. Then she did start imagining things.
It was just a little flash at first, but she’d caught some sort of mental glimpse of what Jerome must look like under his shirt. Tall, dark, with defined muscles, very eye-catching. Just a flash, and then he was wearing the suit again. But then it had happened again. And again. And finally, when he’d stood up to use the washroom, Sarah had caught a peek at his cock.
Of course it was just her imagination, but it had turned out to be very accurate. Thick, long, probably twelve inches from the base, and standing proudly erect. Sarah had blushed pretty hard, more with excitement than embarrassment, and squirmed in her seat.
Cheryl noticed, of course. Cheryl always seemed to notice. So she’d asked Chuck to get her a refill and prodded at Sarah about it.
“He’s nice, huh? Did you see the bulge?” She’d whispered.
“You could say that,” Sarah had replied, pretending not to be staring after him.
“You should jump him.”
Sarah had stared at her friend for that one. Cheryl was adventurous, sure, always into flirting, but she’d never before suggested actually going through with anything. Still, in the end, she’d been convinced, and now here she was in Jerome’s apartment, kneeling in front of an easy chair and teasing his dick with her tongue and breasts.
Jerome moaned, twitching his hips, trying to wedge his dick into her mouth. Sarah glared up at him and dug her nails into his thighs, then rewarded his enthusiasm by stroking her tits up and down his shaft, smearing spit down the skin. She let him pop out of her mouth and smiled. “Someone’s excited,” she teased.
Jerome nodded. “You have no idea,” he drawled.
Sarah chuckled and leaned down again, opening wide and stuffing him a little deeper into her mouth. She felt her jaw stretch – damn, he was thick! – and was about to pull back, but then she had one of those flashes. She swallowed her moan, trying not to shiver as a little spontaneous orgasm rolled through her.
That was odd, she thought. It had been happening lately, often when she had one of the visual flashes and hallucinated Jake in the nude. Sarah figured that her body had decided to tell her very adamantly when she was horny. Stupid biological clock seemed not to know that she was on contraceptives.
She pulled back a little and went down again, sucking Jerome’s dick until her cheeks squeezed it, and was rewarded with another tingling mini-orgasm rolling up from her pussy. Apparently her body liked sucking giant black cocks, who knew? she shrugged internally and began bobbing up and down on him, rubbing his long shaft with her tits and swallowing as much as she comfortably could of his length.
Jerome groaned, gripping the armrests of his chair, and Sarah pulled back once more. She gave him a catlike grin, standing up between his spread knees, and then turned around, giving him a bit of a show as she shimmied out of her slacks and soaking wet panties and tossing them onto the pile with her jacket, shirt, and bra.
Slowly, slowly she lowered herself, sitting on his lap and pressing her firm round ass back against that hot steel rod, grinding into him.
“Oh babe, yer killin’ me,” Jerome complained, disappointed not to be wedged up her snatch already.
“Would you rather I stop?” Sarah asked, slowly rolling her ass up and down his shaft, clenching to squeeze it between her cheeks and arching her back to brush the base against her pussy.
“No ma’am,” he replied. Good boy, she thought, reaching back and pulling his arms around her. She pushed his palms against her breasts and was rewarded with more spontaneous tingling, then resumed grinding back against him.
In reality, Sarah desperately wanted that big black cock inside her, but she would not give in that easily. Only sluts lie back and think of England. Sarah was no slut. She was a Lioness, and she meant to prove it.
She lifted her hips and reached down and back, stroking her hand along Jerome’s shaft and smearing spit and pussy juice together. She felt him clench up in anticipation as the head of his cock brushed along her pussy, and then revelled in the soft moan of mixed pleasure and disappointment as she denied him entrance and instead slid her slit down along his shaft. He squeezed her breasts in his big, warm hands while she toyed with him, grinding down along his cock and moaning dramatically.
She could feel his meat jumping against her pussy as Jerome held back his desire, and soon she could see liquid beading on the tip. “Hm, you want something, don’t you?” she taunted, pushing the rock-hard shaft down with a finger and letting it bounce back up against her.
“Fuck yes,” he breathed in her ear.
“Then take it,” she replied.
Jerome’s response was faster than she expected. He growled and wrapped his arms around Sarah’s waist, lifting her and throwing her onto his couch. She barely had time to bounce before he was on her and then inside her, pinning her body down and forcing that monster dick down into her waiting cunt.
Sarah gasped, shivering at the sudden fullness. She was used to a big dick, but this felt more like someone was pushing a baseball bat inside her! Jerome held her shoulders, moaning in pleasure, sliding inch after inch of glorious lust inside her, and just when experience told her he was all the way in he kept going deeper.
Sarah’s pussy was on fire. Her eyes rolled back and she bit down into a cushion, thanking god when he finally bottomed out against her cervix. Jerome’s breath was hot on her neck, and she was just about to tell him to wait a moment when he pulled back suddenly and pushed back in again, at least six inches to a stroke.
Over and over, Jerome battered at her inner walls, grunting and thrusting, until Sarah lost track of time and language. She cried out, distantly recognizing an orgasm through the stretching and now bouncing. There was a pressure on her hips now after each thrust, and she realized that he had gone even deeper somehow, forcing himself so deep inside that his hips were pressing down on her ass.
Sarah’s mind started coming back a little, and she realized exactly how vulnerable she was, pressed flat on the couch while her black bull of a lover took her, and decided to seize the reins again. After all, letting a man control her would be a grave mistake. Letting Jake control things at home was exactly why she was here now, fucking some guy she’d just met.
Bracing her hands on the couch, she arched her back, forcing Jerome to lose some of the depth on his thrusts. She waited, moaning and squirming under him, until she heard him start to breathe faster. When the moment was right, she clenched down around him, tightening her passage. She was rewarded with a hiss of breath; clearly the sudden change hurt him.
Jerome tried to pull back, but it was too late to stop. He pumped feebly into her, still stretching her more than any man before but no longer enjoying the full heat of her core around him, and groaned loudly. Sarah barely held back the urge to laugh as she felt his cum spurt inside her, warming her mid-thrust instead of as the white-hot explosion he’d been building up to.
Ruining a man’s orgasm was a trick she hadn’t used since college, but clearly she still knew how to do it. Jerome would still be partially hard for a while, and the blue-balls effect would no doubt having him jerking off to the thought of her as soon as he had a chance, but right now she’d established dominance without seeming to try. She fell back onto his couch, panting to catch her breath, and bit her cheek to keep from moaning while he eased his semi-erect weapon out of her.
“Mm, that was fun,” Sarah purred, not bothering to look back at him. “We should do it again sometime.”

Petra grinned wickedly as she slipped out of Jerome’s coat closet, tucking the remote into her pocket. This had been easier than she’d thought. Clearly her mother had been ready to cheat already; she’d just needed that little push. And what a bitch she was about it, too! That poor guy!
She leaned in close to examine the aftermath. Jerome’s dick looked to be aching from the denial that apparently had been performed on it. She was tempted to stroke and suck it until he sprayed all over her mother’s back… but for the time being, him being horny would be a better plan.
It was tough not to go through with something, of course. The scene had been hot enough that she’d had a hand down the front of her slacks, and she felt almost wet enough that Jerome wouldn’t tear her apart if she mounted him. But no. She could wait. Daddy would be home soon enough.
She whistled a tune to herself as she walked out, poking at her phone, reviewing the pictures and videos she’d captured and saving them to an online archive. At some point, she would use them to turn events toward the right ending. Not yet, maybe not even soon, but eventually.
Time, after all, was on her side.

Petra’s phone buzzed after she restarted time in her bedroom. She looked down at it, and found that there was a message waiting from Jeremy, the creepy k** next door. Jeremy had been stalking her pretty much since he’d bought binoculars and she’d started growing tits, but actually contacting her like a real person was new. The only reason he even had her number was that she’d once watched his parents’ cat while they were out of town.
“WE NEED 2 TALK” was the message waiting for her, and there was a picture attached. A picture that looked to be taken from Jeremy’s yard, through the window and into the kitchen… where Petra was on tiptoes, kissing her father on the lips. His hand was visibly squeezing her ass, and it was obvious that they were both very much into it.
“Fuck,” Petra muttered, deleting the picture. She sat on her bed and poked out a response, playing cautious: “Talk about what?”
It didn’t take long for another message to come across: “What U can do for me.”
Seriously? That shithead was really going to try to blackmail her? Petra ran her fingers over the remote in her pocket. “Why would I do anything for someone who makes fake photos?” she typed back at him. Not that she thought it would work, but she certainly wasn’t about to give him proof to use against her.
“Ill cum over n we can talk” was the next message. Petra growled under her breath, shoving the phone in her pocket. She was a conflicted mess of anger and eagerness; that little shit had no idea who he was messing with.

“…so anyway,” Jeremy said, fidgeting nervously, “I, uh, think that it would be bad if your mom found out, or your dad’s work, or if someone put up a picture on a power pole somewhere, y-you know?”
Petra glared at him. She’d been glaring at him, silently, for several minutes, sitting with her arms crossed in her father’s recliner. Jeremy sat on the couch, wringing his hands together as he detailed how much – or how little – he knew about Petra and Jake.
“Wow, Jeremy,” she said dryly, “I knew you were a creep. I didn’t know you were a complete asshole.”
Jeremy put up his hands, palms out. “I’m just, um, looking out for you. You know.”
Petra rolled her eyes. “Right. And I suppose you’d like some sort of ‘gratitude’ for that, yes?”
Jeremy grinned. “Something like that,” he replied.
Petra shrugged. “Alright,” she said neutrally.

Jeremy felt his eyes widen. Holy shit! he thought. It worked! He’d been wanting Petra for so many years, but she kept going out with assholes and never seemed to notice the super-nice gentleman living right next door, which was stupid because he would have totally treated her like a queen if she’d just fallen in love with him.
But of course she, like all girls, never seemed interested in nice guys. Just assholes and bad boys. So instead he’d worshipped her from afar, watching and sometimes taking pictures. He had folders on his computer dedicated to “P”, sorted into categories with names like “casual,” “excited or happy,” “leggy”, “cleavage”, “bikini”… there was even one picture in its own folder where he’d caught a glimpse of her changing by the window. It was from behind and you could almost see where her nipple would be. Jeremy felt that it was the greatest side-boob photo ever taken, and frequently opened it up when he was about to cum into whatever had become Petra at the time – usually a sock.
When he heard she’d dumped her latest lame boyfriend-slash-m*****er, Jeremy had been thrilled. He’d spent days working up the courage to make his move, and this was the time. His time. But then, while he was watching her – to gauge her mood, of course, he didn’t want to be a rebound guy but didn’t want to miss his chance either – he’d caught a glimpse of her kissing an older man, with her hand down the front of his pants. And then she’d pulled away, and he’d seen who it was…
Mr. Stevens was m*****ing his daughter. He’d brainwashed poor, perfect Petra, convinced her that she had no choice but to let him kiss her and rub his dirty dick on her fingers. Well, Jeremy could fix that, He could go to the police… but that would just fuck up Petra’s life even worse. No, he had an even better plan. And it was finally happening, for real.
First he’d make Petra do stuff with him. Then he’d make her be his girlfriend, and show her what it’s like to be in a real relationship. Then she’d start to fall in love with him, and he’d have everything he ever wanted. It sucked that he had to be mean to get it started, but once she saw what life with him was like she’d thank him.
“So what exactly do you want?” she asked, startling him out of his thoughts. “You wanna see my boobs or something?”
“That’s a start,” Jeremy said, smiling. “You could- could take off your sweater, that would be good.” He could feel his heart pounding faster, and it was hard to keep his voice from cracking.
Petra rolled her eyes at him and pulled off her sweater. It was almost not sexy the way she did it, just up and off like she was in a hurry to get changed or something. Underneath, she was wearing a simple white bra; it made her look like one of the girls in the Sears catalog.
Jeremy had seen Petra in bikinis smaller than this lots of times, but to have her here, like this, for him alone was just incredible. His dick twitched eagerly, and he let his eyes roll down and up, admiring her perfect white skin and the way her boobs pressed together inside their underwire prison.
Petra crossed her arms over her chest again, but instead of blocking the view it just enhanced the cleavage. “Satisfied?” she asked impatiently.
“Milady,” Jeremy breathed, “I’ll never be less than satisfied with- with that. Why don’t you come here and, um… feel how much satisfied I am?”
Petra glared at him. “Seriously?”
Jeremy shrugged. “Or I could go home and post some pictures to the internet of some stuff.”
Petra grumbled, plopping on the couch next to him. Her hand slapped down onto his lap with more f***e than he would have liked, resting motionless on his privates. “Better?”
He sighed. “Come on, Pet, why don’t-” his voice caught in his throat as pain shot through him.
“You don’t call me that” Petra growled as she squeezed his dick and balls harder through his pants. “You never, EVER call me that.”
“I’m sorry,” Jeremy wheezed. “P-Petra. I won’t call you that.”
“Good,” Petra said, mercifully releasing his junk from her grip. Her mood shifted immediately back to quietly indignant. “So look, what’s the minimum sick **** victim part you’re gonna make me play here?”
“I don’t like that word,” Jeremy replied.
“Too bad,” Petra said, smiling sweetly. It was kind of scary how her face kept changing emotionally. “I don’t want to touch you, and you probably want to make me suck your dick. That’s pretty much textbook ****.”
Jeremy sighed. “Fine. Do that, then, please. Listen, I’m never going to hurt you. You’ll enjoy this, eventually. I promise.”
“You know what?” Petra said, unzipping his pants and pulling his penis free. “You’re probably right about that.”
Jeremy stared in awe as she leaned down, that beautiful red hair obscuring his view. Pleasure rolled over him like a wave, making his whole body shiver. That’s her mouth, he thought, that’s was what her mouth feels like! He moaned, resting his hand on the warm skin of Petra’s shoulder and watching her slowly bob up and down on him.

Petra resisted the urge to cringe away from Jeremy’s touch. She made soft “mmm” sounds as she sucked his dick – which, she had to admit, was not a bad one. Not as big as her Daddy, but not too small and it tasted clean. She’d decided what she was going to do to Jeremy, but it required a little sacrifice on her part.
She sucked and licked and stroked him, being careful not to go too hard or fast; he was pretty clearly a virgin. It was too bad he hadn’t tried this at school, she thought; there were a hundred ways she could think of to fuck with him there. Still, this plan was solid, it was what he deserved, and most of all it was funny. It would require her popping back and forth a little in stopped time, but she didn’t expect he’d notice anything amiss. Hell, he hadn’t noticed yet that her left hand was in her pocket the whole time, nor had he felt anything the few times she’d already gone away to work on the plan and come back.

Jeremy leaned back on the couch, moaning and stroking his girl’s hair. His girl, that’s what she was now. He ran his hand down her back and pulled at the clasp of her bra to free her breasts. Except it didn’t open. He pushed and twisted it as delicately as he could, but eventually Petra reached back and undid it herself. That simple act of submission was possibly the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.
He reached under her, twisting his arm to push the palm of his hand against her boob, squeezing it in his hand. It was soft but firm, hot and smooth, and he gasped as the eroticness of the scene almost pushed him over the edge.
Petra sat up again, one hand down there still, trailing her fingers up and down the length of his twitching thing. “Careful,” she warned. “It’s not polite to cum in a girl’s mouth without asking.”
Jeremy stared at her, hypnotized by her bared breasts. They were glorious, perfect! The pale skin, the pink nipples, the way they shifted with her breath. And below that her flat, lovely tummy, and then…
“Take off your pants,” Jeremy said quietly.
Petra frowned. “Do I have to?” she asked submissively.
“Yes,” he said, feeling more confident. “I’m going to take you now.”
Petra twitched oddly, then pulled her hand out of her pocket. “We should go upstairs,” she said quietly. “In my room, with the lights off. It’s… better.”
“But I want to see you,” Jeremy objected.
“Please?” she asked, looking sad and sweet and perfect. “Just for the first time? I want it to feel… right.”
Jeremy nodded, giving in to her. “Alright Pet… ra,” he corrected himself, “let’s go upstairs.”
She smiled, taking his hand in hers and leading him away from the couch. He felt a strange jolting shiver in her grip a couple times, so he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as they entered the room.
Petra walked to the window and pulled the blinds, then closed the door. It was dark, so dark he could barely see. He could just make out the shape of Petra sliding off her remaining clothing, reaching for his hand and pulling him toward the bed.
She laid on her back, as a girl should with her lover the first time. Perfect, perfect, everything was perfect. Jeremy climbed up over her, bracing on the bed. He felt her hand reach down between them and grasp his manhood, guiding it toward her flower.
“Jeremy,” she said quietly, holding him there, “please… keep it romantic? Try to be… as quiet as you can.”
Jeremy slid his hand up to caress her cheek. “Of course, my love,” he said.
“Thank you,” she whispered, guiding him down into her.
There was a dizzy sort of stomach-flip as he entered Petra for the first time. Jeremy sighed in pleasure, savoring the hot, wet, tight feeling of finally coupling with her. Slowly, smoothly, she guided him down until he felt his hips resting on hers.
He waited there a moment. He wanted to wait longer, maybe forever, wrapped in Petra’s beautiful pussy, but after a few seconds she rolled her hips and he felt her hands on his hips, urging him onward. He responded immediately, wanting badly to impress his lady, pulling back partway and pressing down again.
She clenched tight and moved her hips again, arms coming up to his shoulderblades and pulling him downward. Jeremy kissed her – his first kiss, he realized with a distant amusement – and kept moving as smoothly as he could in and out of her.
She guided him down, helping him find and suck on her nipple. Her breast felt soft and pillowy under his lips, and the way his back arched let him feel a little deeper inside her. His manly instincts began to take over and his thrusts got faster and more erratic.
Long, soft legs came up around Jeremy’s waist and he felt her heels dig into his back, egging him on. He started pumping harder, the way the guys in the pornos did it, thrusting into her pussy over and over, one hand holding his body up while the other grasped and squeezed her breast.
Suddenly, with a gasp, Jeremy felt himself cumming deep inside of his girl. There was very little warning, and no way he could stop. He grunted quietly, diving a couple more deep thrusts and holding there as his love-seed filled her honey-pot. Finally, after seconds like hours, he felt himself relax. He collapsed, panting, letting his cheek rest on that big, soft breast.
“Oh god,” he breathed, “Petra, that was… that was amazing.”
Petra tensed up beneath him. Her voice was startled and wrong. “Jeremy?”

Petra froze time and fell to the floor, laughing her ass off. She rolled around and cackled for a while, then finally caught her breath and wiped away her tears. “Shouldn’t have fucked with me,” she said cheerfully, pulling out her phone and using the flashlight to expose the scene.
Jeremy had pushed himself up off his mother’s chest and was staring in pure horror down at her. His hand was pressed on her right breast so hard that she’d probably have a bruise from his urgent movement. Her own face was confused and scared, covered in sweat and stuck strands of her short mousy-brown hair.
Jeremy’s mother was pretty enough. She was overweight, and her boobs were a bit lopsided, but she wasn’t a buttergolem or anything. Jeremy should count himself lucky that Petra had been too lazy to go walking and find a football jock for him to sodomize.
But the real show was down below. Past the unruly patch of bush, Jeremy’s mother’s sex glistened with wetness. It didn’t look like a very tight fit, but Jeremy’s cock was still nestled deep inside her folds. Petra shook her head as she took a few more photos, making sure to get a good shot of the little drop of pearly-white cum dripping down from the woman’s opening. “Honestly… how could you think you were on top of me?” she wondered aloud. “We’re nothing alike.”
This moment made it all worthwhile, playing along with Jeremy’s bullshit and sucking his cock and pretending to be a dick-smitten little damsel for him. And to top it all off, Jeremy’s computer hadn’t even been locked! She’d thought she might have to rip out the drive, but it had been an easy thing to replace every last picture of herself with a horrible one. Jeremy’s dad’s cock featured prominently in the new contents of the “P” folder, as did his mother’s asshole, and a few posed shots of the two of them engaged in indecent acts. She felt a little bad for how sore old Jer’s pop’s asshole was going to be… but only a little. To top it off, she plugged her phone into the computer and added copies of all the pictures of Jeremy fucking his mother. She felt especially proud of the ones she’d taken right when he was cumming inside her.
It didn’t look like Jeremy had uploaded the pictures anywhere, but just to be safe she stole his phone’s SD and SIM cards and put the handset in the tank of the toilet. As for Jeremy’s original spank-bank, the super-creepy folder of spypics of Petra… those belonged to her Daddy now, and she would make sure he got them.
Petra returned to the bedroom, pulled Jeremy’s dad out of the closet where she’d had him frozen, and flicked on the light, making sure he’d have a direct line of sight on his son’s dick buried in his wife’s cunt. Again she felt a little bad, but it was their own fault for raising a blackmailing little creep. She hummed a tune as she returned the man to the normal, albeit still frozen, flow of time with her remote and made her way out of the house and back home.
Petra felt a little pang of regret as she unpaused the world. She really would have liked to stick around and watch the aftermath of this little joke. But in the end, she’d decided it would be best not to risk being seen. Besides, this was clearly a matter best kept in the f****y.

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