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Jeff’s Daughter Part 4 the final chapter

Part IV
Heather got on her knees in front of the group as the first man on the end started to speak into the camera.
“Hey Jeff, my names Mark and if everything has gone as planned you’ve been fucking my daughter Caitlyn today. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed her, and now I’m going to enjoy fucking your daughter. We’re all going to enjoy fucking your daughter.”

The camera pans down to show Heather bobbing up and down on marks cock.

“Hey buddy.” I said to Jeff. “Have a seat on the couch and enjoy the show, Jessica’s ass isn’t going any where.”

“Huh? What?” Jeff said in a dazed slur.

“The Couch, Caitlyn got us a couple more beers.” I said.

“Yea..the couch. ok.”

“Look at the way she handles his cock! That’s the making of a professional cock sucker Jeff.” I say

The camera moves in and the screen is filled with Heathers face and the large cock she’s working in and out of her mouth. The sounds of her softly moaning and slurping fill the room and after a minute of this Mark pulls his cock from her mouth and rapidly strokes his dick inches from her face, letting loose a ribbon of cum that splashes across Heathers cheeks, than another over the brim of her nose. The spunk starts to drip from her face onto her tits as her tongue licks the cream from her lips.

“Oh, that’s beautiful.” I say.

On the video you can hear a voice telling Heather to show daddy her face, and she turns just as cum drips from her chin onto her left tit. Mark grabs the camera to focus it on himself.

“Great cock sucker Jeff, can’t wait to try her pussy. She’s going to make a great little cum slut for the group.”

The camera is again handed over to the next man and he introduces himself.

“Hi Jeff. I’m Robert.” He says as he points the camera down to show Heather eagerly sucking his dick. “And you already know this little cunt.”
“Hi daddy.” She says with a big smile

“Show your daddy how big that cock is your sucking on.”

“It’s so big daddy, I mean really big.” She says holding it against her cheek in her small hand. The camera pans back up to Robert.

“Eight and a half inches Jeff. I’m about to teach Heather her how to be a sword swallower. Watch this.”

The camera is handed off again and a pair of hands position Heather’s head under Robert. Her head tilted tilted all the way back and slowly the length of Robert’s cock disappears into her throat.

“Breath through your nose slut. That’s it. Ohh yeaaa. See her throat Jeff? That’s my cock in there.”

He pulls his cock out of her mouth and she starts to gag and cough a bit.

“Not bad for a beginner Jeff. Won’t be long before she can take Trevor’s dick.”

The camera pans right to the large black man in the middle of the men and then back to Heather as Robert strokes his dick in front of her open mouth.

“Here it comes baby, here’s your reward for being a good little cock whore.” Robert says as he blast his load into Heather’s waiting mouth. “Mmmm, yesss, stick your tongue out baby I’ve got lots more cum for you.” He says as another ribbon of cream enters Heathers mouth. “Oooohhh yeaaa, mmmm” He groans as he wipes his dick across Heathers face. “I’ll be using this little cum receptacle a lot Jeff. Show your daddy that you swallowed every drop Heather.”

Heather opens her mouth for the camera, licking her lips.

“All gone.” she says with a big grin.

Again the camera is passed, this time to Trevor. The large black man that looks like Ving Rynes.
“Hey Jeff, I’m Trevor… and this is the hammer.” the camera is pointed down to to his crotch with Heather holding his cock with both hands, her light skin in deep contrast to his black muscle. “I bet your wondering how big it really is?”
The camera is passed again, still focused on the length of pipe Heather is fondling when a 12 ounce beer can is held beside it. Trevor’s cock is longer by at least an inch maybe two and is nearly the same width.
“Don’t worry Jeff, I won’t give it to her all at once.” He says opening the beer and downing it in just a few gulps. The camera on a wide shot now showing Heather struggling to fit just the head of his cock in her mouth.
“Suck it baby, you can do it. Do it for daddy. Show him how much you want my big black cock.”

Jeff mumbled something under his breath while stroking his dick.

“Hot watching her suck all that cock isn’t Jeff?” I asked with a devilish grin.

“Shit, that’s my daughter. I shouldn’t be…” He said, his words trailing off
“Enjoying it Jeff? She’s having a blast, no ones hurting her. It’s just sex.” I say leaning closer to him. “Look at her holding that monster clock to her lips. She loves it. She loves it like you love getting your cock sucked by my daughter. She loves it, Jessica, Caitlyn. All these guys have daughter’s and you can fuck them all Jeff. They get to fuck Heather, and you get to fuck seven choice pieces of ass. Trevor’s got two girls in the group. Ever fuck black pussy Jeff? Now you can. Hot grade A pussy. 18 to 25.” Explaining our group to him.
“She loves it Jeff, look at her.” I say directing his attention back to the TV where Heather is taking another load of hot cum from Trevor’s cock.

“Woo! Jeff, I’ve been saving a nice load for your little cock sucker for three days man!” Trevor explained. The camera moved in closer to Heather’s face covered in spunk. “Don’t worry though, I got more for her pussy, I can go three maybe four more times. Ask Jessica, she knows. We’re going to have some fun Jeff, don’t worry about a thing.

“He’s not k**ding, I’ve seen him drench women head to toe in cum.” I said to Jeff.

“Holy shit! Look at her, look at all that jizz all over my daughter.” He said in a more accepting and relaxed voice.

“Hot isn’t it?” I said back.

“Fuck, it is kinda hot. I mean… I just. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

“What your seeing is a hot little sex freak sucking off five guys. That’s hot no matter how you slice it.” I said, knowing he was closer to embracing a new way of thinking.

“Yea, I mean, it is hot, and I did say I would like to fuck the little whore when I didn’t know it was Heather.” He said as he laughed nervously.

“You did say that.” I said agreeing with him.

Our attention turning back to the video playing on the flat screen.

“Hey Jeff, I’m Mike. You’ve got an eager little cock sucker here. I was one of the guys at the football party last weekend. She drained a lot of dicks that day. You should be proud of your little cum receptacle.” He said holding the camera straight down as Heather bobbed up and down and slurped on his cock. “I don’t know if Jake told you but I won Heather’s pussy and got to fuck her in front of every one after the game, tight little cunt too, really enjoyed her. Your daughters a great fuck Jeff!”

The camera is handed off to Jessica and is pointed down to his side, so the screen is filled with Heather’s cum covered face taking his cock balls deep in her mouth.

“Show your daddy how you like to lick my balls Heather.” Mike says

“Yes daddy.” Heather says as the teenager begins to stroke Mike’s throbbing dick as she tongues his ball sack.

“Ahh fuck, that’s it baby. Keep stroking, I’ve got more cream for you.”

Suddenly a ribbon of cum shoots off from Mike’s cock, a stream of milky white fluid flew over Heather’s head hitting the lens of the camera, and our camera girl, Jessica. The room erupted in laughter as Jessica jumped from being startled, not expecting to be hit by the way word explosion of semen from Mike’s dick being furiously pumped by our new teenage fuck toy.

Jessica turned the camera on herself to show how the cum had splashed across her bare tits and her face and hair.

“Oh my god, that scared me.” she said laughing as her tongue licked the cum from her lips. “It went like 5 feet.”

Then Jessica turned the camera back to Mike and Heather as she continued to pump his cock in to her mouth, cum still flowing from his meat stick, her tongue licking the cream from the head.

“My god, look at her lapping it up like milk. Your right Jake, she looks like she’s addicted to cum. She doesn’t want to stop. My daughters a fucking cum slut!” Jeff said, amazed at the transformation he was witnessing.

“Congratulations Jeff, she’s a hell of a cum slut. What do you want to do with her the next time you see her?” I ask.

“Huh? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Never mind. The video still has more to show you Jeff.”

“Oh god damn Lisa, that was good, that was damn good.”

“Hey Jeff.” Mike says into the camera. “I’ve got a little weekend planned with some fishing buddies in a couple of weeks, would love to bring some new pussy along, we’ll talk later.” He says, giving a thumbs up.

Jessica moved the camera once again to a well built man not unlike the other 4 that we’ve watched. Alyssa once again has wasted no time moving tot he next hard cock at her initiation. The video in a wide shot shows Alyssa on her knees naked in front of the man.

“Hi Jeff, I’m Dave. Can’t tell you how fun it’s been to watch your daughter go around and suck off the guys here. She’s been amazing. You might be thinking, how much cock can she suck? How much more sperm can your little girl swallow? Trust me this is just the start. Your going to love being part of this group. I saw my daughter Megan suck off 20 guys on night. She holds the record for non stop dick licking, but Alyssa here, I bet she could do twice as many. We hope your there to see it Jeff, as amazing as it looks on video it’s 10 times better to watch the little girl you raised become a cum receptacle in person.” He said taking his cock from the young girls mouth.

“Stand up Alyssa.” Mike said to her. Alyssa got up off he knees and stood beside Dave, his cock still erect, her face caked with drying cum.

“Oh my God daddy, I love it. I love sucking cock, being fucked, being led into a room naked and knowing I’m going to get to swallow loads of cum and have my pussy filled. It’s been so amazing!” She exclaimed with the biggest smile. When Alyssa was finished, Jessica handed the camera back over to Mike.

“Jeff you may have noticed that I didn’t add to your daughters facial. That’s because this…” the camera dipped down to his still erect love pump. “Is going into this…” The TV screen was filled with Alyssa’s spread wet pink gash.

“Holy shit!!” Jeff exclaimed out loud. “He’s really going to fuck her isn’t he?” He said with both trepidation and excitement.

“Not just Dave, there all going to fuck her” I explained. “That’s what we do Jeff. We fuck each others daughters.”

Jeff leaned forward, his eyes fixated on the screen as his daughter got on all fours and spread her legs. Her pussy was wet, and she used one hand to rub her clit and spread her cunt wide. It filled the high definition screen again.

“Gorgeous cunt isn’t it?” I said.

“It’s fucking amazing, god I wish I was there.” Jeff said stroking his engorged cock, his breath quickening.

“What would you do?” I asked.

“I…I’d get in line and fuck her like a little whore. I’d fuck her pussy. I’d fuck my hot little daughter’s cunt!” He said, almost in disbelief that he had heard himself say it.

The screen split. We had brought out a second camera to record the expression on Alyssa’s face as each man entered her her pussy and fucked her to completion. Jeff got to see both views of his daughter. A tight shot of her fuck box as Mike buried the length of his cock into her and her face with each man behind her, holding her hips, thrusting in and out until he filled her with his seed.

“Fuck me, oh god, yes, fuck me daddy fill my cunt. Oh god, I love it daddy!!” She moaned. One by one each of the men took his place behind her. Dave, Mike, Robert, Mark and then Trevor. As each man withdrew his cock from her well fucked pussy, cum oozed from Alyssa’s pink snatch and down her thighs. She never stopped begging for cock even as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her body.

When the last man had emptied his ball into the young women and withdrew his cock, her cunt was gaping wide and what seemed like gallons of milky white fluid.

The video went to black and then reappeared much like it had begun with the 5 men in a semi circle and Alyssa sitting on the floor, only this time covered in cum and it still leaking from her still wide gash between her legs.

“Thanks Jeff. We had a great time with your daughter.” they all said in unison. “It’s still early, so we’ll probably fuck her a few more times before the day is through, but you get the idea.” Mike added.

Alyssa turned to the men and took the nearest cock in her mouth and one in each hand as the video faded to black.

“Damn! Mark did a great job with the video, don’t you think Jeff?” I asked. “Especially the split screen at the end so you can see Alyssa’s expression as the guys start to fuck her.”

“This is unbelievable. I can’t… I mean, I just watched my teenage daughter fuck and suck off 5 guys.” Jeff said exasperated.

“Amazing, I know. Makes me want to fuck her again Jeff. I bet you would love to bury your cock in her about now after seeing that wouldn’t you?” I asked.

“I… I don’t know Jake. I mean you actually fuck Jessica and watch as others do to?” Jeff asked.

“You saw the photos, you saw her sucking my dick right her on the couch a little bit ago.”

“Yea, but you said yourself it was a mistake, that you didn’t realize it was her until after.” Jeff said searching for a reason to deny everything he had just seen and been told.

“Jessica!!” I called out to bring her back into the living room.

“Yes Daddy.” She said coming out of the kitchen still completely naked. “Uncle Jeff here needs a little more convincing.” I said removing my pants and shirt.
“Mmm, OK daddy.” she purred walking over to the couch where we both sat.
“Look at her Jeff, this is my teenage daughter, the one that was sucking your cock. The one whose pussy you had your tongue in. The one you fucked. My teenage daughter Jeff.” I said standing up beside Jessica as she reached for my dick to stroke it.

“You want to see me fuck my daughter Jeff? Would that convince you?” I said reaching behind her to finger her pussy so Jeff could see.

“It’s Just… I… It’s a lot to take in.” He stammered.

“Jessica, tell Jeff her what Alyssa said after you told her you sucked his cock.” I said.

“She wanted to know all about it Mr. Davis. She fingered her pussy as I told her how nice and big your cock was. I told her how you played with my tits, and how you came all over my face. How I loved the taste of your hot cum. She told me she couldn’t wait to suck your cock Mr. Davis. She said she wanted you to fuck her.” Jessica purred telling the erotic story of his daughter.

I moved behind Jessica, lifting her leg onto the cushion of the couch next to Jeff. Moving my cock between my daughter’s legs, I spread the lips of her wet cunt just inches from our new friend.

“Mmmm, fuck me daddy.” Jessica moaned. I want to feel your cock in my pussy.”

I eased my throbbing dick into my daughter’s slippery cunt as Jeff watched and began to stroke himself again.

“Ohhh yesss, that feels so good daddy. I love when you fuck me.” My daughter groaned.

Jeff watched as my cock slid in and out of Jessica slowly for the first few minutes. Then I eased out of her, whispering instructions in her ear.
Jessica eased over to Jeff straddling his body, leaning close to whisper in his ear.

“Call me Alyssa daddy.” She purred. “Close your eyes and call me Alyssa.” Jeff’s eyes closed but hesitated, not being able to say his daughter’s name.

“Daddy, can I suck your dick?” My daughter asked playing her part.

“Yes sweetie. That would be wonderful.” Jeff answered.

“Not until you say my name daddy.” she whispered, lightly grasping his cock.

“Mmmm, that feels so good Ally. Will you suck daddy’s cock?” Jeff said giving in, saying his daughters name for the first time.

As Jessica ran her tongue from Jeff’s mouth down to his throbbing prick, I quietly snuck out of the room and brought Alyssa in. She had stayed the night recovering from her initiation.

You’d never know 24 hours before, she had been fucked and covered in cum in the very room we were all in now.
Alyssa tip toed into the living room naked, her beautiful tits bounced and she walked. She moved quietly next to Jessica who was licking the head of Jeff’s swollen member, his eyes tightly closed.

“That feels so good Alyssa, suck daddy’s cock.” He moaned again.

The two teenagers changed places with out Jeff realizing, and for the first time Alyssa wrapped her lips around her father’s cock.

“Ohhh baby, that feels incredible. Daddy’s so proud of you Alyssa. You’ve grown into such a beautiful women.” Jeff said, still believing Jessica was servicing him.

“Thank you daddy” Alyssa purred holding her fathers fat dick in her delicate hand.

Jeff’s eyes snapped open instantly recognizing his daughter’s voice.


“I love your cock daddy. It tastes so good.” his daughter said slipping it between her lips again and back into her mouth.

“Oh my god baby, c’mere.” Jeff said pulling Alyssa up from his crotch. His hand running the length of her lean, tan body until she was straddling him and they were face to face. His hand resting on her ass, his fully erect cock against her thigh.

“Is this really what you want sweetie?” He asked as her tits pressed against his chest.

“Uh huh.” Alyssa said with a big smile. “I want to feel your big cock deep in me daddy.”
She reached back and guided her fathers cock into her pussy, letting out a beautiful satisfied moan as he sank into her for the first time.
Jessica and I stood and watched as his cock disappeared into Alyssa. Jeff taking his daughters erect nipples into his mouth. Alyssa raised and lowed her self over and over and moaned with each thrust of her father’s cock. The two lovers held each other tightly and soon both would come to a shuddering orgasm with Jeff filling his daughter’s pussy with his sweet load.
The collapsed onto one another and kissed deeply.
Jeff and his daughter Alyssa were now official members of the Dad’s and Daughter’s Fuck Club.

The end

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