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Jayne Southport 1980

[iI was spending a weekend away with my latest boyfriend Kirk. We had booked into a little B & B on Bath St. and were looking forward to a little romantic time together. Kirk knew all about my past, I think it turned him on just hearing about it! We had enjoyed the day messing about on the boating lake and in the resort’s “Theme Park”, Pleasureland. Being early September, the sun had already set at 7.45pm, as we made our way onto the pier. ” You hungry babe?” I asked Kirk, he nodded , ” we’ll get some fish ‘n’ chips then, eat them “al fresco”,” Ten minutes later we were sat at a woden table enjoying our fish supper. ” We’ve been so lucky with the weather, like a summer’s day today, you enjoyed it?”
” Every minute A.J. it’s been a total blast!” mumbled Kirk through a mouthful of fish and mushy peas, ” Then again every minute I’m with you is always a fucking blast!”
” Aw Kirk that’s so sweet, thank you,” I squoze his arm as he continued to eat, ” what say we finish this then have a couple of drinks in The Coronation then back to the B & B to catch up a little?” Kirk nodded in agreement as he finished his final mouthful, ” Sounds like a plan,” he said wiping his mouth on a serviette, ” have to take a piss though first, the loos still down under?! He drank down the last of his large glass of shandy, ” Yeah I think they are still there,” I answered pushing my own plate away as I finished my meal,” you go on and I’ll wander down to meet you,” Kirk rose and moved towards the slope at the side, I drank my Fanta and two minutes later I followed his steps. As I got to the bottom of the slope in the gathering dusk I heard my name being called huskily, I saw Kirk at the entrance to the Gents beckoning me to him, ” What’s up?” I asked, he glanced around, ” Come in a minute you’ve got to see this!” he whispered loudly, ” it’s unbelievable!” I turned around and checked for people, besides an elderly coupl sitting on a bench eating the plsce was deserted, I ducked inside, Kirk motioned towards a cubicle and entered, I followed him in, closing the door behind me. ” God it stinks!” I whispered to him, he put his finger to his lips and pointed at a large hole in the wall, I bent my knees to look, the unmistakable sound of a woman moaning as she was being fucked hit my ears, soon my eyes saw what was going on . A woman, aged in her 50s was being taken doggy style by a young black guy, aged around 20yo, her mouth was clamped upon a monstrous looking cock of an older black guy who was face fucking her with some expertise. I watched transfixed for a few minutes, the woman, her chestnut coloured hair hanging loosely was wearing a dark blue blouse that was open to the waist, her large tits were swinging free as the younger guy grasped them every noww and again tweaking her stiff nipples, the older man’s big cock entered and left her willing mouth to a regular rhythm, she gagged upon its girth a few times but never lost control, after a few more thrusts the huge cock twitched and a stream of creamy spunk shot from the end hitting her almost dead between the eyes, a long string of spunk trailed from the man’s pink bell-end to her nose. Theyounger man never missed a beat his rampant cock continued to pound remorselessly at the woman’s stretched pussy,Kirk had knelt down besides me watching the action, he had pulled out his cock andwas rubbing it gently as he watched. Without warning the young black man drove ever deeper into the spunk covered woman’s cunt, then giving a cry he emptied his ball sack into her, her knees buckling as she took it. The older man zipped up and wiped his long index finger down the woman’s pussy lips as his friend’s spunk gently oozed from her, casually he wiped his sticky fingers upon her breasts, ” You not a bad fuck for an old,fat cum-whore!” He laughed as the younger man put away his spent cock and zipped up. The woman stood up trying vainly to put her tits back into her bra, when she failed the oldder man laughed again, “Aw yoou poor fucking slut! How you going to explain that to your husband?” She looked at him with dampening eyes, she fastened the buttons on her shirt, three had been ripped off in their sexual fun, she straightened her denim skirt then reached down onto the floor for her knickers. ” A-a-ah, no way lady , those are mine now!” the older guy snatched them from her, ” a reminder of the night we screwed Southport’s biggest fuckin’ slut! That right Daniel?” The younger man smiled arrogantly, ” Too right, the old fucking slag wasn’t bad for her age , but I doubt we’ll be doing her again anytime soon eh Marshall?” The woman took her redclutch bag from the cistern behind her and clutching her back across her torn shirt tried to push past the two men, ” Thanks doll face now get back to your old man…oh and don’t let him near that old stretched cunt of yours, he’ll know you’ve been playing if he sees how we stretched your old cunt! ” the older guy slapped her fat arse as she passed him , the young man pulled her to him as if to kiss her, she moved her cum filled cheek to him and he spat directly on her, ” You fuck off home you sad, old bitch,” in tears the woman slid the bolt and left, the two men high fived each other and followed her out, laughing and joking.
Kirk’s cock was rock hard by then, his hand wanking it slightly faster, the action we had seen had got me hot too, I sat on the seat and pulled him to me my mouth eagerly tking his hard cock into my willing mouth, sucking him wildly, enjoying every lick and every taste as he began to slowly face fuck me just as we’d watched the older, black guy do to the poor, middle-aged woman before. Kirk had been in my mouth for over five minutes when I noticed an eye at the hole from the next cubicle, I carried on sucking him hard as our mystery voyeur watched on intently. Kirk had no idea that we had an audience, he mauled at my tits as I sucked him deeply, easily deep-throating his engorged cock, ” Shit A.J. I’m going to c,,”, his speech was interrupted as his cock pumped in my mouth, I knew Kirk was always a very heavy cummer so I swallowed quickly, licking my lips and his cock to get rid of every drop, ” Mmmm you should get turned on more often Kirk darling, I don’t think you’ve ever cum as much,” my tongue licked my bottom lip moving to my chin to capture a small globule that had escaped my mouth, ” You girl can suck a mean cock,” he smiled at me and kissed me full on the lips just as the bolt on the next door loo slid back , I glanced and saw the voyeuristic eye had left. I smiled hoping he had enjoyed watching me blow Kirk.
A sharp knock on the door brought me back to reality, ” Open the fucking door !” A voice hissed, “quick or I get the cops!” Kirk threw a glance at me as he put his cock away, zipping his pants, I nodded and he slid back the bolt.
The door swung open, a grey haired guy of around 50yo entered, re-bolting the door, he was wearing a long grey overcoat that certainly was not in keeping with the weather. He spoke softly, ” That was some show you guys put on just now!” Kirk looked at me in a puzzled way,
” I think he was watching the blow-job I gave you,” I motioned towards the hole, ” Yes quite a mouth your young lady has and your cock isn’t bad either, from the amount of spunk lying about next door I’d guess you were entertained too, any good were they?” Kirk nodded meekly, “Two blacks with an old slut,” he answered the man, he moved into the cubicle to stand by Kirk infront of me. “Mmm we get all types in here nowadays, not like the old days, now young lady let’s have a look at you!”
His hand reached out to youch my breasts, Kirk moved as if to strike at him, I shook my head, the glistening blade in his other hand had caught my eye, “Very nice boobs they feel like, you like sucking them?” He questioned Kirk, who having also seen the blade was now more compliant, he nodded mildly. ” Yes indeed,” he lifted my grey vest top revealing my blue satin bra beneath, ” very nice indeed,” lifting my arms he pulled my vest over my head, Kirk started towards him, a flash of the blade stopped his movement, ” You my fine friend can drop your trousers to your ankles, your boxers too.” Kirk did as he was ordered, his cock beginning to get hard again. ” There that’s better and look he’s getting turned on too!” He moved back to me the knife blade touched my skin as he cut firstly one bra strap then the other, with his other hand he ripped the cups from my chest baring my heaving tits, ” A souvenir of the moment,” he gave an oily smile as he stuffed my bra into his overcoat pocket. His fingers rolled my nipple between themselves, pinching them as the buds hardened, I glanced at Kirk, his cock visibly harder as he watched, “Mmmm now then let’s…,” he stopped as he heard the next door bolt being slid into place, ” Ah, Showtime!”
So saying he took a step back , his hand touched Kirk’s cock as he did, ” Very nice young man,” he unfastened his raincoat and flamboyantly removed it. Both mtself and Kirk gasped. Under the raincoat the man wore a deep, red basque with a pearl choker to his neck, rolling down his trousers he revealed red stockings with a matching suspender belt. He had on a red thong and a stiff six inch cock waved infront. I heard a noise nearby and knew our new audience was in place, he moved back to me, his fingers once more playing with my tits, I saw him glance towards the hole as he bent his mouth to my right boob, leaving a red flourish upon it as he bit, I flinched but stayed silent, he spoke, ” Now my little slut suck my dick like you did his,” Kirk stood, his cock now nearing full attention, as I took the man’s cock into my mouth.A taste of cologne entered my nose and mouth, ” That’s it my little cumslut taake me right in and…,” he began to speed up face-fucking me like a man possessed, ” Do you think our voyeur is enjoying you as much as I did?”
His cock pushed harder and deeper into my mouth causing me to retch, he pulled out as the eye at the hole muttered ,” Fucking hell yes!”
He stood me up pushing me forward against the seat, positioning himself behind he ripped away my knickers and jammed his solid cock into me, the fasteners on his basque dug into my back as his cock hammered into me, his hans kneaded my tits and nipples with every thrust, my pussy was on fire, his words continued calling me “A dirty fucking Cumslut, a filthy chubby whore, a sex mad little slut, a cock loving bitch,” each phrase and word increasing his ardour and desire, I knew I was going to cum soon, his fucking was so rough but my body still reacted naturally to his fucking. As he pounded me I felt the orgasm break onto my conciousness, my brain momentarily losing control as my cunt gripped the man’s cock bwgging him to fuck me more.
As my juices flowed down over his cock he withdrew, his next action was predictable but none the less painful as he forvced his cockhead into my tight asshole I gave a loud gasp as he entered my anus, Kirk watched open mouthed , I had rebuffed all his attempts to take me anally, driven on by my clenchings and whimpers, he drove his cock fully into my tight hole, in and out, time and again as he ass fucked me mercilessly, he’d taken all three of my holes in a few minutes. The tightness of my ass f***ed him over the edge, he gave a cry as he pulled out his cock, my asshole popping as he did and a huge amount of hot spunk landed on my ass and liwer back, he wiped his cock down my ass crack, thrn turned to Kirk, ” Be a good boy clean me up!” I turned, my asshole felt like it was on fire, I watched as Kirk fell to his knees taking the man’s spent dick in his mouth licking it clean, as he did the man took hold of Kirk’s and slowly wanked it, Kirk released the cleaned prick and closed his eyes as the man wanked his prick at a faster rate, then dropping to his knwws took it into his mouth, voraciously sucking it until Kirk’s eyes opened wide and his spunk covered the man’s face. It jerked again sending a spurt onto his basque, at hird spurt landed full on his pearl choker. Kirk fell to his knees spent, the man moved to me, ” Look seconds!” He pushed his face towards mine and I had to lick off the familar cum of my boyfriend, he scooped up the mess on his basque, pushing his fingers into my mouth, the toilet next door flushed, bolt drew back and the door opened, ” Another happy viewer,” he said sarcastically as he unfastened the pearl choker and handed it to me, ” reckon that you deserve this, it has got a little messy but I’m sure you can clean that up ,” so saying he gave me a peck on both cheeks picked up his raincoat, putting it on as he strode past Kirk and gathering up his trousers unbolted the door and left.
Kirk stood up and moved to give me a kiss and a hug,
” Sorry babe,” was all he could say as he pulled up his boxers and trousers, I pulled my vest top back over my head and slipped the choker into my skirt pocket.
Kirk didn’t last much longer, his feeling of guilt too much too handle, the pearl choker however is still going strong, I’ve worn it in many shoots and videos, and it’s always a reminder of being a voyeur ,being watched ,being a performer one September evening in Southport.]

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