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Jamaican Treasure

Jamaican Treasure

“Ooh girl yes this is just what I need to get my vacation popping off right!” I said dropping my floral sundress to the floor.

“Yes girl I agree. What better way to start off our sun in the fun vacay on this glorious tropical island then to get a full body rub down made for a queen?”

This was Amora and I first vacation together and we planned to let no minutes waste. Bossman back at the 9-5 had been working us like modern day slaves this past year. With only two nights and three days to see what Jamaica had to offer a sista, time became of major essence. “Girl we gotta ride this vacation until the Earth sinks.” I informed Amora.

“Alright, alright, alriiiggghhhttt!” She outlandishly replied.

“What happens when you’re away stays away.” I chimed in. We rejoiced and laughed at ourselves as we continued to get ready for our full body massage. No better way to get a massage, then to be outside in a cabana on-looking the glorious sea and fine beings that bless this beautiful land.

“Mimosa dear?” A half-naked server offers.

“Oh thank you. Now this is how you really get the party started!”

I took that Mimosa to the head and as I began to lie on the table, in my peripheral vision I saw something that just couldn’t be. It was almost as if a mythological God was entering my atmosphere. As the image came closer and was now in my regular line of sight I confirmed my speculation. And yes oh yes I’ve seen my fair share of good looking men but this is a great looking man. Standing 6’2″ looking like a well-oiled machine. This sexual dark chocolate had it going all the way on. His light brown eyes capture you and leave you feeling weak. Baby had abs for days. His abs are so tight I wonder what workout regimen he could be on because back in the states brothas nowadays are only working with a one keg pack but this work of art here had a 10 piece on deck.

I got lost in his masterpiece of a body when I came to and realized he had been calling my name. “Davira, Davira, I am going to serve you now.”

“Whoa I thought I was getting a massage?” I exclaimed.

“Yes ma’am I am going to serve every part of your body and leave you feeling like a new woman.” As the vibrations of his accent left his supple lips and entered my ears I felt chills go down my spine with each word. I wanted to freeze frame every second that this perfect statute of a man had to say.

After he tried to get my mind out of the gutter I muttered to myself. “Too bad you can’t really serve every part of me”. I was hoping he didn’t hear and just as he began to rub oil on my back he leaned down and whispered.

“Dhat can be arranged.”

Ooh even his soft whisper was sexy. What’s going on here? Someone call the plumber because I have a leaky faucet in my south corridor. This island masterpiece has turned me all the way on and my juices won’t stop flowing. I hope I can calm down before this massage is over because I can’t be seen walking, leaving a puddle in my shadow.

I was so caught up in his whisper and strong nurturing hands against my body that I failed to even process what he said. Did he really just say he could arrange to have every single part of me served?! Oh take me now take me now as I screamed on the inside. With my mind going 200 mph fully engaged in the thought of sex I decided that I must take him up on his offer. Just the feel of his hands gliding down my oily back was just what I needed to confirm my plan.

“So Davira tell me sumting, are you taking a liking to how I am able to serve you so fah?”

“More than you know and I’m sorry you never told me your name.”

“Oh I’m sorry ma’am I was so caught in your beauty when I came around the corner that you had me at a loss for words. It was almost as if I was being blessed by a Goddess. But before I become back at a loss for words, my name is Santo. And I must say that the radiance of your beauty is a bright cloud in my jungle of darkness.”

“Well thank you for the compliment Santo and I guess it’s true that great minds think alike.” A Goddess, he actually thought I was a Goddess as I did he was a God. That irony solidified that what was about to transpire was meant to be. As he began working my ass muscles I lost all control of my body and immediately went from a flat position to tooting my ass in the air and arching my back.

He elatedly smiled. “Oh you must be ready?” But before I could bring my lips to speak he caressed my inner thigh. Once he approached my hidden treasure he was able to self-answer his question. “Oh she is ready alright!” Next thing I knew Santo was deep tonguing my pussy from the back. His tongue felt so deep in my pussy I thought he had slid his dick in for a second. He went to town on me. He licked and sucked every single centimeter of my pussy. His head took me on a completely different vacation and I felt lost in pleasure and lust.

“Santo oh Santo you make me never want to leave Jamaica!”

He responded with him sliding his tongue against every part of my inner gold. “Who said you have to go?” The tremors that his words sent through my pussy made me burst in ecstasy.

And the next thing I know in one swift move Santo managed to flip me to the ground just as my juices began shooting out. “My Diamond you are a Goddess!” He expressed in amazement at the flow of my secretions.

“Oh my dear god you haven’t seen anything yet.”

“I want you to meet someone.”

Meet? Who could he possibly want me to meet? Thank you, but no thank I thought to myself. I was just fine with my Santo. “Oh no thank you, I’m not into threesomes.”

He laughed and my square answer. “No my dear, I want you to meet all of me.” As those words dropped a butterfly in my stomach his shorts dropped to the sandy beach, causing me to instantaneously feel blind for a second because his manhood was so… MANLY! “I’d like you to meet King Santo my Queen.” Standing in a cocky stance he awaited my reply. My jaw dropped to the ground. I don’t know what looks better him or his dick. And this was a beautiful man but his dick was handsome. It stood erect at about 10 inches of black steel. I could just see the bl**d pulsating in his veins and I swear the head on his piece gave me a wink. He knelt down to get ready to enter me and I stopped him.

“No let me have the pleasure of going on a glorious ride with King.” I straddled him to the ground and braced myself for what was about to happen.

[alarm clock rings] Beep Beep Beeeeeeep Beep Beep Beeeeeeep

Damn I’m late for work!

Nooooooo I just had the best, worst feeling. I was on the best vacation of my life but why am I back in my bed. How can the best day of my life all be a dream? Sigh now back to reality. Oh no I’m going to need a new mattress. Fuck that! I’m calling in.

I have some unfinished business with King Santo to handle.
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Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:23 pm

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